Love Delusion: Chapter 53

A week later.

Lin Anran’s comic was updated once more.

This time, he didn’t draw a split comic or a single comic, but a combination of several daily illustrations, in a more relaxed and casual format.

The protagonist in the comic was still the little dummy with the round head, no mouth, and two small, sluggish pea-like eyes.

Next to the little dummy was a man several times bigger than him…well, more like a human child.

To be precise, he was still a small baby, with short hands and legs. Sitting on the ground with his legs spread apart, wearing a suit and a tie that hung messily around his neck. This was Shang Hao’s new image.

In this drawing, he was no longer a tall man in a suit, but a dummy child who sat on the same level as the little dummy.

Next to the kid Shang Hao was the round-headed little dummy. The first picture showed the little dummy walking in front, and the child crawling behind, following in his footsteps very faithfully, as if to recognize the little dummy as his boss. Wherever the stickman walked, the child would crawl there step by step.

Lin Anran had this idea since that time when Shang Hao got drunk. The drunk Shang Hao could even be called honest and obedient, without his usual imposing air. This kid was both a drunk Shang Hao and an inferior Shang Hao.

However, from the idea to the implementation, he also used the old photographs of Boss Shang that Father Shang provided as historical references.

In the second picture, the round-headed dummy stretched out a small match hand and punched Little Shang Hao.

The little Shang Hao next to him was beaten and sat on the ground, taught by an iron fist to cry on the spot.

—This was also a reflection of Lin Anran’s heart. The round-headed little dummy could beat people now, so I’ll ask you if you’re afraid.

In the last picture, the dazed little Shang Hao seemed to raise his right hand as instructed. The child looked dull and obedient. The round-headed little dummy stood on tiptoe and opened a pair of linear arms to encircle one of Little Shang Hao’s fingers.

The clean and simple strokes on his face inexplicably gave him a serious look.

The little dummy was trying to measure the width of Shang Hao’s fingers.

Outside the comic, Lin Anran was standing in front of his desk, holding the illustration quietly.

Until the mobile phone placed next to him showed an incoming message notification. It was a message from Pengpeng. “I’m on my way out. Lin Anran, have you left yet?”

Although Father Shang was keen to chat with Lin Anran recently, there was still a time difference between the two of them after all, and Father Shang couldn’t always be online. Lin Anran and Pengpeng had made an appointment some time ago, and today, they were going.

Generally, Lin Anran wouldn’t take the initiative to ask someone to go out with him, but this was regarding something major.

He had already changed into his outing clothes half an hour ago and was just waiting for Pengpeng’s news. After receiving the news, Lin Anran put away the comic, quickly took his bag, changed shoes, and went out.

After closing the door, he didn’t forget to send a message to Pengpeng, “I’m leaving, Pengpeng.”

It was very convenient to travel by subway. After ten minutes, they successfully met at the entrance of the mall in the International Financial Center, and Lin Anran walked in with Pengpeng..

Pengpeng enthusiastically asked him whether he would invite himself to dinner today. Last time they came out, Lin Anran invited him to have steak.

That was right. They had already gone out for the same thing before, and this time they were familiar with the route. Together, they arrived at the door of a large jewelry store.

A few days ago, these two inexperienced men stepped into this store for the first time in their life. Lin Anran carefully selected a men’s diamond ring under the introduction of the shop assistant.

Although it was fashioned in the men’s style, the diamond was very bright and very large.

This style had no fancy design. This men’s style, with the shank and the claw resting under the diamonds, created a simple and atmospheric air. At first glance, one could see that most of the cost was on this shining big stone.

Lin Anran was very satisfied. He heard that the rich were very particular about the size of their diamonds, and those under one carat could only be left behind. Lin Anran hoped to do his best to buy the best and largest stone for his Shang Hao.

“Are you certain you wanted this one?” The shop assistant stood behind the glass cabinet and smiled. “If the number listed here is ok, should I pack it for you?”

Lin Anran nodded. “Yes, thank you.”

“You can pay here.”

As for the size of Shang Hao’s ring finger, he had secretly measured it while the man was sleeping.

Looking back now, the most daring, self-assertive idea Lin Anran ever had in his life spontaneously broke through the ground.

He had been living with Shang Hao for some time now. He didn’t know when, but one morning, he woke up earlier than Shang Hao as usual, and he lay there in a daze, staring at Shang Hao’s sleeping face for a long time.

Such trivial things always gave people an illusion at different moments. He had the illusion that the two of them had lived together like this for many days, many years, like the many couples in the world who had lived together for a lifetime.

After giving birth to this idea, Lin Anran gradually became dissatisfied. He always felt that they were more than that. There seemed to be something missing between them.

This could be considered as Lin Anran having received some kind of sign regarding his relationship with Shang Hao, telling him that the time had come. It was time.

So he got up secretly on a dark and windy night and measured the ring finger of his sleeping lover.

For the first time in his life, Lin Anran spent such a large sum of money and bravely stood up and called the shots. His swiping and signing movements were still a bit rusty, but they were firm, with an expression on his face like an honest man desperately trying to buy the most expensive things for his wife.

As usual, the shop assistant lady gave Lin Anran a smile full of flattery. “You really love your partner.”

It was really nice. The honest man Lin Anran couldn’t help but tip the corners of his mouth. He quickly turned to the side and asked, “Did you get that sentence?”

With the permission of the clerk lady, Pengpeng was in charge of shooting Lin Anran with his mobile phone.

These were some important points that Lin Anran had summed up from watching the marriage proposal shared on the Internet. One of them was to make a vlog to record precious moments, which was very commemorative and could be taken out to see when they were old.

Anyway, Lin Anran had always been a homebody, and there was nothing wrong with looking at posts about other people’s marriage experience and at marriage proposal tutorials on the Internet.

Penpeng stared at the screen of the phone, “Got it, got it. But only your expression was captured. Tsk tsk tsk…”

Lin Anran must come and take a look at his own expression. He couldn’t hide his smile at all, and the corners of his mouth looked like they might fly up to his temples.

The shop assistant carefully packed the diamond ring into a small box in front of them, tied the ribbon, and put it into a gift bag together with the certificate bill. Then she handed the bag to Lin Anran.

Lin Anran, who had just spent a large portion of his life savings, walked out of the store and did not feel a sense of loss. Instead, he was heavily occupied by this light thing in his hand, as if this thing in his hand was representative of his and Shang Hao’s happiness in the second half of their lives.

After completing this task, Lin Anran and Pengpeng found a store and sat down to drink milk tea.

Lin Anran carefully put the bag on the long seat, and then sat down by himself.

The man who was holding the menu on the other side teased him, “How about it? Did it feel very good buying the engagement ring?”

The honest man Lin Anran smiled honestly. “Hehe.”

“But Anran,” Pangpang had his own worries. “The ring that you bought, would he like it?”

He was a little bit euphemistic and replaced “Could he like it” with “Would he like it?”

In front of Lin Anran, it wasn’t appropriate to say it, but from his perspective as a spectator, there was indeed a more realistic gap between the two.

He couldn’t help himself. Besides, wasn’t the reason why Lin Anran looked for him was to get other people’s opinions?

Who knew that Lin Anran would ask him curiously, “Why wouldn’t he like it? He should be happy that I gave him a gift.”

His expression didn’t seem to be fake, as if he really did feel that His Eminence Shang would be happy from the bottom of his heart.

Pengpeng remembered that Lin Anran wasn’t like this before. At that time, Lin Anran was deeply aware of the huge difference between the two of them, and so he was a little afraid of President Shang.

Or was it that Lin Anran was brainwashed by the fact that he and Shang Hao had been together for a long time? Lin Anran had become…more powerful than before? Pengpeng re-examined his own words. Maybe it could be replaced with the word self-confidence.

At least the former Lin Anran wouldn’t do things like taking the initiative to buy a ring. Not only would he not, but he may still remain on the passive side of their relationship forever, and then passively wait for when the relationship ends.

But Pengpeng felt that the current Lin Anran was not only more confident, but also braver.

In this relationship, he seemed to have been soaked by the other person in an inexhaustible sense of security and happiness, so that he could grow up so healthy and strong, so white and fat.

How did Shang Hao do it? How much patience and energy must it require? He still looked like Lin Anran, but he seemed to have become a completely new person.

There was now another person he could rely on and believe in, and this gave him the courage to become a stronger self.

Lin Anran also understood Pengpeng’s worry. He turned to his side and gave room to the waiter who was serving them milk tea. His gaze fell involuntarily on the bag beside him, and his eyes softened a bit.

“I don’t want anything else…I bought this ring, if he accepts it, then my wish will be fulfilled at this point.”

“As long as he accepts it, I will be happy,” Lin Anran said gently

The point was that Lin Anran thought Shang Hao was worthy of the ring, regardless of whether or not his intention was received.

