IWOL Chapter 64: A Sudden Misfortune

The figure walked in and closed the door gently. The room once again became enveloped in darkness.

Lightning silently flashed across the night sky, the pale light illuminating the wide grin on his lips.

He approached the bed step by step, his pupils burning scarlet. He raised the dagger in his hand and stabbed the person in the comforter without hesitation!

A white figure leaped out of the comforter like a thunderbolt and came at him in an instant. The cat’s sharp claws ruthlessly slashed down on his face, starting from the forehead, passing through the eye, and grabbing the corner of his mouth.

Blood immediately poured out. Pan Chuangen screamed and raised his hand to cover his face; his entire left eye was almost ruined by Victor’s claws.

Cui Zuojing had stopped trimming Victor’s nails since they came to the Pure White Realm.

Dong Linhai, who was underneath the comforter, tossed aside his wig and punched Pan Chuangen in the chest with his fist. He’d deliberately piled a lot of pillows on the side of the bed near the door. Luckily, the dagger that was aimed at him happened to hit the stack of pillows and didn’t hurt him.

Pan Chuangen was caught off guard and ended up taking two surprise attacks. It could even be said that he looked particularly miserable. His right eye, which had completely turned scarlet, stared at Dong Linhai with a hatred so scathing it could peel the skin off the boy.

But, in the dark, Dong Linhai couldn’t see anything at all. The teen grabbed the flashlight in his pocket and turned it on. When the beam of light illuminated Pan Chuangen’s face, Dong Linhai couldn’t help hissing at the sight of blood.

The thick, ash-colored outermost layer of skin covered Pan Chuangen’s whole body. Two massive ram horns protruded from his forehead. He let out a guttural roar. The clothes below his waist burst open as a pair of goat hind legs and a goat tail grew out

In the blink of an eye, the short and stout man had turned into the furry monster from the garden!

Dong Linhai really didn’t want to admit that the thing in front of him was a god. He flipped over to the other side of the bed, distancing himself from Pan Chuangen. He looked at the bedroom door.

According to the original plan, once Lin Hangzhi heard movements, he was supposed to mobilize the dolls and bring them in to subdue the malicious Pan.

The three of them may not be able to smoothly handle the powerful Pan alone. But, this may not necessarily be the case if they added more people.

But the door did not open.

Neither Lin Hangzhi nor the dolls entered.

Did something go wrong?

By the time Dong Linhai realized that this was bad, Pan Chuangen had completely finished his transformation. His injured left eye protruded, making him seem all the more terrifying. Victor jumped out from underneath the bed and, with a “swish,” slashed at his ankle. But, this time, he was only able to make a very shallow cut.

Frowning, the white cat deftly landed on the dressing table. Pan Chuangen’s intact eye shifted to look at him. By the time Victor noticed the purple ball of light rising from his palm, it had already shot toward him!

Victor immediately jumped away. The ball of light brushed past his tail and hit the vanity mirror with a loud bang. The mirror shattered into countless crystal powders and scattered on the table. Even then, the ball of light continued unabated, burning a large hole into the wall behind the mirror.

The smell of burnt hair drifted up. Victor turned his head and looked at the tip of his scorched tail. His ears flattened against his head, his back arched, and his eyes widened, round as a ball. From his throat came a yowl, the sound full of vigilance.

This won’t work. There were just two of them in the bedroom; it was impossible for them to beat Pan Chuangen!

Taking advantage of Pan Chuangen’s attention on Victor, Dong Linhai ran to open the bedroom door. Just as his fingertips were about to touch the doorknob, a beam of light shot forward. Dong Linhai hurriedly withdrew his hand and watched as the lock on the door exploded.

Agatha’s room was on the upper floor, almost ten meters above ground. Unless it was a last resort, it wouldn’t be ideal to jump out the window to escape.

“What are you running for? Don’t you want to play with me?” The half-goat man’s voice was guttural and strange. Blood trailed down his face and dropped onto the ground, making him look more than ever before like a demon.

