Love Delusion: Chapter 32

Shang Hao went on his business trip.

This was the first day he was away from home, and Lin Anran was having a video call with him.

Before Boss Shang left home, he stipulated that Lin Anran must make a video call with him at least once a day, each time no less than half an hour. The main report content was what Lin Anran did today and what happened. He must have something to say when he called.

Lin Anran truly, honestly felt oppressed and exploited by him, the chief cause being Boss Shang’s demand that he must report to him every day. This was what gave him the most headache.

No matter what, he had nothing to say.

Today, Lin Anran was showing his new illustration from his Little Dummy series to the Boss Shang on the other side of the camera.

He was still the little man with a round head and pea-like eyes, no mouth, very simple-looking, and dumb.

The little dummy was sitting alone on a huge telephone receiver, and the only pair of pea-like eyes on his round head stared down at the receiver.

The telephone receiver was as big as a hill, so that the little dummy had no choice but to climb up and sit on it. But although the little dummy had been looking at the receiver blankly for a long time, he could not say a word.

The slash across the middle divided the entire drawing into two, indicating that they were making calls in different time zones and places. Opposite the little dummy was the businessman. His face wasn’t shown; the only part of him shown was his capable suit, symbolizing his elite status, as well as his hand holding a telephone.

Unlike the little dummy, the phone in Boss Shang’s hand was extremely tiny, so small that it could only be pinched with two fingers. In order to hear what the other person was saying, he would have to put the entire thing up to his ear.

The idea of this painting was to showcase the way they talk to people. Because he wanted to call Shang Hao, the little dummy had to use an ultra-giant phone that was consistent with Shang Hao’s identity. Meanwhile, Shang Hao could only use an ultra-mini phone if he wanted to listen to the humble Ranran talk.

Lin Anran thought that this drawing was an emotional representation of the humble little dummy and the grand and majestic Boss Shang.

After looking at the drawing through his mobile phone, Boss Shang came to a conclusion:

“Because I have money, I bought you an oversized phone.”

“Because I gave you the big phone, I can only use the small phone. That’s right.”

Finally, he concluded with emotion, “Haohao is really such a good man.”

This painting really depicted what was in his heart. Yes, this was reasonable.

Lin Anran on the other side:…No, this person did not understand what I am drawing at all.

Shang Hao expressed satisfaction with his report today and told him to remember to call tomorrow. But Lin Anran had no idea what to report to him tomorrow. He didn’t have much to say even when Shang Hao was at home. This homework was too difficult; he couldn’t do it.

Putting down the phone, Lin Anran continued his work.

He updated his homepage with a new work, which was a dynamic reference to various aspects of a body in a suit.

There were a total of eight movements, some sitting and others standing. He only drew the body without the head, and the details were very realistic. The folds of the clothes, the movement of the characters, the details of the suit, etc. were all intricately depicted. All in all, this could be said to be an excellent piece of work.

Artists sometimes drew such exercises. After practicing, these pieces could become reference materials accumulated for future uses. It was also a record of their technical progress, depicting their improved experiences and the act of consolidating and applying the art theories learned.

…Well, he also possessed these private goods, as well as the man in it.

Lin Anran: Hehehe.

I am so cunning.

This time he learned to be smart. Although he took Shang Hao as the prototype, he did detailed processing and modification on the suit and the human body, which was equivalent to pixelating an image. Lin Anran checked it several times and added a few more layers before sending it out carefully.

Lin Anran: No one can tell that this is my Shang Hao.

A minute later, a group of fans flooded into the new post. Everyone talked about it, and the comment area suddenly became lively.

“First one, immortal wifey is so impressive today.”

“Ahhh, drools. How can a headless model be so sexy.”

“Today, wifey is also boasting.”

This is not an ordinary model, this is Shang Hao, Lin Anran thought. But seeing someone complimenting the boss, he also followed with euphoria in his heart. He continued to watch.

There was a lot of complimentary nonsense, and there were also analytical ones.

“Wuhu, immortal wifey.”

“Looks really good, front row confession.”

“After studying, wifey’s ability to capture the human body is strong.”

“I can already imagine the peerless appearance of this man in a suit.”

“This is Shang Hao.”

Lin Anran:! ! !

Seeing this, he was so shocked that he almost dropped his phone. Did he accidentally reveal something? It couldn’t be. How did they know?”

He couldn’t figure it out no matter what. Lin Anran waited and waited anxiously. Finally, after waiting, the second person replied, “Huh? I don’t understand. How did you see it? How does it have anything to do with this person?”

The third reply was quickly refreshed, “Sister aaahhhhhhh, what you said…I totally understand.”

What did you understand? What happened? Was he the only one who didn’t understand? Lin Anran scratched his head. Tell this unlearned one, ahhh QAQ.

The popularity of the original comment was quickly liked because of the replies, attracting more people’s attention.

“I’m smelling the scent of melon! Tell me quickly, don’t leave me hanging.”

“Squatting for a follow-up. May I ask, are you Leeuwenhoek(1)? The site has already been safeguarded by me.”

“Count on eating melon, sisters.”

