Divorced, Chapter 44: Extra II, Honeymoon

The sunset was warm, and the island twilight was fading. The sea breeze came in from afar, softly blowing on their body. Chen Yuchuan was barefoot, hand in hand with Lu Yang as they walked along the coastline. The sea breeze was a little damp, and their palms were also wet. They had just finished Read More

Divorced, Chapter 43: Extra I, Lu Yang’s Perspective

It was still pouring when Lu Yang reached the bottom floor with his suitcase, though the downpour wasn’t as heavy as this afternoon when he got back. Dragging his suitcase, he stood under the eaves at the entrance of the stairs. The incandescent light flickered on for a bit, then went out. The strong breeze Read More

Divorced, Chapter 42: Conclusion

Spring arrived in March, bringing a light and warm breeze. March had always been Chen Yuchuan’s favorite time of the year, because when he was 18, it was March when he met Lu Yang. They were still very young when they got together, and at that time, they weren’t wise enough to seriously think about Read More

Divorced, Chapter 41: This One Time

After the two bowls of chicken noodle soup had been eaten, whether it was salty or bland, only Chubby hadn’t tasted it. After they finished eating, he waited for his parents to take him downstairs for a walk. As they walked, Chen Yuchuan took a few little videos of Chubby and posted them in the Read More

Divorced, Chapter 40: Bland, Not Bland

When Chen Yuchuan went to work, he deliberately bought a lot of wedding candies. The people in the company asked him if there were any happy events recently, and he said he just got married. No one believed him; they all thought he was joking. He just gave them candies without further explanation, and every Read More