Dong Linhai ignored him. He told himself not to be frightened. If his reactions slowed down, wouldn’t he just be delivering himself to Pan’s hands?

He kicked the door and felt it shutter. Shocked, he kicked it again.

Of course, Pan Chuangen wouldn’t wait idly for him to escape. The half-goat man attacked Dong Linhai with a bunch of magic and, at the same time, flashed forward, closing the distance between them. The moment he reached Dong Linhai’s side, he slapped his large hand with sharp, black nails down on Dong Linhai’s head.

If this blow landed, Dong Linhai would be dead on the spot, his brain sent splashing.

Dong Linhai seemed to be unaware of the impending danger. He stared at the door and kicked it again.

This was their last chance. Otherwise, they would have no more chance once Pan Chuangen began guarding the door.

At this very moment, a white figure jumped out in front of Dong Linhai. Pan Chuangen’s fingers spread out and, the moment the cat jumped in front of him, he swatted the cat away.

Victor flew straight out like a broken kite and slammed into the wall. His body seemed to become embedded in the wall for two seconds before he twitched and landed heavily on the ground.

Blood spilled out onto the sheets and floor, filling the air with its coppery scent.


Dong Linhai burst into tears. In that moment, the door finally broke under his final kick. The light from outside penetrated into the room, illuminating the wall and Victor on the floor, blood continuously pouring out of his mouth.

There was no one in the corridor. Nearby, Lin Hangzhi laid motionless on the carpet with shattered glasses all around him. Rain scattered in through the window, soaking the glass shards that seemed to glow with an icy light.

“Do you think I’m a fool?” The half-goat man walked out of the dark room, not even bothering to spare the fallen Victor a glance. He stared at Dong Linhai and asked, “Where did you hide her?”

Dong Linhai slowly took a step back. He clenched his teeth so hard that the taste of blood permeated his mouth.

Step by step, he slowly retreated to Lin Hangzhi’s side.

Inside the room, Victor’s ears drooped weakly. His snow-white hair was dyed red with his own blood, and the pupils in his amber eyes began to spread outward.

Pan Chuangen had almost shattered his bones and internal organs.

Victor had forgotten that his current body was only a fragile cat.

He was no longer the person whose body was at the peak of strength, with the blood of a fierce nation running through his veins.

The smell of death lingered at the tip of his nose, making him longed for the warm temperature that seemed to be spilling out along with his blood. Just like eight years ago, his eyes gradually darkened. But, various images miraculously flashed through his mind.

He saw the smiling faces of his wife and three daughters, all of whom he hadn’t seen in a long time. He saw the people in the Afternoon Tea Party, and he saw the people he’d met during his pilgrimage. In the long hallway of the Queen’s Palace, he was stopped by a Siamese cat. The cat named Midnight licked his paws, his blue eyes flashing with excitement.

“You are called Crow, right? I do like catching birds the most. You look very delicious.”

“By the way, do you want to try at being a cat?”

In the end, Cui Zuojing, who was bruised and riddled with wounds, leaned over and picked him up.

The youth’s eyes were filled with a deep exhaustion and despair. His fingertips, wrapped in white gauze, gently combed through the hair on Victor’s back, and he softly said, “Uncle, from now on, I’ll take care of you. Let’s go home.”

He opened his mouth, but the only sound he could make was “meow.”

Blood stopped leaking out, as if his body was completely drained.

Victor closed his eyes.

A faint purple light enveloped him.

Meanwhile, Dong Linhai retreated to Lin Hanzhi’s side. He used the heel of his shoes to nudged Lin Hangzhi’s head, but there was no response.

They’d moved Agatha away ahead of time and agreed that the moment Lin Hangzhi heard movements in the bedroom, he would immediately rush in with guards to subdue Pan Chuangen. But, why did this happen instead?

Of course, it was impossible for the villain to explain why. Pan Chuangen didn’t want to bother with words full of nonsense; he was already very eager to finish this and execute these brats that had destroyed his plans not once but twice.

Another beam of light shot at Dong Linhai and he dodged sideways. The ball of magic burned a small hole in the wall, which emitted a thick smoke.

