IWOL Chapter 213: Emergency Escape

When the dagger slammed toward his heart, Lin Hangzhi reacted immediately.

He stepped back to avoid the fatal blow, but the dagger seemed to be alive. The direction of the blade turned in the air and pierced the front of his chest at a very tricky angle.

The tip of the knife sliced across his skin, and the pain of it was an intense flash.

Lin Hangzhi pupils abruptly shrank. He raised his hand and directly knocked aside the dagger that would have pierced his heart in the next instant.

It was so easy to dislodge his opponent’s weapon that Lin Hangzhi was a little surprised. But soon, he saw the sneak attacker.

It was a girl who only reached up to his waist.

Lin Hangzhi immediately recognized the familiar clothes. She was the child he’d met when he was escaping from the National Teacher’s Mansion.

She actually followed him all the way here?

Lin Hangzhi wasn’t surprised the child wanted to kill him. After all, the National Teacher was full of crimes. He didn’t want to hurt the child so before his opponent could pick up the dagger that fell beside him, he stepped on the dagger and gave it a strong kick, sending it into the darkness more than ten meters away.

Why was the reaction speed of the stinky Daoist so good?

Seeing the dagger flying away, Dong Linhai didn’t hesitate and immediately the National Teacher’s third leg. He knew that with the current differences in their sizes, he’d lost half the battle with his unsuccessful sneak attack. Therefore, to take back his momentum, he needed to use some special methods!

But Lin Hangzhi also avoided this blow.

Lin Hangzhi lifted his knees easily and pushed Dong Linhai to the side. Seeing that the other party had his knees slightly bent, Dong Linhai jumped up and tried to poked his fingers into his eyes, but Lin Hangzhi directly grabbed the back of his shirt and flung “her” into the wall!

Dong Linhai groaned. He twisted and rolled on the ground, knowing that he was definitely not this national teachere’s opponent. The iron lock hidden in his sleeve melted into a sharp blade, and he turned to face the National Teacher. With a sudden wave, he threw the dagger at him and rushed into the dark corridor without looking back.

Lin Hang dodged the blade and watched as the girl’s thin figure quickly disappeared from his sight. He ran two steps after her, but did not give chase.

That girl’s behavior was nothing like a real child!

Was she Xia Qiongyun or Wang Que?

Lin Hangzhi didn’t know. He turned his head and picked up by the dagger that had been kicked far away. Looking at the direction of the girl’s disappearance, he couldn’t help but fall into thinking.

He hadn’t revealed any unique characteristics so the other party probably didn’t know who he was and that was why she wanted to kill him so much. Obviously, it must be a task given by the box.

If the girl was really someone in their team, then the box… wanted them to kill each other?

This speculation made Lin Hangzhi’s hairs stand up. In the challenge box, if a pilgrim was given a certain identity, he would be punished to a certain degree if he acted inconsistent to his character’s setting. The severity of the punishment depended on the degree of ooc. To be certain, this meant that it was absolutely impossible for them to clearly state their identities, and everything needed to be inferred from clues to determine which teammate was which.

If the box wanted them to kill each other, should they not kill their teammates, or allow the mission to fail and accept the possible death that the box may inflict on them?

Lin Hangzhi didn’t know; this was also a very difficult decision for him. If he really encountered a similar situation, he would probably delay as much as possible and try to break the game. If there was really no way out….

He shook his head, struggling to throw out the dirty thoughts in his mind. The evil that may erupt in desperate situations was unimaginable, but even if he was entangled by dark and evil voices and the desire to live, he would definitely not be able to do it.

He didn’t know which companion was the child or whether the child lay in ambush somewhere else. However, since he couldn’t proactively reveal his identity, he could only increase his own vigilance.

Since she didn’t use insects just now, it was unlikely that she was Wang Que.

Was she Xia Qiongyun?

When he thought of his repeated defeats in the other party’s hands, Lin Hangzhi just wanted to sigh. Was it possible that in this life he could only defeat the other party after she became a girl?!

Impossible! Come on, ah Hangzhi! You are too easy!

As Lin Hangzhi was thinking this, he felt a sudden tremor under his foot, and he nearly fell to the ground as the shaking became more and more violent.

The shaking continued, seeming with no intention of stopping. The entire hull made a dull rumbling sound as all of the mechanical devices kicked into gear. Soon, Lin Hangzhi felt a sensation of weightlessness, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. It was something he’d experienced every time he flew on a plane.

The airship took off?

The violent shaking directly slammed Lin Hangzhi into a wall, and he immediately crouched down in a corner with his hands over his head so as to prevent injuries.

The ship swayed even harder. Even after five minutes, it was still no good. This was even worse than when he went back to his hometown and a plane had encountered strong air currents, which made his flight sway in the sky for about 20 minutes!

This wasn’t good. If the emperor’s people caught him, his head would roll. Lin Hangzhi wailed in his heart. He looked around and saw that there was no one nearby. Resisting the urge to vomit, he laid straight on the floor, planning to get up only after the flight stabilized.

