Love Delusion: Chapter 18

Lin Anran was completely mentally prepared. He changed his clothes, tied up his hair into a high ponytail, and put on running shoes. He solemnly stepped on the most expensive, most supreme treadmill in the house.

All the money was spent, and it was now over and done with. Lin Anran had already quietly swallowed this big loss, so even if he had to run everyday from now on, he couldn’t let his money be squandered for free.

Shang Hao clamped the treadmill’s safety rope to his clothes. This was the treadmill’s emergency stop protection. If the user was about to fall or failed to keep up with the pre-set running speed, the magnet at the other end of the rope would be pulled off the body, and the treadmill would automatically stop.

“Don’t set it too fast.” After Lin Anran said this to Shang Hao, he looked ahead again and waited.

Shang Hao looked at him, trying to hold back the smile at the corners of his mouth.

It could be seen that Lin Anran was probably laughed at in physical education class. His man stood ramrod straight on the treadmill, like a piece of wood. He hadn’t even started running yet, but his expression was already tense and his body stiff.

Shang Hao comforted him, “Don’t be nervous.”

Lin Anran nodded nervously. “Yeah.”

He had stayed at home for too long, which meant that this body of his had also been inactive for too long. He wasn’t sure, but maybe he could only run for an hour at most.

Shang Hao pointed the buttons out to him. “Here is the speed adjustment. You just started running today, so you don’t need to run too fast, about five kilometers per hour is fine.”

This was already a slow walking position. After Shang Hao’s introduction, he saw that Lin Anran understood so he walked back to make room for him. Lin Anran asked him nervously, “Where are you going?”

If he leaves, who will help him start?

Shang Hao said, “You can press the start button. It’s okay, I’ll watch you run.”

It was at this moment that Lin Anran knew that someone could press a button while running. Still somewhat confused, he raised one hand and pressed the start button.

The track under his feet began to move. Lin Anran, who was standing nervously, immediately adjusted the speed to five kilometers per hour as Shang Hao said.

Then Lin Anran’s entire body on the treadmill swished and was quickly teleported back to Shang Hao, who was standing ready behind the machine. The safety rope on the treadmill at a speed of five kilometers per hour was torn off and the treadmill stopped.

Lin Anran, who was thrown off the treadmill for the first time, stared in horror.

What happened just now?!

What a terrible exercise machine!!

Shang Hao rubbed his scared face. After confirming that Lin Anran wasn’t injured, he hugged the person back to the track again. “Five kilometers is not suitable for you, try four kilometers. This time, adjust it slowly.”

Lin Anran said “mmn,” but moments later, even the speed of four kilometers per hour whizzed his body back into Shang Hao’s arms for the second time.

“Ranran,” Shang Hao couldn’t help but say. “You can’t just stand on it, you have to walk.”

The treadmill really couldn’t be blamed. No matter how slow it moved, there was nothing it could do if Lin Anran’s reaction speed was comparable to standing still.

Hearing Shang Hao’s words, Lin Anran raised his hand to indicate that he understood. He was already panting and breathing hard, which made it difficult for him to speak. Before the exercise had even truly begun, a fine sweat was already beading on his forehead.

Lin Anran wanted to take back what he said a moment ago. Let alone running on this thing for an hour, he wasn’t sure whether he could survive the morning.

Shang Hao: …

How was it possible for this person to pass his college physical examination?

In the end, the two repeated tests showed that the speed of 1.8 kilometers per hour was the most suitable speed for Lin Anran’s exercise. The main reason was that his physical coordination wasn’t high, and he had a hard time keeping up.

So first, let him adapt to walking slowly on the treadmill.

Lin Anran panted heavily and gave Shang Hao a thumbs up, as if to say “I am very OK.”

Shang Hao no longer needed to catch him from behind. But at the same time, the smile on his face never faded. He walked around the treadmill, holding his mobile phone to record the precious moments of Lin Anran’s exercise.

He walked over and kissed Lin Anran’s face. Lin Anran was exercising with all his body and mind, and didn’t have time to pay attention to him after being kissed.

“I’m going to work,” Shang Hao said. “Ranran, come on.”

Lin Anran gave him a thumbs up again: OK!

The treadmill showed that he had consumed 8 calories. Lin Anran was awesome!

Shang Hao hadn’t stopped smiling all morning, and he was still smiling even after closing the door.

Lin Anram exercised in the living room for ten minutes. By then, he was done. But then, thinking of the money spent on this thing, he bit his cheek and walked for another five minutes.


He let out a long sigh of relief. He must say, after exercising, people can really feel both sore and refreshed.

He softly got off the treadmill and collapsed in exhaustion on the chair.

Lin Anran, who sat in front of the computer all the year round and whose scope of activities was limited to staying home, needed physical and mental rehabilitation. Even if his body could run, his mind couldn’t run anymore.

Although running was good, he still prefered to do yoga. Lin Anran did yoga for so many days, and the total amount of sweat he’d shed wasn’t as much as half an hour today.

Now that Shang Hao had gone to work, he was the only one left in the family.

And about that handwritten letter he’d sent, it was already the fourth day today, but he still hadn’t gotten a reply. By this point, Lin Anran had already negotiated with himself.

It wasn’t that Shang Hao didn’t want to reply, but that he just hadn’t read it.

After all, he was using the flat suggestion box downstairs in the company. He was just one of thousands of ordinary people. Like many other passers-by, he could only stand downstairs and look up at the floor where Shang Hao was.