Pengpeng suddenly felt that it wasn’t suitable to continue this topic. He changed the subject. “Have you chosen a date?”

Hearing this, Lin Anran’s eyes curled as he smiled. “Yeah.”

He said, “Shang Hao told me that there will be fireworks at the outskirts of the city tonight.”

Listen, audience friends! Fireworks! It’s fireworks! What kind of magical arrangement was this? It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that God cheated openly and squeezed the opportunity into his hand to force him to grasp it! Perhaps this was called destiny.

No matter what, he must make use of this opportunity! If he didn’t, then he simply wasn’t a person!

Even Pengpeng on the other side became interested. “Really? There will be fireworks? Where can I go to see it? I really wanted to see it too.”

Lin Anran nodded. “Yes, I’ll ask if there are still seats left on Shang Hao’s helicopter.”

Before Lin Anran could pick up his phone to ask, Pengpeng choked on his sip of milk tea and reached out extremely quickly to stop him. What? He seemed to have an auditory hallucination just now. How could Lin Anran talk about taking a helicopter so nonchalantly? That’s a real helicopter, brother!

Swallowing the milk tea with force, he restrained himself from speaking with a stutter, and asked in disbelief, “Helicopter? Are you watching the fireworks in the air?”

Lin Anran nodded.

Pengpeng quickly changed his mind. “Forget it.”

At the thought of sitting in the same helicopter with President Shang, Pengpeng suddenly didn’t have that secular desire anymore, as if he was a pure-hearted monk and he really didn’t want to watch fireworks.


The helicopter they were going to take tonight was parked on a special field, and they needed to take the car first.

The helicopter was blue, white and black, and when he approached, it was as big as a truck. But standing in front of the helicopter, it was much shorter than he had expected.

With a gentleman’s courtesy, Shang Hao gently and sincerely invited Lin Anran to step on the footstep.

The cabin was very spacious, and the transparent door around it was definitely a top design, giving an unparalleled view that could only be described as unobstructed. Downward, one could get a bird’s eye view of the brightly lit scene of the city at night. This was a fully immersive experience. It made him feel weightless in the sky, and with the roar of the propeller lingering in his ears, everything seemed to be a dream.

Their helicopter flew over the aerial route, like a mobile viewing platform at a height of ten thousand feet.

The night sky was very clear tonight, and the turbulence was good. However, the altitude of the helicopter prevented them from getting too close to the fireworks. Looking down from here, the fireworks were bright, spherical balls of light. The fireworks were like trees of silver flowers, bursting into dazzling dandelion balls. After dispersing, they were like a rainfall of magnificent stars blooming into the night sky.

The glass cabin door reflected the dazzling fireworks, and those dream-like twinkling lights were also reflected in Lin Anran’s clear and watery pupils. He lay on the hatch with his mouth slightly open, sighing that this moment was as incredible as a dream.

These fireworks were stacked with one or several layers of colors. Without exception, they all bloomed in the shape of a sphere.

One of the fireworks was quite unique. Although it had become spherical after it rose into the sky, it seemed to grow a body and match-stick hands and feet more than the others…In the darkened night sky, it shone brilliant for a fleeting moment.

The second fantastic firework appeared. This time Lin Anran saw more clearly than the first time, and he immediately recognized the pea-like eyes unique to the little dummy Ranran.

He was dumbfounded.

Could this be real?

Immediately afterwards, the third little dummy appeared, then the fourth, and then the fifth… These round-headed little dummies were either sitting or standing in various postures. All of them are images drawn by Lin Anran himself.

This shock was like the first time he’d seen his own painting or artwork on the cover of a book or a product design.

Lin Anran’s drawings of himself were carefully designed and made into a grand firework, and then conspired to display exclusively for him one night.

Not for books or products, just for the little dummy, just for Lin Anran.

Lin Anran smiled and smiled, tears filling his eyes. He was reluctant to look away even for a second. Like an excited child, he quickly turned to Shang Hao to show him and just as quickly turned his head back to continue looking.

Shang Hao hugged him from behind. Lin Anran’s eyes didn’t move away for a moment. He looked at these images like they were the greatest treasure, almost pressing his face into the glass as he watched.

How could anyone be willing to do this for him? This person must be a fool, and there would never be a second fool in the world willing to be so good to him.

The rain of fireworks took nearly an hour, and the helicopter’s fuel consumption…every second could be regarded as burning money in real time.

After the helicopter circumvented the sightseeing route for a while, they slowly landed on the scheduled clearing.

Lin Anran was still immersed in the magnificent fireworks just now, feeling as if he was ascending to heaven. He was very excited and said to Shang Hao, “You blasted me into fireworks!!”

Shang Hao: …

He couldn’t do anything with this little idiot who was not romantic at all.

Even when Shang Hao took Lin Anran off the helicopter, his feet were still moving, and he always felt that he was still flying.

Lin Anran’s face was still glowing with excitement. After taking off the aviation noise-reduction headphones, his ears seemed to be unaccustomed to it. He thought that there was still the roar of propellers around him. He shouted at Shang Hao super loudly, “What festival is happening today?!!!——“

They seemed to have landed at a secluded mountainside. There were no houses and no outsiders here. There was only the incomparably refreshing air and fresh night breeze. The sky above was vast and the scattered stars were clearly visible.

Shang Hao also said loudly to him, “If you want, today can be our future wedding anniversary—“

Lin Anran watched the man dressed in a suit suddenly knelt down on one knee in front of him.


“Forgive me for being a tacky businessman. I can only see the actual things in front of my eyes.”

“I am grateful for every second spent with you, and I am afraid of losing it.”

“They all said that businessmen are cunning and only loyal to the contract.”

“Would you like to sign a contract with me that would never be broken?”

His body was tensed, his breath was unsteady, and his words had scrupulous attention to detail. Lin Anran finally reacted, realizing that his insufferably arrogant Shang Hao was nervous.

A delicate velvet box was in Shang Hao’s hand. With a flip of his fingers, the box opened, revealing one of the most gorgeous diamond rings Lin Anran had ever seen.

“I”m asking you.” Shang Hao knelt at his feet. Looking up at his eyes, he said softly, “…I’m asking you.”

His voice was light because the burst of breath in his chest was almost at its end, and he was still fighting, still trying to catch this person in front of him.

It was at this moment that Lin Anran suddenly realized that he’d just been proposed to.

Feelings of excitement and joy rushed into his mind, causing his reaction to be blank for a moment. He was so caught up in his exuberant emotions that he wanted to cry.

Lin Anran no longer had to keep thinking about whether he was worth asking this tormenting question.

His lover would continue to stand by his side from now on, proving to him that everything was worth it for him.

Lin Anran didn’t know how he managed to put on this heavyweight ring. It was the a-tooth-for-a-tooth habit that he had developed that compelled him to do the following. Shang Hao was still kneeling on the ground, and so Lin Anran also knelt down and took out the ring from his pocket.

After going back tonight, Shang Hao’s glass jar would be full again, and Lin Anran refused to let him succeed alone.

Fortunately, he came prepared.

Although his diamond ring couldn’t be compared with the one in Shang Hao’s box, the inferior Haohao wouldn’t think so. If Lin Anran didn’t give it tonight, the low self-esteemed Haohao might not know and might feel even more inferior.

No way, Lin Anran thought in his heart. Fortunately, he came prepared.

Shang Hao smiled. For a moment, Lin Anran saw that he didn’t know what to do, so instead, Shang Hao buried his face in their tightly grasped hands.

It was like the time he was drunk that one night and he’d repeatedly said to Lin Anran in a daze, thank you for being my boyfriend. Shang Hao’s reaction now was the same as that night.

Some days later, Shang Hao would finally tell Lin Anran that he didn’t need to kneel that night.

Lin Anran was puzzled and asked him, “But weren’t you kneeling too?”

“Yes.” Shang Hao began to explain to him euphemistically. At that time, the two of them were so nervous that they didn’t know how to react. He meant that, of course, Lin Anran could kneel on one knee. But at that time, Lin Anran’s proposal to marry him was to bend both knees towards Shang Hao on the spot, making a big splash as he kneeled down.

Shang Hao added that he heard a plop at the time.

Lin Anran: …

It was to the degree to which you want to curl your toes just by listening to the description.

He imagined the scene at that time and felt completely ashamed. As a result, he punched his husband a few times in anger.

But now, at this moment, Lin Anran was still ignorant and didn’t know anything. Shang Hao told him that this big diamond ring was a gift from his mother to the two of them.

This azure star sapphire diamond ring was an extremely rare bright blue diamond with a flawless clarity. It ranked among the top gems in the world today, weighing about 15.45 carats.

Shang Hao’s original words were, “In terms of gems, she can find them better than me.”

Lin Anran didn’t know the name of the ring at this time. Right now, he simply held the big stone on his finger, full of cherishment, and looked at it in amazement. He remembered something and asked Shang Hao, “Didn’t you say that your mother is a designer?”

