IWOL Chapter 252: ⏹

The pain completely swept away all traces of fatigue. Luckily, Dong Zheng had adjusted his posture when he fell, and so aside from the slight internal pain, he didn’t suffer any major injuries when landing.

He crawled out of a pile of debris and saw the shadow of Ren Heming in front of him.

His shixiong had led him all this way in chase of the evil spirit. At this moment, the man had just climbed up from wreckage. Dong Zheng looked up and up. They had fallen more than ten meters down, and the candle light from above outlined the irregular shape of the hole on the temple floor, completely out of reach.

“Hsss…” Ren Heming stood up and patted the dust off of him. Then he lit a fire, turned his head, and silently sighed. “Follow me.”

Ren Heming’s tone was different from before. In the past, he didn’t act like a shixiong or like a team leader when faced with making a decision; he preferred to ask for Dong Zheng’s opinion first before stating whether he agreed or disagreed.

It was as if he was deliberately letting Dong Zheng choose the direction of the plot.

But now, he was different. Dong Zheng stepped across a broken plank and reached Ren Heming’s side. He asked, “Shixiong?”

“Mmn.” Ren Heming didn’t look at him. He walked forward, and the light from the bamboo flint illuminated the underpass. It was unclear when this place was built or why it appeared directly underneath a temple. Both sides of the walls were made out of blue bricks, which looked unexpectedly clean and tidy. There was a stone door in front of them, carved with strange patterns.

Dong Zheng was uneasy. At this moment, he even wanted to leave.

But Ren Heming’s voice stopped him. “Push the door open.”

Dong Zheng didn’t follow his instructions; he didn’t move at all. Instead, he said, “What’s inside?”

“What you want to know, it’s all inside.” Ren Heming actually yawned, as if he was bored. He didn’t look nervous at all and seemed even a little lazy. “Open the door. I want to take a little rest.”

Dong Zheng stared at him for a few seconds and finally pushed the door open.

The door was lighter than he had anticipated. An unknown light illuminated the huge underground cave on the other side of the door.

He went in, and Ren Heming followed lazily behind.

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