Love Delusion: Chapter 28

After thinking about it some more, Lin Anran realized that he’d made an error.

He’d waited until it was almost time for Shang Hao to come home before he told him about his aunt’s visit. His idea was that he didn’t want to bother Shang Hao too much, so that Shang Hao could just focus on coming home and seeing his aunt. Lin Anran was born to cause no troubles to others.

Shang Hao hadn’t said anything over the phone. When he came back, Lin Anran realized that he still brought a lot of gifts, which he had obviously carefully prepared.

He didn’t expect Shang Hao to make special preparations. Thinking about it now, as a person who’d known about it early in the morning, he’d struggled for a whole day before finally notifying Shang Hao at the last minute about his aunt’s visit. He’d inadvertently cause troubles to others.

What’s more, Shang Hao had taught him countless times to express his needs and had even listed out the standard sentence structure for him to follow.

Lin Anran, who’d made trouble for others, felt incredibly uncomfortable and guilty. He really hadn’t made any progress at all, had he?

After his aunt left, Lin Anran secretly observed Boss Shang.

Boss Shang acted as if nothing had happened. He didn’t say anything, and there were no signs of anger. Just now, Lin Anran even got a kiss after he was done with his shower. Boss Shang was really the best man in the world.

Faced with such a good boss, he felt even more guilty.

But, although he wasn’t angry, Shang Hao was acting a little different tonight and was awfully quiet. Lin Anran felt that he was in a bad mood.

His aunt was really good at picking fruits, and they were all quite hard to wash. Therefore, when he had finally finished washing them and came out of the kitchen, she and Shang Hao had finished talking.

He couldn’t listen in…

The large plate of strawberries and grapes that Lin Anran carefully washed hadn’t changed much. So, after taking a shower, the two men watched a movie with the plate of fruit.

They sat in their usual viewing posture. Even though the sofa was so big, Lin Anran was still hugged by Shang Hao from all sides.

In the past, this was Boss Shang’s favorite position, because it allowed him to do many wonderful things. Generally, while they watched a movie, Lin Anran would be almost completely taken advantaged of.

But today, Shang Hao just quietly hugged him.

At a young age, Boss Shang had become a vegetarian.

Lin Anran opened his mouth blankly and looked up at him. As someone who’d already become used to being taken advantaged of up and down all day long, he suddenly gained his long-lost personal freedom, and he wasn’t used to it.

Boss Shang was holding the tablet to select movies. Gazing steadily at it, he asked, “What movie do you want to watch? How about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Your favorite kinds.”

Lin Anran realized his implications and immediately became incensed. How many times did he have to say it? He really didn’t like small animals that much!

Boss Shang said, “I know, you just like to dress up as a small animal.”

Lin Anran, who was too embarrassed to show his face:….when will this pass?

This time, they cuddled quietly as they watched the movie. The atmosphere between them was so peaceful, harmonious, tranquil…and abnormal.

Lin Anran noticed that something was wrong, and it felt strange. In the past, Shang Hao used to be stuck to him all the time.

In addition to being unaccustomed to this sudden change, there was a subtle emptiness in the corners of Lin Anran’s heart.

Was it that Lin Anran’s physical charm wasn’t as good as before? Why was Shang Hao able to resist him now?

Shang Hao not only didn’t talk much tonight, he was too quiet. Lin Anran looked up at him once in the middle of the movie, and immediately met Shang Hao’s gaze.

Shang Hao simply looked at him. Not speaking, he suddenly kissed him.

Lin Anran stared at him. Although Shang Hao didn’t do anything much tonight, he certainly liked to kiss him.

His wild guesses were already making him insecure enough. Now, he couldn’t even focus on the movie in front of him. From time to time, he would think of Shang Hao’s strangeness, and the more he thought about it, the more he freaked out.

Out of the question. He refused to break up!

Lin Anran inexplicably became nervous.

The more Shang Hao looked at him without speaking, the more he panicked. Even if Lin Anran could ignore Shang Hao’s strange behavior, his body that had been ravished by Boss Shang had already noticed the other person’s change of heart.

Was this an omen? Was Boss Shang implying something to him? For example, tomorrow, he planned to give him a card, tell him to be more sensible, and say that they’ve had enough enjoyment together?

Unexpectedly, the more Lin Anran thought this, the more this kind of thoughts persisted.

In order to seduce Shang Hao, Lin Anran nervously tried to mobilize his unqualified acting skills by twisting his body just so, pretending to change position on Shang Hao.

Having done this, Lin Anran almost wrote two big characters on his face–touch me.

When he moved, Shang Hao also moved. Lin Anran watched with anticipation as his arm approached him. His heart jumped in his throat, but in the end, Shang Hao just lowered his head and kissed him, saying, “I won’t bother you.”

Following Lin Anran’s movements, he shifted position and continued to hug him. His arm rested on Lin Anran, like a regular and dedicated seat belt.

Lin Anran opened his eyes silently.

No! Why won’t you bother me?!

Don’t be so nice to me! Hurry up and touch me! With that hand, touch me!

But Shang Hao sat behind him like a motionless mountain, still steadily acting as a human pillow for him to lean on, and he was very gentlemanly throughout the entire movie.

Lin Anran bit his lip and couldn’t help but secretly glance at Boss Shang again.

The moment his gaze moved, Shang Hao’s gaze was already there, looking at him. Boss Shang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Anran turned his face away. He thought that something definitely was wrong; it was too wrong. Boss Shang seemed even more gentle when he spoke. It was terrible.

His mind turned and turned, and suddenly, a small light bulb appeared in the void inside his head!

