IWOL Chapter 337: A Billion Unopened Love Letters

The human brain is an organ that is composed of thousands of kilometers of nerve cells and is undergoing constant nerve regeneration. Its nerve cell circuits are 1,400 times more complex than all the telephone networks in the world today, and it performs tens of thousands of different chemical reactions every second. It can store more information in its memory than any electronic computer in the world. This makes it the most exquisite existence in living organisms. It possesses unparalleled creativity and potential, and thus far, no one has yet discovered all the uses of the brain.

It is an extremely sophisticated computer of the human body, having a CPU and a memory, both of whom are the core of thinking and remembering.

Dong Zheng’s eyes flashed through the intertwined numbers of 0s and 1s. At this moment, he used his kernel as the core and Murphy as the medium to connect one port after another, constructing a group of human brains, similar to an extremely vast cloud network.

Using one’s own brain to connect with the brains of many people was so crazy that it was fantastical. If he wasn’t careful, he may face the risk of overload. But Dong Zheng still dared to risk it.

The temple in his kernel had already been expanded to the second floor, but he had not yet had the chance to fully develop the energy housed within the temple. As more and more ports were connected, different brains became part of his cloud architecture, and virtual units appeared in his temple one by one. The blinking indicator lights represented the thinking of different people, and these lights were bright.

This kind of port connection and expansion continued for half an hour, creating a virtual information superhighway that connected people and the data housed within their brain. Dong Zheng and Murphy were the core, gradually connecting human brains from every corner of the Pure White Realm into a vast system comparable to a supercomputer!

At present, Dong Zheng wanted to use this human brain supercomputer to launch an attack on the supercomputer called Kether!

Numerous data were generated from various brains, traveled along the ports left by Murphy, and flew into Dong Zheng’s kernel through the virtual information superhighway. They all join together to construct an unimaginable thinking cloud!

As he stood in front of the recycle bin, Dong Zheng’s closed eyelashes kept trembling, and blood slowly flowed out of his ears and nose. Extreme overload would irreversibly destroy his kernel, but Dong Zheng no longer cared. If he couldn’t destroy Kether and couldn’t successfully leave the Pure White Realm, even if he had a good kernel, what would be the point?

Murphy’s phantom image flickered steadily under the impact of the huge data stream, and those calm and turbulent black eyes were now brighter than ever before.

In an instant, the “units” of light on the second floor of the temple began to flicker crazily, and Dong Zheng opened his eyes in front of the recycle bin.

Neurons sent out electrical impulses at a speed of 400 kilometers per hour. An incalculable torrent of data gushed from his kernel, rushing along the information superhighway beneath his feet into the huge trash can in front of him. People’s chaotic thinking was the result of countless individual CPU’s calculations. At this moment, they all became part of the recycle bin!

The huge trash can received the impact of all these trash messages. Ten seconds later, it shook violently and was quickly filled to the extent visible to the naked eye.

Thousands of people’s thoughts continue to flow in, and the recycle bin shook even more. It got bigger and bigger, and the blue three circular arrows displayed on it were gradually becoming deformed.


With a loud bang, the recycle bin exploded.

Dong Zheng immediately released Murphy’s hand. The moment he let go, the vast cloud network in the temple disappeared. Murphy’s figure became unprecedentedly solid. Dong Zheng even thought that the girl named Prisoner 0 in the space box had appeared in front of him again.

Murphy didn’t speak. She just smiled at Dong Zheng and then disappeared from his sight. In short, Dong Zheng no longer had the capability to see her presence anymore.

The temple spit him out, and he fell through the air before a crawler caught him on its broad back. Dong Zheng watched as the doors of the temple in the sky slowly closed.

When the doors were completely closed, the six-winged fallen angels holding long swords and shields moved for the first time. They raised their hands and the long swords crossed over one another, sealing the temple.

From then on, no one could enter.

On the information superhighway, Dong Zheng suddenly vomited a big mouthful of blood. His kernel was shrinking drastically, which was the price of excessive overdraft. He had a splitting headache, and he had trouble controlling his breathing. Even so, Dong Zheng continued to watch the exploding recycle bin.

The recycle bin was spitting out trash that had been stuffed inside. The data stream Dong Zheng had thrown inside sprayed out into the sky and crashed onto the information superhighway. It quickly accumulated a layer on the path and morphed into numbers and characters that flowed like river water, flooding Dong Zheng’s calves.

Dong Zheng tried his best to seal the pain port in his brain. He feared that he would pass out from the agonizing pain. However, once the pain port was closed, he could finally stand up straight and wipe the blood from his face.

It took a full ten minutes for the recycle bin to spit out what Dong Zheng had forcibly stuffed in, but the vomiting continued. The information that was sent in to be deleted and destroyed flew out of the trash can and scattered around the computer kernel.


A01002 handed in the report about the abnormality clearance and returned to the dormant cabin to rest.

As a member of the supercomputer Kether’s task force, he existed in the form of data. Wherever the kernel sent him, he would appear to clear anomalies and kill viruses.

A01002 no longer remembered how long he’d been living this kind of life. When there was no task, he would stay in the dormant cabin, waiting for the next task order. He never felt that there was anything wrong with this kind of life. Until this time, he met the group of people in the chaotic Rose Chapel box.

They had said that he was once also a pilgrim named Allen, and that they were teammates.