Shang Hao replied, “Yes, she’s a jewelry designer.”

Lin Anran: …He should have thought of this a long time ago.

The view from the mountain overlooking the lights of the thousands of houses below was also wonderful. But… Lin Anran raised his head and asked Shang Hao, who had his arms wrapped around his shoulders, “How do we get home?”

“Home? We/re already at home,” Shang Hao said. He kissed Ranran’s forehead and said, “This mountain is covered with our home.”

They had been living together for a long time, but it wasn’t until today that Shang Hao was finally able to abduct Lin Anran back to his home, which was a single-family villa thousands of square meters that located in the mountains. And later, in the evening of that day, he finally had legitimate relations with Lin Anran on the grounds of them finally being in a “legitimate relationship.”

Later, Lin Anran would learn that there were more than one villas in the entire mountain. Among these were villas fashioned in the American style, the Mediterranean style, the the Suzhou the garden style, the the courtyard style, etc. A According to Shang Hao, all of them were ““their homes.””

Lin Anran: …

In fact, he was nervous and curious that night and wanted to experience that luxurious bed.

In the end, he hewas unsuccessful.

But the next day,, he woke up before Shang Hao. gazing dazedly at As he looked at the side of the man’s sleeping face, his heart suddenly softened.

He looked at him and couldn’t help but bury his face in the pillow and laughed.

Shang Hao didn’t remove the ring even when he went to bed last night.

Every day, for the rest of his life, this treacherous businessman had always faithfully kept the promise he had made that night. He never took off the ring and never separated from Lin Anran.

———– The End ————

Xixi: What a sweet ending. Unfortunately, right now, there’s no extra. Thank you so much for reading, everyone. I wish you a happy future reading!

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Love Delusion: Chapter 52

Lin Anran was reading the gossip article that Pengpeng had sent him.

The title was “What a shame! Short Lived! Taking stock of those who married into rich and powerful families and disappeared without a trace.” With a lot of words, the title described a secret mysterious plot. However, Lin Anran was fairly new to the experience of reading a gossip report about himself.

Within the entire article, he occupied the smallest space, probably because there wasn’t much information about him. Therefore, his section seemed quite ordinary when compared to the tumultuous dramas of the others.

As Lin Anran was reading the article, he felt something against his shoulder. When he turned his head to look, he found Shang Hao’s face near his shoulder. He had no idea when Shang Hao had appeared.

Seeing that he had been discovered, Shang Hao unceremoniously put his head on Lin Anran’s shoulder and pressed the side of his face against it.

Realizing that he’s seen him read that strange article, Lin Anran felt a little embarrassed and wanted to put his phone away.


“Why would you think of catching those paparazzi?” Shang Hao asked him.

The man talked to him intimately, which evoked a somewhat different feeling than from before. Lin Anran’s voice was even lower than his, “…I was afraid that you would be discovered by them.”

The feeling of being so close to him was a bit strange. Heart pounding, Lin Anran courageously stretched out his hand and took the initiative to touch Shang Hao’s face.

“It doesn’t matter if we were discovered. Our relationship has always been public.” Shang Hao lowered his head and pressed his open lips against Lin Anran’s palm.

He was quiet for a few seconds, and then he asked Lin Anran, “If I really wanted to hide you, wouldn’t you be angry?”

Lin Anran thought for a moment and said, “I don’t seem to feel angry.”

He continued in an embarrassed tone, “Because I believe you more than anyone else…So if there’s something I don’t understand, I will look to you first.”

So if Shang Hao told him that he doesn’t want to make their relationship public, he would believe that this was what Shang Hao wanted. But before Shang Hao told him in person, Lin Anran would always choose to protect him.

This was his mental thought process when fighting the paparazzi.

Face buried in his dark hair, Shang Hao smiled softly, and hw said in a low, extremely fond voice, “Why do you speak like that?…”

The rest of the voice was inaudible.

But when Lin Anran heard this, he remembered something. He took out his phone again and was a little excited to show Shang Hao something.

Shang Hao lifted his head from his shoulder and watched as Lin Anran brought up the chat interface between him and Father Shang.

After Shang Hao wrote to him that time, he seemed to have become more determined and more courageous. He had become addicted to chatting with Lin Anran. Most of the time, the topic of conversation revolved around one theme, which was his evil, rebellious son.

After some careful consideration, Lin Anran replied as followed: “Uncle, you can beat him.”

Father Shang liked to chat with Lin Anran. Seeing him answer this way, he submitted a happy expression, boasting, “Child, you are very sharp-mouthed.”

Sharp-mouthed was the highest evaluation Lin Anran had ever received in his life. Someone actually praised his sharp teeth.

As if he had received a certificate, he was so excited that he wanted to display it in front of Shang Hao to show him that he was praised as being harsh and merciless.

A hole was opened in his eggshell, and the edges of that hole were cracking with many small gaps. Now, when he encountered something new, Lin Anran no longer felt that the safest thing was to hide in his shell. He was even able to take the initiative to share some things with others.

After taking the first few steps, the rest would happen naturally.

After Lin Anran showed it to him, he put the message away happily. When he looked back at Shang Hao, he saw that Shang Hao was still looking at his face with a smile in his eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Anran was embarrassed by his gaze.

“Nothing,” Shang Hao said. “I was just remembering the first time I chased you.”

Lin Anran blinked. He didn’t directly disagree but had reservations about what his boyfriend had said.

He still felt that they met that day because of a few jugs of mineral water.

In fact, only Shang Hao, who was watching him at this time, knew that, in order to wait for Lin Anran to come outside, he had stayed downstairs for many days.


One day, long ago, Lin Anran was still a little introvert who hadn’t gone out for half a year. On this day, when he saw the water stop notice that was distributed by the community, he found that even when he turned the faucet on at maximum, he still couldn’t squeeze out any water.

The old pipeline broke suddenly, and the notice said that emergency repairs must be made. Therefore, it was advised for residents to store water for the time being.

Lin Anran looked at the dry faucet blankly. The only place in the whole house where there was water storage was the toilet tank, and it completely ran out just now. .

Lin Anran was an isolated island in this city. An hour later, after sitting at home without water to drink, he remembered the convenience store down in the community, where there would be jugs of mineral water for sale.

He hurriedly changed his clothes and went downstairs. At that time, Lin Anran couldn’t do without his mask and hat even if he only went downstairs. There were two convenience stores located in the community. The jugs of mineral water from the nearest one were sold out. Lin Anran had no choice but to turn toward the one further away.

In fact, he wasn’t really willing to go to the convenience store further away.

The clerk there was very fierce, and an honest person like Lin Anran couldn’t stand up to her.

That day, the weather was quite warm. Lin Anran was thirsty and so he bought a cup of Azhai milk tea. Fortunately, there were still three 5 liter water jugs left in this store, and no one had grabbed them yet. Even though Lin Anran only had two hands, he still took them all in one go.

He was still holding the cup of milk tea in one hand, and he dared not place it on the counter. So he continued to hold the milk tea while he lifted up the jugs of water with his other hand and moved them to the counter one by one.

This required a total of three round trips. During this time, the automatic door dinged a few times as other guests stepped in. Lin Anran dared not look up as he lifted the last jug of water onto the counter.

The mineral water was heavy when he lifted them up but was light when he put them down.

The aunt behind the counter had been staring at him with narrowed eyes, but now, she sat motionless, as if she hadn’t seen him. Lin Anran waited awkwardly for a few minutes, until the aunt finished eating the last bit of melon seeds in her hand and slowly moved her behind to stand.


She didn’t scan the product’s barcode for Lin Anran and directly quoted a price, while taking out a new QR code from under the counter for him to scan.

It was three times the listed price. At this time, there was already someone waiting in line behind him, so Lin Anran simply took out his mobile phone to scan the code. The aunt realized that he was paying for it without argument and suddenly changed her mind, saying that she was wrong. He must give her one hundred twenty.

Three jugs of water for one hundred twenty. Lin Anran couldn’t help it. His eyes under the brim of his hat shot her a surprised look. But when they ran into the aunt’s fearless and fierce eyes, his weak eyes instantly lowered back down.

“Are you buying or not? Don’t stick there all day, delaying other people’s time. Other people need to pay for their things too!” She shouted at Lin Anran in a loud voice.

Lin Anran swallowed his anger. He didn’t look at her again, but he took the phone and scanned the code.

A beep sounded as the scan went through. At the same time, he heard a short, harsh sneer from the other side of the counter.

Like a rough fingernail, it scratched a line directly in his heart. Lin Anran’s face turned red, and for a moment, he had the urge to abandon the water and turn and leave. If he wouldn’t buy it, then he wouldn’t buy it.

Thinking like this, his payment paused. The aunt impatiently began to urge him again, scolding him as if he was mentally ill and telling him not to stand in other people’s way.

