I Was Once a Legend (BL)

Disclaimer: Translations are completed utilizing a combination of machine translations, Chinese-English dictionaries, and my limited knowledge of Chinese characters. Don’t expect perfect accuracy.  

Title: I Was Once a Legend (我曾是个传说)

By: Kuang Zhu (狂渚)
Genre: Danmei (BL), Unlimited Flow, Thriller, Romance

Summary: Eight years ago, Cui Zuojing passed the final level set by the “Queen” and became the first person to have ever escaped from the Pure White Realm. But his time was frozen forever at the moment he left—the day of his sixteenth birthday.

Eight years later, he sneaked back to that nightmare and became a “prisoner” for novice player Dong Zheng.

That day, the monsters of the Pure White Realm once again recalled the fear of being dominated by the devil.

Dong Zheng didn’t have any affection for this little devilish youth at first, but with the mutual support of life and death, he gradually realized–Not good. He seems to be… a big shot!

In the maze, he encountered a terrifying executioner ten meters tall and holding a scythe.

Everyone: Ahhhh, run away!

Cui Zuojing moved his wrists. “Say hello to your dad for me and tell him that I didn’t mean to beat you, but that I just wanted to help him discipline his bear child.”

While navigating the fog at night, they ran into the drifting Master of Oblivion.

Everyone: Be careful! The people she meets will turn into nothingness and be forgotten by everyone!

Cui Zuojing: “It’s okay to go there directly. She and I are sworn brothers and sisters. When we had time, we used to get together for afternoon tea. I’ll introduce you.”

Dong Zheng:……Has he made a contract with something incredible?

Later, it was discovered that Cui Zuojing knew almost all of Dong Zheng’s bosses and was: Indifferent.jpg

Riding on endless trains, crossing time and space, the white-faced clown at the end of the railway smiled and handed out the invitation letter.

“Welcome to the Pure White Realm! This is the nightmare of the world, a gambler’s paradise. As long as you have enough chips, any wishes can be satisfied! But, if you leave before the end of the game, we’ll charge a certain loss-fee. For example, your life!”

“Now then, please show your chips.”

And, like eight years ago, he didn’t hesitate to bet on his own feelings.

Calm, mature and high IQ attack (Dong Zheng) x A big brother who really thinks that he is still a child (Cui Zuojing) with the appearance of a teenager.

371 Chapters

Table of Contents

Volume 1: Hamelin
Chapter 1: Pure White Realm
Chapter 2: Knight Henry
Chapter 3: Saved in Time
Chapter 4: Reaching a Conclusion
Chapter 5: Temporarily Disconnected
Chapter 6: Allen King
Chapter 7: Hamelin
Chapter 8: Prison Escape
Chapter 9: Killing the Kitchen Chef
Chapter 10: Prisoner of Time
Chapter 11: Inescapable
Chapter 12: Official Beginning

Volume 2: Labyrinth of Time
Chapter 13: Going On a Pilgrimage
Chapter 14: Psychological Barrier
Chapter 15: Chaos Library
Chapter 16: Book Fragments
Chapter 17: The Executioner
Chapter 18: Temporary Separation
Chapter 19: The Chase
Chapter 20: Secret Adventures
Chapter 21: Miss Deer’s Test
Chapter 22: Ticket Ownership
Chapter 23: Basement
Chapter 24: Ghost Hospital
Chapter 25: Mental Overload
Chapter 26: Returned to His Side
Chapter 27: Extreme Loneliness
Chapter 28: After Life
Chapter 29: Karls’ Help
Chapter 30: Plague Doctor
Chapter 31: Successful Passage
Chapter 32: Route Planning
Chapter 33: The Blood Night’s Arrival

