IWOL Chapter 178: Ominous Signs

The disturbing noises outside became more and more distinct. Some creatures might break in at any time, so they could no longer waste time in this place. Dong Zheng temporarily let go of the anxiety and doubts in his heart, and focused on taking Murphy out of the administration building.

There was no elevator on the second floor of the basement. If they wanted to go up, they could only use the stairs. When the wheelchair stopped in front of the stairs, Murphy looked up at Dong Zheng with calm eyes and said, “This body’s legs are not easy to use. Do you mind helping me go up?”

Dong Zheng responded by immediately taking action. He bent down in front of Murphy and said, “I’ll put you on my back first, and then I’ll come back to get the wheelchair.”

The thin and shriveled girl slowly moved her body with difficulty and lay on his back. Dong Zheng stood up, barely feeling much weight. Murphy’s arms around his shoulders were so abnormally thin that he could see the blood vessels through her skin.

“Don’t they feed you?” Dong Zheng quickly walked up the stairs.

“It’s the body’s own problem,” Murphy replied. “When I met her, the child was almost dead. She thought I was the god she’d summoned by witchcraft, and asked me to free her.”

So you took the opportunity to occupy her body and completely relieve her of pain. Dong Zheng didn’t speak. It only took him half a minute to carry Murphy to the first floor. He put her down in a hidden corner and turned back to get her wheelchair.

“Shout for me if something happens,” he said. “Since I promised to take you out, I’ll do my best to ensure your safety.”

Murphy sat on the floor in the corner, her white skirt stained with dust. She smiled lightly and waved her hand to indicate that she knew.

The upstairs remained quiet.

Dong Zheng folded up her wheelchair and carried it to the platform where the stairs on the underground floor and the first floor intersect. Before he had time to look up, a severed hand still dripped with blood rolled down the steps to his feet.

The five fingers of this hand were very thin, looking more like a layer of skin and flesh wrapped around bones, so thin that the joints were bony and raised. The lifeline only traveled halfway through the palm, just like its owner’s fate.

Oh no!

Dong Zheng abruptly threw away the wheelchair and ran up the steps. On the third step, he saw that the corner where he’d placed Murphy was covered with a shocking amount of red blood.

The girl’s entire left arm was torn off. After gnawing on it, the arm was thrown aside. A huge humanoid creature with a height of about two meters kneeled over the girl whose white skirt was soaked with blood. Before Dong Zheng could react, the creature opened its big mouth and bit into the side of Murphy’s neck.

Murphy seemed to feel no pain nor fear, and didn’t make a sound. At the moment when her neck was bitten off, she was still quietly looking at the man-eating monster. Her eyes were indifferent, as if everything that was happening had nothing to do with her.

With a crack, the spine of her neck was bitten off, and the head that had smiled at Dong Zheng just moments ago fell to the ground.

The blood pouring out seemed to be enough to drown the world.

Dong Zheng’s pupils dilated.

The monster drank a few mouthfuls of blood, sighed with contentment, threw Murphy’s broken corpse aside like trash, and turned its bloodstained head to look at Dong Zheng on the stairs.

The monster had already noticed that someone was coming up from below, but it didn’t pay attention to Dong Zheng at all.

He will also be food anyway.

But now, it couldn’t see a trace of Dong Zheng’s figure.

The monster didn’t know where the man went and was about to turn its head and look around when it suddenly felt a sharp pain from its back.

The monster roared and immediately reached behind it. Its muscular, stout arm was as thick as a tree trunk, and when it slammed into the wall, it knocked out chunks of cement block and created spiderweb-like cracks. But it could only brush Dong Zheng’s clothes.

Dong Zheng swerved, dodging the blow. He jerked out the dagger buried in the monster’s waist with one hand and used the other hand to push off against the wall.

The monster finally caught sight of his figure. Scarlet eyes studied Dong Zheng. With an angry roar, the monster raised its arms and smashed them toward him.

Dong Zheng raised his eyes, and something seemed to flash in his cold, black pupils.

At the moment when the two of them looked at each other, the man-eating monster suddenly paused, as if someone had hit it over the head. Dizzied, the monster lost its center of gravity and tilted backward.

During this fraction of a second, Dong Zheng quickly adjusted his body. He threw the dagger tipped first at the monster, stepped on the wall behind him, and jumped high一

The dagger pierced the monster’s lower jaw, but its skin was thick. Blocked by hard flesh, only the dagger’s tip managed to precariously penetrate into the monster’s body. Just as the dagger was about to fall, Dong Zheng hit the dagger handle with an accurate punch.


The dagger slid into the man-eating monster’s chin all the way to the handle, instantly piercing the brain in its cranial cavity. Dark green blood flowed out. The monster shook its body a few times in pained disbelief. Even as its life and consciousness quickly fled, it didn’t immediately fall.

Due to putting too much force on his body, Dong Zheng fell heavily and rolled on the spot to minimize the impact. The man-eating monster raised its hand and yanked out the dagger, pulling out a large amount of blood and some brain matter. It roared and rushed at Dong Zheng. Even if it died, it would also kill the human who’d dared to hurt it!

Dong Zheng immediately dodged. In terms of height, he only went up to the man-eating monster’s chest, and so the huge discrepancy in sizes made him look like a child facing a boxing champion. Even though his height was a disadvantage to some extent, it also provided him with an avenue for victory. If the monster didn’t deliberately launch an attack underneath, he would be able to avoid the monster’s fist so long as he was shorter and smaller.

Bright yellow lines and shining spots appeared on the body of the huge enemy in front of him, With every movement, the bleeding wound on its lower jaw became even more strikingly red.

The monster had thrown the dagger somewhere. Dong Zheng was unarmed and could only avoid the monster for the time being. Fortunately, due to his kernel’s prediction, the other party’s action was quite clear, allowing him to perfectly dodge all attacks.

