Divorced Chapter 18: Brother Yang Is Right. I’m Afraid of You

Chen Yuchuan had already impatiently opened the front door to leave. But Lu Yang changed the dog food and added water for Chubby. Before going out, he grabbed the two coats hanging on the hanger with one hand. One was his own suit jacket and the other was Chen Yuchuan’s windbreaker.

Chen Yuchuan was leaning against the passenger door. Now that the cold wind had passed, the temperature outside was slightly warming up. Even so, it was still cold at night.

Lu Yang glanced at the thin clothes on Chen Yuchuan’s body and threw the windbreaker to him. “Put it on.”

Chen Yuchuan caught the windbreaker and put it on. Once Lu Yang had unlocked the door, he opened it and sat in the passenger seat.

Lu Yang drove out of the community, turned right onto the main road, and continued heading east.

Chen Yuchuan had owned a small resort on the eastern suburbs for many years.

However, he now had another resort under construction on Wuling Mountain positioned at an altitude of 500 meters above ground. It had only been two weeks ago that he’d gone to see the construction, and it had now reached the follow-up finishing stage. Everything was going as planned, and it was expected to officially open next summer. But now, there was suddenly a collapse.

Two minutes after Lu Yang got into the car, their phones dinged one after another. Since Lu Yang was driving, Chen Yuchuan checked the phones. It was the person in charge of the resort reporting the progress of the accident to them.

While driving, Lu Yang said, “Xiao Chuan’er, please confirm with Jian Yongxin again whether anyone is injured.”

“I’ll ask.” Chen Yuchuan continued holding onto the two mobile phones. Just as he was done, Lu Yang’s phone dinged again.

He read the message Jian Yongxin sent. “It’s all been checked. No one was injured.”

“It’s good that no one’s injured,” Lu Yang said. “As for the cause of the collapse, as well as other ensuing problems and losses, we can talk about them later.”

It was 8 o’clock in the evening on a weekend, and naturally, the urban roads were a bit congested.

Jian Yongxin sent another message and Chen Yuchuan told Lu Yang, “Many reporters have arrived.”

Lu Yang’s eyebrows rose. “So soon?”

“It’s also possible that someone had tipped them very early on.” Chen Yuchuan quickly aired the problem.

The Lu family had a large enterprise, and they must contend with a great many competitors that operated both in the open and in secret. Even though the owner of Wuling Mountain’s resort was Chen Yuchuan.

He naturally didn’t think that he had the ability to make a business specifically target him. He believed it was likely the people he was dealing with or the people around him.

At the time, when Lu Yang took the land for the resort project, many people were interested.

Wuling Mountain was a tourist attraction, and the daily flow of people was huge during the tourist season. If a large-scale resort could be developed there, the subsequent profits could clearly be imagined.

Once they left the city, there were fewer and fewer cars. Chen Yuchuan kept answering the phones. When he looked up, he caught a glimpse of the sign on the side of the road, showing that there was a tunnel ahead.

“Brother Yang,” he said, subconsciously clenching the phones in his hands. “Let’s take another route. We can take a detour from the rural road in front.”

Lu Yang didn’t speak. His eyes were fixed on the road in front of him, his hands still holding the steering wheel in position. The car moved forward steadily.

“Brother Yang, shall we change paths?” Chen Yuchuan raised his voice a little, and there was a begging undertone in his voice.

“This is the closest route.” Lu Yang didn’t change direction; he kept driving forward. He didn’t turn at the fork and quickly drove into the tunnel.

The moment the car entered the tunnel, Chen Yuchuan’s vision suddenly darkened. The two-lane tunnel was very narrow, with the wall lamps at the top of the tunnel emitting bright white lights one after another.

A wind blew against the glass window, and Chen Yuchuan heard a low and deep echo buzzing in his ears. He didn’t know if it was his hallucination, but the echo became louder and louder, making panic bloom in his chest.

The tunnel wasn’t short, and he stared without blinking, looking for the exit ahead that he was unable to see.

After what seemed like a long time, he suddenly felt warmth on the back of his hand. Yu Lang held his trembling hand and said in a voice lower than the wind in the tunnel. But it was enough to calm him down.

“Xiao Chuan’er, close your eyes. It’s okay. We’ll be out soon.”

Lu Yang’s voice fell like magic, and Chen Yuchuan closed his eyes obediently. The psychological and physical discomfort he felt early was blown away.

Once the car drove out of the tunnel, Lu Yang withdrew his hand. “We’re out.”

Chen Yuchuan didn’t open his eyes. He turned his shoulders slightly so that he was facing out the window. Pulling up the collar of his coat, he lowered his chin and said, “Brother Yang, if at that time…”

“There’s no ifs,” Lu Yang interrupted. “You can’t always be afraid, and you can’t always make a detour around it. You can’t always avoid it. Sometimes, when you drive through these roads, you will have no choice but to go through it. What’s more, it’s already in the past.”

“How long ago?” Chen Yuchuan asked himself, eyes still closed. “It’s only been a little over half a year ago…”

It took another hour until they finally reached Wuling Mountain and drove up the winding road around the mountain.

As they approached the entrance of the resort, Chen Yuchuan lowered the passenger window, placed his arm on the edge of the opened window, and stretched out his neck to glance out.

There were many cars with flashing lights parked at the entrance of the resort, including police cars and fire trucks, as well as several cars with signs of the Tourism Bureau. People in uniform came in and out, and there were also many reporters with cameras and microphones.

“Brother Yang, do we want to take a detour and enter through the back entrance?”

“Let’s just go through the front gate,” Lu Yang said. “If we hide, it will give people one more thing to latch onto and make a fuss about. When I’m interviewed later, I’ll explain the problem that should be explained.”

“I’m the person in charge. I’ll go with you,” Chen Yuchuan said.

Lu Yang didn’t argue. Chen Yuchuan also knew that he wasn’t very good at facing a camera, and Lu Yang would do a better job at speaking.

When the car stopped, Chen Yuchuan left the car first. He leaned against the passenger door, took out a cigarette case from his pocket, and pulled out a cigarette. But soon, he felt his fingers go empty. Even his palm was empty.

Lu Yang took away the cigarette in his hand, along with the cigarette case and the lighter.

Chen Yuchuan’s empty fingers twitched, and he looked at Lu Yang with a smile. “I won’t smoke.”

First, they went to find out more about the current situation. Once the problem was cleared, Lu Yang turned around and walked towards the reporters.

The moment he lifted his foot, Chen Yuchuan grabbed his wrist.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Yang asked.

Chen Yuchuan held onto Lu Yang’s wrist. His fingers rested on Lu Yang’s pulse, feeling the slight throbbing through the layer of his sleeve. Then he raised his other hand and straightened the slightly crooked tie around Lu Yang’s neck.

“Your tie is a little crooked,” Chen Yuchuan said. He took another step forward, and he could hear Lu Yang’s breathing with the shortened distance.

Lu Yang looked down at Chen Yuchuan. Chen Yuchuan’s eyelashes were very thick and very long, and when he blinked and lifted his lids to look attentively at Lu Yang, Lu Yang couldn’t help but feel himself tremble slightly.

In fact, it was Lu Yang who had taught Chen Yuchuan how to tie a tie, and this happened not long after they started officially living together.

Once he’d learned how to tie a tie, he was always keen to tie Lu Yang’s tie for him. It was a rare, quiet time between the two of them.