He didn’t want to dirty himself with his own vomit like he’d done in Snow Parasite Trail.


Dong Zheng loitered near the dragon ship.

Since this was the final inspection and repair period, there were many craftsmen gathered nearby, each busy with their own tasks. Many luxurious palace decorations were being carried to the ship. There was a 100 meter-long wooden plank that led to the dragon ship, and even though the path was currently clear, he didn’t dare to use that route.

Dong Zheng cast his eyes on the rope ladder at the stern of the ship. These should be prepared specifically for the craftsmen to paint the hull while hanging down from the high deck to the ground.

Or… he could hide in the cargo being moved on the ship and be transported in with them?

While Dong Zheng was evaluating the feasibility of these two choices, the huge dragon ship in front of him suddenly shook.

The others also noticed this abnormality that was causing the ground to shake. The craftsmen wanted to confirm the situation, but the whole dragon ship shook even more violently.

As everyone watched, dozens of giant fan blades installed on the dragon ship began to rotate, giving birth to a hurricane that caused everyone’s clothes to flutter.

Not good!

Dong Zheng exclaimed to himself. He no longer hesitated, and immediately ran towards the rope ladder at the stern of the dragon ship!

Amid the screams and roars of the crowd, the dragon ship lifted off the ground. The wooden planks that were placed between the deck and the ground lost its supports and slid down, dumping out all the goods.

Dong Zheng ran hard. As the fan blades swung faster and faster, it created a wind that blew across his cheeks, stinging like a knife. The wind roared and nearly blew Dong Zheng backward.

In just a few breaths, the boat rose to nearly ten meters. Dong Zheng had no way to withstand such a strong wind. The rope ladder swayed in the violent wind and twisted to the point that it was hard to catch with the naked eye.

Seeing that the ship was flying higher and higher, Dong Zheng gritted his teeth, and all the possible positions of the ladder in the future were presented before his eyes.

Wind, speed, gravity.

He jumped up with all his strength and barely grasped the last section of the rope ladder!

Immediately afterwards, Dong Zheng was slammed into the wall of the ship.

Immediately, his head buzzed, and he nearly spit out a mouthful of blood. The wind howled and whipped around him, but with his weight pulling the rope ladder down, it no longer danced like a snake. Dong Zheng closed his eyes and endured the dizziness. Between the pain, the roaring wind, and rumbling of the boat, he couldn’t hear the shouts from the ground at all.

When he opened his eyes again, his feet were already a hundred meters off the ground.

The airship was still not stable enough, and so Dong Zheng hooked his arms on the rope ladder. In this way, before his physical strength was exhausted, he climbed up steadily.


The dragon ship took off so unexpectedly.

With just Wang Que and the officer operating in the cab, the dragon ship’s flight was very unstable. But Wang Que looked at the ground gradually moving away and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The entry [Let the dragon ship leave the imperial city] in the taskbar has not yet been completed so Wang Que didn’t leave the cab for the time being. She also knew that once the others discovered that the dragon ship had taken off unexpectedly, there must be a lot of people coming to the cab to check on the situation.

She locked the door, which should hold them off for a while.

The official stared at her. This was the dragon ship’s first takeoff since it was completed. It was originally scheduled for a test flight in the second half of this month. However, today, he was threatened by a boy and tried to fly without preparation!

He was very worried that, without the cooperation of other departments, there might be some unexpected accidents on this flight.

The sounds of footsteps soon arrived, and there came poundings from the door. “Hey, are you inside?!”

Wang Que gave the official a look.

The official choked for a moment. After all, he was afraid of death. He swallowed his saliva, suppressed his trembling voice, and said, “Temporary test flight! All departments are ready!”

The people behind the door didn’t believe it. How could a temporary test flight be conducted without any notice? To fly the airship, other departments must be notified in advance to facilitate cooperation!

The knocks on the door stopped. But after the few seconds of silence came an earth-shattering sound of something slamming into the door.

They suspected that the person in the steering room wasn’t the person in charge of the dragon ship at all. Moreover, that old, stable man wouldn’t make such a decision, risking the safety of the dragon ship and everything else!

The door seemed as if it would shatter under such heavy blows. The translucent materials in the air gathered into dozens of transparent bugs, appearing on walls and floors. Wang Que held her breath, ready to attack the moment the people outside rushed in.

The transparent insect that poisoned the official was something she’d taken several hours to condense. It was poisonous, and ordinary insects couldn’t do this. At most, they could only scare people, making them flee and helping to delay time.

[Hurry up, I need your help]

The dragon ship was very clean, but it was impossible to eliminate all the insects. For a time, the whole dragon ship’s flies, mosquitoes, and other insects hidden in the cracks of the woods all hurried in Wang Que’s direction.




An axe finally shattered the wooden door. Wang Que hid in a blind spot, pressed herself against the wall, and controlled her breathing.

The lead craftsman slashed the door lock with an axe, pushed the door open, and walked in. At a glance, he naturally saw the official sitting in a chair without any movement.

A transparent insect fell from the top of his head and landed on his hand.

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Qi Qi
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Wang Que is our queen~

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