IWOL Chapter 22: Ticket Ownership

The young woman stopped.

Lin Hangzhi’s heart instantly sounded an alarm. He immediately put the ticket inside his chest pocket, pretended that nothing had happened, and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute!” The girl’s voice rang out behind him. Lin Hangzhi ignored the girl without hesitation and started running.

He’d barely ran out two steps, when the passage in front of him suddenly changed. A wall completely blocked the road ahead, turning it into a dead end.

Lin Hangzhi: …………………

Fuck! Why was he so unlucky at the most crucial time?! He was fed up with it!

With nowhere to go, Lin Hangzhi was forced to turn around to face the girl who was approaching him. He secretly clenched his fists.

At hardly 1.6 meters, she wasn’t tall, and she looked soft and delicate. She had no weapons on her body and looked easy to bully.

She may look like a girl child, but if she dared come up to grab his ticket, he definitely won’t be polite!

The girl didn’t appear to notice Lin Hangzhi’s alert and nervous look. She pointed her finger to the ticket in his chest pocket and said, “That ticket is mine.”

Lin Hangzhi: “?”

The girl looked very serious, as if explaining a given fact. “That ticket is mine.”


Lin Hangzhi said, “Just because you said it’s yours doesn’t mean it’s yours. Is your name written on it or what?”

“The ticket is mine,” she said again.

Lin Hangzhi said, “Obviously I found it from the secret realm. Why are you so unreasonable?”

The girl continued, “That ticket is mine.”

This woman was a repeater! Lin Hangzhi was irritated by her and said impatiently, “Well, even if it is yours, what can you do? Isn’t it in my hands now?”

The girl nodded, as if finally hearing a satisfactory answer. Her lips lifted in an imperceptible smile. “Yes, so the ticket is mine.”


Hearing her repeat this sentence for the fifth time, Lin Hangzhi could no longer bear her crazy behavior. He took a step forward, preparing to forcibly break away from her and leave.

The girl didn’t move and didn’t speak anymore. She just watched him move step by step in her direction.

Suddenly, Lin Hangzhi’s left foot stumbled over his right foot. The unexpected accident made him yell. He waved his arms involuntarily, trying to stabilize his body and protect himself at the same time in case he fell. But, he bizarrely failed.

In the next second, he face planted on to the ground at the girl’s feet.

Lin Hangzhi: ? ? ?

The girl took a step back, squatted down, turned his body over, and two white fingers reached into Lin Hangzhi’s chest pocket to pull out the light blue ticket.

Her long black hair brushed against Lin Hangzhi’s nose, carrying with it an unknown shampoo smell. The sensation made his nose itchy and gave him the urge to sneeze.

He watched as the girl put his hard-earned ticket into a small bag. He wanted to get up immediately to grab the ticket but found that he couldn’t move at all, as if he had lost control of his body.

Lin Hangzhi: ! ! ! !

Witchcraft! This was definitely black magic!

This woman is a monster! Help me, the monster is robbing–

Lin Hangzhi tried it and found that his mouth could still move. He immediately took a deep breath and shouted in his loudest voice, “Help! Robbery!”

The girl was taken aback. She looked at him with strange eyes and pull the bag shut.

Ticket! My ticket!

The beautiful light blue ticket disappeared in front of him. Lin Hangzhi felt that his life was completely hopeless. He simply shattered the jar and shouted, “Coercion! Wicked people! Help! Is there any kind hearted person willing to come and save me?! I’m so helpless, so weak!”

There was silence.

“I’m sorry.” She sighed softly and stood up. Her bright eyes stared at Lin Hangzhi, who was lying on the ground, unable to move. After a moment of silence, she seemed to be stating a certain fact and firmly said, “Good luck.”

Then, she turned around and quickly left.

“Robber! Rogue! Shameless!”

“Stinky woman!”

“Women are big scammers!”

“You better pray not to see me again! Otherwise, it won’t look good for you!”

Lin Hangzhi looked at her openly and could only use fierce language as payback. As he resisted the shackles of black magic, he stared until the girl’s figure disappeared from his line of sight. Finally, he was able to move his fingers.

Five minutes later, Lin Hangzhi sat blankly on the ground, raised his hand to touch his empty pocket, and let out a wail of death.

Ahhh–! Why was he so unlucky after he died!

Lin Hangzhi’s tragedy passed through the overlapping time and space and was vaguely heard by Dong Zheng and Allen, both of whom were walking on a thorny road.

“Oh, this dude is really miserable.” Allen couldn’t help but sighed.

They had just walked for twenty meters along a separated path, and their eyes widened suddenly. This was an irregular area of ​​about 400 square meters with a variety of plants growing in it. The unknown plants were so lush that there was barely any place for them to step on.

Dong Zheng moved branches and leaves aside with both hands and barely managed to walk through a plant that was half his height. In the innermost part of this area, within the depths of countless plants, was a blue “grass.”

Calling it a grass wasn’t entirely accurate since it was more than two meters high. It looked a bit like a human-sized banana, but its various morphological features indicated that it really belonged to the category of herbs.

Dong Zheng slowed down as he squeezed past the side of the plant and suddenly felt that one of its leaves had moved.

The leaves vibrated at a certain natural frequency, as if conveying a certain message. Dong Zheng and Allen looked at each other, and he asked, “Try it?”

Allen agreed, “Try it.”