Sometimes, after Lu Yang had already tied his tie himself in the morning, Chen Yuchuan would untie it on purpose and redo it for him.

Seeing them, some reporters began to walk over with microphones. Chen Yuchuan let go of Lu Yang’s wrist and tie and moved silently to a place not far behind him.

Lu Yang was soon surrounded by a group of reporters, and a female reporter in a black trench coat took the lead to stretch out her microphone. “Excuse me, President Lu, are there any casualties in this accident? What was the cause of the accident? Was there a problem with the quality of the project materials? With such an accident, will the resort still be able to officially open on time?”

“There are no casualties, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation. We will apply for a third-party investigation. We will take this accident seriously and resolve it just as seriously. As for the official opening time, we’ll decide based on the actual situation at the time.”

After Lu Yang calmly answered the female reporter’s question, another male reporter asked, “President Lu, if there are casualties, how will you explain it to the tourists who are already planning to visit the resort?”

Lu Yang fixed his gaze on the male reporter who had asked this question. His expression was calm, but the look in his eyes made the male reporter subconsciously take a step back.

“As a reporter, it is your responsibility to supervise and seek truthful reporting, not to make malicious speculations and incite public panic for something that hasn’t happened.”

Once he was done speaking, Lu Yang faced the camera once more and said, “We will fully cooperate with the investigation to find out the specific reason for the accident, and once the investigation is done, we will issue a statement as soon as possible to give an explanation to the concerned public…”

After answering the reporter’s questions, Lu Yang held several urgent meetings. It wasn’t until two in the morning, when all preliminary issues had been dealt with, that the fire fighters, the police officers, and the reporters all finally left.

Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang had always had their own fixed room in the resort and so Jian Yongxin naturally made no other arrangements.

Their room was a suite with a study room and a conference room. The moment they entered their room, Lu Yang head straight to the study. He asked the company’s public relations department to send out a statement about the accident and called a few friends who had connections with various newspapers.

Meanwhile, the phone on Chen Yuchuan’s side also wasn’t silent. When his phone was completely out of power and turned off, he finally entered the study, only to find that Lu Yang was still looking through some documents.

Chen Yuchuan asked, “Brother Yang, what do you think?”

“We’ll wait for the quality inspection report and the geological inspection report from a third-party investigator. Fortunately, it happened at night when there’s no one on the construction site. If it had happened during the dayment, the consequences would be unimaginable.” After saying this, Lu Yang rubbed his temples. “We’ve managed to get here tonight, and we’ve done everything we can.”

“Then let’s sleep.” Chen Yuchuan turned and walked out.

“You sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the sofa,” Lu Yang said behind him.

The sofa here wasn’t as large as the one at home. Chen Yuchuan folded his arms and turned his head to say with a smile, “Brother Yang, we’ve slept together for 16 years. Why are you afraid of me now?”

Lu Yang was silent for a moment before saying, “Xiao Chuan’er, am I afraid of you, or are you afraid of me?”

The corners of Chen Yuchuan’s mouth lifted up. “Brother Yang, why should I be afraid of you? You’re not a tiger, so what is there to be afraid of?”

As if to prove his words, Chen Yuchuan walked back. He didn’t stop until he’d crossed the desk to stand between the desk and Lu Yang. Leaning against the edge of the desk, he kicked Lu Yang’s chair and then brushed his toes across the hem of his suit pants.

Lu Yang let Chen Yuchuan play, until he became more and more arrogant and even took a step forward to shorten the distance between them.

Chen Yuchuan grabbed the tie he’d just arranged for Lu Yang and wrapped it a few times around his fingers. Then he lifted the tie, which caused Lu Yang’s chin to tip up, and he stared at his lips.

He was still the same as he’d been before, unable to stare too long at Lu Yangs lips without wanting to kiss him.

Lu Yang watched as Chen Yuchuan’s face was getting closer and closer and his fingers gripping the desk tightened little by little. It wasn’t until Chen Yuchuan came close enough did Lu Yang finally speak, his voice obviously rough with need.

“Chen Yuchuan, the first time you teased me after our divorce, it was because you drank too much, so I didn’t mind. This is the second time. If you continue, it will be at your own risk…”

Chen Yuchuan watched as Lu Yang’s sexy and seductive lips moved, watching them open and close as they spoke those threatening words.

He smiled and no longer moved forward. His fingers released Lu Yang’s tie and he stepped back, putting some distance between them. Then he looked into Lu Yang’s eyes and said without hesitation, “Yes, Brother Yang is right. I’m afraid of you. I’m really afraid…”

He was just done speaking when he suddenly noticed that there was a little line at the corner of Lu Yang’s eye. It wasn’t deep and was, in fact, quite thin and light. If one didn’t look carefully, one wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Chen Yuchuan no longer acted wildly. Instead, he brushed a fingertip lightly across the corner of Lu Yang’s eye.

It was as if, if he brushed over it lightly, he could smooth out the wrinkle at the corner of Lu Yang’s eyes.

Obviously, this was impossible.

Only then did Chen Yuchuan seriously remember that Lu Yang was already 38 years old this year, and they weren’t young anymore. The cruelty of time would often catch you unaware. For a moment you’ll panic, but in due time, you’ll have no choice but to accept it out of sheer desperation.

Although the lines at the end of Lu Yang’s eyes did not affect his charm at all, it added a bit of wisdom given by the years.

But Chen Yuchuan still felt as if his chest was being pinched and turned around.

Those fine lines were not recent, but he had never noticed them.

It seemed that he hadn’t looked at Lu Yang seriously for a long time.


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Divorced Chapter 17: And If It’s Not Right

Chen Yuchuan always had strength in his body, a strength that would never be extinguished, bursting and flamboyant.

But everyone had moments of weaknesses, fatigue, and complacency.

His strength required that someone stand firmly beside him, and no matter how much he exerted force, that person would stand steadfastly next to him. In the past, this person was Lu Yang.

The cigarette in Qi Yun’s office completely wiped out Chen Yuchuan’s energy.

Looking further back, it was more accurately what Lu Yang had said before he left:

Divorcing was the right thing to do.

When Lu Yang said this, he wanted to be the same as he was before. He wanted to immediately rush up to Lu Yang and threaten to break up with him.

Because, with those words, in addition to the half past year, he also denied everything in the previous 16 years.

Chen Yuchuan had been with Lu Yang since he was 18 years old. At the age of 18, he was still thinking about how to solve his three meals a day, and nothing was certain.

After 18 years old, Lu Yang’s name was branded everywhere on his body. In these 16 years, he was already scalded from skin to meat to bone.

So what would Chen Yuchuan be like with Lu Yang? What was the real him?

That wasn’t something Lu Yang could decide, unless he tore off all the marks he’d placed on Chen Yuchuan’s body and then melted him and reshaped him anew.

Now, without Lu Yang by his side, Chen Yuchuan was like a balloon drifting in the sky, continuously leaking air, deflated and negligent.

He stayed home the entire weekend. He had already released Lu Yang’s phone number and WeChat from the blacklist.

On Friday afternoon, Lu Yang sent a message saying that he would pick Chubby up at 3 in the afternoon on the weekend.

On Saturday, Chen Yuchuan got up at noon, had an afternoon meal, and went back to bed.

On Saturday night, Hua Song called him. He had almost never had contact with Hua Song alone, and so he was a little puzzled. However, Hua Song only asked him if he had time the next day and invited him to go to his small, solo concert.

