IWOL Chapter 206: Jealousy

Dong Linhai sucked in a deep breath, and he resolved to take the initiative, saying, “Are there any activities today?”

“No, rest carefully for these two days, and we’ll enter a few boxes soon. Dong Zheng and I spent a lot of points in the system shop, so we have to quickly go and earn more points.” Cui Zuojing sat on the chair, and when he felt discomfort in his lower body, he calmly adjusted his posture. Meanwhile, Dong Zheng went to get him food.

Wang Que looked at Dong Zheng’s retreating back. After he entered the kitchen, she immediately leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Brother Cui, are you and Brother Dong really together?”

Perhaps it was because of Dong Zheng’s temperament and his strong aura as a captain, but she was a little more reticent with Dong Zheng than Cui Zuojing.

“Yes.” Cui Zuojing saw through Wang Que’s thoughts with a glance and he knocked her forehead. “A girl like you, how come your head is full of so many strange things? Everytime I see you, you’re secretly thinking of no good things.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose…” Wang Que said in a low, strangled voice. At that time, she couldn’t help it. Whenever she saw Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing’s ambiguousness, she couldn’t help but seem like a shrieking hedgehog. Now that they’re together, apart from her own wonderful satisfaction, there was no feeling of strangeness.

This CP finally came true, and it was enough to experience it once in a lifetime.

Dong Linhai couldn’t understand Wang Que at all, but out of respect for her hobbies, he never made any comments. At this time, he couldn’t help but poke Wang Que and whispered, “Ah…Do you like girls?”

Wang Que: ?

“No.” Wang Que blinked, wondering why he would have such thoughts. “Where have I acted like I like girls?”

“Ah?” Now it was Dong Linhai’s turn to be dumbfounded. He pointed to Cui Zuojing and then pointed to Dong Zheng, who was coming out of the kitchen. His two fingers came together, and his cheeks turned red. “Don’t you like these two…two homosexuals together?”

Cui Zuojing: “Pufftt, hahahaha!”

Wang Que was stunned, and immediately Cui Zuojing’s loud and lively laughter rang out. She let out a sigh, facepalmed, and responded to Dong Linhai’s “What’s wrong? Did I say it wrong?” with, “You are so silly. Why are you so cute?”

Wait…Wang Que said he was cute?

“What is it?” Dong Zheng gave Cui Zuojing the two stuffed steamed buns he’d warmed up and asked when he saw that the young man was running out of breath.

Cui Zuojing shook his head and let out a long sigh. “Really a straight man’s sorrow.”

Dong Linhai exploded. “What straight man? Did a straight man eat your rice?”

Cui Zuojing sighed. Shaking a finger, he said, “How can you talk to me like this? No matter what you say, I’m also your sister-in-law. Come, call me sister-in-law. Let me hear it. If that won’t do, you can also call me Brother Cui.”

Dong Linhai would rather die than obey. When he saw Dong Zheng standing by and not taking part in the battle, he suddenly came up with a plan. He let out a loud shout, “Big Brother! He’s bullying people!”

Dong Zheng was suddenly cued in like this. He gave Dong Linhai a glance, saw the signs that his face was bursting with anger, and sat down beside Cui Zuojing, “A’Zuo, stop teasing Linhai.”

Cui Zuojing folded his arms across his chest. “What teasing him? I’m eight years older than him. What’s wrong with teaching him to call me sister-in-law? You don’t forget who saved you two brothers in that rotten forest.”

Dong Zheng was silent for a moment. “Linhai, stop being noisy.”

Dong Linhai let out an accusatory cry, “I’ve been your younger brother for 18 years! You and he have only known each other for less than a year! Brother! How can you be like this?!”

Cui Zuojing said in an understatement, “But I sleep with him.”

Dong Linhai: “….You won.”

He splayed out on his chair, breathless.

Next to him, Wang Que’s face was very stiff. She felt his misery and patted him on the shoulder, saying, “I’m going to Heimdall this afternoon to hand over the reports. Do you want to come with me?”

In a split second, Dong Linhai’s invisible tail began to wag, and he enthusiastically nodded. “Want, want, want!”

While they were being noisy, Lin Hangzhi and Victor came out from the basement. They were dressed in white gowns. Lin Hangzhi let out an oh and said, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing.” Cui Zuojing saw Lin Hangzhi’s white attire for the first time. Compared to his usual slouchy style, this kind of Lin Hangzhi suddenly seemed to have a different kind of temperament.

Of course, not to mention Victor standing behind him. He had the unique temperament and calmness of the elderly. This sort of steady and calm temperament was different from Dong Zheng’s. It seemed to be precipitated by time, as if, as long as he was wearing a white gown and standing in front of the operating table, he had confidence in his omnipotence.

The stitched-heart bear lay on Victor’s shoulder. Since Victor had managed to unlock his second seal and unveil more of his “body” power, the bear had been sticking close to his side.

“Did you two kill something?” Cui Zuojing asked, smelling fresh blood on them.

“Hangzhi and I wanted to practice our hand skills so we asked Fu Zhe to set up an anatomy room in the basement.” Victor patted Lin Hangzhi on the shoulder and said, “I haven’t held a scalpel in the past ten years. It’s a bit strange. Fortunately, I have Hangzhi to help me.”

Lin Hangzhi said, “I also haven’t touched it in a while and so I’m not as proficient anymore.”

After being framed for leaving gauze in a patient’s stomach, for a long while, he felt as if he would never dare pick up a scalpel again. But today, with Victor’s company, he’d managed to overcome the obstacles he’d built up in his mind and dissect a poor, cute little white rabbit for the sake of science.