It didn’t matter how much hope Lin Anran had. The connection between people wasn’t like a reciprocating seesaw. No matter how much he hoped for it, Shang Hao, who was thousands of miles away from him, knew nothing of it.

But fortunately, he was Lin Anran. Even when hope was frustrated, he still felt a little grateful in his heart. Because, establishing contact with another human always made him feel uneasy, no matter who it was.

No connection = No pressure.

Lin Anran, who had accepted the reality, comforted himself like this.

Even so, he still checked both his e-mail box and the mailbox downstairs. In their own city, it seemed that it would take at least one week for a letter that wasn’t even leaving the province to be sent.

Every time after Fanran left, he would do some research. But when facing Fanran, he was unwilling to mention it at all. Inevitably, there would be a kind of wildflower that one couldn’t bear to pluck at all, hoping to maintain its innocence.

Strictly speaking, Fanran was precisely this wildflower.

He went downstairs to check the mailbox yesterday, and there were only promotional brochures from nearby supermarkets and various advertisements from intermediaries in the mailbox.

Today’s mailbox was still the same, except for the home-service advertisement and a letter from Tianneng Holding Group Co., Ltd., nothing else.


Lin Anran’s action of pulling out the key abruptly froze.

He stared stiffly, without focus, and didn’t even have the courage to lower his gaze to confirm the words on the envelope.

If excitement had a temperature, it must be hot. At this time, Lin Anran was standing in front of the mailbox, and an agitated heat wave was gushing up from the depths of his body like a fountain, and gradually spreading through his entire body to the tips of his fingers holding the letter.

It was a letter.

Lin Anran never won a prize before. But now, he felt as if a big prize had fallen from the sky.

He stood there for a long time. An security guard uncle holding a thermos passed by behind him, stopped, and said hello to Lin Anran, “What’s wrong? Is the letter stuffed in wrong?”

Lin Anran recovered.

He had a true letter in his hand. Not only him, but a letter that everyone could see.

Lin Anran tightened his grip on the envelope. He replied to the security guard uncle, “There is no mistake.”

He regained a bit of consciousness, thinking to himself that it was not possible. He couldn’t lower his guard. It was possible that this was from Fanran. After all, Fanran had the capability to do this.

A high-priced treadmill at home was enough. He wouldn’t be fooled anymore.

His voice was a little low, and so the uncle didn’t hear him clearly. As a result, he continued to sipped the tea in his thermos and stood there waiting for Lin Anran, wanting to see if he would be needed to take the letter to the reception room.

It just so happened that Lin Anran had a second person present. He nervously decided to seize the opportunity and directly opened the letter addressed to Mr. Lin Anran.

The entire envelope was extraordinarily thick and textured. Both the envelope and letter paper were all custom-made by Tianneng. The letter was addressed to Mr. Lin Anran.

When he opened up the letter, he discovered that the words on it were actually printed. To summarize, the content thanked him for his continuous attention to Tianneng Group. Mr. Shang Hao will not forget his original aspiration and will always be committed to focusing on assisting the community through charity work in the new era, bearing in mind his gratitude and giving back to society. He also asked Lin Anran to continue to supervise them all the way.

That wasn’t the attitude of Shang Hao, the capitalist in his family. Looking at the letter’s ideological level, this moral quality couldn’t be equated with the counterfeit businessman in his family.

But this was a completely official response.

Lin Anran quickly browsed all the way down, and his restless mood gradually calmed down.

His letter was written to Shang Hao, but he couldn’t see the shadow of Shang Hao himself in the reply. It seemed that he simply dragged a reply template to print, and then sent it out in batches.

Except for the bottom signature, Lin Anran felt that the quality of the printers of large companies was quite good. The strength and realisticness of the pen seemed almost like Shang Hao’s himself had personally signed the letter with a pen.

Even a little bit of ink had accidentally wiped off next to it, adding to the realism and vividness of the signature.

Moreover, the important point was that this signature was completely different from Fanran’s signature at home. He could recognize at a glance that this signature was absolutely the combination of two different names.

Lin Anran thought it was a little strange. He squinted his eyes and carefully identified the handwriting of Mr. Shang Hao. Did he sign his English name, but it didn’t look like it, or…

“How about it? Is it okay?” The security guard uncle was still there, waiting for him.

Lin Anran faltered. Plucking up his courage, he said that he could not recognize the signature, and he handed the letter to the security guard uncle to see if he could see the signature underneath.

The security guard uncle’s expression became a bit elusive after reading it. He looked at Lin Anran, and finally said euphemistically, “I see, the last part of this seemed to form the word ‘attitude.’”

Lin Anran was taken aback, wondering if the uncle read it wrong. He took it back and read it again. After reading it again according to the uncle’s idea, he recognized it.

Then Lin Anran went red from ear to neck.

He must say!!

No wonder he hadn’t noticed it just now! He had recognized the two words “Shang Hao”, but who would have imagined that this person would sign two more words!

All the while, he was wondering if it was a customer signature…a custom ghost! The two big words “Stinky Pervert” were clearly signed under the column for the group’s director!

Fanran was simply too vengeful!!!

A mortified Lin Anran said thank you in a low voice to the uncle in embarrassment, and hurried back upstairs with the letter.

The security guard uncle stood behind and looked at him. While drinking tea, he gazed after the strange young man.

Why was there no postmark on the letter just now? Wasn’t it sent by postal?

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3 years ago

Lol. Shang hao getting back at Lin Anran. 😆 What’s Lin Anran gonna do now? Thank you for the update.

3 years ago

laugh or cry moment?

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Even my ads are full of treadmills….