However, Chen Yuchuan refused. He didn’t want to go out, didn’t want to move, and didn’t want to listen to any concerts.

On Sunday, Lu Yang arrived on time at 3 pm. The TV was on and Chen Yuchuan was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed, resting on one arm like it was a pillow and the blanket pulled over his body. Hewas extremely lazy and fatigue, not wanting to move, to talk, to open his eyes.

“I’m here to pick up Chubby.” Lu Yang started knocking on the door, and when no one answered, he took out his key and opened the door by himself. When he entered, the first thing he saw was Chen Yuchuan showing his profile to the door.

Without opening his eyes, Chen Yuchuan opened his mouth, only to discover that his throat was dry and sour. He swallowed and called out to Chubby. “Come here and give Dad a hug. Go with your mother, and I’ll pick you up next week.”

Chubby ran to the sofa and barked a few times at Chen Yuchuan.

Chen Yuchuan pushed himself up on his elbows, shook the blanket on his body and stretched out a hand from underneath the blanket. His hand felt in the air a few times before finally locating Chubby. After patting him, he retracted his arms back into the blanket and said in Chubby’s general direction, “Go with your mother. Dad won’t see you off.”

Lu Yang strode over to the sofa, bent down, and placed his hand on Chen Yuchuan’s forehead. The moment his hand made contact, his face twisted.

“You have a fever. Don’t you know it yourself?”

Chen Yuchuan only knew that he was exhausted and didn’t want to move at all. He thought that he was just lazy and had no idea that he was feverish. No wonder he felt a little cold and his head was dizzy.

Lu Yang moved his hand away from Chen Yuchuan’s forehead and slid it down to his face, only to discover that his face was also hot.

Chen Yuchuan frowned and lightly patted Lu Yang’s hand away. Then, pulling the blanket up to cover half of his chin, he murmured. “Okay, yes. I know now.”

Lu Yang let out a soft sigh. He walked over to the cabinet by the TV, took out the medicine box, and located the antipyretic and cold medicine.

With his eyes closed, Chen Yuchuan could hear Lu Yang’s footsteps. First, he determined that Lu Yang must have found the medicine, then he entered the kitchen and began to boil water.

He wanted to say, “Lu Yang, don’t worry about me. I can do all this by myself. Anyway, I’m on my own now.” But he really didn’t want to talk at all, and so he just continued to lie down and made himself more comfortable.

His physique had always been very good, and he rarely had a fever or caught a cold.

Chubby was lying on the carpet next to the sofa, looking at him. Then, he stood up and ran into the kitchen to see his mother.

Once the water was boiled, the kettle began to screech. Feeling that the sound was particularly harsh, Chen Yuchuan pulled the blanket over his ears. Fortunately, Lu Yang quickly turned the stove off.

As he waited for Lu Yang to deliver the medicine and the warm water, Chen Yuchuan nearly fell asleep.

“Get up and take some medicine.”

Half asleep, Chen Yuchuan heard Lu Yang’s voice near his ears. Judging by the sound that was neither too close nor too far, he determined that Lu Yang must be squatting by the sofa.

It wasn’t until Lu Yang had called out to him three times did Chen Yuchuan finally let out a nasally “mmmn.”

At first, Lu Yang thought that Chen Yuchuan would follow his typical behavior and say that he didn’t want to take medicine. To his surprise, Chen Yuchuan quickly sat up from the sofa, still covered with the blanket. Wrapping the blanket tighter around his neck with one hand, he grabbed the pills on the coffee table with the other hand. Then, raising his head, he swallowed the pills and followed it with drinking down a whole cup of warm water.

After putting down the glass of water, Chen Yuchuan didn’t look at Lu Yang. He simply sniffed, stood up still wrapped in the blanket, and began to walk to the bedroom, saying, “Okay, I’ve finished the medicine and drank the warm water. I’ll burn the fever off in a while. You can go back now. I’ll just go to my room to sleep and I’ll be fine when I wake up.”

In his bedroom, Chen Yuchuan closed the door. The cold medicine was the kind to induce sleep, and Chen Yuchuan had hardly slept well these past few days. As a result, he fell asleep shortly after lying down.

When he finally woke up, the room was completely dark. The curtains were drawn tightly, but he could still hear the slight sound of the wind gently blowing against the glass windows.

Lying in bed, he stared at the heavy darkness in front of him for several minutes before he finally remembered what happened right before he went to sleep.

He had a fever, and when Lu Yang came to pick up Chubby, he boiled water for him and gave him medicine.

The medicine box should be inside the drawer on the right side of the TV stand. From the sounds of it, it was in the second drawer, because the screws on the first drawer were a little loose. When you pulled it out, it would create a harsh screeching sound. Therefore, he rarely used that drawer himself.

Last month, he’d told Lu Yang that he had time, they should go to a furniture store together to get a new cabinet.

He’d told Lu Yang that the color of the cabinet was too dark now, and he wanted a beige one.

When Chen Yuchuan got out of bed, he touched his forehead. After taking the medicine, the fever had subsided. Now, his forehead was even a little cold. He’d been sweating in his sleep, and so he felt sticky and uncomfortable.

He’d just touched the lamp and was just about to press on the switch to turn it on, when the bedroom door suddenly opened, letting a block of light from the living room inside. Chen Yuchuan saw the shadow of Lu Yang’s figure outlined by that bright light.

Since Lu Yang’s back was to the light, Chen Yuchuan couldn’t see his expression clearly.

“Lu Yang, why haven’t you left yet?” Chen Yuchuan asked.

Lu Yang didn’t answer. He walked over to the bed and touched Chen Yuchuan’s forehead, then he quickly removed his hand and said, “Come out and eat.”

After Lu Yang finished speaking, he turned around and walked out.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t say anything this time. Although the fever had subsided, he didn’t feel much better. He was still top-heavy, and he was starving.

First, he took a shower, and after rinsing off the sweat on his body, he felt much refreshed.

The three dishes and two bowls of porridge on the table were still steaming hot, and Lu Yang sat in the position he used to sit.

Seeing this, Chen Yuchuan felt a little dazed, as if this was no different from the usual weekend routine. He pulled out the chair opposite Lu Yang and sat down. Then he picked up the bowl of porridge and a spoon and began to drink the porridge.

Lu Yang ate very gently. He made no sound at all when drinking the porridge, and only occasionally would there be the sounds of his spoon knocking against the edge of the bowl.

Chen Yuchuan raised his head and drank a small bowl. Feeling that his stomach was not so empty before he said, “Lu Yang, I’ll give you the ‘Best Ex-Husband’ award. You can take care of me and even cook for me when I’m sick. You really are a good man…”

Lu Yang didn’t answer Chen Yuchuan’s words at all, and lowered his head to continue eating the porridge in his bowl.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t continue the topic and instead finished his remaining half bowl of porridge. Then he stretched his neck and glanced at the kitchen.

When Lu Yang said, “There’s more,” Chen Yuchuan took his bowl into the kitchen and went to refill it. The porridge was too hot, and he couldn’t eat it even after stirring it with a spoon for a long time. In the end, he simply pushed the bowl aside so that it could cool down naturally.

He was quiet for two seconds, then he opened his mouth and said, “Brother Yang…”

When Chen Yuchuan called out Brother Yang, he did so very seriously. He was no longer angry, not like in the past few days. His words no longer carried thorns, as if the moment he saw Lu Yang, he would want to stab him.