As his head was lost in a blank haze, the person in line behind him finally became impatient. He walked to the counter next to Lin Anran. The aunt also ignored him and turned to help that customer.

Lin Anran, still holding the cup of milk tea in his hand, was left there alone, his face turning from red to white.

The man reached past Lin Anran and scanned the code in front of him. Strangely enough, this person didn’t have anything to buy. What he scanned was the original QR code on the jugs of water.

“I’ll pay for him.”

“What are you doing…” The aunt frowned. Just as she was about to shout, she was silenced by the loud “bang” of the jug of mineral water landing on the countertop.

This person’s well-knotted joints passed in front of Lin Anran’s eyes, and the beep of the purchase shook Lin Anran and the aunt in place.

What he paid for was the original price of the three jugs of water.

“I only pay according to the price tag I see.”

With the sound of the smashed countertop just now, a nervous-looking man in a suit came in immediately and stood beside the man.

“This is a convenience store. You are here to perform the function of providing customers with checkout services,” the man said, his tone impatient. His momentum made it difficult for people to breathe, and his eyes showed a strong disdain. “If you can’t even do this, then just roll.”

There were too many people on the other side of the counter, and although the aunt seemed as if she wanted to talk back, in the end, she didn’t say anything. No matter how high her arrogance was, she couldn’t come out on top this time.

Lin Anran, who was suddenly drawn in the center of this dramatic scene, was silent as he carefully watched the scene unfolding in front of him, all the while trying to reduce his sense of existence as much as possible.

Without looking back, the man said to the person who followed him, “Refer to illegal operations.”

The other man was well-trained. He took out his cell phone very efficiently and began making calls. The aunt knew that she was outmatched this time. She reached out to stop him without success. “Wait! What are you doing?”

“You still owe him an apology.”

The man suddenly reminded her coldly.

The aunt recognized the current state of the situation and anxiously looked at the young man on the phone. After a few seconds of hesitation, she bitterly said to Lin Anran, “Young man, I had the wrong attitude just now…”

In the end, the man took Lin Anran out of the convenience store.

It wasn’t wrong to say that Lin Anran was still dumbfounded by what had just happened. The man in suit gently supported him from behind and walked out together with him.

The scent of high-class cologne lingered on the man. Lin Anran slowly reacted and looked back, wondering if they needed to wait for the man’s companion. But before he could ask, he saw that the person was holding his water.

At that moment, this person’s companion wanted to help him carry the water, but he avoided it unhappily, as if he was trying to rob him.

“Excuse me,” Lin Anran immediately moved forward to take the mineral water from him. “I’ll pay you back…”

The socially inept Lin Anran finally saw the person in front of him clearly for the first time.

He had a little bit of face blindness, and he wasn’t very sensitive to other people’s looks. But some people were born with the kind of face that made a deep impression.

The man was tall and was exceptionally good-looking. As Lin Anran was looking at him, he was also looking at Lin Anran.

Then he smiled at Lin Anran…Frankly speaking, the image in front of him was on the level of watching a god descending to earth.

Lin Anran was stunned.

When the man spoke, his tone was unexpectedly not fierce at all; he was even very…gentle. He didn’t seem like that indifferent, harsh person from just moments ago.

“I’ll carry it for you,” he said, his tone almost begging. After a pause, he softly added a word to coax him, “Okay?”

His features were so outstanding, so good-looking that he didn’t seem to be mortal. Therefore, when he took the initiative to lower himself, he had a kind of gentleness that could move even the most stalwart person.

Lin Anran suddenly wanted to pinch himself.

Shang Hao held the water in his hands, trying to judge whether he was moving too fast. Because Lin Anran looked frightened.

Shang Hao really didn’t know what to do. He felt that it was impossible whether he spoke loudly or softly. If he was too polite, then he would seem standoffish. If he was too enthusiastic, then he would seem fake.

No matter how he behaved, it wasn’t good enough. He finally concluded that he must not have performed well just now.

Perhaps, everyone only had one chance in their entire lifetime to walk into that movie. Even worse, some had no chances at all and could only spend the rest of their life living as a mere mortal.

He accidentally ran into a dream when he was young, and after that, it took him nearly ten years to understand that it was unattainable.

How to approach a dream? If he walked too close, he feared it might break, and if he walked too far, he was afraid that it would run away.

Lin Anran didn’t seem to know how to refuse, and so he insidiously took the opportunity to stay by his side, using the excuse of carrying his water to go upstairs with him.

The person in his dream hadn’t changed much. He was still as pure and clean as before, as unprepared, as soft-tempered as the cutest little sheep in the world.

And no matter what he asked, Lin Anran didn’t refuse him. He even agreed to let Shang Hao sit on his sofa.

“You are so good-looking,” Lin Anran had said at the time. Then he asked, like a kid in kindergarten, “Can we be friends?”

Needless to say, his social skills were indeed at the level of a child.

Shang Hao restrained himself. But when he inhaled, there was a sourness in his nose.


After that day, Shang Hao sent a message to Father Shang and asked him to keep to himself.

Father Shang typed very slowly. It took a long time for him to send a response.

Father Shang: “Sacrificing a teammate for boundless power.”

Father Shang: “Didn’t you see that Xiao Lin likes talking to me?”

“…” Shang Hao frowned.

“So the reason why you recently said that you wanted to gather a specialized team to research input methods, was it precisely for this?” He thought that having an input method for the elderly would be convenient, but now it seemed that the research was clearly for this weird thing.

Father Shang: “What internet slang are you using now? Too hard to remember, so this is more convenient.”

Father Shang: “Also, you show me some filial piety.”

The veins in Shang Hao’s forehead jumped. “You don’t need to use that input method to chat with me.”

Father Shang: “No, I’m a slow typer. It is very convenient to have a direct input method. Father likes it very much.”

Father Shang: “The dragon does not cry, the tiger does not roar. You, this unfilial son, needs to show more filial piety.”

In the end, Shang Hao couldn’t stand it anymore and unilaterally ended the unpleasant conversation. He put his phone aside, no longer wanting to bother with him.

After blow-drying his hair, Lin Anran passed by Shang Hao’s phone and saw it ringing. He grabbed the phone and found Shang Hao in the kitchen. He told him that he had a message on his phone.

“What message?” Shang Hao asked.

He was looking through the beers that he had placed in the refrigerator, so he naturally asked Lin Anran to help him read the message on his phone.

Even after Shang Hao had already opened the beer and taken a few sips, Lin Anran still hadn’t read the message yet. He walked directly through the kitchen door and held his phone out to Shang Hao.

It wasn’t sent by Father Shang but was a message written in Italian, from his mother.

After reading the message, Shang Hao looked at Lin Anran. With a smile in his eyes, he told him, “My mother asked if you’ve received the things she sent us?”

Lin Anran blinked curiously.

His freshly washed hair draped over his shoulders, and his whole body exuded a gentle and beautiful atmosphere, making Shang Hao want to hug him.

Shang Hao said, “She’s a designer. You can guess what she sent you.”

Lin Anran couldn’t guess. Was it a high-end one-piece pajamas designed by an Italian designer?


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Love Delusion: Chapter 51

Having figured this out, Lin Anran had a certain sense of consciousness, and he put away his tail more carefully than usual.

Shang Hao had said, “Don’t pay attention to strange people,” but he was afraid that he didn’t understand the sacred will of Boss Shang. Worried that the monitor might not be the person Shang Hao was talking about, he began to pay attention to any strange person in his daily life.

Because of Lin Anran’s alertness, no one had thought that one day a week later, this alert blind cat would actually run into a dead mouse.

A major event happened in Lin Anran’s peaceful life.

The course of the matter could be said to be very tumultuous. The matter started when Lin Anran went downstairs to take out the garbage one afternoon.

He had walked this fixed route for many years, and he was so familiar with it that he could walk it correctly even with his eyes closed. For the first time, he noticed that there were two strange men next to the route.

These two people had placed down their bags and settled down at a distance of about 50 meters in a straight line from their building. They squatted under the cover of the trees and building, and seemed to have been doing so for over an hour. They were acting like they were walking but this was clearly not true.

Lin Anran watched carefully and secretly for a while, and he unexpectedly found the corner of a camera lens in the bushes on the side of the road.

However, they seemed to have extra patience and perseverance, and their positions had not moved more than half a point. While one person stalked, the other person stood by the side, each taking turns. When someone passes by, they would pretend to be passersby and look around at will.

Shang Hao’s gossip wasn’t easy to find. He had a team of professional security, changed cars every day, and often drove an empty car to confuse others, so that they had no way of knowing whether he was actually in the car or not.

These brothers lingered for a few days, and finally summed up a few of the routes that these cars had travelled to with more frequency. Therefore, they sent some people to observe.

They had been squatting there for a long time. One of them left midway to buy cigarettes at a convenience store. After returning, he took apart the cigarette case at random and handed a cigarette to the other person.

