Divorced Chapter 11: Did You Have A Fight With The Lady Boss

Man Yunxin sat on the sofa and looked at the bruises at the corner of Chen Yuchuan’s eyes. She asked, “Did you go to the boxing gym with Lu Yang again?”

Smiling, Chen Yuchuan hummed in assent. Then he scratched his head and said that he did.

After this, Man Yunxin no longer bothered with it. Young people’s hobbies and lifestyles were their own business.

But looking at the thin shirt Chen Yuchuan was wearing, she still felt some concern. She said, “Xiao Chun, it’s already autumn. It’s getting colder and colder. You should wear more clothes. Your shirt is too thin. You may still be young, but you still have to take good care of yourself.”

Chen Yuchuan hurriedly nodded along with his mother-in-law’s words and responded with a smile, “I’ll listen to mom. I’ll go into my room and change clothes now.”

Afterward, he poured Man Yunxin a glass of water and entered his bedroom.

Earlier, he had been trying to think of a good excuse to go into the bedroom and change this shirt of his that smelled of alcohol.

He felt like a rebellious son who’d stayed out all night and was afraid of being caught by his mother when he finally came home the next day.

Chen Yuchuan’s mother had the same temperament as his, and so she was the kind of mother that would chase him down ten streets with a feather duster.

He’d been beaten by his mother since he was a child.

However, after his mother got uremia, her health had deteriorated significantly, and so she no longer chased after him with a feather duster. Although Lu Yang had taken her to see the best doctor at the best hospital, and she even underwent a kidney transplant, his mother still died three years after he and Lu Yang got married.

Man Yunxin cared for him, just like she cared for Lu Yang, and so Chen Yuchuan didn’t think it was troublesome at all.

He felt very warm. In his thirties, he still had elders who cared for him. How wonderful that was. This was something that many people would envy.

Although he and Lu Yang had gotten a divorce, his relationship with Lu Yang’s parents of more than ten years wasn’t fake. He still regarded Lu Xiangfeng and Man Yunxin as his parents.

If Lu Yang found himself a new partner in the future…

Chen Yuchuan no longer wanted to follow this train of thought.

He knew that he and Lu Yang would have nothing to do with each other in the future.

Even if Lu Yang had a new lover…


Fuck that new lover!

When Chen Yuchuan changed his clothes and came out of the bedroom, Man Yunxin praised him, saying that he was getting more and more handsome.

Amused by his mother-in-law, Chen Yuchuan sat on the sofa and entertained his mother-in-law with a lot of interesting stories.

Chubby rubbed against Chen Yuchuan’s knees and jumped around beside him, tail wagging.

Chen Yuchuan coaxed Chubby while chatting with Man Yunxin about family affairs.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Man Yunxin took out two concert tickets from her bag and handed them to Chen Yuchuan before leaving.

“It’s Hua Song’s piano concert. He invited Dad and I, but it’s at eight o’clock on Wednesday night. Our trip was pre-booked, and we couldn’t go. You go with Lu Yang. No matter how busy you and Lu Yang are at work, take some time to relax.”

Chen Yuchuan had agreed to the family dinner next weekend, thinking at the time that he still had some time left. He could communicate with Lu Yang later and they would find a suitable opportunity to tell them about their divorce.

He looked at the concert tickets in front of him, but didn’t answer right away. Finally, he ambiguously said, “Mom, I’ll have to check with Lu Yang first. If he has time, I’ll go with him. He has been very busy recently.”

Man Yunxin said, “He said he had time, I asked him on the phone yesterday.”

Chen Yuchuan was a little surprised, and asked again, “Then did you ask him if he wanted to go with me?”

“Child,” Man Yunxin said with a smile, “if he isn’t going with you, then who else can he go with?”

Chen Yuchuan bit the bullet and took the concert tickets, thinking, they’ve slept together for 16 years, isn’t this just watching a concert together?

After Man Yunxin left, Chen Yuchuan played with Chubby for a while. He hadn’t seen his son for a week, and so one person and one dog had fun in the house, rolling around on the ground together.

Holding Chubby, Chen Yuhuan weighed him, then rubbed his belly and asked, “What delicious food did grandma and grandpa give you? You’ve gained a little weight.”

Chubby barked at him twice, meaning that the food was very good.

Although Chubby was named Chubby, he was actually a very thin little dog with a small body. They named him Chubby because they wanted him to be fatter.

Judging from appearance alone, Chubby should come from a line of golden retrievers and small native dogs. He was small, with long, golden hair all over his body, and he had long, drooping ears.

Five years ago, on a rainy day, Lu Yang had found Chubby hiding under his car. The puppy was injured and was on the brink of freezing to death.

Chen Yuchuan carried the puppy into the car, and the puppy later became their son. This son was very attached to his dad and would follow his dad around.

Lu Yang always had a straight face, and it was only when his father wasn’t around that Chubby would look for his mother.

Chen Yuchuan and Chubby made a lot of noises in the living room. As he sat on the carpet beside the sofa, rubbing Chubby’s belly, he said, “In the future, you will be with Dad for a week and with Mom for a week. When you go to your mother’s place, if you see your mother bring home a little stepfather for you, you must come back and tell me that the little stepfather isn’t a good thing. Only your own father, me, is the best for you, do you hear?”

After Chen Yuchuan finished speaking, he pinched the back of Chubby’s neck.

Chubby looked at his father and felt that this phrase was familiar, because his mother also warned him.