Lin Anran stopped drawing to focus on holding his mobile phone, wanting to track the progress of the situation. He kept refreshing and then refreshing, fearing that the wind would start to blow in a bad direction.

Finally, after what seemed like a century later, the melon owner and the onlookers who were waiting for an explanation received a reply.

“You fake fans!!! No one knows? Because wifey has been pretty busy these days chasing stars! This is already an open secret, okay!”

Lin Anran: !

So it turns out to be this. Truly, the calculations of the masses could not be equated to God’s one single calculation.

At this point, the melon owner finally got a real melon. It turned out that he has been tirelessly cheering under the personal homepage of a person named @Shang Hao these days, and so someone had long discovered his activities.

However, @Shang Hao had over ten times more fans than Lin Anran, and he was a well-known public figure. The bottom of his homepage was surrounded by a group of fans, so Lin Anran’s identity wasn’t really obtrusive when mixed inside.

Looking at that person’s comments, everyone should have regarded themselves as ordinary Shang Hao’s fans. Fortunately, fortunately, nothing uncontrollable happened.

After understanding the ins and outs of the matter, Lin Anran slumped into his chair with exhaustion, his speeding heartbeat calming down.

Lin Anran always thought of himself as someone small and invisible, which was why he was quite honest in his internet activities. He didn’t have a side account and usually surfed the internet freely. It was a pity that a hundred secrets could be parsed online, and this time he was caught on the spot, almost revealing himself.

No, why did he have to show off?

Although they didn’t seem exactly like a perfect match and it was still a bit unbelievable, he and Boss Shang were obviously in a legitimate male-male relationship.

At this moment, Lin Anran’s refreshed finger moved and a new comment was updated.

“Everyone, please move your little heads that eat melons to think about it. The mysterious and rich object that my wifey mentioned before, and the sudden appearance of Shang Hao… Tell me, am I the only one who is having bold thoughts?”

Lin Anran’s heartbeat, which had finally rested, began to speed up again.

“Fuck, the one upstairs is the real Sherlock Holmes.”

“Oh my God, I was just eating melons before, but now I’m so happy (crazy).”

“Upstairs, you’re not the only one who has this thought.”

“Shang Hao’s love affair being exposed, this will be on the news…The front row, take a group photo for souvenir! Mom, I’m going to be on TV!”

Lin Anran looked at the constantly refreshing news prompts and wanted to cry without tears.

What should he do now? He really couldn’t hold it anymore.

How could so many things be instigated just by sending out a drawing exercise of a body without a head? Being on the Internet was really tiring.

“Fake melons. Shang Hao’s not even in the country right now, and his personal homepage still showed him as single. Looking back, the people the media had suspected him of being involved with were always women. They’re not sexually compatible. Please don’t guess randomly. It’s not good for the parties involved.”

“Let my chairman off, always so busy with business matters. Don’t cue(2).”

In the chaotic comment area, this sensible speech was like the light of wisdom, illuminating the confused melon eating people.

“This is reasonable. Everyone, eat melon rationally, don’t believe in rumors or spread rumors.”

“It’s rude to speculate about wifey.”

“Yes, even if Shang Hao’s love affair is exposed, it can’t be done like this. At least, wait for him to come out and speak.”

“Scatter, scatter.”


A stone of wisdom stirred up waves of wisdom. The melon-eating people realized that this wasn’t a real melon laced with facts, and so they slowly dispersed.

Lin Anran, the melon concerned, waited until everything had settled before he silently hid the post.

The process of being on the internet today was comparable to riding a roller coaster. It was full of ups and downs, making one sigh. He nearly caused a catastrophe.

Shang Hao was a public figure. Such rash exposure would be really bad for him.

Lin Anran lay in bed in a gaze, holding the Boss Shang’s body pillow substitute.

Because Lin Anran was very introverted, only a few people knew about their relationship. Previously, he’d thought that Shang Hao was a figment of his imagination, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. He was still determined to date him.

This made Lin Anran realize that his lifestyle wasn’t particularly good. It was because he had a difficult time communicating and speaking to people.

–Mainly, why did that person today want to take Shang Hao away from him?! Shang Hao himself didn’t even want to leave!

So angry!

Xixi: I love how Haohao is always able to intentionally misunderstand Ranran’s Little Dummy series, giving it a less pessimistic interpretation.

Translation Notes:
(1) Leeuwenhoek – an internet slang that refers to studying something to the smallest detail. Named after Anthony van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch scientist who was considered the first to study microbes under a microscope of his own making.
(2) Don’t cue – another internet slang. When you cue someone, you’re basically indicating that it’s their term to go on stage or what have you. So, by saying “Don’t cue,” the person is saying don’t call them.

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3 years ago

RanRan went from almost having a heart attack to being angry at someone wanting to take his Boss Shang away >.<
Too many emotions to deal with!!!

Last edited 3 years ago by Nabong_uwu
2 years ago

I wonder if Haohao is intentionally misinterpreting Ranran’s dummy drawings, in order to reassure Ranran and slowly get him to feel more security in their relationship and also slowly get him to talk

2 years ago

I want someone to draw a fanart of ranran’s little dummy series.