IWOL Chapter 281: Protector

All of mankind’s initial activities originated from desire, not rationality.

Therefore, indulging in the desire, Lust; wasting and overindulging in food, Gluttony; wanting to possess more than needed, Greed; escaping reality with no sense of responsibility, Sloth; venting unwarranted hatred and violence, Wrath; hating others better than oneself, Envy; being disrespectful and blasphemous, Pride, these were all the original sin of life.

These were the seven deadly sins that everyone had.

The first person to break free from the loss of control was Dong Zheng. He knew exactly what he had done to Cui Zuojing during this entire process. This kind of recklessly wanton contact wasn’t something he wanted. Therefore, his kernel had detected his abnormality the moment he became trapped by lust and had begun to repair itself.

It worked very fast to gather data to temporarily repair the deficiencies caused by the removal of morality. When it was completely patched, Dong Zheng began to break free from the trap.

The person who taught him in the field of brain development was Fu Zhe. Therefore, Dong Zheng knew better than anyone how to break away from Fu Zhe’s mind control.

Cui Zuojing was slumped on the sofa, his eyes closed as if he’d fallen asleep, covering up the usual clever and cunning light in his eyes. Dong Zheng wiped him down with his coat, dressed him back up, lifted him into his arms, and left the purple room.

Even if he’d escaped from the trap, the original sin would still haunt him. Dong Zheng endured the throbbing. He had to find Victor as soon as possible. Victor’s purification ability and power of body were the only things that could help him completely recover.

Cui Zuojing moaned twice, seeming to feel uncomfortable. Dong Zheng lowered his head and dropped a kiss on the tip of his nose, even as he hurried to find a way to leave this spatial maze.


The translucent insects had completely wrapped Wang Que like a cocoon, gently protecting her fragile body, protecting her from harm.

After she was forced to close her eyes, the jealousy that entangled her and tortured her was relieved.

—Envy, to guard against jealousy, punish it by sewing your eyes shut.

She didn’t know how long it took, but the insects that pressed her eyes closed gradually disappeared. Wang Que’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and then slowly opened. The oppressive tone of the black room seemed to engulf her, and everything that just happened flashed before her eyes. Tan Qiuyu’s repulsive face, as well as her exposed, ugly thoughts, all of it made her want to vomit.

She couldn’t allow herself to be like that. Absolutely not.

There may be countless things in this world that could defeat her, but it would definitely not be jealousy.

She pushed herself up, and clutching her battered heart, she staggered towards the door in front of her.



The bottle slammed into Victor’s head, making his head jerk. It instantly instigated the power of body, which surged up to protect him. The emerald green of vitality and the silver of purification wrapped around him, immediately expelling the alcohol that turned his nerves sluggish and the gluttonous desire that entanged him.

Victor suddenly realized what he had done. He looked back at the mess on the table, showing an expression that said he couldn’t bear to look at it directly.

He grabbed Dong Linhai’s wrist, and the power of purification entered the young man’s body to dispel his anger. They have been wasting too much time. They needed to crack this maze as soon as possible.

At this point, it was no longer possible to hide their cards. Now, they could only use the most direct method.

Victor took out Fu Zhe’s key and wanted to call Dong Linhai closer. But suddenly, his mouth opened and the food that he had gorging down his throat earlier spouted out one after another. Even the things he’d drunk were vomited out.

Victor: ………………………..

Dong Linhai: …………………………….


A spatial maze was incredibly difficult to figure out.

The hallway was oddly twisted, and each door that was opened may as well be a wall, a bottomless crack in space, a room with no exits, an endless door, or a never ending loop.

Cui Zuojing could feel that Dong Zheng was breathing with difficulty. He was constantly fighting against desire, holding himself back, and looking for a way to break this trap. These factors compounded into a terrible burden.

He had to do something to alleviate the pressure on Dong Zheng.

Cui Zuojing struggled to reach into his pocket. He held the key, forced his exhausted head to turn, and urged the power of time and space.

Fu Zhe had specifically sealed a bit of space power in the key. When the power of space was awakened, the key exploded with a bright purple light. The spatial power surged out and enveloped their figures.

When the light finally dimmed, the hallway‌ was empty.

In the next moment, Cui Zuojing and Dong Zheng appeared in an empty street that led to Momo. The tall building in the shape of a birdcage loomed in the distance, partially hidden by thick clouds. A dull rumble thundered out from the distant sky. The morning sun was obscured, and the world was shrouded in a gloomy sheet of water vapor.

At the end of the road, the man stood straight and tall. He had deep, handsome Persian features, dark honey eyes, and short and thick black hair. A simple Persian scimitar hung at his waist.

He was waiting for them. Like the three-headed dog Cerberus, who guarded the gates of hell, he was guarding his person.

The key that was still emitting the power of space buzzed and resonated, and the key-shaped pendant on Cerberus’ chest was hotter than ever before. Frowning, he pressed his hand over it. As he did so, he watched Dong Zheng, who also gazed back at him.