The impulse to stab people had passed, and he still had to walk back calmly, no matter what his identity and their relationship were.

Chen Yuchuan really wanted to have a good chat with Lu Yang now, although he still hadn’t figured anything out.

“Brother Yang, although saying this now is a bit like…taking off your pants and farting. It’s superfluous, but I still want to ask. What do you think I should be like? Like you said, whenever I get angry, I won’t hide it and can still burst out fire three meters high, right? So, that makes it right for us to divorce?”

Lu Yang put down his spoon, wiped his mouth and hands with a napkin, and straightened his body.

The light over the dining table was slightly bluish, and it covered them with a layer of gray blues.

Instead of directly answering Chen Yuchuan’s question, Lu Yang asked, “What if it’s not the right thing to do? If getting a divorce is wrong, what are you going to do? Remarry me?”

The things Chen Yuchuan wanted to ask became disrupted by these words. If getting a divorce was the wrong thing to do, could they remarry?

But before he could figure it out, his phone on the sofa rang, interrupting their conversation.

He walked to the sofa and picked up his mobile phone to answer the call. It was the manager of the resort, Jian Yongyan.

Jian Yongyan waited for Chen Yuchuan to answer the phone, and then he hurriedly said, “President Chen, there was an accident in the resort on the mountain, and a large part of Area B under construction had collapsed.”

Chen Yuchuan quickly asked, “Is anyone injured?”

“No one was injured.”

“Make absolutely sure no one was injured. Call the police immediately. I’ll head over right now.”

Lu Yang received the call almost at the same time. Chen Yuchuan picked up the car key on the coffee table and threw it directly to Lu Yang. “Brother Yang, you drive…”

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Divorced Chapter 16: Instead of Continuing to Torment Each Other, We Gave Up

The sound of Lu Yang closing the door woke Chubby. Chubby got up from his dog bed and walked to the door with his tail wagging. He raised his head to listen to the familiar footsteps outside and barked at the door a few times.

Chen Yuchuan stood in the living room and called Chubby, “Come here, Chubby. Your mother is gone.”

Chubby heard Chen Yuchuan calling him. He turned and ran to his father, feeling that his father was particularly sad. Tilting his head, he rubbed against his father’s leg and barked twice, as if to comfort him.

The floor was a little cold, seeming to send chills straight through the bottom of Chen Yuchuan’s feet.

Chen Yuchuan sat on the sofa with his legs pulled up cross-legged. He glanced at the jacket on the sofa and pulled it over to cover his legs and feet. Then as he subconsciously rubbed Chubby’s beck, he thought about what Lu Yang had just said.

Lu Yang had said, there will be no next time.

Lu Yang had said, divorcing seems to be the right thing…

Chen Yuchuan sat on the sofa and thought about it for a long time. He thought about things from a long time ago, and he thought about the current state of things.

He thought for a whie and then he would stop for a while, and this cycle of thinking would repeat.

In fact, he and Lu Yang had always known how to communicate effectively. In the past, if they had any problems, they would resolve them quickly with an agreed-upon method, regardless of whatever that may be.

If they could communicate, then they would communicate. If they couldn’t, they would quarrel. And if they were unable to resolve, they would take it to the boxing gym.

Contradictions and problems piled up until it became unbearable. Inevitably, one day, even a small ant and a small hole can cause their seemingly indestructible relationship to crumble.

This kind of problem still appeared in the end.

Chen Yuchuan knew that his relationship with Lu Yang had changed a lot in the past six months.

They rarely quarreled. His temper seemed to have vanished. When facing Lu Yang, he always followed in whatever he said. Whatever Lu Yang said, he would say yes. No matter what Lu Yang did, there would be no fight.

On the surface, their relationship seemed to be very good.

But was it good though? If it was so good, then why did he suffer from insomnia? Why would Lu Yang prefer to go to the boxing gym rather than come home straight away?

In fact, their relationship wasn’t good at all…

It was just that Chen Yuchuan himself didn’t want to admit it. During that time, he had tried so hard and so carefully to manage their relationship.

As Chen Yuchuan thought about it, his mind began to grow confused again. When he continued to probe bit by bit, he arrived at the crux of the problem in their relationship half a year ago, and a few scattered images flashed across his mind.

His vision blurred for a moment. His body swayed, and even his breathing seemed to have hitched to a stop. His thin pajamas outlined the curve of his back and the slump of his shoulders.

He absolutely did not want to continue this train of thought. And so, his thoughts came to a complete halt as he forcibly shut down those memories and thoughts that were like entangling ropes.

He looked down at Chubby, touched him, and asked in a low voice, “I treated him better than ever before. I learned to cook soup. I no longer made trouble, no longer tormented him. I no longer got angry, and I also stopped being deliberately provocative. These were all wrong, weren’t they?”

Chubby couldn’t give Chen Yuchuan an answer, but just rubbed against his palm.


As Lu Yang was walking downstairs, he heard Chubby barking after him. He stopped at the corner of the fourth floor. Leaning on the railing, he turned to look back. It wasn’t until Chubby stopped barking did he continue making his way downstairs.

The sound-activated lights in the stairwell were completely broken, and even though the sound of Lu Yang’s footsteps going downstairs was rather heavy, it never came on.

He took a taxi directly to the gate of his community and returned to his house in Jade Lake.

When he and Chen Yuchian first started living together, they had lived here for a time.

After Chen Yuchuan purchased the apartment, everything was repurchased for that place, and all their old things were left here. Whenever they had errands nearby, and it ran too late, they would stay here for the night.

Lu Yang stood in front of the door for a while, rubbing his throbbing temple. Then he entered the lock password.

He opened the door, took off his shoes, threw his coat on the sofa, and entered the bathroom. He turned on the shower and let the water ran over his body, even as he shed his clothes.

Soon, all the soaked clothes on his body was discarded at his feet, and the sounds of water falling on his clothes was different from the sounds of water falling on tiled floor.

So suffocating.


When Xiao Lei arrived the next day, he knocked on the door for a long time, until Chubby entered the bedroom and woke Chen Yuchuan up.

When Chen Yuchuan opened the door, Xiao Lei was startled. He looked at Chen Yuchuan’s messy hair and the heavy dark circles underneath his empty eyes, and for a brief moment, he thought that he’d knocked on the wrong door.

“Sister-in-law, sister-in-law…” Xiao Lei stammered, “You, you didn’t sleep well last night?”

With the door opened, the wind blew in from outside and the cold completely woke Chen Yuchuan up. Looking at Xiao Lei, he asked, “Xiao Lei, why are you here? What time is it?”

“It’s half past six. The boss has a meeting in the morning. Last night, I said that I would pick him up in the morning. I parked the car downstairs, but when I called Boss, he didn’t answer so I came up and knocked on the door,” Xiao Lei said, looking into the room. He asked, “Is Boss still up?”

Chen Yuchuan said, “He’s not here.”

“President Lu left?”

“He left last night.”

“Sister-in-law, Boss ran away from home?” Xiao Lei asked in surprise.

He’d been Lu Yang’s driver for six years, and he’d seen the boss quarreled with the lady boss, but there had never been a situation where the boss actually ran away from home in the middle of the night.

“It’s not a quarrel.” Chen Yuchuan waved his hand, not wanting to say much. “He’s in the house over at Jade Lake. Go and pick him up over there.”