“Brother Liu.” The person who bought the cigarette looked in one direction. “That person has been behind us for a long time. Is he following us?”

The direction he was looking at was Lin Anran, who was pretending to watch the scenery next to him on the stone bench.

That man seemed courageous, but he was even more afraid to look at them when he knew they were looking at him. The words guilty conscience were practically written on his face.

He continued, “This person is very weird. When I went to buy cigarettes just now, he followed behind me all the way.”

The other person took his cigarette and held it in his mouth, glancing in the direction he was looking. At a glance, he said, his voice puzzled, “He’s a resident. I saw him coming out of the building just now.”

“What does he want to do?”

After Brother Liu lowered his head and lit his cigarette, he stared back in the direction of the building and said, “Go check it out.”

Lin Anran squeezed the bottle of water he’d just bought from the convenience store. He saw one of the two people suddenly lifted his leg and walked toward this side, exactly in the direction where he was.

Lin Anran forced a calm composure, but the mineral water bottle in his hand was squeezed into rattling.

He threw away the trash just now, and after thinking and thinking about it, he still didn’t go upstairs, deciding to see what these two men were up to.

He was so panicked that he wanted to leave on the spot, but because he was afraid of exposing his weirdness, he was forced to sit down on the stone bench, stiffly not looking at the person who came to sit next to him.

Seeing that Lin Anran still didn’t dare to face him, the man felt even more strange.

“Buddy?” he said, passing the cigarette in his hand.

Lin Anran could clearly feel that he was sweating behind his back, not knowing whether it was because he was nervous or it was too hot. After a pause, he stretched out his hand, took the cigarette, and pinched the trembling cigarette in the palm of his hand.

When the man saw him answering, he started talking to Lin Anran, “You live here?”

Lin Anran didn’t speak. Pretending to be calm, he nodded.

The man lit his cigarette and started chatting with Lin Anran, “You’ve been here since I saw you earlier.”

The atmosphere went quiet for a few seconds. Lin Anran felt like it was his turn to speak. As soon as he spoke, he realized that his voice sounded abnormally stupid. “I…wait for someone.”

“So that’s it.” It was unclear whether the man believed it or not.

“This is an old community here, right? It has been built for a few years?”

“Maybe for many years…”

He and Lin Anran chatted about some things. It was unknown how long it took to get to the point.

“I think, brother, that you are a real person. You should have noticed that we’re not from this community. I won’t hide it from you. Let me tell you something, but don’t say anything to others…” he said in a low voice. “Do you know that you have someone famous here recently?”

Lin Anran lowered his head. He didn’t say anything because he couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Don’t believe it? Think about it. Just in the last few months, was there someone new in your building?” The person seemed to be speaking unintentionally, tempting him.

Lin Anran’s heart said no.

I’m sorry, but you won’t get the slightest news about my boyfriend from me.

Lin Anran silently shook his head. Fortunately, his mouth was closed tightly. This person wanted to get news from him? In his dreams!

The man looked at Lin Anran as if he didn’t quite believe it, and wanted to work harder to add more firewood, but at that precise moment, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of a figure descending from the sky. His expression became stunned.

In their line of business, the most basic professionalism was to first be able to survive.

For two to three weeks straight, it was common for them to not be able to relax for 24 hours a day. Who knew if the fish would slip away at the moment of napping and relaxing, wasting such long-term efforts.

What kind of shit luck was walking today.

Located on the other side of the path not far away, as if they had won the lottery, they actually squatted until the legendary target himself appeared.

After seeing that figure, he confirmed again and again. Yes, the news was correct. It really was Shang Hao. He was so excited that his hands were shaking. Fearing that his eyes were seeing wrong, he dared not relax. He didn’t want to startle the snake and tried to restrain the cheer that rose to his mouth.

He no longer cared about Lin Anran beside him. He looked at the person stalking on one side urgently, and gave him an unspoken wink: snag it.

The end result was already in sight. All they needed to do now was to wait here for the next few days and nights. But after knowing Shang Hao’s correct whereabouts, would everything be alright?

The direction Shang Hao was walking was toward the guarded entrance of the building they were watching.

The man stood up with a smirk and said to Lin Anran, “Continue sitting, buddy. I’ll step away first…”

As he said this, his eyes were fixed on Shang Hao’s figure, his heart ecstatic.

Suddenly, the target they were observing seemed to cast a look at this side.

The man was startled. He didn’t dare act rashly. He immediately sat down again as if nothing had happened and continued to observe.

Shang Hao should have kept walking after that glance. Unexpectedly, the ancestor not only didn’t look away, but after a pause, he started walking towards this side.

The distance was getting too close! The man felt a little stunned. His colleagues not far away had already started packing up the SLR in the bushes on the side of the road, ready to run quietly at any moment.

Something frightening happened. Shang Hao was still approaching, and so the man and his colleague exchanged glances, preparing to withdraw.

Today really was full of evil luck.

Because, when the colleague was about to run away, he was suddenly stopped by a patrolling security guard. What’s more, the honest person beside him, who had been like a mute rabbit, suddenly showed his fangs. He abruptly grabbed the man’s arm, holding him tightly.

Just now, Lin Anran had secretly called the security guard.

The guard on duty was the one who’d stood next to Lin Anran last time and watched Boss Shang’s car leave with him. He always very enthusiastically followed after Shang Hao.

Lin Anran was very afraid that the two of them would run away and they would fall short.

Facts proved that his worry was right. The security guard arrived in the nick of time.

So Lin Anran told himself: Lin Anran is a smart child.

Lin Anran was also very nervous. Shang Hao ran the last few steps. Before the man broke free from Lin Anran’s grip and was about to flee, Shang Hao grabbed his arm. He twisted his hand backward like a towel, and the man struggled painfully, unable to move. He was then handed over to the other security guard who just arrived.

The first thing Shang Hao asked Lin Anran was if he was injured.

“No.” Lin Anran looked at the person who had been taken over by the newly arrived security guard.

Shang Hao’s tone of voice wasn’t good as he asked the men, “Which media?”

The two men hung their heads, not answering.

Most likely, they were wild, unruly paparazzi who sell materials for money. This often involved the infringement of personal privacy.

Shang Hao called his assistant to come back to deal with it. Meanwhile, Lin Anran had been hiding behind Shang Hao. He had always been hiding behind Shang Hao.

The person who spoke to Lin Anran just moments ago looked at Lin Anran with surprise, his expression as if he’d been struck by lightning.

Under his gaze, Lin Anran’s heart was tight and guilty to the extreme. So, he suddenly raised his arm and wrapped it around Shang Hao’s shoulder, and said in a rush, “How kind of you to help, good brother.”

They couldn’t be discovered, couldn’t be discovered, couldn’t be discovered….

Shang Hao: ?

He watched Lin Anran’s reaction and easily wrapped his arm around Lin Anran’s waist. Now, it seemed like he and Lin Anran were embracing.

But it didn’t matter, Lin Anran comforted himself nervously. They were good brothers so it was normal for them to hook arms around each other.

Then Shang Hao, the pig teammate, smoothed back Lin Anran’s hair, lowered his head, and pressed a kiss to his forehead. He asked, “Are you scared?”

Lin Anran was so scared that he covered his forehead: !!!

The facts he so carefully tried to conceal had just been smashed to pieces right in front of his eyes.

The eyes of the two captured paparazzi looking at Lin Anran abruptly changed to “wtf.” They were completely dumbfounded.

Why were they squatting? After a long period of trouble, the end result was to be played by the master here?


Lin Anran was very brave today.

After the assistant quickly rushed over and took over, he and Boss Shang went upstairs. He was still in a daze, not understanding Boss Shang’s meaning.

“What are you thinking about?” Shang Hao asked him.

Lin Anran was still in a daze.

Shang Hao said helplessly, “Ranran, can you tell me why you thought of following those two people?”

Lin Anran silently opened his mouth: Huh?

“Don’t risk yourself next time.” Shang Hao sighed and hugged him.

Listening to the meaning of Shang Hao’s words, so these two people today weren’t the “odd stranger” that Shang Hao had mentioned?

So had the mysterious person appear or not appear? He felt that he would have a nervous breakdown if that person didn’t appear.

Shang Hao’s assistant called to make a follow-up report. After he was done with the phone call, he saw that Lin Anran was sitting at the computer.

“Still painting?”

“No.” Lin Anran kept his back to him, but his tone of voice was slightly distressed. “I’m chatting with the boss.”

In fact, Lin Anran had done his best to accompany this chatty person. This boss had chatted with him for practically the whole day today.

Some communication on the specific requirements of the work was necessary. Other than that, Lin Anran rarely chatted with the people who commissioned work from him. But he was helpless because the other person was just too enthusiastic, like a grandmother who had taken his hand and now refused to let go, constantly chatting.

