It’s Not Easy Being a Master (BL)

Disclaimer: Translations are completed utilizing a combination of machine translations, Chinese-English dictionaries, and my limited knowledge of Chinese characters. Don’t expect perfect accuracy.  

It’s Not Easy Being a Master (BL)
By: Jin Xi Gu Nian
Genres: Danmei (BL), Xianxia, Mystery 



Shen Zhixian transmigrated into a book as a cannon fodder master who hatefully severed his apprentice’s spiritual root. This apprentice fell into the devil’s path and returned to make mincemeat out of him

Shen Zhixian just happened to transmigrate into the last moment of the master’s captivity, and then he was reborn again.

After rebirth, Shen Zhixian devoted himself to fostering and supporting his apprentice, only to discover later that his apprentice was also reborn.

Even worse, the apprentice still retained the memory of his life before rebirth.

Shen Zhixian: “…Disturbed.”

Afterward, Shen Zhixian realized one truth: Being a master can become a high-risk occupation. Not trivial at all!

79 Chapters, 3 Extras


Chapter 1: Waking Up
Chapter 2: On the Cliff
Chapter 3: Double Return
Chapter 4: The Ribbon
Chapter 5: Putting on a Show
Chapter 6: Hedgehog
Chapter 7: Hidden Edge
Chapter 8: Bud Sprout
Chapter 9: Tear-Shaped Mole
Chapter 10: Sorry
Chapter 11: Sword
Chapter 12: Sprain
Chapter 13: Hurry
Chapter 14.1: Falling Ill
Chapter 14.2: Falling Ill
Chapter 15: Heard Ailment
Chapter 16: Advancing
Chapter 17: Interlocking
Chapter 18: Choice
Chapter 19: A Long, Dark Night
Chapter 20: Sui Xian
Chapter 21: Waking Up Again
Chapter 22: Guilt-Ridden
Chapter 23.1: An Alarming Transformation
Chapter 23.2: An Alarming Transformation
Chapter 24.1: The Truth
Chapter 24.2: The Truth
Chapter 25: A Binding Contract
Chapter 26: Dressed in White
Chapter 27.1: Traveling Together
Chapter 27.2: Traveling Together
Chapter 27.3: Traveling Together
Chapter 27.4: Traveling Together
Chapter 28: Sound Cultivator
Chapter 29: Book
Chapter 30: Kitchen Ghost
Chapter 31: A’lian
Chapter 32: Sharing a Pillow
Chapter 33: The Secret Realm
Chapter 34: Spirit Pellet
Chapter 35.1: Truths and Illusions
Chapter 35.2: Truths and Illusions
Chapter 36: Balance
Chapter 37: I’m Here
Chapter 38.1: Fishbone
Chapter 38.2: Fishbone
Chapter 39: Illusion
Chapter 40.1: Yuyu
Chapter 40.2: Yuyu
Chapter 41: Returning
Chapter 42: Getting Drunk
Chapter 43: Untitled
Chapter 44: Yangzhou
Chapter 45: Tao Hua
Chapter 46.1: An Old Matter
Chapter 46.2: An Old Matter
Chapter 47: Making Trouble
Chapter 48.1: Rusty Lock
Chapter 48.2: Rusty Lock
Chapter 49: Thrush
Chapter 50.1: Fiend
Chapter 50.2: Fiend
Chapter 51: A New Matter
Chapter 52: Perplexing
Chapter 53: Faceless
Chapter 54: Puppet
Chapter 55: Restriction
Chapter 56: Secrets
Chapter 57: Divination
Chapter 58: Prelude
Chapter 59: The Past
Chapter 60: Treading Onward
Chapter 61.1: Fierce Battle
Chapter 61.2: Fierce Battle
Chapter 62: The Middle
Chapter 63: Sword Remnant
Chapter 64: Returning
Chapter 65: Soul Dream
Chapter 66: Undressing
Chapter 67: Briefly
Chapter 68.1: Searching
Chapter 68.2: Searching
Chapter 69: Satisfied
Chapter 70: Seventy
Chapter 71: Sect Leader
Chapter 72: Reunion
Chapter 73: Kitten
Chapter 74: Stone Wall
Chapter 75: Tear Demon
Chapter 76: Seventy-Six
Chapter 77: Twin
Chapter 78.1: Breaking the Knife
Chapter 78.2: Breaking the Knife
Chapter 79: Year After Year
Extra 1: Mid-Autumn Festival
Extra 2: Fluffball
Extra 3: Qin Yuan


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