When Chen Yuchuan was saying this, he didn’t feel that it was anything. But when he closed the door, he felt that he’d said it with too much certainty.

Lu Yang had so many houses. The house over at Jade Lake was the farthest from the company, and so he may not necessarily be staying there.

That night, when Chen Yuchuan went to the boxing gym, he didn’t see Lu Yang. The front desk staff also wasn’t Xiao Yang. After swiping his card, he asked casually, “Where’s Xiao Yang? Is he off work today?”

“Xiao Yang is in Mr. Qi’s office. Do you need him for something?” the staff replied.

“Brother Qi is here today?”

“He arrived this afternoon.”

Chen Yuchuan thanked the staff and went straight to Qi Yun’s office, while carrying boxing gloves. He didn’t know if that idiot had returned to the gym to make trouble.

Qi Yun’s office was on the second floor. When Chen Yuchuan stopped at the door and lightly knocked on it, he heard a small sound coming from the office.

The moment he heard what that sound was, he regretted that he’d come at this time.

Just as he was about to turn away, Qi Yun’s office door opened and Xiao Yang appeared, his shirt a little wrinkled, his face unnaturally red. Pale-lipped and nervous, he avoided looking at Chen Yuchuan.

Embarrassed, Chen Yuchuan didn’t know how to react. But Xiao Yang said hello first. “Chuan, Brother Chuan.”

“Is he inside?” Chen Yuchuan turned his body sideways and scratched his head. “Is Qi Yun inside?”

Xiao Yang nodded, blushing.

Qi Yun’s voice came from inside. “Xiao Yang, you can return to work.”

Xiao Yang walked out with his head lowered.

After entering, Chen Yuchuan said, “Damn.” He walked over to Qi Yun’s desk, put his boxing gloves down on the desk, and said, “Brother Qi, I really didn’t mean to disturb you. I didn’t realize it before. Brother Qi, when did you get together with Xiao Yang?”

Qi Yun sat on the office chair with a cigarette in his mouth. His clothes were neat and tidy, and not even a button was crooked. Except for his eyes, his demeanor was much calmer than Xiao Yang’s.

Qi Yun was two years older than Lu Yang and had turned forty this year. In their circle of friends, his was a notorious playboy and had always been single. The person with him would change one after another and would no longer be seen but once.

Qi Yun loved to play. He liked exciting sports, and so in the past, he would play in the mountains and sea nearly every day. In recent years, he had stopped going as much and would stay home more often.

Removing the cigarette from his mouth, Qi Yun shook his head and said, “We’re not together. We’re just sleeping with each other. Why are you here today?”

“I’ve been here a lot lately,” Chen Yuchuan said, no longer commenting on Qi Yun’s love life. He dragged a chair from the side and sat across from Qi Yun at his desk. He said, “I had a fight with someone here two days ago. I don’t know if that person came back or not.”

“It was the fool who made trouble first, so he didn’t dare come back to make trouble again. If he did come again, I would definitely kick him out. I don’t accept that kind of person here,” Qi Yun said.

Chen Yuchuan was relieved. “It’s good that he didn’t come back to make trouble.”

He sat on the chair with his long legs crossed. Watching Qi Yun smoke, his addiction to smoking flared up and he touched his pockets, only to find it empty. He pointed a finger at Qi Yun and said, “Brother Qi, give me a cigarette.”

Qi Yun played with the lighter in his hands and said, “Before, when I offered it to you, you told me you don’t smoke…”

Having said this, he pointed to the case of cigarettes on his desk and said, “Help yourself.”

Chen Yuchuan picked up the cigarette case and lighter on the table, lit one, and joined Qi Yun in smoking.

He was glad Qi Yun wasn’t someone prone to nosiness, because he really didn’t want to talk about his and Lu Yang’s divorce.

As long as one of their mutual friends knew about this kind of thing, it was impossible for the rest to not find out. It was just a matter of time. Qi Yun obviously knew about it.

When Chen Yuchuan was done smoking his cigarette, Qi Yun asked, “Since you’ve come here, do you want to go out and practice together?”

Chen Yuchuan put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray, stood up, and picked up his boxing gloves on the table. Waving his hand weakly, he said, “Maybe some other day. Brother Qi, after smoking this cigarette, I’ve discovered that all the strengths I had when I first came in have now floated away. I really don’t have the strength today…”

Qi Yun wasn’t a talkative person, but he still said, “I don’t know why you’re tormenting yourself.”

Chen Yuchuan was silent for a while, and his heart silently said: After so many years of tormenting each other, instead of continuing on, we  gave up…

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Divorced Chapter 15: Unlike This Half Year, When You Yielded To Me In Everything

When Chen Yuchuan walked out of the concert hall by himself, he took out his mobile phone and checked the time.

Just as he was about to press the lock screen button, his finger suddenly paused, and he stared at the screensaver on his phone.

Maybe it was because he’d gotten used to the picture after having it as a screensaver for so long that he’d forgotten that he hadn’t changed the screensaver photo.

It was a photo of himself and Lu Yang, which he’d taken casually.

Chen Yuchuan counted the time. It was about seven to eight years ago, but he couldn’t remember exactly when it was taken.

He just remembered that it was a very ordinary morning. The night before, Lu Yang had drunk too much at a party, and so he had asked Chen Yuchuan to pick him up.

When they got off the taxi, it got a little awkward because Chen Yuchuan didn’t immediately help Lu Yang.

Lu Yang was different from Chen Yuchuan. When Chen Yuchuan drank too much, he became noisy and energetic. Meanwhile, when Lu Yang drank too much, he became very quiet, but his temper was like a sullen child. He had to be coaxed to bed, he had to be coaxed for everything.

When Lu Yang went upstairs, he was still angry with Chen Yuchuan. Chen Yuchuan followed behind and stretched out his hand twice, but it was thrown away.

Chen Yuchuan was also hot-tempered. Halfway up, he grabbed Lu Yang’s arm and hugged him. In the end, Lu Yang stood on the steps of the second floor, refusing to move at all. As a result, Chen Yuchuan had to coax him to go up one step at a time.

The next day, Lu Yang woke up later than Chen Yuchuan, which was a rare event in itself. He woke up with his shoulders exposed and the comforter drawn up to his chest. He found himself squinting at a camera, which made him a little unhappy.

Chen Yuchuan held up his mobile phone, bumped shoulders with him, and said, “Hubby, smile. I’ll take a picture to use as a screensaver and as a background for our chat.”

Lu Yang didn’t smile, but turned to look at him very seriously. On the screen, Chen Yuchuan’s head was tilted so that it was resting on Lu Yang’s shoulder. He was grinning widely at the camera, his index and middle fingers stretched out to compare them to the camera.

Chen Yuchuan frowned at the screensaver, and after unlocking it, he rummaged through his album.

There were almost no pictures in his album that could be used as a screensaver. He wasn’t in the habit of taking pictures of himself. Basically, everything in his album was either pictures of himself and Lu Yang or pictures of just Lu Yang. There were also a few work pictures sent by the company’s employees.

He searched from beginning to end but could not find a replacement.

In the end, he decided to give up. Exiting the album, he turned off the screen, put his phone back in his pants pocket, and took out the cigarette case and lighter stored in there.

The weather forecast said that it would be chilly, and indeed that temperature had dropped a lot in the past few days. Thick and low dark clouds hung in the sky all day long, and the cold wind was persistently fierce.

