Divorced Chapter 12: Mr. Lu Is Quite Right

Lu Yang interlaced his fingers, put his arms on the desk, and asked indifferently, “What? Are you caring about me now?”

With a sneer, Chen Yuchuan crossed his long legs and closed his eyes. With his head tipped back so that his neck was pressed on the back of the seat, he swiveled in the chair and said, “I thought you got injured by boxing with me yesterday. If that was the case, I just couldn’t turn a blind eye. After all, we were together for so many years.”

Lu Yang tapped the table with his index finger, making a few soft thumps, following the rhythm of Chen Yuchuan turning in his chair. “Do you think you can hurt me?”

Straightening, Chen Yuchuan opened his eyes, and turning around, he impatiently said, “Big boss, let’s talk about work.”

Lu Yang stopped tapping, nodded, opened the folder on the table, and began to talk to Chen Yuchuan about only matters relating to work.

But Chen Yuchuan didn’t want to stay in the same room with Lu Yang at all. He felt uncomfortable looking at how calm Lu Yang was, and this made him want to make trouble.

So, no matter what Lu Yang told him, he wasn’t earnest in his reply and wouldn’t seriously focus on work.

Normally, Chen Yuchuan wasn’t the kind of person that wouldn’t be serious about his work. If he wasn’t so serious, he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much. It was just that he didn’t want to talk to Lu Yang at all right now, and so he couldn’t force himself to talk properly.

As Lu Yang analyzed the reports from last month one by one, Chen Yuchuan would drop his pen in one moment, scratch his ears and suck in a breath the next, or would cough a few times to interrupt him.

After interrupting him, he wouldn’t engage with the conversation properly, and when he was tired of swiveling in his chair, he would stand up and stretch, then clench his fists and hit the air a few times, stomping his feet loudly.

Lu Yang was perceptive enough to see that Chen Yuchuan didn’t want to talk to him at all, and so he no longer said anything. He stood up from his chair, propped himself on the table with one hand, and said, “I’ll be back next week…”

Chen Yuchuan stretched his waist and said, “You’re the big boss. You can come and leave as you please, I can’t stop you.”

When Lu Yang opened the door and left, he turned his head and threw back a sentence, “Don’t forget to take Chubby for his deworming.”

Chen Yuchuan replied coldly, “I still remember this little thing. I’m Chubby’s father, not his stepfather…”

When Lu Yang came out of Chen Yuchuan’s office with a dark face, the eyes of the staff in the company were transfixed on him.

They then soon discovered that the moment the lady boss left, the boss’s face would immediately turn bad. The air pressure was so heavy that anyone coming within a radius of ten meters could be crushed to death. Even the assistant that had knocked on the door and entered to deliver a file couldn’t help but run for his life.

It was very rare for both bosses to have a fight, and not only a fight, but a fight in the company. One by one, they all discussed it in a low voice, even starting to make bets on when the bosses would reconcile.

Someone pressed down 20 yuan and said three days, another pressed down 50 and said a week. The girl at the front desk pressed down 100 and said that since they’re arguing in the company, it would take at least a month.

After a meeting in the evening, Chen Yuchuan got off work and directly settled his dinner at a fast food restaurant near the company. He knew that he would arrive home to a cold pot and a cold stove, and he didn’t want to have to go back out for dinner.

After dinner, he went to the boxing gym again. Sure enough, Lu Yang was there.

He didn’t know the person who was practicing with Lu Yang this time, but the man was mixed race and was about the same height as Lu Yang. He looked very strong.

Xiao Yang told him that the foreigner was new here today and that he wasn’t familiar with him either.

As he put on his boxing gloves, Chen Yuchuan kept a close eye on the session. The foreigner had yellow hair with letters shaved close to his scalp and short sideburns.

In fact, Chen Yuchuan didn’t see it at first until yellow hair turned around and he realized that there was a letter S shaved on his left temple and a B on his right.

He looked at the lettered-head and let out a short laugh, wondering which Mr. Tony would shave his head like this.

Shaving into a idiot head.

But as he continued watching, he could no longer laugh. At first, he thought they were just practicing, but after watching for a few minutes, he discovered that yellow hair’s punches were fierce and ruthless, and that he looked at Lu Yang with disdain.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t know when Lu Yang had offended his person, and so he stood below and watched them guardedly.

Lu Yang wasn’t wearing protective gears, but he still quickly gained the upper hand. When he was about to win, the yellow hair jumped on his feet, wiping his mouth with a glove. When he punched again, he used a dirty trick.

As a result, the yellow hair was able to land a few punches on Lu Yang, and these punches all hit him in the chest, causing Lu Yang to fall back a few steps.

Gritting his teeth in fury, Chen Yuchuan strode over. Just as he was about to take the stage, Lu Yang had already launched a counterattack.

Lu Yang had also seen Chen Yuchuan, and his eyes were deep and dark.