As soon as his voice fell, he could sense Shang Hao’s warm body approaching him. He leaned down, hugged Lin Anran from behind, and asked in his ear, “What are you talking about?”

Lin Anran was thinking about how to reply. The chat interface was still up on his computer, and he hesitantly told Shang Hao, “This person… he seems to be introducing his son to me.”

He was being kind, and Lin Anran was very grateful, but it wasn’t necessary. It was also inappropriate.

Shang Hao then saw the chat record.

The other party wrote: “This child is very rebellious, but he has been independent since he was a child. Even so, his ability is still excellent. He can manage the company, his character is also trustworthy, and he has no bad habits…”

Lin Anran also liked the boss’s description and sincerely returned a few 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.

The other party seemed to be satisfied, so he held Lin Anran to chat even more persistently. Although Lin Anran only replied “mmn”, “ohhh” and other system expressions most of the time, the two still seemed to have a very happy conversation.

Master Shan was very easy-going and had been talking to him for a few days now. Sometimes Lin Anran had time to respond and sometimes he would respond too late. The information that he passively learned was that the other party’s unfilial son was very rebellious. Although he was good, he was rebellious, such as that one time on a certain day of a certain year…

Lin Anran typed a reply here: “Mmn mmn.”

This person asked for a portrait. He sent the photo over, and it looked like a solo photo of a retired traveler. In the photo, an elderly man was cheerfully facing the camera and behind him was a magnificent waterfall.

Master Shan was in a good family situation. His first request was to make an oil painting appointment with Lin Anran, which shocked him.

However, Lin Anran believed that his oil painting level hadn’t yet reached the point where it could be sold at a clear price, so he negotiated with him to change to the current style.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t care about this weird person.” It was Shang Hao who said this, still maintaining the posture of holding Lin Anran. He seemed to be very dissatisfied with that person’s attitude.


“It’s okay. You can just let him play there by himself, and he’ll leave after a while. If he’s too annoying, just block him.”

Lin Anran couldn’t quite agree. Strictly speaking, this was currently his boss, and he needed to provide good customer service.

“Shall I handle it for you?” Shang Hao asked.

Lin Anran hurriedly said, “No need.”

The other party just liked to chat. It would be better if he just finished the commission as soon as possible.

Shang Hao looked at Lin Anran for a few seconds and said helplessly, “Didn’t I remind you to ignore strange people before?”

Lin Anran subconsciously felt that this matter was rather complicated. No, definitely not. He shouldn’t be that “odd stranger” person, right?

“But since you’ve already met him…” Shang Hao was silent for a long moment before asking, “Do you know Shang Shihang?”

Lin Anran’s eyes widened. He was silent for a while, before he cautiously said, “Your…your father?”

Shang Hao had said before that the situation in his family was rather complicated. His parents divorced many years ago. His mother had settled abroad due to work, and his father was in poor health so he bought a small island in the South Pacific to recuperate. At present, his father had a new lover and had just added a younger brother to Shang Hao last year. He had rarely returned to China in recent years.

The computer received a new message. Master Shan was still persevering in dripping away at him. “Is the Great God still there? Great God? Great God?”

Lin Anran shivered with fright.

Shang Hao’s arm passed by him on both sides, and he typed a response for Lin Anran, shouting like a child, “Go away, don’t bother me.”

Shang Hao was a little dissatisfied with his father. How many times had he told him that Lin Anran wasn’t ready yet? How can he come over to play already? Why contact Lin Anran secretly without telling him first?

Shang Shihang was silent for a few seconds, before typing back abruptly: “Unfilial son!!!”


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Love Delusion: Chapter 50

Lin Anran hugged the glass jar, ready to take advantage of the fire, to fish in troubled waters, to darken the warehouse… Anyway, Shang Hao was already here and drunk. This was such a good time and place, so he must seize this opportunity to rush at him. He must not be inferior today.

Lin Anran was moved by his own thoughts of striding forward with his sword in hand.

Don’t look at Boss Shang sitting there looking all imposing. In fact, he would only frown at most. Wouldn’t it be more effective to use this paper tiger as his own real-life pillow?

He put the glass jar on the small table in front of him, turned his head, and saw Shang Hao’s deep eyes quietly watching him.

Lin Anran subconsciously swallowed. Feeling apologetic to the drunk Shang Hao, he whispered, “Do me a favor…”

Lend me your mouth, please. Love you.

At this time, Shang Hao only looked at him with a smile.

He said yes.

Although he didn’t know what Lin Anran was saying in such a rush, he instinctively wanted to agree to everything this person wanted.

In fact, it would be great if this person could make more demands, Shang Hao still thought. He wanted to promise him many, many times that he would always say yes to him.

A lean camel was bigger than a horse, and the drunk businessman was bigger than Lin Anran. He knew that this person wasn’t like the usual Shang Hao. He wasn’t quick enough, his logic wasn’t very clear, and he was even a little bit more honest. But as he sat there, Lin Anran didn’t dare to act rashly with the dignity of his body.

After thinking about it, Lin Anran decided to start with himself first. He slid his legs onto the sofa instead of kneeling in front of Shang Hao.

Shang Hao’s eyelashes were thick and black, and his eyes were sharp and narrow. When he stared at someone, he gave out a sense of condescension and the feeling that everything was under his scrutiny.

Of course, Lin Anran also had a feeble reason. He originally wanted to use the drunk Shang Hao as his real pillow, but he didn’t expect that this level of contact was far more exciting than a mere pillow.

Boss Shang had warmth and sensation. This was simply turning a real person into an inflatable doll. In this second, Lin Anran abruptly interrupted his own dawdling hesitation and shame. He suddenly extended his arm forward, and with a “thump,” his hand landed on the support behind Shang Hao’s head. He’d forcibly kabedon Boss Shang.

This posture brought him very close to Shang Hao’s body. The smell of alcohol on the tip of the nose became more intense, mixed with Shang Hao’s overheated breath. The roots of his ears and neck were congesting and heating up uncontrollably, and he knew without looking that his face must be red at this moment.

Ahhhhhh, he’ll throw caution to the wind!

In this posture, Lin Anran had to move in front of Shang Hao. When he went up, Shang Hao went down. The man leaned back into the sofa obediently. He smiled, his eyes sticking to the person in front of him.

It should be said that his expression displayed his enjoyment.

Just a few seconds later, Lin Anran realized the feeling of mastering the initiative. He looked down, and Shang Hao’s hands were already on his waist, like warm shackles.

Lin Anran forgot what he was going to do. Because his hands were wrapped around Lin Anran’s waist, Boss Shang rubbed his face with his forehead, moving in an intimate and natural manner, urging him silently.

After a while, he couldn’t stop.

The skin-to-skin feeling was too addictive. Shang Hao’s body temperature was warmer than usual, but his movements were gentle. Lin Anran was so confused by him that he let go of the initiative without realizing it.

The man rubbed him with his forehead first, and then automatically changed to using his damp and hot lips. Compared to a kiss, this threw him more into chaos. Therefore, they mutually rubbed their bodies against each other, rubbing the skin exposed outside their clothes.

Before, he had scolded the sex fiend Shang Hao, but now he was really too too too…too gentle. At least he knew how to proceed step by step, knowing that Lin Anran’s little carrot was amenable to coaxing but not to coercion, and taking care of his feelings in every aspect.

Lin Anran was naturally introverted, and so Shang Hao, who was used to being unprincipled, became more and more self- willed.

This drunk Boss Shang would not ambush him nor would he be impatient. Lin Anran was right in front of him, and he didn’t want to endure it. Regardless of whether his little carrot was soft or hard, Lin Anran would eat hard for him, eat hard until he couldn’t eat anymore.

The outside space was no longer enough for them to mess around, so the chaotic battlefield moved to the room. The glass jar that Lin Anran had brought in was left alone in the living room, forgotten.

That night, Lin Anran didn’t put on his attractive one-piece pajamas, so Boss Shang took away his pants easily. Even after pulling, he still refused to get up. He just laid there on the bed, raised his head, and silently gave Lin Anran a deep smile.

Seeing him smile like that, Lin Anran trembled suddenly, knowing what he wanted to do.

Earlier, why did he think that Boss Shang was well-behaved? This person’s seemingly good manner had hidden his unrestrained inclinations. It was impossible to resist, and it was also useless to acknowledge his mistake. Unsatisfied with small gain, he would surely soon make Lin Anran’s body his own.


Lin Anran woke up the next morning and felt that he was a little more impure today than he was yesterday.

For the first time ever, a refreshed Shang Hao helped Lin Anran wash his pajama pants.

Lin Anran would try to avoid him the moment he saw him, but Shang Hao became even more clingy. He wiped his wet hands and was about to lean over to kiss Lin Anran. Lin Anran, who couldn’t bear it anymore, rose up to resist and kissed back angrily.

He had now been oppressed to such a high level of debt, how could he ever pay it off?!

