Love Delusion: Chapter 27

For this first meeting, Lin Huiyan had prepared a red envelope just in case. After all, if he wasn’t staying in the guest room, then there weren’t many possibilities left.

Xiao Ran didn’t know much about human beings, but as his guardian, she couldn’t help but consider some things for him.

And because this was Xiao Ran’s first roommate, Lim Huiyan paid special attention to whether her manners were thoughtful enough.

But everything happened so naturally and logically that she ended up just giving out the red envelope right after meeting.

Lin Huiyan sat down on the sofa in the living room. Seeing Xiao Ran turn around to pour water, she talked to Shang Hao, who was sitting in the opposite seat. “Child, why did you still buy such expensive things? They’re too expensive.”

Shang Hao said, “This is what I should do.”

Lin Huiyan smiled again and said, “I came so suddenly, I’m not bothering you?”

Shang Hao said, “How are you a bother? We should have visited you instead.”

Since he said this, Lin Huiyan felt even more strongly now that her red envelope wasn’t prepared in vain.

At the same time she also had a sense of insecurity. The speed of progress was beyond her imagination. After all, Xiao Ran suddenly had another person next to him, and the two of them were together.

Lin Anran came over with the water and sat beside Shang Hao. Lin Huiyan then asked Shang Hao, “What does Mr. Shang do?”

Shang Hao said, “I work at the family company.”

Lin Anran nervously echoed him, “Yeah.”

He consciously felt that, as the host, he should stand up and host. It was his job to act as the moderator and deal with these two people from all aspects. Because he had trouble communicating, he tried really hard to add at least a single tone particle to help Shang Hao with his answers.

Lin Huiyan said, “So that’s it… I would like to ask one more question. I heard Xiao Ran say that your family runs a big company. How did you come to live with Xiao Ran?”

Shang Hao replied, “I asked him first. My company is near here, and we used to be high school classmates.”

Lin Anran quickly followed up with an, “Hmm.”

They knew each other before. Lin Huiyan relaxed a little when she heard this.

Lin Huiyan asked, “Does your family mind that you live outside?”

Shang Hao said, “They don’t mind. I’ve always lived by myself outside.”

Lin Anran eagerly said, “Mmm.”

He watched his aunt and Shang Hao’s expressions. It seemed as if he was the only person who was nervous.

Lin Huiyan asked, “Are you accustomed to living here compared to before?”

Shang Hao said, “I am used to it .”

Lin Anran strongly supported this answer. “Yeah.”

When he heard her question, he realized that his aunt seemed to be worried about the disparity between Shang Hao and himself. There was still a lot of uncertainty in regards to the reality of the big gap between the rich and the poor.

But Boss Shang answered really well, not allowing for any weaknesses, which would make a good impression on his aunt.

Lin Huiyan asked Shang Hao a few more questions, feeling that the atmosphere of questioning and answering was unavoidable. Finally, she stopped asking questions and sent Lin Anran away to wash fruits.

Shang Hao’s every sentence was followed by the loyal echo of “Mmn,” such that Lin Huiyan was almost brainwashed by this magical “Mmn.”

Lin Anran hesitated, gave Shang Hao an anxious look, and finally left.

Lin Huiyan watched as his back disappeared into the kitchen. Then she retracted her gaze and said with emotion, “Mr. Shang, let me be honest. Xiao Ran really likes you.”

Shang Hao smiled.

“How long have you lived together?”

“I’ve known him for seven years, and we’ve lived together for more than a month.”

Lin Huiyan lowered her head. It was unclear what she was thinking, but she said slowly. “This is the first time I saw Xiao Ran likes…a friend this much.”

After hesitating for another moment, she seemed to have made up her mind.

“You also know that I can’t always take care of Xiao Ran and stay by his side…You’re now Xiao Ran’s closest friend, and there are some things I don’t want to hide.”

Lin Huiyan paused for a moment and slowly said, “Do you know that Xiao Ran sees a doctor?”


“Xiao Ran is different from us.”

In fact, Lin Huiyan had already prepared these words before coming to visit, and the person on the other side seemed also ready to listen.

There was a splash of water in the kitchen, even as Lin Huiyan began to tell the story of a young Lin Anran trying to make friends.

When he was a child, Lin Anran’s mother didn’t care much about him, raising Lin Anran to become a good child who wouldn’t dare to bother others. Before he went to elementary school, Lin Anran rarely spoke. He was silly kid and other children often called him dumb.

When Lin Anran made friends with other children, they would play a spider-spinning game with discarded kite strings in the alley, and then they would tie little Lin Anran’s hands and feet with these kite strings. Those days, they made him maintain a “big” standing posture in the alley all day.

They would also play a treasure hunt game with him. Lin Anran was the most honest child in the world, and whenever he got a new book or pen, he would hand them over most obediently, so that they would be nowhere to be found the next day.

Little Lin Anran would be taken out to play in unknown places, and because he usually didn’t go out to play, he didn’t know much about various places. Therefore, this group of children would lead him around and around in new places, so that when little Lin Anran looked back, there was no one he knew. The group of children had long disappeared, leaving him alone in this strange, new place.

