Love Delusion: Chapter 36

In a quiet room in the middle of the night, Lin Anran was motionless on the bed with his face buried deeply in the pillow, as if he’d fallen asleep.

After a long silence, it was unknown what he’d thought of because he suddenly rolled over so that he was directly facing the Shang Hao body pillow on the other side of the bed.

The moment Lin Anran saw it, he became even more uncomfortable, and so he hastily turned over to the other side where there was no Shang Hao.

After rolling this way and that, he tried all kinds of lying down posture, but he still couldn’t sleep.

The regrets of the day would become magnified in the middle of the night and would linger in one’s mind for a long time.

The person concerned was now feeling very regretful, so regretful that his intestines were all blue.

He didn’t know where his burning courage and boiling blood came from and why those shameful words would come out of his mouth.

As a serious otaku who’d closed himself off for more than two decades without seeing the sun, he felt as if he’d suddenly burst out into the open, released in a single day. After a hearty refreshment, there was a long, bottomless emptiness.

Especially after being embraced and respected by so many people, Lin Anran was too scared to speak.

They all came in Shang Hao’s name. Lin Anran felt that he wasn’t worth it, and he felt that he was too light, so light that he could not hold his own weight at all.

He wasn’t worth it. He was just a humble little dummy, and so it didn’t matter whether he was humble all his life. He only hoped that everyone would ignore him and not waste time on him.

He was the kind of person who would have to practice saying phrases like “Have a safe journey” over and over again, and he still doubted whether he did a good job at the time.

Ah….Lin Anran’s toes under the bed cover were tight with regret. At this moment, he suddenly felt that he couldn’t endure it.

Right now, he felt too ashamed to face Shang Hao.

Unable to face the body pillow, Lin Anran covered it with the bed cover and respectfully put it aside, taking care not to disturb it when he rolled over.

He didn’t understand why he was so impulsive yesterday. He must have caused a lot of trouble for Tianneng, right?

It was unknown when Lin Anran developed this logic:

Being obedient, not making trouble, and not bothering others = Well-behaved = Will be liked.

Being disobedient, making trouble, and bothering others = Rebellious = Not liked.

This kind of logic was deeply engraved in his philosophy of life and became his universal rule of life.

He was afraid of causing trouble to others. But the result was that he caused such big trouble yesterday.

When Lin Anran swallowed the consequences and the after-effects of yesterday into his body, his heart became tormented with regret and guilt. His thought was in a jumbled mess, and so he turned again with a sigh.

Lin Anran suffered from insomnia in the first half of the night, and finally dozed off in a half asleep and half awake state in the second half of the night. He slept restlessly, so that when he got up the next day, he felt physically and mentally exhausted inside out.

As he was brushing his teeth in the mirror, Lin Anran was still immersed in a gloomy mood.

There was no way to get out of it. The impact and scope of this matter was so great that he needed at least ten or more days to digest it.

Love from others was not something that could be obtained casually. Love was like water in a bottle. There was only so much of it. The more he consumed it, the more the water level would drop.

What’s more, he still didn’t know whether Shang Hao loved him for himself or just for his body. He was completely insecure.

Lin Anran was thinking so hard that he even felt he was hallucinating. He thought he heard the sound of a familiar key being inserted into the keyhole outside.

This illusion seemed so real, the sound was so realistic, and it seemed so close to him. Lin Anran spit out the mouthwash, listened closely for a second, and then couldn’t help poking his head out of the bathroom to take a look.

Outside, there was a man who looked like Shang Hao changing shoes in the hallway. He was holding a huge bouquet of roses in his hand–it looked like he had been airlifted back.

Lin Anran was shocked by this all-too-real scene to speak. His heart couldn’t react quick enough, and it jumped slowly.

It was like watching a movie. The scene only changed, and suddenly Shang Hao was in the scene, directly in front of his eyes.

The person standing by the door seemed to have felt his gaze. He raised his head and their eyes met. It was like a momentary circuit connection. Lin Anran’s body instantly overcharged with that confirmation.

Hao ge was back!!!

It was unknown if anyone had ever felt this way, but Lin Anran felt as if he was activated in an instant. Anyway, he was only human, and he completely forgot his moodiness and exhaustion. He looked at Shang Hao, eyes filled with incredible surprise.

He subconsciously stepped out of the bathroom, still looking at the approaching Shang Hao. Although he hadn’t said a single word and was only looking, Lin Anran’s feet already betrayed his hidden excitement, bouncing with small and unbearable steps on the spot. He wanted to rush out, but he still held himself back.


When Shang Hao opened his arms to hug him, Lin Anran’s small steps were fully charged, and now, he couldn’t wait to launch himself with a jump into Shang Hao’s arms. He was hugged tightly, his feet dangling off the ground.


Lin Anran heard it. Every cell in his body was sighing extremely contentedly and comfortably, and he felt so refreshed that he couldn’t restrain it.

Really, if anyone was interested, he truly hoped that they would be able to find someone to hug in such a manner. It was a really top-notched, truly comfortable experience. It felt so good that his toes curled up, so good that he didn’t want to let go of Shang Hao even if the world was ending.

Lin Anran, with his head tilted into Shang Hao’s shoulder, had personally tested it and thoroughly recommended it to everyone.

But of course, not with the person he was holding now. This rich and invincibly handsome boyfriend belongs to him alone.

If human emotions could be concretized, love would have countless crackling tiny sparks in it. When they hugged each other, these countless small sparks blended together perfectly, merging into such a big spark that it made the heart a little sore.