The key in Cui Zuojing’s hand shattered with a crisp sound, directly fragmenting as the resonance of powerful spatial force reached its peak. At this moment, the keys that Dong Zheng, Wang Que, Victor, Dong Linhai, Lin Hangzhi, and Xia Qiongyun each carried began to glow with a purple light as the spatial power within them was awakened. A portal immediately opened.

This was Fu Zhe’s backup plan for this operation. Since the fragments also had his abilities, he needed to use his own spatial power to defeat the fragments’ spatial power.

The Wonton Insurgency was finally gathered together again. Under Victor’s purification, all of their negative states melted like snow and ice. Lin Hangzhi was on the verge of losing consciousness due to blood loss. When he saw Victor, he took out his severed hand from his pocket and handed it over, trembling as he did so.

Wang Que was taken aback and immediately held on to the shaky Lin Hangzhi. But Xia Qiongyun, who was finally back to normal, was stunned. Everything that had happened in the card room flashed before her eyes. She couldn’t believe that she not only allowed Lin Hangzhi bet his hand, but she had even said those hurtful things and hadn’t even cared about him after he was injured.

Xia Qiongyun stared closely at the severed hand. Although she knew that she’d fallen into Morality’s trap, she still felt unbearable guilt.

Fortunately…fortunately, Uncle was here.

Victor professionally and skillfully took apart the simple dressing. Then he took Lin Hangzhi’s right hand, which had already lost its temperature, and pressed it onto the neatly severed wrist. The strength of body blessed the injury, and just like the rejuvenation of trees, the cells began to grow at accelerated speed. The mucosa, blood vessels, muscle tissues, skin…Layers of new tissues grew like magic and quickly reattached the severed hand back onto the wrist.

This was the true miracle of life and death.

Cui Zuojing moved a little, and Dong Zheng finally put him down. Now that his laziness was purified, it had gradually faded. However, a little laziness still remained in his limbs. The young man rolled his wrists and called out to Cerberus, “At this point, is it still necessary for your boss to hide?”

Cerberus didn’t give in. He pressed one hand to the handle of his scimitar and responded in a deep voice, “If you want to see him, you’ll have to step over my dead body first.”

There was nothing more to be done about it. Cui Zuojing’s eyes grew cold. He smiled and walked towards Cerberus. “In that case, I will find him myself.”

The young man was empty-handed, and his pace was casual, as if he didn’t take Cerberus seriously at all. In this way, he approached step by step. But suddenly, he stopped three meters away from Cerberus and frowned suspiciously, “Why do you have the power of space on your body?”

Cerberus answered with a sudden swipe from his blade. He aimed his weapon at the young man’s neck, the blade as fast as a gust of wind. But Cui Zuojing was faster than him. At the moment when the blade was about to touch him, his figure shook like a ghost, and he easily dodged the fatal blow.

The keys in Dong Linhai and Xia Qiongyun’s hands flickered and they appeared out of thin air where Cui Zuojing had been. Cui Zuojing was nowhere to be seen.

Dong Linhai raised his arm and blocked Cerberus’ second blow. The scimitar collided with the metal piece on his arm, emitting sparks. The huge force of the blow shook his shoulder. He was forced back a step, and he let out a “Fuck!”

Xia Qiongyun took the opportunity to kick and attack Cerberus’ waist. Then she spoke a few words that were full of confidence, “We won’t lose.”

Wang Que stood not far away. She took a deep breath and clapped her hand loudly, silently calling those tiny creatures. The translucent insects quietly appeared at her feet. Within a single breath, they split apart. A pair of wings as thin cicada wings stretched out, flapping toward the three people on the battlefield.

Cui Zuojing appeared on the street behind Cerberus in the blink of an eye. When the simulated spatial power transmitted Dong Linhai and Xia Qiongyun over, he delayed time. To outsiders, it looked as if he’d transported in an instant.

Dong Zheng gripped the key and gave it to Cui ZUojing. Cerberus was caught up and was therefore unable to extricate himself. He could only watch as the two of them ran toward the casino.

With a roar, he ignored the swarm of insects that was causing him great discomfort and completely gave up defending himself. The man who had dominated the arena seemed to have returned to that place many years ago. He was willing to pay an arm or an eye to kill the enemy. This was a life-or-death battle; but now, what he was trying his utmost to protect was not just his own life.

Xia Qiongyun’s dagger pierced his ribs, but before she could put more strength into it, Cerberus sent her flying with an infuriated fist. He was like an enraged lion. Callously pulling out the dagger within even blinking his eyes, he chased after Cui Zuojing, not caring at all about the people trying to detain him.

A meteor shot down from the horizon. It penetrated the thick haze of clouds, leaving a gorgeous tail mark.

Lin Hangzhi was the first to notice it. His pupils abruptly shrank, and he was so scared that he nearly pulled his newly reattached hand from Victor.

The meteor was flying straight toward them, getting bigger and bigger as it ate down the distance. Lin Hangzhi let out a heartbreaking shout, “Run!!!”

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LOL I feel bad for laughing but his ability is really a double edged sword

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