Divorced (BL)

Title: Divorced
Author: 久陆 (Jiu Lu)

Summary: When Chen Yuchuan was eighteen years old, Lu Yang chased him for eleven days. On the fifteenth day, they went to bed.

Later, they were together for sixteen years, but in the end, they got a divorce due to two bunches of peppercorns.

Sixteen years was a long time, and life was inevitably bumpy. No one was a perfect saint.

Have you separated? Separated.

Still in love? In love.

What to do? Remarry.

A loving, noisy, quarrelsome husband-and-husband life.

Chen Yuchuan: No more trouble. The trouble this time was enough. I was the troublesome one, and he indulged me.

Lu Yang: No more trouble. The trouble this time was enough. But to him, I will indulge.

43 Chapters

Chapter List
Chapter 1: You Are No Longer My Husband
Chapter 2: You Can’t Control Me
Chapter 3: What Was The Use of Peace
Chapter 4: If This Isn’t Love, Then What Is?
Chapter 5: I Will Follow Beside You
Chapter 6: Full But Not Happy
Chapter 7: No Need To Treat Me Like An Invalid
Chapter 8: If You Keep Flailing, I Will Throw You Down
Chapter 9: I Don’t Want to Just Try, I Want To Date Seriously
Chapter 10: Going Home With Lu Yang For Dinner Next Weekend
Chapter 11: Did You Have A Fight With The Lady Boss?
Chapter 12: Mr. Lu Is Quite Right
Chapter 13: You Have To Hold On Tighter In The Future and Don’t Let Go
Chapter 14: The Seat Beside Chen Yuchuan Remained Empty
Chapter 15: Unlike This Half Year, When You Yielded To Me In Everything
Chapter 16: Instead of Continuing to Torment Each Other, We Gave Up
Chapter 17: And If It’s Not Right
Chapter 18: Brother Yang Is Right, I’m Afraid of You
Chapter 19: Brother Yang, Don’t Block For Me Next Time
Chapter 20: Did You Two Date In High School?
Chapter 21: Are You Jealous?
Chapter 22: Do You Want To Get Remarried?
Chapter 23: I’m Going To Find Lu Yang
Chapter 24: Steamed Buns Are Tasteless Without You
Chapter 25: I Just Wanted To Go To Your Place And Have A Good Sleep
Chapter 26: I Still Want To Be Together
Chapter 27: When Will You Stop Dropping The Ball
Chapter 28: It’s Not A Burden
Chapter 29: Let Me Hug You
Chapter 30: I’ll Call You Husband
Chapter 31: If You Win, Then You’ll Sleep With Me
Chapter 32: If You Want To Tie The Knot, Then Do It Seriously
Chapter 33: Before Eating, Wait For Me A Few More Day
Chapter 34: A Lifetime Won’t Be Enough
Chapter 35: No Matter What
Chapter 36: Continue Tomorrow
Chapter 37: To Repeat
Chapter 38: The Fireworks Of Our Lives
Chapter 39: Happy Marriage
Chapter 40: Bland, Not Bland
Chapter 41: This One Time
Chapter 42: Conclusion
Chapter 43: Extra I, Lu Yang’s Perspective
Chapter 44: Extra II, Honeymoon


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