The smell of blood spread out, and an unknown slimy, squirming sound came from a distance, as if something was quickly approaching, drawn by the smell. The man-eating monster attacked with desperation, throwing itself around like a sumo wrestler. As time went on, its attack became more and more messy and uncoordinated, indicating that the battle was coming to an end.

The sound became more distinct, enough to make all the fine hairs on his body stand upright. Dong Zheng no longer wanted to fight. He rolled away and, ignoring the other party, ran up the stairs leading to the second floor. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

The man-eating monster’s damaged brain made it difficult for it to maintain its balance, but it still wanted to watch up to Dong Zheng nevertheless.

A brownish-yellow sticky mass poured from the administration building’s entrance and quickly approached. It oozed like slime along the wall and floor, quickly engulfing the head that had rolled into the hall and soon reached the man-eating monster’s ankle.

The miserably screaming man-eating monster and Murphy’s corpse soon disappeared into the squirming brown glob.

Sporadic bloodstains trailed up the second floor. The thing immediately followed, only to see the figure of a man running toward a glass window. Dong Zheng threw himself through the window, with his body curled up and his arms covering his head. He shattered through the glass and fell from the second floor amidst shards of flying glass.

The second floor was only two to five meters high. With his arms and cheeks covered with small cuts made by the glass shards, Dong Zheng landed and immediately ran toward another intact building.

There’s a place similar to a safe house over there. It was originally built to protect core prison personnel should a monster manage to break out of its cell. It’s very safe.

Murphy’s voice sounded. Dong Zheng rushed into the building without saying a word. He accessed the security camera and confirmed that there were no dangerous creatures inside. Finally, he stopped and leaned against the wall, gasping for breath.

His head was covered in sweat, and his hands were stained red and green with a mixture of Murphy’s blood and the man-eating monster’s blood.

Don’t worry. Take a break for now. Having left her wheelchair behind, Murphy stood on the information superhighway. She had no consciousness of her status as a guest at all. She visited Dong Zheng’s kernel world, reaching out to touch the fast-moving crawlers around her.

Dong Zheng supported himself against the wall backhands and sat down as slowly as possible, so as not to increase the load on his heart from suddenly changing his body position. Finally, he sat on the ground. The battle and escape just now had taken a lot of his physical strength.

He clenched his fist. In the past, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to battle so fiercely and efficiently. But now, he’d defeated a monster whose physical strength was much stronger than his own by far.

Cui Zuojing’s physical training had completely given him a reborned transformation.

Dong Zheng couldn’t help but think of the young man who had claimed that he “won’t be merciful” but who would still restrain his strength when fighting against him. As he thought of him, a thread of gentleness appeared across his eyes.

A faint light emanated from the place where Murphy’s palm was touching the crawler, and a messy picture appeared in front of her eyes. It was two overlapping bodies, hugging and kissing and deeply entangled in a dim room. A few seconds later, she retracted her hand and couldn’t help but said, “You look like a very serious person, but why are you thinking of these things?”

“Don’t look at my thoughts as you please!” Dong Zheng said loudly, suddenly realizing that Murphy was still in his kernel space. But he was too late. The girl in the white dress had already seen all the fierce obsessions that came from his thoughts.

“Is this the boy that you like?” she asked with interest. “You’re not together yet? You have these things in your mind…Does the other party know?”

Dong Zheng: “…”

He helplessly pressed his forehead into his hand. With some difficulties, he’d finally calmed down a bit from the fierce battle, but now his blood was surging once again, causing an imperceptible color to rise over his face.

It wasn’t because he had these thoughts in his heart, but it was just embarrassing to have it pointed out like this by the girl.

“You don’t need to feel shy, I’m not a girl.” Murphy also heard Dong Zheng’s thoughts as usual. “I don’t have a certain image, nor do I have an age or a gender. The reason why you see me look like this in the spiritual world is because you imagined me like this. You’ve seen me in this physical body, which influenced you into seeing me this way.”

“In the end, what are you?”

Murphy was silent for a moment, and then she said, “I don’t know, but a long, long time ago, those who chased me and put me in here called me a virus.”

Dong Zheng’s breathing slowed. He immediately thought of Kether, who was like a supercomputer that could control the Pure White Realm. If Murphy also existed exactly in this way, then everything seemed to have a reason.

At this moment, a camera in the corner revealed two figures walking in his direction. Dong Zheng immediately stood up. The small nicks on his body had stopped bleeding, but the spots of blood on his body made him appear even more fierce, giving him a sharp fearlessness.


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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

If Murphy is really a virus dangerous enough to alarm the Queen, then she’ll be really useful! And poor, embarrassed Dong Zheng XD In a way, it’s more convenient to carry Murphy around in his mind, but damn was that scene brutal >.< Their dynamic seems pretty interesting though~

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
2 years ago

Murphy entered the ship, I knew that scene would happen xD
So Cui Zuojing got a suspicious looking pet and Dong Zheng got a suspicious rommate? I’m not sure both would be happy if they knew xD
Will Murphy be able to get out of Dong Zheng’s consciousness? Or else when Dong Zheng will be alone with Cui Zuojing, his mind will be… colorful 😏

1 year ago

Wait, didn’t Nana disappear? Her losing her physical body would make sense why they couldn’t find her 🤔 But why wouldn’t she remember who she or CZJ is? Oh wait, he did grow up a bit.. Maybe her memories were sealed to protect her?

1 year ago

If there’s muphy then what was the use of DZ? A body for Murphy?

1 year ago

Not Murphy giving relationship advice XD Why do I feel like Murph will hang around in DZ’s head for a while? Thank you for the chapter!