It was a new way of thinking for him. Since the boss was no longer touching him, perhaps he could be more sensible and touch the boss instead?

After thinking about it this way, Lin Anran felt more and more that this new idea was feasible. Anyway, no matter who touches whom first, wasn’t it the same in the end? As a man, he shouldn’t make such a distinction so clear. So be it. Let him be the one to touch tonight.

He geared up, eager to try. He couldn’t wait as he thought strategically about his next course of action.

How did Shang Hao touch him before? Couldn’t he do the same right back?

Lin Anran thought carefully—then, should he bury his head on Boss Shang’s belly, or kiss his ten fingers, or nuzzle his neck, or put his hands under Boss Shang’s clothes?

Lin Anran: …

He realized that he wasn’t good at it.

No, the more he thought about it, the more perverted those actions seemed. He couldn’t do it.

Up until the movie was long over and it was too late to do anything, Lin Anran still didn’t receive any of Shang Hao’s perverted behavior.

Lin Anran’s heart had gone from hot to cold, waiting until his eyes became glazed. Boss Shang had been a monk for two hours tonight! Unacceptable!

Their bodies were pressed together, so why not touch?!

Boss Shang suddenly seemed enlightened tonight, seeming to understand how hard and exhausting it was to be used, and uncharacteristically did not touch him. When was he this caring?

Lin Anran looked at his back and opened his mouth to no avail…Not a single word came out.

Not to mention his most clumsy tongue, but wouldn’t it be strange to say these kinds of things out loud?

Did his aunt warn Shang Hao not to bully him? What could be the reason why he was acting like this?

Since this was the case, if this was the case, now that it had come to this point, did he really have no choice but to use the most humiliating provocation he could think of?

As Lin Anran looked at Boss Shang’s back, his eyes gradually changed, and a raging flame ignited in his eyes.

Wait and see, Shang Hao.

This was what you forced me to do.


Shang Hao was brushing his teeth, staring at himself in the mirror, lost in thought.

After listening to Lin Anran’s story tonight, he couldn’t get it out of his mind. Even now, he was thinking about it.

How did Lin Anran get to where he was now all these years alone? Had he ever cried? Did he hide and cry alone to himself? The more Shang Hao thought about it, the more suffocated his chest felt.

The special assistants around Shang Hao knew that he was generally too lazy to say a single word when he was in a bad mood.

He knew that Lin Anran was from a single-parent household, but he didn’t know about how it had been like for him.

As Shang Hao silently looked at himself in the mirror, he saw an unknown black object suddenly appear at the edge of the mirror. It moved extremely fast. After popping its head up, it retracted with a swish.

Shang Hao stopped brushing his teeth. As he looked closely, the thing quickly appeared again—a Lin cow suddenly appeared behind him in the mirror!

It was Lin Anran in a cow suit!

Shang Hao sprayed out the foam in his mouth.

Completely ridiculous. In the first half of his life, he rarely had such a loss of control. But he couldn’t be bothered with it now. He quickly wiped his chin and turned around. His eyes revealed a look of surprise, daze, speechlessness, and so on.

Lin Anran was the first man to make Boss Shang feel at a loss.

Lin Cow walked toward him, swaying from side to side, and not daring to look Boss Shang in the eyes. Without a word, he blushed hard and plunged into his arms.

Shang Hao was still in a daze, but subconsciously hugged him back.

From the moment when he’d entered the door to now, Lin Anran had not said a single world. Although the cow’s ears and horns were in the way, Shang Hao only had to lower his head to see his burning red ears.

The cow was embarrassed.

Feeling the soft body in his arms, Shang Hao took a deep breath, then another deep breath. The fiery heart in his chest was beating surprisingly fast.

His mind was blank and the blood circulating through his body increased, making his whole body feel abnormally hot. For a while, he couldn’t think at all, and whatever thought he’d managed to form seemed messy and chaotic. The cells all over his body were agitated, and he couldn’t keep calm at all.

How should he put it, it was simply too cute…

Lin Anran…as a small little cow.

Even the word cute would be ashamed if it were to meet him in person.

Lin Anran, the lover of his dream! Lin Anran, the God of Cuteness!

After many years, with much untold hardship, archaeologists would finally discover the source of cuteness in the world: Lin Anran.

How could anyone be so cute?!

At this moment, Lin Anran, who was buried motionless in his arms, felt something nudged against him. His face was still hot, but he suddenly let out a secret smile.

Until now, he’d never felt that Vice President Shang was so kind!

You’re finally here, Vice President Shang!


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2 years ago


Last edited 2 years ago by Leaf
A confused reader
A confused reader
2 years ago

….I can’t decide on being proud that he’s taking the initiative, or upset because of why he is taking the initiative.

Park y/n
Park y/n
8 months ago


2 years ago

Oh my, Lin Anran, dear, it’s really hard on you… XD

Breaking news, breaking news! President Shang has been knocked out by a strong dosis of cutesy!
Shang Hao, are you happy now? See what you have forced the little cow into…

2 years ago

So cute! Thank you

2 years ago

The cutest thing I’ve ever read

2 years ago

I dubb thee hubby and hubby
( ͡◕ ᴗ◕)つ━━ (✿◕3◕)❤(◕ε◕✿)
So cute ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

2 years ago

Lin Cow is so cute~

Lady Sayuri
Lady Sayuri
1 year ago

That sentence when I read it.. It sounded like how a wild pokemon appears lol XD

1 year ago

it’s cute and sad at the same time. for me, ranran taking the initiative here shows how insecure he is. like, it’s a projection of his own views of himself. he feels like everyone will eventually get tired of him. for him, people can easily leave him. and it’s so sad 🙁