Love Delusion: Chapter 25

When Lin Aran woke up in the morning, he sleepily rolled over. Shang Hao’s arm, which was wrapped around him, also moved with him.

Boss Shang didn’t seem to be awake yet. Last night, when Lin Anran fell asleep, Shang Hao had reached over with one arm and drew Lin Anran over to his side.

Generally, Lin Anran would turn over like this in the morning to show a certain person that he was awake. In turn, that arm would silently release him and he could then get up from bed.

But today’s Boss Shang woke up very late. Lin Anran lay there, almost completely wide awake, listening to Boss Shang’s breathing at close range. He waited obediently for a long time but the restriction on his body remained.

Lin Anran:?

He had to roll over again.

At first, he turned his back to Shang Hao. But now, after having turned over twice, he was face to face with Boss Shang.

Boss Shang still had his eyes closed.

Since he didn’t wake up even after Lin Anran had turned over twice in a row, maybe Boss Shang didn’t want to wake up. As a result, Lin Anran purposely stopped trying to wake him.

He laid there for a long time and then gradually began to wriggle downward, trying to leave from below.

There wasn’t much wiggle room left for him. Lin Anran worked hard by wiggling his waist. As he wiggled under the cover, his head shifted down from the pillow and Shang Hao’s chest appeared in front of his eyes.

Lin Anran:?

Did he go the wrong way?

Why did it feel like he was getting closer and closer to the boss? The more he wiggled down, the closer he got, to the point where the tip of his nose was almost touching Boss Shang’s body.

What’s more, he didn’t know if it was just an illusion but it felt that the arm around him was heavier than before.

Was Boss Shang already awake? He looked at the man’s face in confusion.

Although it didn’t matter if he had to wait for a while, it wasn’t only Lin Anran’s biological clock that woke him up but also his bladder. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Lin Anran thought for a while, and felt that Boss Shang was probably awake.

In this position, his arms were no longer able to stretch out from under the cover. So he pushed out two small tentacles from the cover, and the two small tentacles fought side by side, trying to push down the arm of the boss who was like a mountain.

Boss Shang needed to stop being so vigorous. He really needed to go to the bathroom!

Just when the two little tentacles were shooting from left to right and working fiercely, Shang Hao’s questioning voice came from above his head, “What are you doing?”

He easily pulled Lin Anran into his arms again. Lin Anran felt himself knocking against Boss Shang’s chest.

He dryly choked out a sentence, “…you’re awake.”

Shang Hao’s morning voice was a little hoarse. He replied with the word “mmn” and didn’t make another sound.

He really did not make another sound. Lin Anran waited for his next words, waiting for him to release him and let him get out of bed. However, today’s Shang Hao didn’t seem to realize that anything was wrong. The suffocating silence was once again restored.

Lin Anran had a good temper and wasn’t angry, but his bladder really couldn’t stand it anymore.

He didn’t know how long it was since their normal wake-up time. He couldn’t help but push Boss Shang a little.

Shang Hao didn’t go back to sleep and asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Anran poked his head out from under the cover. The two little tentacles under the cover moved and gently pushed Shang Hao’s arm. Afterward, he looked at Shang Hao expectantly.

Shang Hao opened his eyes. “Speak, Lin Anran.”

Lin Anran was at a loss, not knowing what to say.

He met Shang Hao’s eyes for a moment and finally said, “Toilet…”

Shang Hao gave him clear instructions, “Speakly completely, such as the “subject,” the “verb,” and the “situation.”

He wanted Lin Anran to learn to express his needs normally. It wasn’t a terrible thing to need others, and it certainly wasn’t something worth feeling embarrassed about.

Despite knowing that Shang Hao was awake, why would he struggle for a long time rather than speak?

If he didn’t speak, Shang Hao wouldn’t let him go. Lin Anran put up with it until he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He shifted slightly underneath the cover.

The boss wanted him to make his needs clear, including details like the subject, the verb, and the situation.

Lin Anran didn’t know how much longer he could endure it. He’d been anxious about it since he woke up this morning, so this was his limit. He couldn’t wait any longer, and said every word according to Shang Hao’s format, “Pee, demand, come out.”

Shang Hao: …

Did he push the child too hard?

Shang Hao finally let go of Lin Anran. Lin Anran, who was free, jumped out of bed with a swish and flew to the bathroom.

All he wanted to hear was the standard answer of “I want to go to the toilet,” wanting to push Lin Anran to take desperate measures. Unexpectedly, even when he was desperate, he still chose to push the pot on his bladder.

Even so, Shang Hao had already made up his mind to let Lin Anran learn to speak.

Once Ranran realized that he was the real Shang Hao, his attitude towards him became more and more polite.

This was the same Lin Anran who used to scold him secretly from time to time, or who would suddenly walk over to punch him.

The current Lin Anran was too respectful of himself and took too much caree when approaching him.

He was such a good-tempered person that he would allow himself to be bullied, acting as if nothing had happened and making Shang Hao want to bully him again.

Some time later, because the last bit of toothpaste in the bathroom was used up, Lin Anran tried to replace it with a new one and ended up freezing in front of the bathroom sink for a long time.

