IWOL Chapter 46: Demon Girl

Seeing that Dong Zheng had already come out of the illusion, Cui Zuojing was a little surprised. Then he realized that Dong Zheng had the ability to develop the brain, making his resistance to illusions much stronger than other pilgrims.

Although he knew it was just an illusion, Cui Zuojing felt a lingering disgust from tearing a mouse apart with his bare hands. He rubbed his clean palms on the wall, patted Dong Zheng on the shoulder, and secretly wiped both hands on his clothes.

Dong Zheng: ?

Cui Zuojing smiled innocently at him and said, “Your clothes are dirty. I’m just patting it for you.”

Dong Zheng was surprised. He turned his head, shifting his gaze away from Cui Zuojing’s face.

Meanwhile, Dong Linhai was being beaten by three boys.

He curled up his arms to protect his head, taking the blow with his back and legs. To be honest, the strength of these little boys would ordinarily be nothing to him, but he’d changed body.

He now had a thin body with little strength.

So it hurted very much.

Dong Linhai gritted his teeth, enduring the pain. As an athlete, he was a tyrant in school. Even outside of school, no one dared to provoke him. But now, he was being hammered to the ground by a few wimpy little brats.

As the children swore at him for being unclean, they punched and kicked him. After a while, they got tired and finally spit on Dong Linhai a few times before turning around and going back.

The opportunity was coming!

With their backs turned, Dong Linhai knew they wouldn’t expect that the victim would dare to resist and would therefore be negligent. Suddenly, he violently pulled down the pants of the boy in the middle from behind. Together with his underwear, two pieces slid down, revealing two thin legs and a certain radish to the wind.

Dong Linhai took advantage of the opponent’s scramble to hurriedly pull up his pants and gave him a hard kick!

For a long time, the boy screamed, crouching down and bending over.

Only a man knew the fastest way to beat another man.

Dong Linhai snorted coldly. He’d been beaten up just now, making him extremely cruel. Even with his weak body, the explosion of all his strength would be enough to make these little kids eat their own pot.

Besides, he still had a wealth of fighting experience.

Dong Linhai clenched his fists with both hands, the knuckles of his middle finger protruding slightly, turning his body into a weapon. He slammed his fist into the boy’s armpits, stomach, chin and nose.

It was a unilateral beating.

In another illusion, even when Lin Hangzhi was pushed onto the wall of the women’s restroom, he was still confused.

The few little girls in front of him were full of disdain. They grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled hard. Lin Hang hissed in pain and glanced down at his long, golden hair.

A girl said, “I really don’t understand why the school allows this kind of monster to attend school.”

“Do you really want to do what they say?” Another girl asked in a low voice.

“It’s exactly what I’m going to do. She’s a monster that everyone hates. My parents said that she has demon blood and told me not to play with her.”

Lin Hangzhi: …………..

What? Demon blood? In the end, what was the background setting of this box? Seeing that the children were all Asians, where did the demon come from?

The other children were moved by her. Their eyes hardened, and they stepped forward to Lin Hangzhi, wanting to undress him.

“What are you doing? What are you doing?!”

Lin Hangzhi covered his clothes with both hands, but his two fists could not compare to the enemies’ many hands. Soon, his clothes were torn off. Although he knew he was a little girl at this time, after having been a man for nearly 30 years, he was used to being shirtless and didn’t feel much shame. “I don’t hit children, but if you do this again, I’ll be angry.”

“Shut up. If you keep talking, I’m going to punch you in the mouth.” Although the girl was very weak, her words were not polite at all

Lin Hangzhi: …………

“Well, you forced me. I didn’t want to,” Lin Hangzhi murmured.

He took a deep breath and thought about the hardship of studying medicine for eight years, the daily suffering of having patients deliberately making things difficult for him, the anxiety when he was framed, and the collapse when he received the dismissal notice. He laughed.

In the next moment, the youth’s timid eyes suddenly became fierce. He grabbed the back collar of the girl who was still plucking at his clothes, and threw her into the toilet cubicle.

He didn’t do anything afterward.

A few seconds later, the water tank in the bathroom exploded.


After waiting for three to four minutes, Lin Hangzhi and Dong Linhai’s eyes returned to clearness one after another. The two of them saw that the hallway had become normal, and they were relieved. Although Allen was the slowest, he too finally freed himself.

He patted his chest from the lingering fear and muttered, “It’s too scary. How can a fight between girls be so scary…”

The laboratory door was not far away. As soon as they hastened out the laboratory door, Dong Zheng whispered, “In the illusion, I was a little girl being bullied by classmates. What about you guys?”

Dong Linhai said, “Me too. Then, I beat up those little bear kids and automatically came out.”

Allen said, “I scolded them and made them cry.”

Lin Hangzhi sighed, “I didn’t do anything with those little girls. They were too unlucky. Really, too unlucky.”

After a few seconds of silence, Dong Linhai took the lead to say, “This…Is this a plot about school violence?”

Unlike the others in the team who were in their twenties–with the oldest being Lin Hangzhi at 30–and who hadn’t attended school in a long time, Dong Linhai had just finished his college entrance examination before he’d entered the Pure White Realm. Campus life had left him with the deepest memory. Although his grades were poor enough to make his parents sigh all day, he did well at sports. With money at home, he had no need to worry about college affairs.

As a result, Dong Linhai’s school life was about playing and having fun, incomparably happy.

Except that Dong Zheng managed his own grades very well and so, by comparison, when Dong Linhai failed his English tests, his parents would often confiscate his motorcycle keys and lament sorrowfully, “Look at your brother and then look at you.”