He couldn’t find the group of children, and so he couldn’t find that way home. He only felt that the walls around him were extremely tall, and he was so scared that he cried.

More than once, Lin Anran was enthusiastically led away by them into unfamiliar places and deliberately left behind, leaving him wandering around and around all by himself.

The last time this happened, Lin Anran was almost lost. Luckily, the neighbors left and right were mobilized to look around in the dark together, and someone was able to locate him.

The children around him giggled and scolded him for being a fool, and his own mother scolded him for being useless.

After that, Lin Anran no longer had any friends.

For many years, he kept to himself. He would talk only to himself, then to his imaginary self, and then to his “friends,” which he drew himself.

Then he was admitted to Anding Hospital.

A few months later, he recovered and was discharged from the hospital. It was during that time that Lin Huiyan couldn’t stand it anymore. She broke into Lin Anran’s home and forced his mother to move him to Jiangcheng, where she was staying. This was Lin Anran’s first move.

As Shang Hao listened, his expression became more unpleasant. He asked, “Where is his father?”

Lin Huiyan sighed and then smiled bitterly. “He ran away from home when Lin Anran was three years old.”

To be honest, Lin Anran’s mother wasn’t ordinary. She was a college student at the Dance Academy. In that era, college students were rare species and so she was an enviable, talented girl. Even so, in other people’s mouths, she still ended up an abandoned woman.

Out of vengeance against her husband, or perhaps due to hatred and a resistance to fate, for the first half of Lin Anran’s life, she resolutely rebelled against him, this little person her husband had left behind with her.

Later, before Lin Anran went to college, she remarried and left the house to him.

Lin Huiyan said, “I’m telling you this not to put pressure on you, I just…I hope you know what kind of person Xiao Ran is. Sometimes he may seem indifferent to people; sometimes his actions may cause some misunderstandings, but his character is definitely not bad. I hope you can take more care of him.”

After Lin Huiyan said this, she didn’t know what else to say anymore and so she just sighed.

Shang Hao said, “I understand.”

Then he added, “Thank you for telling me this.”

Lin Huiyan looked at him for a moment and said with a smile, “But you both get along so well. Xiao Ran chose you, so I believe that you must be very good too.”


After sitting for a while, Lin Huiyan finally left. Lin Anran and Shang Hao both sent her out.

Lin Anran was still brooding about what his aunt might have said to Shang Hao when he was in the kitchen and they were alone. Moreover, Shang Hao became extremely quiet after his aunt left, and so Lin Anran couldn’t help but start to worry.

After thinking about it, the only conclusion Lin Anran could come up with was that his aunt seemed to be a little critical about the socioeconomic gap between them.

Lin Anran thought that this might really be the case, and so he inevitably became a little nervous. He’d forgotten that parents still value these practical conditions.

His aunt’s visit also allowed Lin Anran to recognize the gap between himself and Shang Hao. He’d become accustomed to this gap, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was indeed a problem. The gap between them was simply too great.

He turned his head to look at Shang Hao next to him and his anxiety gradually morphed into a sense of crisis.

No way.

It only took a second for Lin Anran to make up his mind. No. No matter what his aunt said to Shang Hao, he refused to be separated from him.

In short, he had Shang Hao in his grasp now, and he would hold on to Shang Hao for the rest of his life. He refused to listen to what other people might say. Lin Anran nervously thought this.


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3 years ago

Lin Anran’s childhood….. Those children and his parents ugh!!!!!

3 years ago

I want to hug him >.<
Lin Anran's resolution is so cute :3 He won't let Shang Hao be taken away from him!
Thanks for the chapter!!!

2 years ago

It’s sad that he was misdiagnosed. I also had “pretend” friends when I was little. I didn’t have playmates or siblings my age. I DID have a healthy imagination though. I think it’s a normal reaction when you are alone alot as a child.

2 years ago
Reply to  Scrltpimpernel

i know!!! its so absurd that he was hospitalized for it and put in a situation where he couldn’t make friends instead of actually being helped!!!!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Scrltpimpernel

I don’t think his pretend friends was misdiagnosed. Because his pretend friends came from toxic situation where he was bullied and abused by his parents. Only after that his pretend friends appear.

4 months ago
Reply to  Maria

I agree. While I do think it was right for them to worry about his pretend friends, I dislike the fact that they overlooked a whole plethora of variables that caused it and led to an even more traumatic experience that made him feel like he wasn’t normal.

2 years ago

Shall we hire some private investigators to find out the identities of those “childhood friends” and prepare a belated revenge? Just some harmless prank 🔪🔪🔪😐

2 years ago

Tied with kite string? Seriously? In Indonesia, the normal kite string we have is the kind that can cut you easily. It becomes main issue in kite season here. Because when it broke, it get loose on the street and it can cut motorcycle rider easily. It’s really dangerous.

Anyway, thank you so much for translating it, and I’m sorry for your lost.

2 months ago

Sometimes, the damage caused by children is just irreversible no matter the place, time, or resources….. ╥﹏╥