Volume 3: Doll’s House
Chapter 34: A Person in Exile
Chapter 35: Happy Cooperation
Chapter 36: Ability Awakening
Chapter 37: Recruiting Teammates
Chapter 38: Interdependent Blessings and Disasters
Chapter 39: A Game in a Dream
Chapter 40: Home and School
Chapter 41: Origin of Fear
Chapter 42: Convergence
Chapter 43: Stage Performance
Chapter 44: Cunning Move
Chapter 45: Rebellion
Chapter 46: Demon Girl
Chapter 47: Deep Into the Woods
Chapter 48: Doll
Chapter 49: Secret Base
Chapter 50: Entering Paradise
Chapter 51: The Master of Paradise
Chapter 52: Wang Que
Chapter 53: Transaction
Chapter 54: Blackjack
Chapter 55: Phantom Dream
Chapter 56: First Battle
Chapter 57: One-Man War
Chapter 58: Stitched-Heart Bear
Chapter 59: Black-Gold Card
Chapter 60: A Mysterious Visitor
Chapter 61: Bad Intentions
Chapter 62: Doom
Chapter 63: Caught Off Guard
Chapter 64: A Sudden Misfortune
Chapter 65: The Dust Settles
Chapter 66: Inside the World

Volume 4: Insurgency
Chapter 67: The Final Outcome
Chapter 68: Emotional Experience
Chapter 69: Afternoon Tea Party
Chapter 70: The Honest Truth
Chapter 71: Ability Improvements
Chapter 72: Servant of Body
Chapter 73: Arabidopsis
Chapter 74: Physical Training
Chapter 75: Mental Interference
Chapter 76: Wonton Insurgency
Chapter 77: Rider-Waite Tarot
Chapter 78: American-Soviet Competition
Chapter 79: Kill Me
Chapter 80: Fight Scene
Chapter 81: Basic Trust
Chapter 82: An Honor
Chapter 83: Psychological Counseling
Chapter 84: Heart-to-Heart

Volume 5: Dusk Island
Chapter 85: Luxury Cruise Ship
Chapter 86: Murder
Chapter 87: Stowaways
Chapter 88: Ibris
Chapter 89: Domingo
Chapter 90: Course Deviation
Chapter 91: Stranded on a Deserted Island
Chapter 92: Gathering to Rest
Chapter 93: Unknown Cave
Chapter 94: Fighting for a Prisoner
Chapter 95: The Strength to Protect
Chapter 96: Humbaba
Chapter 97: Sealed Land
Chapter 98: A Wary Cooperation
Chapter 99: Magic Gemstone
Chapter 100: Leviathan
Chapter 101: Underground Cavern
Chapter 102: Muddy Swamp
Chapter 103: Hydra
Chapter 104: Follow Your Heart
Chapter 105: Sphinx
Chapter 106: Naive Bayes
Chapter 107: Fish-Form Sage
Chapter 108: Young Ion
Chapter 109: Finally Together
Chapter 110: Weighing Souls
Chapter 111: Divine Bird Ziz
Chapter 112: Demon Seed

Volume 6: Snow Parasite Trail
Chapter 113: Reward Settlement
Chapter 114: Growth
Chapter 115: Quickening Heartbeat
Chapter 116: The Past
Chapter 117: Fall Short of Success
Chapter 118: Fatal Jealousy
Chapter 119: I Trust You
Chapter 120: Garden Meeting
Chapter 121: Fifth Ice Age
Chapter 122: Mark You
Chapter 123: The Outside World
Chapter 124: Photosynthetic Swarm
Chapter 125: Giant Spider
Chapter 126: Safe House
Chapter 127: Zerg World
Chapter 128: Fatal Lure
Chapter 129: The Underground Garage
Chapter 130: Escape
Chapter 131: Avalanche
Chapter 132: Temporarily Separated
Chapter 133: The Hands Behind His Back
Chapter 134: Sinister Thoughts
Chapter 135: Disturbing an Insect’s Nest
Chapter 136: Life Hanging By a Thread
Chapter 137: Parting
Chapter 138: Under the Abyss
Chapter 139: The Institute of Biochemistry
Chapter 140: A Startling Call
Chapter 141: Beating up the Cockroach
Chapter 142: Entering the Third Floor
Chapter 143: Transparent Insects
Chapter 144: SOS