Shang Hao wasn’t angry. In fact, he seemed to be happier.

From then on, Lin Anran gradually realized a truth. It turned out that expressing emotions wouldn’t make their feelings worse, and taking the initiative wasn’t as complicated as he’d imagined.

Before Shang Hao left, he suddenly remembered something and asked him, “Ranran, have any odd strangers approached you recently?”

Lin Anran didn’t know why he asked. He shook his head. “No.”

“Got it. In these next few days, ignore any strange people you see. Just call me if there’s anything,” he told Lin Anran.

After Shang Hao left, Lin Anran stayed at home alone. There were no odd strangers, but his former monitor suddenly made a long distance phone call to him, and the reason was to invite him to a class reunion.

Because of this, the hard-pressed Lin Anran went to look for Pengpeng.

“Did he call you?” Pengpeng said in astonishment. “Yesterday, I refused him for you. He called you?”

Lin Anran was also a little perplexed. “Mmn…”

This strange monitor was very enthusiastic. He’d tried to use every kinds of reason to invite him. Due to his laborious efforts, Lin Anran, who only knew how to say umm and oh on the phone, felt very apologetic.

But no matter what, he refused to go to the party. When Lin Anran heard the word party, every cell in his body resisted. He was willing to give out a share of the money, but his own person would be absent.

Lin Anran asked carefully, “Are you going, Pengpeng?”

If he was, could he also take his money gift?

“Me? I’m not going. I haven’t been in contact with them for many years,” Pengpeng mumbled and muttered, also very unwilling.

Lin Anran said, “But the monitor seems to be looking forward to it.”

He had already figured out how to persuade Pengpeng. When the moment comes, he could urge Pengpeng to take the children’s seat at the table and eat and drink to his heart’s content, without having to worry about chatting with the adults.

But Pengpeng didn’t know what Lin Anran was thinking. He curled his lips. “What is there to look forward to? I can’t even look forward to having a connection with you…” He asked again, “What did he ask you?”

Lin Andan recalled, “He said a lot, that I was as quiet as when we were still in school, and he reminisced about school, then he asked me if I’m married with kids.”

Pengpen muttered, “Hypocrite.” He already knew about Lin Anran’s incredible boyfriend but still asked if there were any children. He asked, “Then what did you say?”

Lin Anran said, “I said no, I’m still single.”

Because Lin Anran didn’t really know how to refuse, he had to pretend. This was what he normally did in these situations.

Pengpeng said, “Huh? You just said that you were single?”

Lin Anran didn’t know what to say, so he smiled honestly.

Pengpeng was still a bit regretful. This was something worth showing off in front of those snobs. But Lin Anran probably didn’t have that secular desire.

“Logically, I understand you, but you are really low-key.”

Thinking of this Pengpeng remembered something and asked him, “By the way, Lin Anran, your account hasn’t been updated for a long time, right?”


After experiencing the cyber bullying incident online, Lin Anran’s account had reached the saturation point of the year in a single night. Plus, he still had a psychological shadow. Therefore, his account, which had been originally updated with small illustrations every week, had recently remained vacant.

“Because you’ve been so silent, a gossip article came out the day before yesterday. The name of the article was “What a shame! Short-lived! Taking stock of those who married into rich and powerful families and disappeared without a trace.” You were mentioned in the article! But, apart from providing an account, they didn’t have a picture or anything to post. Even so, it’s still amazing! I’ll send you the link later.”

Lin Anran said, “…Pengpeng, read less gossip.”

What strange baffling things these articles come up with.

Pengpeng seemed to have misunderstood something. He said emotionally, “You are too sensible. You’re in a relationship and it’s not a shameful relationship. Actually, there’s no need to hide it…” After Pengpeng said this, he suddenly lowered his voice, “Wait, you, did you sign a non-disclosure agreement?”

Lin Anran said, “…There’s no such thing.”

Pengpeng thought it was a secret. “Ohhh, you can’t say anything. I understand, I understand.”

Lin Anran scratched his head and said, “Really, there’s not.”

“No. If this is indeed true, you can’t be talked about online…But, no. Even if your relationship was publicly disclosed, they don’t even know your name. My analysis isn’t wrong, am I right?”

No, Pengpeng didn’t understand anything at all.

It wasn’t until after Lin Anran had already hung up the phone did he finally react. Perhaps this was what Boss Shang was talking about. He seemed to know that his old monitor was going to contact him and that was why he told him to ignore it. He even told Lin Anran to call him if there was anything.

In this way, Lin Anran seemed to realize it too.

He didn’t know if he understood it right or not. Originally, Shang Hao didn’t seem to care about these matters, but now maybe Shang Hao wanted their relationship to stay secret for the time being?

He thought he was thinking too much just now, but there was also nothing wrong with this analysis. His relationship with Shang Hao couldn’t be made public, so that was why Shang Hao said what he had said.


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Love Delusion: Chapter 49

Lin Anran shouldn’t have given his body over to Shang Hao last night, especially to a sex monster who coveted him for so long. At first, Shang Hao seemed to be calming and relaxing. And, although he was eating his tofu, he didn’t go too far.

Then he touched it and even enthusiastically rubbed the little carrot into releasing.

What was even more surprising was that he himself actually reacted under Shang Hao’s nose.

Last night, Lin Anran unlocked new knowledge and postures. He believed that if he continued like this, his virgin body that had been preserved for more than 20 years would fall.

Lin Anran thought of the experience last night. He felt bad and was in an endlessly bashful mood. He was holding Shang Hao’s glass jar in front of him. Based on Shang Hao’s behavior last night, he didn’t know whether he should carefully take one heart out or put one in.

If he put more in, the hearts in Boss Shang’s jar would be far ahead of his. Lin Anran looked at the two jars and sighed. Then he began to draw a heart on the table.

Feeling someone approaching behind him, Lin Anran straightened up, and Shang Hao leaned over and kissed him on the cheek from behind.

Boss Shang was dressed in a suit and was about to head out to work. Although he didn’t say anything, he kissed a mouthful of Lin Anran’s right cheek.

A kiss was equal to a heart, and Lin Anran would have to pay as much as he was given. He tried to stop and asked helplessly, “Why are you kissing me again?”

Shamg Hao thought for a moment and said, “I don’t know.”

Then he kissed him again.

The always docile little lamb Lin Anran backed up and covered his face, shaking his head while looking at Shang Hao pitifully, not letting him come closer.

If he continued to kiss him like this, the already heavily indebted Lin Anran would really have no end in sight.

His resistance aroused strong dissatisfaction from Boss Shang. He arrested him on the spot and kissed him dozens of times, like a machine gun. Only when he was satisfied did he let him go.

Lin Anran covered his face and drew another heart for the jar.

No more kissing! This child can’t afford it!

“I will be back later today.” Shang Hao told him. “Ranran, remember to miss me.”

He went out to work.

The two jars were exactly the same size. Compared to Shang Hao’s jar, which was steadily filling up, the pitiful pieces of paper in his jar wasn’t even enough to fill the bottom of the jar.

His jar looked like an underachiever who frustratingly fell short.

Lin Anran glanced at the two glass jars next to him from time to time when he was drawing a draft today. When he fell into a daze, Pengpeng suddenly appeared, looking for him.

Pengpeng asked, “Are you there, Lin Anran?”

He looked at the phone for a good moment before finally replying, “Here.”

Pengpeng didn’t contact him to make small talks. He brought Lin Anran the sudden news that one of their class teachers in high school was having a birthday next week and his classmates were discussing plans to meet. They wanted to ask him if he would go.

As expected, Lin Anran’s first reaction was to think up an excuse to reject them.

Pengpeng said, “I knew you wouldn’t go. I already told the monitor, but he insisted that I contact you anyway and bring you a message, which was that your classmates were asking about you and wanted you to go.”

Lin Anran was at a loss. He remembered that he was very withdrawn in high school and wasn’t close to anyone. It was only after going to university that he became acquainted with Pingping.

Pengpeng asked him, “They suddenly care about you so much. How likely do you think they know that you are with Shang Hao?”

Lin Anran: “…I don’t know.”

At the same time, he gaze locked suspiciously on Pengpeng.

Pengpeng became excited. “On the conscience of Heaven and Earth, I really didn’t say anything, I swear!”

“Forget it, are you sure you don’t want to go? Then should I help you refuse the squad leader?”

Lin Anran said thank you and hung up the phone.

High school classmate…He didn’t seem to remember who they were now.

Lin Anran settled dinner alone. Shang Hao had said that he would come back late today. Lin Anran waited and waited on the sofa by himself and was slowly slipping into sleep.

It was almost eleven o’clock but Boss Shang was nowhere in sight. At this time, Lin Anran suddenly received a message from Assistant Xu.

Lin Anran picked up the phone and took a look. Mr. Xu said that Boss Shang was at a cocktail party tonight, and he drank a bit more than usual. He was now in the car with Boss Shang.

