IWOL Chapter 352: Cui Dolly

Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing walked in the maze. The sky was blue with floating white clouds, and a castle stood far in the distance in the center of the garden. But they both knew that under this peaceful facade lurked a hidden danger.

“Now that Kether has been defeated, our chances of winning are much higher. The only thing we need to worry about is Worm of Mystery. As for Chang Hui…I always feel that her true objective isn’t so simple.”

Dong Zheng agreed. He looked at the gorgeous castle in the distance and asked, “Is that Queen waiting for us there?”

“Yes. Her ability is reversal, allowing her to reverse the situation at the last moment. Therefore, she absolutely had no worries about getting caught at a disadvantage. Moreover, the Queen isn’t so easy to kill so we must use the right method.” When Cui Zuojing turned around to face Dong Zheng, he realized that at some point in time, Cui Zuojing had taken out a blue and white headband and had placed it on top of his head.

Dong Zheng: ???

To Dong Zheng’s astonishment, Cui Zuojing took out another fluffy skirt of the same color. He took off his tactical uniform and replaced it with the blue and white maid’s skirt. He zipped up the zipper at his waist, placed the white laced apron around his neck, tied the ties into a bow behind his waist.

Then he took out the stockings, which were decorated in a blue and white diamond pattern, and rolled them up over his feet.

Dong Zheng exclaimed, “…..Hold on!”

Cui Zuojing looked up at him and saw his questioning expression. However, he just continued to put on both stockings. The stockings ended just below the skirt. The elastic band was tightened, causing the flesh on his thighs to bulge slightly, looking damn sexy. After doing all this, Cui Zuojing stepped onto little black shoes, picked up the Tang sword, and said grimly, “Only Alice can kill the queen.”

He looked exactly the same as his painting in the Rose Church gallery. Similarly, from now on, the person who would kill the Queen wasn’t Cui Zuojing, but Cui Dolly.

Dong Zheng felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong. He just had a strong sense that something was off.

Although, A’Zuo looking like this…was still pretty good.

The two continued to move forward. Dong Zheng couldn’t pull his gaze away at all. The hem of the skirt swayed, the white folds swishing up and down with every step Cui Zuojing took. Although Cui Zuojing had a strong figure, he was also slender so he didn’t look strange at all wearing a short skirt.

This was too weird!

Countless messy thoughts shuttled through Dong Zheng’s mind as he and the young man moved through the maze. About ten minutes later, Cui Zuojing abruptly stopped. Grabbing Dong Zheng’s hand, he dragged him to the side to hide. They were pressed tightly together, and the lace on the headband on the young man’s head grazed against Dong Zheng’s face, making it a little itchy. Looking down from this angle, Dong Zheng could see down Cui Zuojing’s chest through the unsupported neckline.

The young man listened intently to the silence around him. Suddenly, his expression changed.

“It’s too late now!”

Dong Zheng jerked awake.

He reached out to the bedside table to turn off the ringing mobile phone. Sunlight leaked in through the heavy curtains, slightly lighting up the room. Cui Zuojing had one hand on his chest and a leg thrown over him, using him as a body pillow in his deep sleep.

The alarm also woke Cui Zuojing. Frowning, he squinted his eyes, and when he saw that it was still too early, he pulled the cover himself. After rubbing his head against Dong Zheng’s shoulder, he went back to sleep.

Dong Zheng found that there was a layer of cold sweat on his forehead. He tilted his head to look at the person next to him. From above, he could see a small section of the bridge of his nose and his slightly parted lips. Cui Zuojing had never been in the habit of wearing pajamas, and so his shoulders were completely exposed outside the thin cover.

Dong Zheng touched the remote control and turned on the central air conditioner. His mind was full of the scenes from his dream. That painting…must have left a deep impression on him, so that despite having left the Pure White Realm for months, he still remembered it.

He gently moved Cui Zuojing’s arm and leg away and got up to go to the company. Cui Zuojing turned over, felt the cool air after the air conditioner was turned on, and pulled the cover over himself again.

After Dong Zheng washed and changed his clothes, he took a look at Cui Zuojing as he passed the master bedroom. Seeing that Cui Zuojing was still asleep, he couldn’t help smiling and lightened his footsteps.

After buying breakfast downstairs, Dong Zheng drove to the company. It had been more than a month since he woke up, and his life had returned to its normal trajectory. The only difference was that now his house had an additional person in it.

Cui Zuojing woke up an hour later. After waking up, he lay on the bed and played with his cell phone for a while. Then, he got up and washed the noodles in the kitchen, took out the meat sauce he’d mixed last night from the refrigerator, and mixed it in with the noodles for breakfast.

He cooked better than Dong Zheng. In those eight years when his time was frozen, his parents would go to work and his sister would go to school. He was the only one who took care of the cooking. As long as there was something in the fridge, then there was no worry about him starving to death.

Dong Zheng had already arrived at the company, and they talked for a bit. Then Cui Zuojing packed up the dishes, entered the room, turned on the computer, and logged into League of Legends. When he saw that Dong Linhai was also online, they paired up and went looking for entertainment in Summoner’s Canyon.

Quicking realizing that Summoner’s Canyon might not give him the entertainment he wanted, Cui Zuojing looked around for games that were catching steam and bought some interesting-looking horror games. Meanwhile, Dong Linhai was aspiring to register for the College Entrance Examination. According to the original plan, he was supposed to go and study abroad, but no one would ever imagine that, ever since he woke up from the car accident, he would be clamoring to go to police school instead.