Before Dong Linhai could stabilize himself, Pan Chuangen had already moved closer to him. Taking advantage of his instability, the half-goat man punched him in the face. He pulled out the dagger meant for Agatha and stabbed it down toward Dong Linhai’s heart.

Dong Linhai broke out in a cold sweat so strong that it nearly drenched his whole person. He barely managed to awkwardly avoid the blow, causing the knife to scrape his shoulder instead, drawing so much blood that it quickly wetted his clothes.

Before he could feel relieved about his narrow escape, another blow struck. Dong Linhai could only desperately lean back to protect his throat, causing him to lose his balance and fall backward onto the ground.

By this time, he keenly sensed that something was wrong. If Pan Chuangen wanted to killed himself, why not use magic directly?

After all, it was more convenient to use magic. Pan Chuangen only needed to shoot a few magic balls at him, and he would be able to easily kill him. So, why bother with actual weapons?

Seeing that Dong Linhai was being slippery like a fish, Pan Chuangen’s eye flashed through the gloom. He stabbed directly at Lin Hangzhi, who was lying unresponsive on the ground.


Dong Linhai, who had already moved away to avoid him, had no choice but to turn back and throw himself in front of Lin Hangzhi. As he faced the dagger, his pupils shrank sharply, and his blood froze with extreme fear.

Dong Linhai felt the fluctuations of the dagger cutting through air against his cheek. He subconsciously protected himself with his hand, trying to block the fatal blow.

The sharp blade slashed the palm of his hand. Blood rushed out and the pain whipped across his brain like a nerve current, practically exhausting his willpower.

Dong Linhai’s vision turned dark with pain. He could barely catch his breath, but he had no thoughts of retreating. He stood firm in front of the unconscious Lin Hangzhi and, with a roar, grabbed the dagger!

At this moment, an indescribable feeling rose from his mind, reminding him of the pile of spoons in the kitchen.


This thought lasted for only a moment before it was quickly driven by unbearable pain. Dong Linhai didn’t know where his strength came from. With a shout, he held onto the dagger. Snatching it from Pan Chuangen’s hand, he slammed it into the half-goat man’s face.

The dagger obviously collided with flesh, but instead it made a sound like it was hitting a solid object. Although the thick outer layer of skin absorbed most of the impact, it still made Pan Chuangen’s injured eye bleed afresh.

Dong Linhai took advantage of the victory to pursue another attack. Before the half-goat man could fight back, he threw away the dagger, ignored his bloody palm, and dug his fingers into the man’s eye socket!

Pan Chuangen roared wildly in severe pain. His furry arm swept over with a mighty force and directly knocked Dong Linhai away.

Dong Linhai slammed heavily to the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood. But, much as he tried, he was unable to get back up.

“I didn’t intend to do this, but you forced my hand.” The half-goat man raised one hand to cover his injured eye. With half his body stained red with blood, he approached Dong Linhai step by step. His black nails grew longer, resembling five sharp blades and seeming very eager to cut Dong Linhai’s throat.

Dong Linhai used all his strength to prop himself up. Gritting his teeth, he looked up at him.

Pan Guangen stopped in front of Dong Linhai and raised his hand–



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If Victor dies then the goat is soooo fucking dead to Cui Zoujing. DONT KILL VICTOR!!! please dont die victor 🙁

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Дун Линьхай действительно дурак. Он меня бесит. Дурак. Из-за него Виктор ранен. Серьёзно. Дебил. Окей, ладно, ждём чуда… Может быть он ещё себя оправдает

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I swear if victor died… I'm going to denounce the fucking whole world!! Dang it… Great Author don't let me hate you and irk me to send you a platter of knife 🔪 🔪…

2 years ago

Imagining an injured and defeated CZJ filled with despair and exhaustion picking up cat Victor, saying “Let’s go home” broke my heart. The both of them went through so much, and had to leave their companions who they travelled with.

And hoh??? Linhai had a sudden inspiration to use his ability? What did he do?

Brazilian cheese cake using google translator
Brazilian cheese cake using google translator
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