Love Delusion (BL)

Genre: BL, Yaoi, Slice of Life, Comedy, Psychological

Summary: “Erotomania (Erotomania) is a rare mental illness in which the patient falls into the delusion that another person (usually someone with a higher social status) is in love with him.” (From Baidu Encyclopedia)

The psychiatrist that Lin Anran saw–

“In short, that Mr. Right was only a figment of your mental delusion. You feel that the other person is secretly conveying love, and was even secretly showing you love in a TV interview, but in fact, you both have no contact at all in reality. Everything was just your imagination.”

The man in suit and tie that Lin Anran saw at home–

“Ranran, you’re finally back.”

The shou is a long-haired introvert, the gong is a two-faced, big pervert.

53 Chapters

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6 months ago

Thanks a lot for your translation!
The synopsis looks really interesting, I’m going to read the story^^