With the cigarette in his mouth, Chen Yuchuan put on his long, camel windbreaker and walked to the stone pillar beside the hall to get out of the wind.

He leaned against the stone pillar and used his hand to block the wind from putting out the lighter as he lit his cigarette.

Chen Yuchuan had only taken two sips when he heard someone calling his name.

“Brother Chuan, there you are. I was just asking my assistant to look for you.”

Chen Yuchuan raised his head and greeted Hua Song. With the cigarette held between his fingers, he stretched out the other hand and shook hands with him. He said, “Tonight’s concert was a success. Congratulations.”

Hua Song was still quite young. Chen Yuchuan recalled hearing Man Yunxin saying that he was just 28 this year. He was wearing the same black tuxedo he’d worn for his performances, and in his arms was Chen Yuchuan’s flowers.

“Thank you, Brother Chuan.” Hua Song looked down at the flowers in his arms and added, “Thank you, Brother Chuan, for giving me flowers.”

After saying this, he asked, “By the way, did you come by yourself tonight? I thought teacher said that you’ll come with Brother Yang.”

“He’s on a business trip,” Chen Yuchuan said.

“Are you leaving? Shall I take you back?” Hua Song said and made a gesture of invitation to Chen Yuchuan. “My car is parked in the parking lot over there.”

Chen Yuchuan waved the hand that was holding his cigarette and said, “Don’t bother, don’t bother. Your concert has just ended, and you should have a lot of work still to do. I drove here by myself.”

Hua Song retracted his hand, said oh regretfully, and then added with a smile, “When Brother Chuan have time, I’ll invite you again…I’ll take you out for dinner with Brother Yang.”

Chen Yuchuan responded casually, “Later, when there’s time.”

Afterward, he tugged his collar closer to his neck, said goodbye to Hua Song, and turned to walk toward the parking lot.

As soon as Chen Yuchuan opened the car door and sat in, his phone rang. He took it out and saw that it was a call from Xiao Lei, Lu Yang’s driver.

He hesitated for a few seconds but still pressed the answer button. After saying hello, he asked, “Xiao Lei, what’s wrong?”

No one spoke, so Chen Yuchuan asked again, “Xiao Lei?”

“Sister-in-law, it’s me.” This time Xiao Lei responded, his voice sounded small amidst the noisy background.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Yuchuan asked.

Xiao Lei replied, “Sister-in-law, boss and I are blocked on the expressway. There’s a multi-car accident up ahead and the expressway is blocked. I was afraid that you might be worried about boss, so I just wanted to give you a call to let you know.”

“You don’t need to call me, I don’t care.” Chen Yuchuan turned on the engine, but he merely held the steering wheel, unmoving.

As soon as Xiao Lei heard Chen Yuchuan’s words, he looked into the rearview mirror at Lu Yang, who was sitting in the back seat with his eyes closed, and knew that there was something wrong between the two of them.

He quickly said, “Boss was socializing today and he ended up drinking a lot of alcohol, so he fell asleep in the back seat.”

Chen Yuchuan held the phone for a few seconds, but in the end, he didn’t say a word and instead hung up directly.

Xiao Lei thought that Chen Yuchuan would care to say a few words, but he didn’t. He looked at the phone that had been hung up on so suddenly, and then raised his gaze to look at his boss through the rearview mirror. This time, Lu Yang’s eyes were half-opened.

“Who told you to call?” Lu Yang asked in a deep voice.

Xiao Lei replied, “Boss, I was afraid my sister-in-law will worry about you.”

Lu Yang closed his eyes again and asked vaguely, “What did he say?”

“He said…” Xiao Lei thought of Chen Yuchuan’s words, but chose not to convey them. “Sister-in-law said to send you home safely.”

Lu Yang’s eyes were a little red after drinking and they felt sore and swollen when opened. He closed his eyes again and asked with obvious disbelief, “Did he say that?”

Xiao Lei nodded. “Yes, that’s what he said.”

“Was he angry?” Lu Yang asked.

Xiao Lei was stunned by this question. Chen Yuchuan’s tone was clearly fiery, so much so that he could tell right away.

But listening to boss now, it was as if he was expecting him to be angry.

Xiao Lei couldn’t figure it out and so he didn’t know how to answer this question. Luckily, Lu Yang didn’t continue to ask and simply closed his eyes, seeming to have fallen asleep again.

It was after 12 o’clock when Chen Yuchuan got home. When he drove back, he accidentally got on the wrong elevated highway, and it took him a long time to realize this. When he realized this, he wanted to turn back, but by that time, the car was just about to merge onto the Huancheng Expressway.

Finally, the car ran out of gas and he had to refuel before driving it back.

But when he opened the door, he became somewhat puzzled. Chubby wasn’t waiting for him. He didn’t hear Cubby’s excited barks or scratching at the door. However, he quickly realized that there was someone at home and that he was familiar with this person.

Sure enough, when he opened the door, the light in the living room was on, and Chubby was already asleep in his dog bed.

Lu Yang was lying on his side on the sofa, and Xiao Lei was sitting on the single sofa next to him with his head resting on the backseat, snoring with his mouth open.

Xiao Lei hadn’t fallen asleep for long when he heard the sound of the door opening and footsteps entering. He came awake, and when he saw that Chen Yuchuan was back, he stood up and rubbed his eyes.

“Sister-in-law, you’re back.”

Chen Yuchuan took off his coat and threw it on the sofa, half of it covering Lu Yang’s calf.

He took two steps toward the sofa, glanced at the still sleeping Lu Yang, and turned his head to ask Xiao Lei, “Why did you bring him here?”

Xiao Lei was still disoriented. Not knowing what was wrong, he said, “Sister-in-law, the boss drank too much. When we got off the expressway, I sent him home. If I don’t send him here, where would I send him?”

Chen Yuchuan looked at Xiao Lei, who was still disoriented from sleep, and gritted his teeth to prevent himself from scolding. His chest rose and fell, and finally he said, “It’s alright. It’s getting late so you should go home and rest. Your wife and children are still waiting for you at home.”

Xiao Lei heard Chen Yuchuan’s words and didn’t even wait for a second. He raised his legs and ran away, but before leaving, he said, “Sister-in-law, the boss has a meeting tomorrow morning. I’ll come back and pick him up in the morning.”

Chen Yuchuan wanted to say, “Don’t bother coming to pick him up here,” but before he could say anything, Xiao Lei had already left.

“It’s a pity to be a driver at your speed,” Chen Yuchuan muttered while looking at the closed door.

Not bothering to change his shoes, Chen Yuchuan walked around the sofa several times. The sounds of his leather shoes on the wooden floor were especially loud at night.

Chen Yuchuan was tired from walking. Standing beside the sofa, he lifted his leg and nudged Lu Yang’s calf with the toes of his shoe, calling him loudly, “Lu Yang, Lu Yang, wake up. Hurry and get up.”

Lu Yang turned over, but didn’t wake up. He’d originally been lying on his side, facing the back of the sofa, but now he was lying flat on his back, his hand raised to cover his forehead and eyes.

Chen Yuchuan’s coat on Lu Yang’s calf slid down a little. A large corner had slid to the floor, but it didn’t fall off completely.

Seeing that he hadn’t woken up yet, Chen Yuchuan bent down and shook his legs forcefully. Raising his voice, he shouted, “Lu Yang, get up. This is my house. If you want to sleep, go back to your own house and sleep.”