Since Mr. Xu said, “Drink too much”, then Boss Shang must have drunk more than a little tonight. Maybe he was already drunk and unconscious right now.

Lin Anran cheered up. He sat up on the sofa, got up, and went to the kitchen to search for honey. After a while, he would make a cup of warm honey water for Boss Shang to drink.

He heard that people who are drunk must drink more water to relieve their headache when getting up early the next day. He just didn’t know how drunk Boss Shang was.

In his impression, Shang Hao’s alcohol consumption level was pretty good, and Lin Anran had never seen him drunk.

After finding him the honey, he waited in the living room for a while. Finally the sound of the key came from the door, and Lin Amram quickly got up to open the door.

Shang Hao was standing outside the door, still holding the key in his hand.

The strange thing was that, apart from the breath of alcohol he could smell when he opened the door, he couldn’t see any signs of drunkenness from Shang Hao’s body. From the way he looked to his posture, he still looked the same as he did when he came home everyday from work. His face was even flushed red with drunkenness.

And Assistant Xu didn’t accompany him up. He could still open the door by himself with the key.

Lin Anran began to wonder if he had misunderstood. After all, Assistant Xu didn’t often send him messages…As Lin Anran thought this, the hand that had reached out to give Shang Hao a hand stopped in midair.

Boss Shang waved his hand to indicate no, and he stepped in through the door by himself.

When he passed by Lin Anran, the scent of alcohol became stronger. It seemed that Shang Hao had drunk a lot. Lin Anran followed Boss Shang and closed the door. As soon as Boss Shang took off his coat, he subconsciously caught it from behind.

Lin Anran was judging whether he was drunk or not. He must admit that something was off. Today’s Shang Hao was very quiet and didn’t speak much. He walked in calmly, took off his coat, walked to the sofa, sat down, and looked around the living room.

Lin Anran hung his coat aside. Shang Hao didn’t speak, so he had to ask, “Are you okay?”

Shang Hao turned his head and glanced at him. Lin Anran was inexplicably nervous, and said, “…I thought you were drunk.”

Shang Hao said, “I wasn’t drunk.”

Seeing that he seemed uncomfortable, Lin Anran turned around and wrung a hot towel back to him. After thinking about it, he went to make him a cup of honey water.

When Lin Anran returned, Shang Hao, who was tall with long legs, was leaning lazily on the sofa, with the hot towel on his forehead.

He still seemed uncomfortable. Lin Anran put the hot honey water on the table and sat down beside him in a worried manner, waiting to receive Boss Shang’s towel.

Lin Anran didn’t dare look at him face-to-face right now, so he changed to observing Boss Shang’s condition.

Shang Hao frowned.

His head was heavy, and in this state, it was easy for people to lose their minds and not think much. The world seemed to be immersed in water, chaotic and uncertain, emitting random ripples that blur his line of sight. But his body was hot and dry. He lifted his heavy eyelids and glanced at Lin Anran.

When Shang Hao suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at him, Lin Anran froze. He felt as if he’d committed a crime sitting on the same sofa as Boss Shang.

Shang Hao looked at the person staring at him with dark, clear eyes for a long time, and then slowly opened his mouth to speak. His voice was a little more slurred than usual, and he finished speaking a little awkwardly, “What is your name?”

Lin Anran was dumbfounded. “…What?”

“You,” Shang Hao said. “What is your name? Where do you live?”

Lin Anran was stunned. You’re not just drunk! Brother, you are very drunk!!!

Perhaps it was Boss Shang’s perseverance that allowed him to maintain a normal state of calm capable of bluffing people. Lin Anran was completely bluffed.

He was shocked for a while. Now he knew what was going on with Shang Hao. On the one hand, he had a high tolerance for alcohol and it was not easy for him to become drunk. On the other hand, even when he was drunk, he didn’t appear drunk. These two states were enough to confuse his audience and to confuse the enemy.

This entire body was imposing, like clothes he put on, and the sense of superiority he carried had already become a natural aspect of his bearing.

Speaking of slurring, this was the first time Lin Anran saw a drunk person who didn’t seem drunk at all.

Suddenly Shang Hao took hold of Lin Anran’s hand, wrapping it completely in the palm of his hand. Shang Hao was still leaning on the sofa, sluggish, but the posture he used to hold him was unambiguous.

Shang Hao kept staring at him, like a stubborn child staring at a target.

He pondered for a moment. His Adam’s apple rolled, and he suddenly said, “Where do you live? I’ll have someone pick you up later.”

Lin Anran was dumbstruck. He didn’t know how he should react. This man really forgot about him.

Even if, right now, he couldn’t remember that he was someone else’s family’s president, wasn’t it a bit too late for Shang Hao?

And you are so good to the little boy outside?!

This made him a little bit unhappy. Really, only a little bit. Lin Anran finally couldn’t help but questioned Boss Shang, “Do you really not remember me?”

Boss Shang was really drunk and refused to listen to him. Holding his hand, he asked Lin Anran seriously, “Are you single?”

Lin Anran was angry.

Anyway, the drunk Shang Hao was still Shang Hao. It didn’t matter. Lin Anran took a deep breath, and questioned him in his soul. “What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Right now, Boss Shang seemed to be very honest. He thought for a moment in confusion and said, “Me?…There seems to be one.”

Lin Anran didn’t know why, but this made him feel even more angry.

Lin Anran finally succeeded in getting truly angry with the drunk Boss Shang, and because of his lack of bad words, he couldn’t figure out how to sulk at the scene.

In the end, the overlord left the concubine, turning his back on her declining flight.

That being the case…Lin Anran looked at Shang Hao, and asked Shang Hao angrily, “Then, won’t your boyfriend be angry with us like this?”

I’ll help you remember! Lin Anran will beat you!!

Shang Hao then tried his best to recall his boyfriend’s face in his mind. Hmm? He clearly remembered…

“Where is your boyfriend?”

The already cold towel fell from Shang Hao’s forehead. He didn’t bother to pick it up and just tried to keep his eyes open, to continue gazing at Lin Anran’s face.

In that case, don’t blame him for being rude. Lin Anran’s anger made him courageous, and he calmed down enough to silently float the bait into Boss Shang’s mouth, “Then what do you think about this person ‘Lin Anran’?”

It was said that everyone would speak truthfully after drinking. He wanted to know whether his position in Shang Hao’s heart was merely that of someone who could be forgotten so casually.

Hearing those three sounds, a slight smile appeared on Shang Hao’s face. It was the kind of smile that carried a deep meaning.

Shang Hao slowly said, “He, beat me.”

Lin Anran: …

So you know you will be beaten!

Now he really wanted to beat you!

But Shang Hao still held onto his hand and asked if he had a boyfriend.

Lin Anran didn’t plan to deal with this drunk anymore. He shook his hand and introduced himself earnestly, pausing after every word. “Right here. I am your boyfriend.”

This person dared to secretly hook up with others outside and was now caught on the spot. He witnessed him cuckolding him. How did it feel? Confess, Beauty Shang.

As he expected, Boss Shang had a noticeably stunned expression on his face, and the look in his eyes as he stared at Lin Anran also changed.

Lin Anran also stared at him closely.

It was as if he was witnessing a firework blooming in slow motion in front of his eyes. Shang Hao’s eyebrows and the corners of his eyes were suddenly stained with great joy. The light in his eyes rose, and the corners of his lips couldn’t be restrained from curling up, as if he had monopolized with great advantage and swallowed the greatest sweetness.

He couldn’t be more happy. In that second, it felt like celebratory fireworks had gone off in his consciousness. Extreme joy agitated in his chest, and a sense of satisfaction swelled throughout his entire heart.

It was very quiet for a moment. Shang Hao opened his mouth, but said nothing, and finally he leaned down slowly. The two of them were still holding hands, and he gave Lin Anran’s hand a kiss.

He was bent over in front of Lin Anran, as if unable to get up from this position. He continued to stick to his hand, as if he had been given the greatest gift. Instead of anger, Lin Anran suddenly felt a little at a loss.

Shang Hao said vaguely, “Thank you, thank you.”

“…Thank you for being my boyfriend.”

Although he couldn’t name this person, he liked him so much. The frequency of his heartbeat wouldn’t deceive him. The moment he saw this man, he became obsessed with him. Seeing those eyes, he would be triggered instinctively.

Thank you for being so good and willing to be my boyfriend.

He didn’t know why, but after hearing his silly words, Lin Anran suddenly couldn’t be angry anymore.

Also, there was no need to thank him so much… Lin Anran was very embarrassed. Forgetting that he’d been angry, he wondered if he should say “no need for thanks.”

Xixi: I always scoff at the idea of love at first sight, but this novel just gives me this subtle sense that they have been soulmates across many lifetimes, and so the progression of everything made perfect sense to me.

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