His family was naturally unwilling, so why bother? With his family’s economic status, he could live well no matter what he did, so why endure all those hardships?

“But I thought about it, and that might be the only chance for me to pick up the gun again.” Dong Linhai was a little sad. His ability to control metal had turned the weapon into something akin to a body part. If he found an occupation related to this, his growth might be particularly powerful.

Cui Zuojing asked, “Did Dong Zheng try to help you convince your parents?”

“He did, but my mom wasn’t convinced. Surprisingly, my dad seemed to be slowly giving in.”

“Then you should just secretly sign up. Once you’re admitted, your family won’t be able to do much.” Cui Zuojing knew that since Dong Linhai was complaining about it, his heart was already set on it. “Don’t dawdle and start the game. I’ll have to cook for your brother and send it to him soon.”

Dong Linhai was shocked. “You’re delivering him food?”

“The primary reason is to go to his company and take a look around. I’m tired of staying home all day. I want to find a job, and since I don’t even have a high school diploma, I’m not even going to bother trying to study for the adult college entrance examination.” After leaving school for so long, Cui Zuojing naturally didn’t want to go back to school and study again. But he’d been squatting at home for the past month, playing games and watching TV. He wouldn’t even go out until Dong Zheng got off work. This kind of living was a bit boring.

He had to find something for himself. Although Dong Zheng would absolutely not mind raising him, Cui Zuojing didn’t want to just eat and die early. Now that he has returned to the present, he must live a good life.

At 10:30, Cui Zuojing and Dong Linhai bid farewell in the game. He grabbed Dong Zheng’s lunch and took a taxi to his company. It was miserable. Although Cui Zuojing’s ID card was 24 years old, he’d been too immersed in the tragedy of his first trip to the Pure White Realm and so he did almost nothing, let alone test for his driver’s license.

This matter must be put on the agenda quickly. Cui Zuojing got out of the car in front of the office building and realized that he’d been here before. In the Corridor of Memory, the team was drawn into the illusion woven by the corridor, and there, they experienced the life they should have had if they hadn’t died. This scene looked exactly like the one in the illusion.

Dong Zheng had already informed the front desk in advance, and so Cui Zuojing simply took the elevator directly to his office. At this point in time, most of the employees had gone for lunch, and there weren’t many people left. Cui Zuojing slowed down, and he couldn’t help but feel that, if he hadn’t died, he would be working like this.

But if he was allowed to choose, he would still get to know that magnificent world.

When he pushed the door in, Dong Zheng was leaning against the back of his chair, looking at his computer screen in a daze. Seeing Cui Zuojing’s arrival, Dong Zheng straightened and put the papers piled on the table in the drawer.

“What are you doing?” Cui Zuojing put the lunch box on the table, leaned against the desk with one hand, and looked at his computer screen.

Dong Zheng stretched out his hand and Cui Zuojing came over and sat down on his lap. Looking at the chat box on the screen, he said, “My friend is a game developer, and I wonder if I ought to create a game with the Pure White Realm as the background. Something for me to remember by. After all, memory is the most deceptive thing and I want to record it all down when I still remember it clearly. So, when I get old, I’ll remember every bit of it. But, regardless of whether it’s in a game or is written down, it’s a big project.”

Dong Zheng’s idea was indeed quite tempting. Cui Zuojing also didn’t want to forget the magnificent adventures he had experienced. He took the mouse and scrolled through the chat log. But he had a concern. “That’s a good point…but there’s a problem. Let’s say that we were able to somehow capture the Pure White Realm experience and disseminate it to the public, but what happens if these people somehow ended up entering the Pure White Realm. What if, like us, they wanted to leave the Pure White Realm too? In this case, wouldn’t it be troublesome to expose it to the world?”

Wang Que was now the new queen, and they didn’t know what the Pure White Realm would look like under her rule. Moreover, it wasn’t clear whether the pilgrims would also have a chance to return to the real world. Under these premises, it wouldn’t do to expose the Pure White Realm to the uninformed.

Dong Zheng was hungry. He opened the lunch box and began to eat lunch. Cui Zuojing was very attentive and had even prepared some after-dinner fruit. As Cui Zuojing flipped through the chat record, his hand suddenly shook and the page behind the chat box was minimized, revealing the page behind it.

In the picture shown, a beautiful girl was wearing a blue and white maid outfit and acting cute in front of the camera. The product’s name was “Maid Outfit: A full set of anime women’s cafe maid clothes.”

A message from customer service popped up: “177cm135 kg, is it? If the skirt is too short, you can buy the largest size.”

Cui Zuojing:………………

Dong Zheng:………………

Dong Zheng said, “Listen to me— “

Cui Zuojing quickly stuffed a strawberry inside Dong Zheng’s open mouth and coldly said, “Say it.”

Dong Zheng choked. He worked hard to swallow the strawberry and surrendered, “Okay, I actually don’t have an explanation for this.”

Cui Zuojing didn’t know if he should be angry, but he thought it was pretty funny. He really didn’t expect Dong Zheng to constantly keep this in mind.

Then, he’ll satisfy him.

He clicked on the customer service chat box and quickly typed, “What about 186cm160 kg? I want to buy one for my boyfriend.”

The customer service representative slowly sent over a question mark.


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2 years ago

I think it should be 67.5kg and 80kg respectively. Thr Chinese measurement unit needs to be converted into kg. 🙂