Lu Yang moved his arm over his eyes, so that only his lips and chin were exposed. Chen Yuchuan noted that Lu Yang’s chin was tense and so he thought that he was awake. Just as he was about to let Lu Yang go, he saw that Lu Yang’s other arm was covering his chest. His chin was still tense, but he didn’t seem to have woken up.

Discouraged all of a sudden, Chen Yuchuan no longer shouted and urged Lu Yang. He stood beside him silently, looking at him for a long time.

Lu Yang was too tall. Although the sofa wasn’t small, he still had to sleep with his legs bent. His shoes had been taken off, and he was wearing only socks.

Chen Yuchuan guessed that Xiao Lei had taken off Lu Yang’s shoes for him.

After watching Lu Yang for a while, he went into the bathroom to take a shower and then entered the bedroom to sleep.

But he wasn’t able to fall asleep. The sound of his breathing when he turned over was louder than the rustling of the fabric.

He was awake until past three in the morning, when he suddenly heard a little noise in the living room. First, it was the sound of bare feet walking on the floor, followed by the sound of the refrigerator opening and closing. A few seconds later, there was the sound of the bottle cap being twisted, and then again, came the sound of light footsteps on the floor.

Chen Yuchuan kicked away the comforter, jumped off the bed, opened the door, and stood at the doorway with his arms folded, looking into the living room.

Lu Yang was sitting on the sofa, drinking from a bottle of cold water. The water in the bottle was halfway gone, and as he drank, he was looking back at him.

Chen Yuchuan waited for him to put down the water bottle before asking, “President Lu, is my sofa comfortable to sleep on?”

Lu Yang moved his stiff neck, obviously not feeling well. He didn’t speak, but just looked at him.

Chen Yuchuan asked again, “Do you remember how you got here?”

Lu Yang said, “Xiao Lei sent me here.”

“So you remember.” Chen Yuchuan took two steps into the living room. “You remember, but you still came to my house?”

“Xiao Lei didn’t know we were divorced, so he sent me over.” Lu Yang pulled his tie loose. After a while, he stood up and said, “I’m here to find a document.”

Lu Yang swept a glance around the house and said, “My things seem to be gone. I was waiting for you to come back so I could ask you and ended up falling asleep.”

Chen Yuchuan thought about it, but he couldn’t recall any documents among the things he had put away. He said, “Don’t be so certain. Now that we’re divorced, why would I keep your things?”

“This document is very important. I’ll leave as soon as I find it,” Lu Yang said. Then he asked again, “You threw all my things away?”

Chen Yuchuan directly strode to the sofa and stopped in front of Lu Yang. Frowning, he said, “I said that there’s no documents and so there’s no documents. This matter of our divorce, others don’t seem to know. Do you not know yourself?”

Lu Yang released his tie and said, “I know. I always knew.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and walked toward the door. After putting on his shoes, he turned and said, “I’ll come and pick up Chubby this weekend. I’ll make an appointment with you in advance to pick you up. The family dinner next weekend is the last time I promised my parents, and then I’ll find a suitable opportunity to tell my parents and friends. Something like tonight won’t happen again.”

“It had better not happen again, President Lu…”

“Did you go to the concert?” Lu Yang asked suddenly.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t answer, but his eyes were fierce. He went to the concert by himself, and so the fire in his heart was reflected in his eyes, as if wanting to burn Lu Yang.

Lu Yang continued, “I couldn’t go to the concert because I was stuck on the expressway. I sent you a WeChat, but you had blocked me.”

Chen Yuchuan remembered that two days ago he had indeed blocked Lu Yang on his WeChat.

After Lu Yang finished speaking, he kept looking at Chen Yuchuan standing in the living room. The ice-cold water he’d just drank washed away the dryness at the base of his tongue.

His eyes, red from drinking, looked extremely serious as he gazed at Chen Yuchuan, so serious that it made people fall straight into it with unsteady legs.

Lu Yang pulled his tie again and said slowly, “Xiao Chuan’er, I’ve been thinking, after suddenly separating from the person we’ve been with for 16 years, what would I become, what would you become? But now, I suddenly feel that divorcing seemed to be the right thing to do…You’ve become the same as you were before, becoming fierce when you’re angry. Not at all like how you’d been the past 6 months, when you would yield to me in everything, as if you’re enduring me. Xiao Chuan’er, all that time, I’ve been watching it and it really made me weary…”

As Chen Yuchuan listened to Lu Yang’s words, the fire in his eyes suddenly disappeared. But his eyes weren’t anxious. He seemed to be looking at Lu Yang and yet not looking at him, as if not understanding what Lu Yang was trying to say.

But Lu Yang didn’t wait for Chen Yuchuan to speak. He turned and left.

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Divorced Chapter 14: The Seat Beside Chen Yuchuan Remained Empty

When Lu Yang finished speaking, Chen Yuchuan felt as if Li Yang was tugging at his heartstrings.

Dirty words, nonsense, ridicule, contempt, sympathy, and scorn, those were what Chen Yuchuan had heard the most.

At first, he’d minded it, but after constantly having to listen to such words, his skin had thickened over time and he got used to it. And once he became used to it, he no longer cared about it.

But no one had ever said such a thing to him before, until Lu Yang. It wasn’t sympathy. Instead, it was full of softness, like Lu Yang was soaking him in warm water and carefully wrapping him up.

For the remaining half of the journey home, Chen Yuchuan’s head was tilted to look at Lu Yang, his eyes turning red without blinking.

At the time, what Chen Yuchuan had thought was that, for the rest of his life, he would hold on to Lu Yang tightly and never let go. Since he had met such a person, he would never let go even if he had to die.

He and his mother had been living in an old bungalow. Although the rent was cheap, it was a little far from the city, and so it took Lu Yang half an hour to arrive.

Lu Yang parked his car next to Chen Yuchuan’s rental house, which was at a small intersection with no street lights.

He had just turned off the car engine when Chen Yuchuan unfastened his seat belt and moved over. He put his hands on the sides of Lu Yang’s neck and kneeled on the seat with one leg while stepping over with his left leg. Then he lifted his head and kissed Lu Yang.

They had been together for a few days, and in all those days, Li Yang had been coming to pick him up in the morning, waiting for him to get off work in the evening, and then taking him home.

Although they hadn’t slept together yet, they had done a lot of things that couples would usually do, especially in a dark place like a bar, where it was easy for emotions to be stirred up under the influence of alcohol.

Chen Yuchuan was not a person easily ashamed. After staring at Lu Yang for a long time, he would want to kiss him.

He was inexperienced, and at the age of 18, he was also impulsive. The first time they had kissed was the day they had just established their relationship.

In the evening, Lu Yang came to the bar to pick Chen Yuchuan up from work. That day, he had parked his car at the back of the bar. When they both came out, Chen Yuchuan suddenly stopped by the tree. He tucked his hands into his pockets, turned his head, and said to Lu Yang:

“Hey, boyfriend…”

With a smile, Lu Yang turned to look at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

To Chen Yuchuan, Lu Yang’s lips were incredibly sexy. The upper lip was thinner than the bottom. His lips were a light red color, the shape of them distinctly outlined with the corners of his mouth slightly tilted upward.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t know how long he’d gazed at Lu Yang’s mouth, until he finally turned slightly. He was a little shorter than Lu Yang, and so he rose on tiptoes, wrapped his arms around Lu Yang’s neck, and said to his lips, “It’s nothing. I just wanted to kiss you.”