Volume 7: Heimdall
Chapter 145: The Top of the Giant Tree
Chapter 146: A Kiss
Chapter 147: Heimdall
Chapter 148: Joining an Organization
Chapter 149: A Calm Heart-to-Heart
Chapter 150: Reaching an Agreement
Chapter 151: Single-Person Box
Chapter 152: Serial Murder
Chapter 153: Time Jump Trap
Chapter 154: Save the Realm
Chapter 155: Rainy Night Clues
Chapter 156: The Vehicle From the Accident
Chapter 157: Secretly Following
Chapter 158: Phantom in the Mirror
Chapter 159: Two Choices
Chapter 160: The Spirit’s Return
Chapter 161: Second at Half Price
Chapter 162: Swapping Pointers
Chapter 163: Showing Strength
Chapter 164: Sharing the Same Bed
Chapter 165: Unfathomable
Chapter 166: Xia Qiongyun
Chapter 167: Looking for Clues
Chapter 168: Sweet Entanglement

Volume 8: Hell’s Circus
Chapter 169: Endless Factory
Chapter 170: Interstellar Prison
Chapter 171: SCP-3008
Chapter 172: Lunch is Served
Chapter 173: SCP-914
Chapter 174: Time to Hunt
Chapter 175: Confinement Lifted
Chapter 176: Killer Clown
Chapter 177: Prisoner Zero
Chapter 178: Ominous Signs
Chapter 179: Spreading Quietly
Chapter 180: Memetic Infection
Chapter 181: Cognitohazard
Chapter 182: Snatching Secret Letters
Chapter 183: [Kill You]
Chapter 184: The Encaged Boy
Chapter 185: Mansion Reunion
Chapter 186: Traveling to the Kernel
Chapter 187: Soul Fusion
Chapter 188: Welcoming Ceremony
Chapter 189: Startled Scream
Chapter 190: Freak Show
Chapter 191: Three-Digit Password
Chapter 192: Circus Show
Chapter 193: Chair of Death
Chapter 194: Dead Sea Scrolls
Chapter 195: Difficult to Hold Back
Chapter 196: Taking Back His Feelings
Chapter 197: Recognizing Feelings
Chapter 198: The Meaning of Life
Chapter 199: Hearts Connected
Chapter 200: Going Home Together

Volume 9: Bald Soprano
Chapter 201: I Like You
Chapter 202: Trap
Chapter 203: Making a Weapon
Chapter 204: Diffie Hellman
Chapter 205: Matchmaker Linhai
Chapter 206: Jealousy
Chapter 207: Worthy of Me
Chapter 208: Immortality
Chapter 209: Human Chair
Chapter 210: Traces Gone
Chapter 211: Accidental Death
Chapter 212: Luxurious Dragon Ship
Chapter 213: Emergency Escape
Chapter 214: Galloping Horse
Chapter 215: Old-Style Hotel
Chapter 216: Make a Choice 
Chapter 217: Lethal Gas
Chapter 218: Pierce the Heart
Chapter 219: Lunatic Asylum
Chapter 220: Gaining an Ally
Chapter 221: Corpse Thief
Chapter 222: Mysterious Bloodied Prints
Chapter 223: Release
Chapter 224: After the Fire
Chapter 225: Hospital Life
Chapter 226: Who Was the Madman?
Chapter 227: Insects from Shaggai
Chapter 228: Waiting for Godot
Chapter 229: Interconnected
Chapter 230: Cerberus