After Shang Hao used the bathroom, he left water everywhere on the countertop. There were also water stains on the mirror and on the ground. Both his toothbrush and his razor were not put back in place, and the toothbrush holder was placed upside down. The entire counter was a mess.

Originally, Lin Anran came in to put in a new tube of toothpaste but he ended up having to stay in the bathroom for a long time, sorting out the mess the last user had left behind.

Shang Hao waited for him outside, but when Lin Anran came out of the bathroom, he acted as normal.

He simply did what he had to do, and there was no anger on his face at all.

Lin Anran’s temper was so good that anyone could poke him. Perhaps he had the kind of personality that was just incredibly inert, slow, inactive, and incapable of overreaction.

Why didn’t he have a bad temper? People who’d lived for more than two decades without complaints would naturally have no temper.

The reason he had such a good temper was because he couldn’t communicate well.

He would help Shang Hao clean up once today, and he was willing to clean up a second time tomorrow as well. He was calm, as if nothing had happened between them.

But, oftentimes, the resentment in a relationship doesn’t happen immediately. Instead, it accumulates in the dark for many years.

Just like when Lin Anran couldn’t communicate with him last time and ended up secretly sending a letter instead.

It was time for Shang Hao to leave for work. As he was changing his shoes, Lin Anran followed him into the hallway and watched the entire process of him putting on his shoes.

After he finished changing his shoes, Shang Hao raised his head, not understanding. He asked him, “Why are you still here?”

When Shang Hao asked this, Lin Anran didn’t say anything. But an awkward smile appeared on his face.

To be honest, he still wanted to go downstairs with Boss Shang today, but he couldn’t make himself ask Boss Shang if he could follow him.

Although he didn’t say anything, he valued his relationship with Shang Hao. Yet, as he looked at Shang Hao, his eyes didn’t even have the nerve to express his desire. He had really thin skin, but he also really wanted to go downstairs with Shang Hao so he had no choice but to smile softly at him.

It didn’t matter if it was an inconvenience. But it would be great if Boss Shang would always allow it.

Shang Hao couldn’t even hold out for two seconds under this kind of smile. When Ranran smiled silently at him, he couldn’t help but become soft-hearted. Despite the fact that Lin Anran still couldn’t say anything, Shang Hao said, “You should change your shoes.”

The quiet and silent Lin Anran became happy and cheerful.

He went downstairs with Shang Hao, just as he’d wished.

He walked with Shang Hao dutifully, but before Shang Hao got into the car, he suddenly took the initiative to hug his arm.

A second later, Lin Anran quickly released him.

Shang Hao really didn’t expect that Lin Anran would do this. He originally thought that today would be like the other day, and that changing Lin Anran would be a slow-going effort.

When have Lin Anran ever acted like this in front of him? Obviously, yesterday, he only dared to touch his sleeves. But today, he suddenly hugged him.

In that brief second, Shang Hao was too surprised to react, and before he knew it, Lin Anran was already saying goodbye to him.

It was only then did he realize that he’d been using the wrong method. He’d only been thinking about how to force Lin Anran to verbally communicate. But in doing so, he’d ended up causing Lin Anran to close the clam shell tighter and tighter.

Yet, Lin Anran suddenly took the initiative today, not because he was forced into helplessness, but because he couldn’t help it. He liked Shang Hao too much.

Lin Anran’s feeling of fondness toward Shang Hao had turned his body into a burning volcano, one that would inevitably erupt after accumulating to a certain extent. Once erupted, this fondness would permeate everything.

He couldn’t bear it because he really wanted to hug him.

It wasn’t difficult for him to take the initiative. He didn’t need others to help him, because Lin Anran himself was determined to step out of his shell. The speed may be a bit slow, but that didn’t matter. No matter what, he was striving to become better.

Indeed, he himself wanted to be better.

As Shang Hao sat in the car, the corners of his mouth slightly curved up.


Lin Anran didn’t know what was going on, but he discovered that, after coming home from work, today’s Shang Hao was more affectionate than yesterday.

The whole time Shang Hao was home, the moment Lin Anran became just a little inattentive, he would stick to his body like glue.

Lin Anran seemed to return to the life of being nuzzled every day.

The boss claimed that this was a reward, but Lin Anran was a little puzzled. Why reward him by nuzzling him up?

Maybe Boss Shang felt that he was a bit in the wrong, so he generously promised that Lin Anran could make a request from him.

Shang Hao said, “Whatever you want to request, whatever you want to do, you can ask for anything.”

This was indeed not something an average person would promise. Although, Lin Anran did vaguely feel that he was being trained today.

Shang Hao seemed to be training him to express a kind of “I can demand something, anything” sentence. As Lin Anran was thinking, Shang Hao continued to say persuasively, “You can mention anything.”

Lin Anran thought for a moment and asked him, “Anything?”

Shang Hao looked at this fish person and wanted him to bite. He personally delivered the bait to this person’s mouth and said, “Of course.”