Victor went back to his room upstairs to change clothes, and Cui Zuojing followed him. In the two-foot wide hallway, he stopped Victor, “Uncle.”

“Huh?” Victor turned around, saw the mark half-exposed by Cui Zuojing’s neckline and helped him move his collar to cover it.

Cui Zuojing tugged on his sleeve and said with embarrassment, “I…my back feels uncomfortable.”

Victor was lost. He raised his hand and placed it on Cui Zuojing’s forehead. A white light was emitted, and his cleansing ability and physical strength soaked into Cui Zuojing’s body, repelling the negative effects.

It was warm and refreshing.

When the light disappeared, Cui Zuojing tried to move around and found that there was no longer any soreness.

“Huh? It’s really okay.” The young man widened his eyes a little. If this was the case, then wouldn’t he be able to–

Victor saw through Cui Zuojing’s thoughts with a glance and didn’t know whether he ought to cry. He tapped the tip of Cui Zuojing’s nose and said, “I won’t use my abilities like this for you. Young people should show a little more moderation and be conscious of your body’s health.”

“I was just thinking about it.” Cui Zuojing stuck out his tongue and immediately changed the subject. “How are you feeling these days, Uncle?”

Victor said, “Very good. I’m gradually becoming familiar with this body again. I just need more recovery time and more exercises. Once I become a cat, I’ll be particularly tired, but these are all due to issues of time, and they will definitely get better.”

“That’s good then. Speaking of which, you’re the first to lift the second seal. Did you get any more information?”

“I can vaguely feel the existence of the other powers. There’s time on you, and in addition to Fu Zhe, there’s a part of space in the south. The power of dream gave me a strange feeling and it seems to be everywhere. Regarding the power of chaos…it’s in a more central location.”


“In Kether’s management area.”

Cui Zuojing frowned. The fact that the power of dream seemed to be everywhere could be because Luo Yan was in different places, shuttling between dreams. But what about Nana?

Was she imprisoned by Kether?

“I’ve already told Fu Zhe about it. Once the second seal was lifted, I became the Messenger of Body.” Victor rubbed the top of Cui Zuojing’s head. “Fu Zhe estimated that as soon as we’re able to take back the other fragments of his soul, he’ll be able to remove his seals. A’Zuo, you’ll have to work hard.”

“I definitely won’t hold you back.” Cui Zuojing was full of confidence. “After all, I came back here to save everyone.”

“Mmn, I believe in you. I’ve always believed in you.”

Once he’d recovered his feelings, the A’Zuo now was more like his favorite boy from before.

With Victor’s help, Cui Zuojing regained his energy, though everything about last night still made him blush and quickened his heartbeat.

Taking advantage of their precious rest time before entering the next box, he and Dong Zheng ran outside for a date. The name of their date was “Understand Top of the Giant Tree.”

They borrowed Beverly’s little sheep motorcar. When the Argentine girl handed Dong Zheng the key, she suggested, “Or you can buy one directly. Then everyone can ride out and play together.”

Cui Zuojing said, “What you said makes sense, but we don’t have any money?”

Beverly asked, “What happened to your money?”

Cui Zuojing said, “We threw it at a weaponsmith. Now, we’re so poor. So, older sister, how about your organization consider lowering our fee a bit? Take pity on this pitiful child.”

Beverly rolled her eyes and threw the key over. “In your dreams. No way. Take the key, and when you’re done, put it under the seat.”

Cui Zuojing said, “Oh yes, thank you, Auntie.”

Before Beverly could punch him, Dong Zheng hurriedly dragged Cui Zuojing away.

As they rode out, they ran into Xia Qiongyun at the gate, talking to a young man. When she saw them, she said hello.

The little sheep stopped, and Cui Zuojing saw that the young man she was to seemed a bit familiar. He asked, “This person is?”

“Ah, hello. My name is Pu Yisheng. I used to be Sister Yun’s teammate.” The young man Pu Yisheng cordially introduced himself. Hearing his name, Cui Zuojing endured the very small “pffft” that wanted to come out. (1)

This person was quite respectful. Cui Zuojing endured. Then, clearing his throat, he said, “Hello. My name is Cui Zuojing. I’m Xiao Xia’s new teammate.”

“I know you. Your team is very well known.” Pu Yisheng said very candidly. Xia Qiongyun saw them riding the motorcar and said, “You’re going out?”

“Yes, we’re heading out.” Cui Zuojing sat back down on the back seat behind Dong Zheng and faced the two of them. He waved and added, “We’re going and will talk when we get back. Yes, Xiao Xia, remember to read the news in the group chat.”

“Okay.” Watching as they rode away, Xia Qiongyun continued the topic. “I can’t do it anymore. Now that you’re back, you take care. Bart is violent and impulsive. Without me there, you must pay more attention to it and don’t let him do stupid or impulsive things.”

“Yeah.” Pu Yisheng was sad. “I will. Sister Yun still has things to do so I won’t disturb you.”

When Xia Qiongyun entered the lobby, she took out her mobile phone and glanced at the chat message. A member named “I’m not the Emperor of Europe” told her to meet him in the training room.

Here again?

She sighed helplessly but still agreed as she’d done with the many countless invitations before.

When she pushed the door of the training room open, the man was already waiting. He stood with his back to her. In the empty room, the afternoon sun washed over him, drawing a warm silhouette.

Hearing Xia Qiongyun coming in, Lin Hangzhi turned slowly. His arms were folded and his eyes were sharp and firm.

“Come! Come and let’s see who’ll win or lose this time!”

Translation Notes:
Pu Yisheng – Pū (朴) means plain and simple, Yīshēng (一生) means all of one’s life.

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Jeyee Kamikaze
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