His mother had also told him to keep an eye on his father and not let his father find a little stepmother, saying that little stepmothers are not good things, and only his own mother is best for him.

Chubby stuck out his tongue and licked Chen Yuchuan’s palm, snorting softly, indicating that he understood and would help his father look after his mother.

Quite satisfied, Chen Yuchuan rewarded Chubby with a bone.

He thought to himself, sure enough this child really was a good child. He didn’t raise him for nothing.

After preparing dog food and water for Chubby, Chen Yuchuan took a shower, changed his clothes, and drove to work.

He’d been indulging for a week, and it would be unreasonable not to go to work, even though he was the boss.

He now owned several hotels and a resort on the outskirts of the city. Of course, this was all thanks to Lu Yang.

Chen Yuchuan’s mantra in the past had been, “Lu Yang is my husband, and I can depend entirely on my husband. After that, how my husband is, is how my husband is…”

When he started his first hotel, Lu Yang had invested in him. But he had no experience and soon went bankrupt.

Seeing that he was not reconciled, Lu Yang got him another hotel. After gaining some experience, Chen Yuchuan quickly became bigger and stronger, and was able to open several hotel chains in a row.

When Chen Yuchuan strode to the company with his hands in his pockets, the girl at the front desk greeted him from afar.

Chen Yuchuan thought that this girl seemed fine last week, why was her facial muscles so…developed this week?

But he quickly understood why the girl winked at him.

There was a figure standing at the corner of the counter. Chen Yuchuan only had to glance over once and see a single strand of hair to recognize him. The man standing at the corner was his ex-husband, Lu Yang.

There was a man standing beside Lu Yang. It was the company’s finance director.

The girl at the front desk covered her mouth with her hands, lowered her voice and said to Chen Yuchuan, “Boss, the lady boss came to check the accounts at 8 in the morning today. When he came out to pour himself a glass of water, he called the finance director over. Boss, be careful. The lady boss doesn’t seem to be in a good mood today.”

After saying this, the girl added, asking for gossip, “Boss, did you have a fight with the lady boss?”

Chen Yuchuan didn’t answer her and only told her to gossip less.

He raised the wrist of his left hand and placed it in the palm of his right hand, subconsciously trying to pinch the ring around his ring finger and turn it around a few times, only to realize that the ring was no longer there.

He squeezed his ring finger and began to button the cuff of his sleeves. Afterward, he rolled the sleeves up a few times, exposing his forearms.

Chen Yuchuan had forgotten that the company’s major shareholder was still Lu Yang.

When he finished rolling up his sleeves, he walked over and saw that Lu Yang was holding a thick folder in his hand. He knew immediately that it was a financial statement.

When he walked over, Lu Yang looked back at him, and so they simply looked at one another.

The green bruises on Lu Yang’s face had improved by quite a lot. There was only a hint of green left at that corner of his mouth. Seeing that Chen Yuchuan hadn’t said a word of nonsense, he asked directly, “Mr. Chen, are you finally willing to come to the company?”

Chen Yuchuan released his wrist and supported himself with his arm resting on the wall next to the water dispenser. He asked, “How come the big boss is free to come to the company today?”

“To look at the quarterly report. Has Mr. Chen finished last month-end quarterly report?”

Chen Yuchuan had really finished it.

Lu Yang said, “Since it’s finished, let’s go to President Chen’s office and have a look. We can discuss and formulate a plan for next quarter…”

The finance director saw their two smiling faces and tried to find a gap to slip away like a cat.

When a couple gets into a fight, innocent people can easily get hurt.

Lu Yang followed Chen Yuchuan to his office. When they got there, Chen Yuchuan sat on the boss’s chair with his legs crossed.

Lu Yang was very businesslike and talked a lot.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t care what Lu Yang said. After Lu Yang stopped talking, he scratched his ears and asked, “Mom came to my place this morning to drop off Chubby, and she gave me two concert tickets. She told me that she asked you and you said the two of us will go to this concert together this Wednesday?”

“I did agree,” Lu Yang said.

“Mom also asked me to go home for dinner with you next weekend. They didn’t know about our divorce, right? You haven’t told your parents about our divorce, have you?”

Lu Yang’s expression didn’t change. With his gaze on Chen Yuchuan, he said, “Dad has been having high blood pressure recently, and he’d told me that his chest hurts a little bit. I’ll tell them in a few days.”

Chen Yuchuan stopped turning in circles, and asked with a frown, “Wasn’t his physical examination okay before?”

“Maybe it’s because he felt too much pressure recently.” Lu Yang lowered his head, still looking at the documents in his hand, and said, “If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to force yourself. You don’t have to cooperate with me in acting if you don’t want to. If you don’t want to go to the concert and don’t want to go home and eat, then don’t. I’ll pick a suitable opportunity to tell them about our divorce, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed.”

After Lu Yang finished speaking, he closed the folder in his hands.

Chen Yuchuan wanted to ask something, but he suddenly saw the gauze wrapped around Lu Yang’s palm. His eyebrows jumped, and he blurted out, “What’s wrong with your hand?”

“When I was packing my luggage and leaving that night, I accidentally squeezed the luggage handle…”

Chen Yuchuan suddenly had a picture in his mind. Before opening the door and leaving, Lu Yang had pulled off his tie and wrapped it around his palm a few times. It turned out that it was because he’d crushed the luggage handle.

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