It was unclear what Lin Anran was thinking of, but after weighing the question for a few seconds, he looked at Shang Hao, suddenly a little shy and a little excited. He rushed toward Shang Hao, his eyes and mouth curved into a smile.

It was somewhat embarrassing, but Lin Anran had a trivial little wish hidden deep in his heart that he’d been silently hoping to realize with Shang Hao.

Therefore, when Shang Hao said this, Lin Anran’s addiction was thoroughly stimulated.

To be frank, Lin Anran had been an otaku for many years. Therefore, it was impossible not to learn some of the habits of otakus. As such, he had rich and comprehensive research experience on how to make himself more comfortable at home, covering all aspects of home life.

One prime example was how to choose pajamas.

Fabrics, patterns, tailoring, all of these aspects must be considered when selecting pajamas. Among them was also the consideration for pajamas tailored toward specific situations. Whether sleeping or at home, whether it was Winter or Summer, whether by personal preference, these were all important factors that affected the choice of pajamas.

The point was that Lin Anran, a pajama expert, not only had the most suitable, high-quality choice of pajamas, he also bought pajamas for the businessman.

Another note to add was that these were not ordinary pajamas. This set of clothes were tailor made for a businessman. A match made in heaven!

When Lin Anran saw the pajamas, his first announcement was that Boss Shang’s suit was locked! With the key swallowed!

But he was too embarrassed to take it out. However, since Boss Shang himself made that offer today…

Lin Anran shyly and timidly took out the set of plush one-piece pajamas that he’d bought for Shang Hao from the bottom of the box and showed it to Boss Shang.

As he looked at the pajamas, Shang Hao couldn’t speak for a long time.

Somebody tell him, what kind of person with what kind of brain would think of making a one-piece plush pajamas in the style of a one-piece suit?

Generally, these kinds of pajamas would have the patterns printed on, and therefore, this pajamas that Lin Anran selected was also printed with a cartoon-style suit pattern.

The real person who often wears suits looked at this thing in front of him and became truly bewildered.

Why on earth would someone make a one-piece suit pajamas? What was going on? Did the designer want to wear a suit or pajamas?

And why would anyone buy it?

As he held the pajamas and looked at Shang Hao, Lin Anran’s eyes were shining brightly.

—Really, super suitable for Boss Shang.

The fabric of the pajamas was like the furry materials of a plush bear. It looked extremely fluffy and very warm, making it very suitable for wearing right now.

Shang Hao looked at Lin Anran’s hot eyes. He mumbled to himself briefly and then finally said, “In a moment, I can show you a real suit.”

Lin Anran heard him and understood clearly. He sensibly replied, “That works too.” (Disappointed.)

Shang Hao:…

This was completely unreasonable. How could a real suit be inferior to this silly suit?

Shang Hao reluctantly said, “…I understand. I’ll wear it.”

The moment he said this, LIn Anran’s eyes brightened and he suddenly became exuberantly happy.

He heard Shang Hao asked, “Speaking of which, where did you get this thing from?”

As he said this, his eyes slowly moved to the closet behind Lin Anran.

Lin Anran was a simple and honest person, who could neither hide nor lie. The moment Shang Hao said this, his body stiffened unnaturally and he tried to block Boss Shang’s line of sight, the word nervous practically written on his face.

So that was the case. Shang Hao usually wore clothes from one side of this large double-door closet. As a result, he hadn’t seen Lin Anran open the other side of the closet door and had subconsciously assumed that it contained a pile of off-season clothes.

It didn’t seem to be so simple now.

He straightened up from the bed, reached past the nervous Lin Anran, and grabbed the closet door. Without hesitation, he pulled open the closet door that contained Lin Anrain’s secrets.

Lin Anran:! ! !

Shang Hao: …

For several seconds, there was only silence.

If the pajamas just now was enough to shock his imagination, the scene before him was something he’d never seen before.

The closet was completely and seamlessly filled, not with off-season clothes, but with countless small furry animal one-piece pajamas, all neatly arranged!

What was this? Invasion of the pajamas?

“These are?…” He turned to Lin Anran.

At this moment, Lin Anran, as someone who’d distance himself from society, hung his head down, wanting to crawl under the bed. Faced with Shang Hao’s question, he immediately explained, “You don’t need to wear these…”

Shang Hao asked, “These are for you to wear?”

These clothes didn’t appear to be in Shang Hao’s size. Lin Anran’s hobbies were quite unique. The pajamas he’d bought for himself included pigs, cows, and sheep…Did he want to open a zoo at home?

Shang Hao now knew where the little sheep hairband came from.

He hid pretty deep, this Lin Anran.

The humble Lin Anran buried his head to one side and made no sound, but his face was burning red.

How unexpected that Lin Anran had this habit of role-playing. Although, unlike others, he liked to role-play as strange little animals.

After Shang Hao finally finished looking through the pajamas on that side of the closet, he turned his head to Lin Anran, revealing a purely male smile.

Xixi: It’s been nearly two weeks since I last updated. Due to a family tragedy, I won’t have the time nor the energy to post much, at least for another few more weeks. Once everything has returned to some measure of normalcy, I’ll be able to post more often.

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Sugar Tang
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