As a school tyrant who could call the wind and summon the rain, Dong Linhai had heard of many similar stories. Stories of on-campus beatings and emotional abuses, of female classmates having cat fights, of who and who and who stayed out all night, and who was going steady with someone off-campus and wasn’t being careful…But, all of these had nothing to do with him. Whenever he saw these types of beating and cursing, his youthful sense of justice would compel him to intervene, but it also wasn’t something he was interested in changing.

This was the teachers’ problem.

But today, he truly became a girl who was bullied and personally experience how terrible it really was.

Although he’d succeeded in making a momentary resistance in the illusion, the price afterward for the girl in reality was probably only more cruel atrocities and tortures. There were a large number of perpetrators against one lonely and helpless person, making it absolutely impossible for this person to have a good life.

Dong Zheng said, “Yes, there are related contents in the diary I found. The protagonist is in the fifth grade, and my son in the plot was her classmate. Those who bullied her broke her favorite doll and often made her cry. But there was always another little girl by her side.”

Cui Zuojing reminded him quietly, “Your son was also one of the people who bullied her, otherwise he wouldn’t have died.”

Dong Zheng was indifferent and said, “That’s arranged by the plot and has nothing to do with me. If my child really dares to do this, I would definitely teach him a good lesson.”

There was a saying that an elder brother was like a father. Dong Linhai, who had experienced Dong Zheng’s care, couldn’t help but subconsciously tremble when he heard this.

Lin Hangzhi added, “The warning notice I saw posted on the principal’s office door criticized three boys for locking the auditorium door without permission. They locked a classmate inside for two days and one night. This classmate was probably the girl. If this was the case, it makes sense.”

Allen was speechless. “This is called school violence? It’s killing people. It’s simply murder. What were these kids thinking?!”

Dong Linhai said, “Don’t talk of just school violence. I even saw a murder in school…In my second year of high school, a fellow in my grade got up in the middle of the night and killed his roommate with a knife. As he was killing the second roommate, others woke up and saw what he was doing. When he realized that everything was revealed, he climbed out the window and jumped off the building. Before he died, he even pulled others into sharing his fate. Hey, big brother, this matter, you already knew about it.”

Dong Zheng said, “Mmn.”

Allen’s hair immediately stood on end.

Everyone left the laboratory building and stopped temporarily by the fitness equipment next to the playground to process this information. It was relatively empty here, making it convenient for them to investigate. If there was any abnormality, they could run at any time.

“This girl is called Agatha. She is about eleven years old. She has long blond hair and is very skinny. This meant that her home condition probably isn’t very good. She was bullied by several boys in her class, and her other classmates seemed to isolate her, making it even more unlikely for her to get out of her predicament. She has only one friend who she can play with, a little girl, who wrote this diary. Her favorite toy is a teddy bear, which her classmates had destroyed with a scissor and was later sewn back together. Right now, that is all I know.”

Dong Zheng leaned against the horizontal bar, summarized everything, and asked, “Does anyone have any other useful information?”

Lin Hangzhi added, “I heard one girl in the illusion say that Agatha has demon blood and that she’s a monster. The girl’s parents won’t permit her to have any contacts with her.”

Dong Zheng subconsciously shot a quick glance at Cui Zuojing, who was sitting on the parallel bars.  “Demon?”

In this case, he was now certain of his previous guess. There was a demon girl drawn on the classroom blackboard. The name of the Chinese performance was “Death of the Demon Girl,” and the protagonist of the box was a girl named Agatha.

According to the plot of the stage performance, Agatha was bullied by her classmates, and when she began to resist a little, it resulted in even more violence.

Afterward, the dolls all turned into terrifying giant monsters who killed everyone who bullied her. Just like Peppa Pig, who, according to the script, should have executed the “knight regiment commander,” the person who’d bullied her the most.

“I haven’t read this booklet yet. Wait for me to scan it.” Dong Linhai opened the thin booklet and began to quickly browse the contents, his brows furrowing occasionally as he did so.

Dong Zheng took advantage of this to take out the diary he hadn’t finished. He continued to read it with Cui Zuojing and Allen, both of whom came up to stand next to him.

[May 6th // Monday // Sunny] 
[After school today with Agatha, I found a small road behind the cafeteria, which led to a small woods! We set up a secret base over there, so no one will disturb us anymore.]


[May 14 // Tuesday // Overcast]
[Chen Hao asked me what I did every day, and I just made an excuse. Although it is wrong to lie, I believe that in this case, it is definitely not the same. 
They are so annoying.]


[May 17th // Friday // Sunny] 
[Chen Hao secretly followed us. It’s over. Everyone will know Agatha and my secret base tomorrow. 
He told me not to play with Agatha, otherwise all the classmates would hate me for a long time. 
Why? Demons and other things are stories to deceive children. Why do they take them as real when they are already this old? Really childish. 
Agatha treats me the best.]


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3 years ago

Now thats a true friend (uwu) but i wonder what happened. she didn't seem to appear in the illusions, and the play portrayed agatha as lonely…

But anyways thanks for the chapter ❤️

3 years ago

Children can sometimes be really cruel, it's sad that this kind of things happen.

3 years ago

Was Agatha being bullied for being a mixed race/foreigner? And perhaps maybe because of some other things as well?

3 years ago

I’m suspicious of Allen. Why he’s the only one whose illusion we didn’t “see”. Plus we know more about Lin Hangzhi who appeared a few chapters ago, while Allen has been a part of a group since the first box (unoficially, ofcourse). I bet he’s a mole (ᵕ≀ ̠ᵕ )

8 months ago

I think this was a case of xenophobia 😭