Volume 10: Chaos Library
Chapter 231: ⏹🔼⏺
Chapter 232: ⏹
Chapter 233: 🔼
Chapter 234: ⏺
Chapter 235: ⏹
Chapter 236: 🔼
Chapter 237: ⏺
Chapter 238: 🔼
Chapter 239: ⏺
Chapter 240: ⏹
Chapter 241: ⏺
Chapter 242: 🔼
Chapter 243: ⏺
Chapter 244:
Chapter 245: 🔼
Chapter 246:
Chapter 247:
Chapter 248: 🔼
Chapter 249:
Chapter 250:
Chapter 251: 🔼
Chapter 252:
Chapter 253:
Chapter 254: ⏹🔼⏺
Chapter 255: In a Predicament
Chapter 256: Breaking Through
Chapter 257: Compulsory Command
Chapter 258: Group Assessment
Chapter 259: Toaster
Chapter 260: A Game of Picking Balls
Chapter 261: Scene Six
Chapter 262: Who Was the Ghost?
Chapter 263: End of Assessment
Chapter 264: Dissolving the Blood Contract

Volume 11: The Gambling Abyss
Chapter 265: The Location of the Fragment
Chapter 266: An Arrow
Chapter 267: Slot Machine Emperor
Chapter 268: Exploring the Situation
Chapter 269: The Casino Owner
Chapter 270: The Original Plan
Chapter 271: His Name
Chapter 272: Placing a Spy
Chapter 273: Spying for Information 
Chapter 274: Starting a Game
Chapter 275: Unexpected Trouble
Chapter 276: A Finger
Chapter 277: Wanted but Could Not Ask
Chapter 278: Please Help Me
Chapter 279: He and Him
Chapter 280: His Morality
Chapter 281: Protector
Chapter 282: Conscience is Dead
Chapter 283: Help Me Find Him
Chapter 284: Night Clearing
Chapter 285: Hundred Ghosts Nightwalk
Chapter 286: Midnight Hunting
Chapter 287: Ghost Face
Chapter 288: Tabby Cat
Chapter 289: The Factory at Night
Chapter 290: Breaking Through Space

Volume 12: Corridor of Memory
Chapter 291: Serial Killer
Chapter 292: First Encounter
Chapter 293: I Like You
Chapter 294: First Gallery Encounter
Chapter 295: On the Train
Chapter 296: Waking Up Linhai
Chapter 297: Gundam Hunk
Chapter 298: Jumping Off the Platform
Chapter 299: Dream Invasion
Chapter 300: Hayate Swordsman

Volume 13: Night Sail
Chapter 301: Uninvited Guest
Chapter 302: Subtle Attitude
Chapter 303: Chasing the Legend
Chapter 304: Night Ambush
Chapter 305: Ghost Ship
Chapter 306: Cheriyu Nana
Chapter 307: Master of Oblivion
Chapter 308: The New Heir

Volume 14: Rose Church
Chapter 309: Rose Church
Chapter 310: Latin Cross 
Chapter 311: The Cause of Sin
Chapter 312: New Father
Chapter 313: Infidels
Chapter 314: Brothers Meet
Chapter 315: Deadly Blood Pestilence
Chapter 316: Memetic Hazard
Chapter 317: Human Cross
Chapter 318: Opposing Death
Chapter 319: I’ll Wait for You

Volume 15: Domingo
Chapter 320: Abroad the Cruise Ship
Chapter 321: His Past Self
Chapter 322: Exploring the Cave Again
Chapter 323: The Demon God’s Blood
Chapter 324: Meeting the Sage
Chapter 325: First Kiss
Chapter 326: Battling the Scale
Chapter 327: Farewell
Chapter 328: The Man from the Future
Chapter 329: Encounter with Tang Ji
Chapter 330: Unchangeable
Chapter 331: The Wheel of Fate

Volume 16: Information Superhighway
Chapter 332: Reversing the World
Chapter 333: A01002
Chapter 334: A Love Letter
Chapter 335: Output Device
Chapter 336: Human Brain Cloud
Chapter 337: A Billion Unopened Love Letters