Lin Anran’s limbs were weak. The air was full of the smell of roses Shang Hao had brought back. At this moment, everything was perfect.

His boyfriend’s voice sounded in his ear. “Ranran, I’m back.”

They didn’t want to let go and so they hugged each other for a long time there, hugging each other’s body so tightly.

Until Shang Hao asked Lin Anran in a dissatisfied voice, “Who is he?”

Lin Anran wondered why his tone was like catching someone cheating. He looked in the direction Shang Hao was pointing at, and it turned out that, when he came out to brush his teeth, he’d also brought out the Hao ge body pillow and stood it by the bathroom door to wait for him.

Lin Anran was speechless, and his command of language wasn’t enough to give a satisfactory explanation for this current situation.

Shang Hao endured. He kicked the Hao ge body pillow down and continued to hug Ranran.

With a guilty conscience, Lin Anran hugged the real Hao ge tighter.

But soon, Lin Anran floated back down from Heaven into reality. He moved away from Shang Hao and asked anxiously, “Why are you back?”

“My work is done, so I’m back.” Shang Hao handed him the flowers. “A present.”

The bouquet was a large swath of unopened rose buds. The slightly curled petals were like layers of thick red silk, tenderly holding the heart of the flower.

Lin Anran’s face flushed silently. He was very embarrassed but happily accepted the bouquet of roses that was not yet in bloom.

Great. This time, it wasn’t something that had just come off of the auction; it was a gift he could accept.

This gift made Lin Anran very relaxed.

There was also a postcard. As Lin Anran held the bouquet to look for a vase, he also earnestly picked up the landscape photo postcard to look at it.

Shang Hao didn’t tell him that the name of the foreign villa printed on the postcard was Lin Anran.

Anyway, Lin Anran had personally accepted his gift, and so the goods could no longer be returned or exchanged.

When Shang Hao saw the house with the large French windows and the garden that day, his mind was full of a future Ranran sitting there, quietly drawing. He knew then that the house had Lin Anran’s name written on it.

This was something he decided early. Besides, Lin Anran himself had signed the anti-money laundering statement and other pertinent documents.

Last night, he’d signed an agreement with a lawyer as someone authorized with the power-of-attorney, at once turning raw rice into cooked rice.

Although this wasn’t too good, he didn’t care. That house belonged to Lin Anran, and no one was allowed to prevent Lin Anran from taking the house that belonged to him.

However, the procedures for buying a house abroad were rather cumbersome, sometimes taking up to three to four months. But since he had real estate lawyers over there to manage it, he decided to return home first.

In order to prevent Ranran from feeling psychological pressure, he decided not to tell Lin Anran about it for the time being.

Lin Anran untied the bunch of flowers and f.put them into the glass vase he’d found. The fragrance of roses was rich, and for a while, the air was full of the sweet fragrance of flowers.

Since Shang Hao had just returned home, so he went to take a bath. Meanwhile, Lin Anran stayed out alone, fiddling with the bunch of roses. After the excitement subsided, those real problems resurfaced in his mind.

Lin Anran wanted to use what little power he had to help Tianneng tide over the difficulties, but he didn’t know how to help. Would buying Tianneng’s stock work?

Lin Anran looked at the bathroom door from time to time, alternating this ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, with staring at the flowers in a silent daze.

After Shang Hao came out, he mentioned his little idea to Hao ge. Hao ge asked, “You want shares? I have them.”

Lin Anran waved his hands again and again in fright:…No, no, really there’s no need.

Were they talking about the same thing?

Lin Anran was like a puppy who did something wrong. His eyes turned into little dots, secretly observing Shang Hao’s face. He wanted to determine from Shang Hao’s reaction how many points he’d lost this time and how many points he ought to deduct.

So when Shang Hao turned his face, Lin Anran was especially obedient and leaned down to kiss him.

After he was done kissing, Shang Hao hugged him.

“Yesterday, were you scared?”

Lin Anran didn’t answer, unable to look at him due to his guilt.

“You did a really good job. Really.”

Lin Anran still said nothing, and Shang Hao continued, “If you encounter something like yesterday again, and if you can’t solve it, you must run and run faster. Run right here,” Shang Hao said, pressing Lin Anran’s head into his arms again, as if to hide him. “Run here, where you are now. Understand?”

He used these words to teach the little dummy Ranran.

God knew how surprised he’d been that day, when Lin Anran learned how to file a complaint. He was pleasantly surprised, but also distressed.

He very much would like to teach Lin Anran how to cry and to complain, much like other children. But he didn’t dare provoke him, for fear of causing the opposite effect, so that Lin Anran wouldn’t dare to look for him again.

Xixi: Ugh! His mom makes me so mad. The only thing she did right was give birth to Lin Anran and leave behind the apartment to him. She really messed him up.

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3 years ago

He’s so sweet. Lina Anran, the sweet boi, needs to run to mother Hao. Not the body pillow but the real one. 😆 Thank you for the update.

3 years ago

Un, i won’t fight over boss Shang with our baby, but i don’t mind having the body pillow XDD
(Not like he would ever want me tho- QAQ)

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Thank you so much for sharing 👏❤️🙏🧨

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Hi just letting you know that the ‘next’ button is not connected to the next chapter 🍀

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I want a Hao Ge in my life. The last couple of paragraphs of Shang Hao telling him to run faster straight to his arms…what a boyfriend. 10 out of 10! A+++!

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This is not a boyfriend this is an angel

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A boyfriend is an understatement…… Seriously!!!