So Dong Zheng reached out with his hand and gently touched the leaf.

[Just want to drink water to understand the plant dumplings in the early morning sunset taking medicine is very good it’s hard to believe these minor requirements will without exception include everyone and I if they…]

Many messy and noisy words floated in front of Dong Zheng’s eyes and ears. In the echoing and indistinct murmurs, countless pieces of information squeezed into Dong Zheng’s brain that was already exhausted by Cui Zuojing, washing every neuron and nearly overloading him.

Dong Zheng’s surroundings suddenly whirled, as if he was falling from the sky and was wrapped in a violent weightlessness.

Then he fell heavily onto a cold iron plate.


The fall was very strong. Dong Zheng’s sore back caused him to reluctantly lay there for a long time. He blinked his eyes, but he could still see only darkness. Then, he reacted, realizing that it wasn’t that he hadn’t recovered his vision but that this place was just too dark.

He was lying on his back on a hard slab, and it was cold all around. Dong Zheng turned his head to look around but failed to see the light.

Frowning, he tried to prop his body up but at no more than 50 centimeters high, his head hit the top of the space.

Dong Zheng then saw a glimmer of light coming out from the area by his feet.

There was a faint conjecture in his mind, and he began to explore around, trying to determine the size of this rectangular cabinet.

2400 x 800 x 600.

Dong Zheng already guessed where he was.

The cabinet door was not closed too tightly. Dong Zheng tried to move it forward by extending his toes out of the gap, pressed against the upper door of the cabinet, and pushed.

He managed to push open the cabinet by a mere 30 centimeters.

Dong Zheng repeated this operation five or six times until his thigh was able to fully extend outside. He reached for the upper drawer, pulled himself out completely, and rolled over to the ground.

Dong Zheng took a deep breath as he looked at the five or six wheeled beds in the room and at the corpse storage cabinets against the wall on three sides.

As expected.

The temperature inside the mortuary was like a summer resort during the height of summer. Human figures could be seen under the white cloth of the wheeled beds. There was no light in the room, leaving only the fluorescent green safety light that barely illuminated even a small space. It made people feel as if there was something frightening behind them.

Dong Zheng fumbled for a while on the wall, trying to find the switch. After the cold white light flickered a few times, it barely stabilized. But the brightness couldn’t conceal the sense of danger.

Everything became clearer. The pile of withered plants curled up in the corners, the dried blood stains on the concrete floor, and the rust on the corpse cabinet all told Dong Zheng that this would never be a good place.

He looked at the mortuary door, which was locked from the inside. Then, he pushed the cabinet closed. The label on the cabinet was mostly stained with blood, and there was a small line with the barely recognizable words “August █, ██”

What about Allen?

This problem didn’t bother Dong Zheng for too long. The corpse cabinet by the wall to his left suddenly made a slight noise, like someone was moving inside. The sound wasn’t loud, but it was quite noticeable in the quiet morgue.

“Allen?” Dong Zheng called. He wasn’t sure if it was Allen or something else.

The sound of struggling stopped immediately. A few seconds later, there came the sounds of someone’s feet kicking against a cabinet door. It rang three short sounds, followed by 3 long sounds, then 3 short.

Dong Zheng was relieved and followed the direction of the sound to determine the cabinet door—a corpse would never use Morse code to call him for help.

After pulling open the uppermost corpse cabinet compartment with both hands, he found Allen staring at him. Allen was tightly tied up with tape pasted over his mouth.

Dong Zheng stepped forward to untie him. Allen rolled over and jumped off in a hurry, tearing off the tape. When he found out where they were, he immediately yelled, “Really unlucky!”

“The door is locked.” Dong Zheng didn’t even bother speaking nonsense. The hint in the upper right hand corner of his field of vision had been updated the moment they’d entered this place. The display now showed “Unraveling the Southland”

“Let’s separate and find the key.”

Allen nodded, glanced at the corpse on the table, and mumbled, “It’s the grass that pulled us in here, but how can a plant have anything to do with a hospital?”

Dong Zheng looked at the withered plants that were gathered up in the corner. The stems were very brittle and looked as if they would crumble with a touch. They were all wrapped in a rotted cloth. Nearby was half a broken test tube.

Allen looked around and said, “Hey, do you think we only entered here through our consciousness, or did we come with our body?”

Dong Zheng lifted the white cloth on the wheeled bed, hurriedly scanned the woman’s stiff body, and covered her again as soon as possible. “This question is meaningless. No matter what happens, as long as we die, we’ll really die.”

The mortuary was not large, and the two soon searched it but found nothing noteworthy.

“Sure enough, this stinky box would definitely not let us go out easily.” Allen sighed helplessly and tapped on the corpse cabinet, asking, “Ok, who goes first?”


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3 years ago

Since all stories exist in Pure White Realm, imagine if they see stories of actual living humans? It must be a horrible kind of story to be able to make it a box, right? What if they suddenly entered somebody's life story? What if they entered Cui Zoujing's story? I'm really curious.

2 years ago

My heart goes out to that poor doctor. Really unlucky to encounter someone who would steal tickets. I mean, in this place full of death I would also steal in order to live. At the very least, the doctor only had his ticket stolen and wasn’t injured or worst, killed for it.

Eyyy DZ and Allen bonding time?

Anony Laurel
Anony Laurel
2 years ago

Exactly! And what’s on second