Volume 17: God’s Back Garden
Chapter 338: Automatic Shutdown
Chapter 339: Fate’s Gift
Chapter 340: Close Combat
Chapter 341: The Power of Chaos
Chapter 342: His Bride
Chapter 343: Slaying the Demon
Chapter 344: His Honor
Chapter 345: Meeting the Clown Once More
Chapter 346: The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Square
Chapter 347: The Eight Square
Chapter 348: The Finale: Her World
Chapter 349: Ending: Arabidopsis Thaliana

Extra Volume
Chapter 350: A Shared Home (Cui Zuojing x Dong Zheng)
Chapter 351: The Breath of Home
Chapter 352: Cui Dolly
Chapter 353: Sudden Visitors
Chapter 354: A Good Performance
Chapter 355: Birthday Gift
Chapter 356: His July
Chapter 357: The Domineering President and the Handsome Office Worker
Chapter 358: The Unlucky Child (Lin Hangzhi x Xia Qiongyun)
Chapter 359: Marrying Into a Wealthy Family
Chapter 360: Secret Trial (Tan Qiuyu)
Chapter 361: Repeating Dream (Dong Linhai x Wang Que)
Chapter 362: See You Again
Chapter 363: Tree of Life (CPU x Memory)
Chapter 364: The Person Who Set the Game (Luo Yan)
Chapter 365: A Day in the Life of a Cat (Victor)
Chapter 366: You Should Leave (Fu Zhe x Cerberus)
Chapter 367: All Alone
Chapter 368: The Dream
Chapter 369: Arrow of Revival
Chapter 370: Wishful Thinking
Chapter 371: He’s Back


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2 years ago

I really love this series, thanks for translating <3

2 years ago

I really love this novel, thanks for translating it <3
Anw, Xixi-san. I'm Jio from Indonesia, if you don't mind, can I re-translate this novel through your translation into Indonesian and posting it? I'll also put your credit there. If you mind, it's okay. I'll wait for your answer ^^ Have a great day~

2 years ago
Reply to  jio

Hi Jio. Yes you may, so long as you don’t put any paywalls on it. Please also credit the author.

2 years ago

Thank you for translating this series. It really took me on an emotional rollercoaster and I enjoyed every minute of it <3

2 years ago
Reply to  Leareth

It was my pleasure. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. The novel really does make one emotionally invested in the characters. 😁 Thanks for reading.

2 years ago

Hi! I have a question about the translation, as I understand it, can’t I post the Portuguese translation of this novel you translate on Wattpad?

2 years ago
Reply to  Emy

Hi. You can post your translation on Wattpad, just not mine.

Débora Andrade Torres
Débora Andrade Torres
2 years ago
Reply to  Emy

Oi bom dia! você traduziu a novel? Você pode me falar o nome do seu perfil no Wattpad?

2 years ago

Oii! Sim eu estou traduzindo, por enquanto não postei no Wattpad ainda por que quero uma meta de capítulos traduzidos antes de postar semanalmente. O meu nick lá é @Cecillucia

2 years ago

I really liked it. Can I have your permission to translate into Spanish? I will give you the corresponding credit.

Thank you for sharing the translation💙

Ava Seas
Ava Seas
2 years ago

Hello xixi-san! Thank you for tl this novel. I really love the novel.
May I have your permission to tl this novel into indonesia and posted on my wattpad account?
Of course I’II put you on credit ^^

Ava Seas
Ava Seas
2 years ago
Reply to  Xixi

Thank you so much ^^ Of course I will. I promise. Should I send you the wattpad link or not?

2 years ago

I’m here again! I’m continuing to read this. Finally, my schedule is not tight anymore. I am going to reread this because I don’t know what chapter I’ve stopped reading. Thank you for the translation, Miss Xixi! 💓

2 years ago

Thank you for translating ❤️

1 year ago

thanks you

1 year ago

Thank you so so much for translating this amazing story. I loved it SO MUCH. This was such a good journey, I don’t know how to thank you for this amazing work! QAQ I’ll miss our babies! <3