A01002 was lying in the dormant cabin, but his mind was full of what those people had said to him. As he was thinking silently, the dormant cabin sounded an alarm.

A01002 immediately sat up. The alarm meant that another task came and he needed to act immediately. He opened the panel to view the specific content of the task, but found that the coordinates that marked the error almost overlapped with his position.

The error… occurred inside the program?!

For a moment, A01002 thought he had read it wrong, but in the next second, a torrent of data rushed from afar, and he had no time to dodge and was submerged in it.

The feeling of being overwhelmed by data was very strange, as if one’s own entity was also dissolved in it, and only consciousness remained. A01002 did not notice when a bunch of special data roared and flowed from a certain distance. Like a bird returning home, they rushed straight towards him.

A01002 froze. With the integration of data, something was rapidly recovering—

“Hey buddy, can I sit here?”

“My name is Allen King. This is the third box I’ve entered. You can call me Allen, or Old King is okay too.”



“Leave me! Go!”

“I… also can choose to become a prisoner or an NPC…right?”

Those were memories Kether had cleared away and thrown into the recycle bin. His memory, at this moment, once again returned to him.

He remembered everything.


Dong Zheng tried to capture as much useful information as he could. The captured data flowed through his kernel and was analyzed, particularly information about the boxes. After the pilgrims leave a box, what was its fate?

Dream Gallery, Bald Soprano, Far North, Atheist, Night Rain in the Abandoned Village…What happened in the boxes one after another passed through Dong Zheng’s mind, and his kernel categorized and analyzed more deeply than before, looking for the commonality between them. Suddenly, Dong Zheng’s body became rigid with shock!

—The world’s time had long grown unchecked, but you and I are believers of entropy.

That was it!

Entropy was a measure of disorder. The greater the entropy, the more the disorder.

The second law of thermodynamics stated that, in a closed system, changes would always proceed in the direction of increasing entropy. That was, things would always develop in a more chaotic direction. A broken cup would never return to its original state, and ink would never go back to how it was after being dropped into water. It would be impossible to separate again.

But in a non-closed system, there was a kind of “inverse entropy process” that focused on the digestion and absorption of organisms.

An organism can maintain its own state of order by eating and absorbing the energy of other organisms as a food source. These food sources would then lose energy and enter a high-entropy state, while the entropy level in the organism would become more orderly.

The Pure White Realm was like an individual organism, and the boxes were small worlds that actually existed in truth. In order to maintain its low-entropy and orderly state, the Pure White Realm needed to continuously absorb energy from other small worlds, similar to the way humans obtain energy from food to maintain bodily functions. The pilgrims who entered the boxes were cells that made the box more high-entropy and chaotic, jumpstarting the energy conversion between the Pure White Realm and its food sources!

This was the reason why the Queen did everything possible to prevent the pilgrims from leaving the Pure White Realm. A person could accept normal cell death but would not allow her hard-working cells to escape.

All of the pilgrims were tools that were constantly working to maintain the normal existence of the Pure White Realm! Each box was a real world, and after being “digested” by the pilgrims, their energy would be absorbed by the Pure White Realm, be turned into “food scraps,” and then thrown into the recycle bin.

The truth contained in that information turned out to be so cruel.

Dong Zheng fell into an unprecedented shock. After tearing off the veil that covered the true appearance of the world, the reality was often cruel enough to make people feel fear and despair. It turned out that the worlds they had experienced were actually real. Their so-called customs clearance was, in fact, to completely destroy that world?

But Dong Zheng could not immerse himself in shock for too long, because the recycle bin in front of him began to spit out strange things.

Pink letters were sprayed out, the envelope flying in all directions. They fell through the air, forming a pink letter rain that encompassed all of the kernel.

Dong Zheng looked around him in disbelief. He stretched out his hand, and a love letter fell into his palm, the envelope sealed with rose wax. Countless letters floated on his shoulders and feet and all over the data river on the information superhighway, almost submerging Dong Zheng.

Dong Zheng suddenly understood why Memory sent a love letter every day but never received a response.

All the love letters were thrown into the recycle bin as junk files during the transmission process.

In that huge trash can, in addition to the memory of the dead pilgrim and the information that had lost its effectiveness, there was also Memory’s love for his CPU.

They had existed in the same computer since their inception, and though they cooperated with each other in their job, they had never met. She calculated, analyzed, and controlled everything, and he stored all the information used, and provided her with data at all times.

It was an seemingly absurd yet extraordinarily pure feeling.

The recycle bin was still vomiting violently, spitting out countless envelopes. Love letters nearly choked the server and drowned the entire kernel.

There was no end; they fell ‌endlessly.

—In a glass room full of flowers and plants, a young man with golden eyes and maroon curly hair sat at the table. The golden lines of bluebells on his face made his facial features look even more striking. He held a feather pen and was making a stroke, using the pen to speak his admiration for a lover he’d never met.

Jeg elsker dig
Ich liebe dich
I love you
Je t’aime
Rakastan sinua
Ti amo


Letters floated into the black bird cage. The CPU opened one up.

On that white paper, only three words were written.

—I love you.

—Volume 16: Information Superhighway [Ends]—

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3 years ago

Dong Zheng facing Kether, hopefully nothing goes wrong. Praying for them all, you got this guys! It’s time for a revolution! Go get those bitches!

1 year ago

I feel so bad for Memory. Who knows how long he(?) sent messages, but still remained hopeful.
Thank you for the chapter!