Seeing this, Chen Yuchuan knew that Lu Yang was angry, and sure enough, Lu Yang beat the yellow hair to the ground in two strokes and pressed down on his shoulders, not giving him a chance to move.

It wasn’t until the yellow hair had tapped the ground a few times with both hands, admitting defeat, did Lu Yang release him. Then Lu Yang promptly turned around, stepped off the stage, and went to the lounge.

When Lu Yand came out of the lounge after having taken a shower and changing his clothes, he saw Chen Yuchuan fighting the yellow hair in the ring. Chen Yuchuan’s posture wasn’t like he was boxing at all, but more like he was venting his anger.

Chen Yuchuan had his knee pressed into yellow hair’s stomach, his fists slamming into the man’s chest. Two staff members were beside him, pulling at his shoulders in an attempt to pull him off.

Lu Yang shouted from a distance below, “Chen Yuchuan, let him go…”

Chen Yuchuan’s eyes were red with fury; he didn’t hear Lu Yang’s words at all. Even the two people next to him couldn’t pull him back, and his punches continued to land on yellow hair.

Lu Yang ran over and jumped onto the stage. He wrapped his arms around Chen Yuchuan’s waist, directly picked him up and hoisted him on his shoulder. He immediately stepped off the stage and carried him into the lounge.

“Lu Yang, let me down.” As he was being carried top-heavy on Lu Yang’s shoulder, Chen Yuchuan punched Lu Yang on the shoulder a few times. “Let me down…”

When they got into the lounge, Lu Yang closed the door with the back of his feet. As the door closed with a loud bang, he patted Chen Yuchuan’s struggling thighs a few times and directly threw him on the sofa.

Chen Yuchuan immediately jumped up to stand directly on the sofa. He yelled, “Why did you stop me? I’m going to beat that idiot to death…”

After he said this, Chen Yuchuan tried to jump off the sofa, knocking his fists still encased in boxing gloves together.

Lu Yang grabbed his arm, looked up at him, and was silent for a moment before finally opening his mouth to say, “Chen Yuchuan, didn’t you say before that we’re divorced now, and that we no longer have anything to do with each other? Why are you venting your anger for me?”

Chen Yuchuan was still full of anger, so much anger that he felt as if his lungs were about to explode. But the moment Lu Yang said this, the fire in his heart was completely extinguished. Even his anger had disappeared.

When he went to look for the foreigner, he hadn’t thought much about it. But after listening to Lu Yang’s words, he suddenly felt like he was being a meddlesome spouse, fighting someone over this. He was like a joke.

He and Lu Yang were already divorced, and it didn’t matter anymore. Why did he keep fucking pestering him again and again?

It was no longer needed!

He didn’t need to ask about what had happened to Lu Yang’s hand, and he didn’t need to rush up to avenge him like a fool.

Chen Yuchuan stood on the sofa silently for a while and suddenly felt that the sofa was a little too high. He shook off Lu Yang’s hand, jumped off the sofa, and took off the boxing gloves. Turning his neck to look at Lu Yang, he hooked up the corners of his mouth and said, “Mr. Lu is quite right. What I just did was really superfluous. Mr. Lu and I had nothing to do with each other anymore…”

A knock sounded on the door of the lounge, and Chen Yuchuan walked over to open it. It was Xiao Yang, who was afraid of what might be going on inside so he came to check.

Chen Yuchuan asked, “Where’s the idiot head?”

“He’s gone,” Xiao Yang said.

“I’m sorry. I started the fight first, and I’ll go and apologize to Brother Qi…”

“It’s okay, Brother Chuan. We all saw what happened, and it’s that idiot…” In that moment, Xiao Yang recalled that he was a staff member and so he couldn’t follow Chen Yuchuan’s example and called that guy an idiot head. He immediately changed his words and continued, “It was the foreigner that used dirty tricks to try to deal with Brother Yang first. You couldn’t stand idly by and watch and so you did what you did. Though, even if he was looking for trouble, Boss Qi also has a way…”

Chen Yuchuan shook the boxing gloves and denied Xiao Yang’s words with a smile, saying, “I didn’t start with him because of Lu Yang. I just didn’t like that idiot and it has nothing to do with anyone else…”

After this, he didn’t say anymore and turned around with the boxing gloves. He took his clothes out from his locket and went into the changing room to change his clothes. When he came out, he avoided looking at Lu Yang, who was still standing in the lounge, and promptly opened the door and left.

As he left the boxing gym, Chen Yuchuan’s hair was still dripping with sweat, the wet tips clinging to his skin.

Autumn nights were always prone to wind, and this was no exception.

The yellow sycamore leaves on the roadside twirled down day by day, blown by the wind across one’s body, bringing a cold chill.

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1 year ago

idk i had to skip the boxing scene lmfao it’s embarrassing. but from this it’s clear to see they still love each other..

Thanks for the chapter <33