At once, he kissed those lips, very fast, separating as soon as they touched. But he still couldn’t help but stick out his tongue to lick Lu Yang’s lips.

Lu Yang hadn’t been drinking that night, but because he’d stayed in the bar for a while, the slight scent of alcohol clung to his clothes.

After quickly stealing a kiss, Chen Yuchuan was just about to release Lu Yang, when the man directly caught his waist and pressed his retreating form back against his body.

They kissed for a long time. Although Chen Yuchuan was inexperienced, he had seen kissing done on the small screen. After a few kisses, he began to respond enthusiastically. Lu Yang’s kisses were very domineering, and Chen Yuchuan was not to be outdone.

Chen Yuchuan liked kissing Lu Yang very much. Every time he touched Lu Yang, Lu Yang would capture his waist and pull him in, kissing him until he was breathless, dizzy, and melting. And so he would be kissed until he begged for mercy.

Right now, after they’d kissed, Chen Yuchuan pretended to be more experienced than he was. He made a serious evaluation and then licked the corners of his lips afterward. There was still the smell of Lu Yang on his lips, which made him a little obsessed.

No, not a little.Very obsessed.

Lu Yang had long felt Chen Yichuan’s hot gaze on him while he was driving. He didn’t need to look over to know that Chen Yuchuan was watching him.

Therefore, the moment the car stopped and Chen Yuchuan hooked his arms around Lu Yang’s neck, he immediately and easily adjusted the driver’s seat. Chen Yuchuan’s clothes weren’t thick, allowing them to easily feel each other’s reaction.

By the time Chen Yuchuan pushed Lu Yang away, he was breathless from the kiss. He took a few breaths, pressed his forehead against Lu Yang’s, rubbed the tip of their noses, lowered his head and asked, “Lu Yang, what to do now?”

“Come with me?” Lu Yang’s voice was very low. He pressed a kiss to Chen Yuchuan’s still wet lips and asked again, “Xiao Chuan’er, will you come with me today?”

Fastening his seat belt, Chen Yuchuan exhaled and said, “Lu Yang, you’d better drive quickly.”

Lu Yang drove to the nearest hotel.

The moment they left the elevator, Chen Yuchuan directly jumped onto Lu Yang, who carried him toward their room.

In the hallway, there were many people looking at them, and some were even whispering.

Chen Yuchuan stared back at them and said, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a couple open a room before?”

At the door of their hotel room, Lu Yang hugged Chen Yuchuan and opened the door. As he closed the door with his feet, Chen Yuchuan slipped down and entered the bathroom.

Even though hot water was pouring down on him, Chen Yuchuan was shivering all over. When he realized that he’d liked men a few years ago, he hadn’t thought much about what two men would do when engaging in sexual intercourse.

But later, as he sat on the bed, hesitating about the next step, he was directly pressed down onto the bed.

The back of Chen Yuchuan’s head slammed against the large, soft bed, making him dizzy for a moment. Then he felt as if it should be like this, and so he very calmly accepted the question of who was bottom and who was top.

His memory that night was very messy. He remembered that the bathroom was a bit hot and that the bed was large and soft. He remembered the small lamp at the head of the bed, the temperature of the air conditioner, and his own low voice, crying out.

It was the first time for both of them, and although Lu Yang was very careful, Chen Yuchuan still developed a fever the next day.

He had a fever, but that didn’t hinder him at all in scolding Lu Yang. “Lu Yang, you’re not human. It’s the first time and you’re so cruel…”

Lu Yang gave him water and medicine, and after ten minutes Chen Yuchuan became sleepy. Even then, he was still scolding Lu Yang.

Lu Yang tucked him into the comforter and asked him, “Still scolding me?”

Chen Yuchuan stopped.

He said, “I’ll stop. Just take good care of me.”

After saying this, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Lu Yang looked at Chen Yuchuan, sleeping with his mouth open. Occasionally, he would blush, would frown, would mutter low in his throat. He was probably still scolding him in his dreams.

Lu Yang lightly smoothed out Chen Yuchun’s twitching eyebrows and whispered, “Sleep well. I won’t let you get hurt next time.”


Chen Yuchuan swallowed the sleeping pill, recalled this memory, let out a curse, and got up from the bed. After taking a shower, he crawled back into bed to try to sleep.

This time, he fell asleep quickly, and he slept well. The next morning, Chubby stood by his bedside, finally succeeding in waking him after a long time of barking.

Chen Yuchuan rubbed Chubby’s head, buried his face in the pillow, and said in a loud voice, “Chubby, let your father sleep for a little bit longer…”

Chubby wasn’t happy and barked out twice more. Chen Yuchuan rubbed at his own hair, got up, and took Chubby downstairs for a walk.

He spent the day peacefully at work, then he took Chubby for his deworming. At night, he went to the boxing gym after work but didn’t see Lu Yang.

It wasn’t until Wednesday morning did he learn that Lu Yang had taken a business trip to S City.

Ling Qun knew that Lu Yang was on a business trip and so he had called Chen Yuchuan that morning to ask him out to play.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t agree, saying that he had plans that night.

“Lu Yang is away at night. What are you planning on doing?” Ling Qun asked.

“If he’s not here, I’m not allowed to make trouble?”

Ling Qun laughed at him over the phone.

Chen Yuchuan did have something to do. When he got up that morning, he’d received a WeChat message from Man Yunxin, reminding him about the concert he was supposed to attend with Lu Yang in the evening. She told him that it was at 8 o’clock in the evening and for them to get there on time.

Chen Yuchuan returned a message to his mother-in-law, saying that Lu Yang was on a business trip and that they wouldn’t be able to go together.

Man Yunxin responded back and suggested that he go with a friend instead of wasting tickets.

Chen Yuchuan stared at the two concert tickets on his desk in a daze, not knowing what to do with the other one.

He opened his WeChat again, scrolled up and down several times on his address book, looking for someone to go with. In the end, he asked Ling Qun.

As soon as Ling Qun heard that he was going to a concert, he directly replied, “How can a concert be more fun than a drinking party?”

Then he promptly came to a firm decision. “No.”

In the end, Chen Yuchuan didn’t look for anyone else. He took the two tickets and went by himself. After eating near the company at 7 o’clock, he bought a bouquet of flowers and arrived at the concert promptly at 8.

Chen Yuchuan sat in the VIP seats in the front row and listened carefully to the piano music.

He didn’t have any musical skills, but his mother-in-law was a pianist after all. She often played piano at home. He couldn’t appreciate it the first or second time, but after more than ten years, he would be a pig indeed if he still couldn’t appreciate it.

The performer on the stage was Hua Song, a student of Man Yunxin. He knew Lu Yang and was now a famous pianist. Before, when the whole family would come to his concerts, they would all have a meal together, and so he had a fairly good relationship with them.

The concert started at 8 and ended at 10. At the end of curtain call, Chen Yuchuan went to the stage to give out the bouquet of flowers.

Tickets for Hua Song’s concert was hard to come by, and the audience was full.

From the beginning to end, the seat next to Chen Yuchuan remained empty.

Now that the show was completely over, Chen Yuchuan got up from his seat, and with the two tickets in hand, he passed through the empty seat on his right and followed the noisy crowd out.

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