Love Delusion: Chapter 37

In the end, the original author of the gossip post was discovered, and the matter was roughly clarified.

One unexpected thing was that this person was also a friend from a group that Lin Anran had joined, which was the virtual lover group.

At first, this person knew that Lin Anran was an illustrator, and he became curious the moment he saw him join the group. He scrolled through Lin Anran’s homepage and saw the drawing of the hands that Lin Anran had posted.

Using the excuse of single-handedly saving others, he quickly reacted to his own perceived truth and felt that he had discovered a “secret.”

So after seeing Lin Anran’s last two posts in a row, this small person within the company couldn’t help spreading this trail of gossip.

Shang Hao was his top top top top boss. If highly eligible bachelors were relegated to the top of the food chain, this person was undoubtedly at the very tip of it. Thus, when it came to this matter, he knew that this little piece of news would result in a quick reaction.

Conscious that he was the only one who had discovered this secret, his desire for expression became more and more uncontrollable. Therefore, pretending to be a passerby, he published such an essay on the forum.

But the development of this matter would be known later. Right now, the lawyer was already going through the notarization and litigation process, convinced that there would soon be results.

Boss Shang had just gotten off the plane and so he ordered his little brother Lin Anran to sleep with him.

The little brother went to bed happily, only to realize that he was being used to nuzzle on.

After a few days of not seeing each other, Shang Hao touched his body all over, making him a little daze. He clasped Lin Anran’s wrists, separating them to prevent him from moving. Then Shang Hao laid heavily on top of him and buried his head on the crook of Lin Anran’s neck, with his chin resting on his shoulder and his face pressed into the skin of his neck.

This posture of sticking together produced a fascinating effect, and both their breathing slowed and soothed without them realizing it. At this moment, they were like two intimate animals, crossing their necks to sleep.

Suddenly, Shang Hao’s phone on the bedside began to vibrate, breaking the silence in the room. Lin Anran managed to drag his gaze to the phone on the bedside and then at Shang Hao on top of him. Shang Hao remained motionless, resting on him for a long time. Gradually, he became more visibly impatient. Finally, just before the ringing stopped, his hand reached out for the buzzing phone.

He got up from Lin Anran, but he had no intention of letting him go.

Lin Anran, who was pressed underneath him, watched at he connected the call.

Because their surroundings were quiet enough, he could distinguish the slight human voice on the phone, but the content was unintelligible. Shang Hao listened to the report on the phone and looked at Lin Anran who was lying on the bed. He raised his arm and his fingers grazed across Lin Anran’s face.

Shang Hao replied a short “mmn” to the person on the phone from time to time. Meanwhile, his hand stroked the lines of Lin Anran’s face very slowly and then up the strands of long hair scattered in the bed. His fingers slipped down, sliding over his neck down to his shoulder, before dipping into the neckline of his shirt.

Within the timeframe of a single phone call, he caressed Lin Anran into a state of discomfort. Lin Anran wanted to stop this wandering hand, but he didn’t dare. Therefore, he continued to allow Shang Hao to take advantaged of him until the call finally ended.

After putting down the phone, Boss Shang continued to bury himself against him, taking Lin Anran as the most favorite pillow of his life.

“I love you too, Ranran. I love you too.”

He said “love” several times. But he seemed really tired, and so he could not persist in nuzzling Lin Anran for long. Soon, his breathing became smooth and he fell asleep against Lin Anran’s body.

Pillow Lin Anran hadn’t slept yet. The weight of the two people caused the bed beneath to sink. He felt the weight on his body and the steady frequency of Boss Shang’s breath as he inhaled and exhaled. At this moment, he gained a short and extremely solid sense of security.

It felt as if he’d finally encountered an island in the middle of a long voyage. At this moment, at least this person was by his side and would not leave.

Lin Anran relaxed, but he was not willing to sleep yet. Boss Shang has finished nuzzling him, and he also wanted to nuzzle Boss Shang without interruption.

He raised his head and silently stared at Shang Hao’s sleeping profile.

Nothing had changed, Lin Anran thought to himself.

From this person’s profile to the feeling that he gave Lin Anran, it seemed that nothing had changed. He was still the same as that young Shang Hao who had helped him move the desk many years ago. In Lin Anran’s life, Shang Hao had always been so reliable and so safe.

Was it possible for God to specially arrange one person to protect another person?

Lin Anran’s heart was filled with warmth. While Boss Shamg was asleep, he secretly pursed his lips and pressed a kiss to Shang Hao’s head. With Shang Hao pressing down on his chest, this was as far as he could get.

Shang Hao had just said “I love you too” several times, and now, Lin Anran also had a brave idea. He really wanted to learn to speak.

He used to be like a plant growing quietly alone, with few desires and few demands. Even when these kinds of needs appeared occasionally, they would always pass.

But ever since he was with Shang Hao, he didn’t know why he had a lot more things he wanted to say every day. Sometimes, it was a lot, so much so that Lin Anran had to draw the Little Dummy comics to sooth it. Sometimes, very rarely, Lin Anran also want to simply stay by his side without doing anything at all.

It was peaceful and calm, just as it was usually peaceful and calm. With Shang Hao by his side, he was happy for the peace and the calm.

This may not be obvious because, after all, no one could tell whether a quiet plant was happy or unhappy.

It seemed that no one other than him would do so many things secretly, like add strange group chats, secretly leave messages to Shang Hao, and draw illustrations about him. Lin Anran had no choice but to speak.

After catching up on their sleep that morning, they got up at noon and had a takeaway meal. In the afternoon, Lin Anran drew while Boss Shang went to the company.

Since yesterday, Lin Anran had not dared to look at the phone too much. However, the notification bar of his mobile phone was always in a super-full state. Even then, the notifications from several apps were still rapidly increasing, so much so that he had to mute his phone.

The sudden exposure was accompanied by a sharp increase in orders. Lin Anran took as much information as he could and anxiously found that orders had already piled up until next year.

The number of fans on his account also doubled several times, and his private mailbox was filled with many spam messages.

With some difficulties, Lin Anran spent most of the afternoon processing these orders. He collasped on top of the chair, still working, still drawing, still drawing.

He stubbornly held the pen.

However, after Lin Anran checked the order requirements and made all the preparations, after all the right tools were in place, a new email arrived in his inbox. It was the feedback from the manuscript he had just sent out. The other party pointed out several things that needed to be revised.

He looked at the clock and saw that the afternoon time had passed.

At this moment, Lin Anran felt a sense of exhaustion. He had been so busy and had worked the entire afternoon away, but in the end, he hadn’t completed anything.

He didn’t want to face the screen anymore. He put the manuscript aside first, and then he laid slump on the table for a while. He was in a daze thinking about things, and he touched the penholder again without realizing it.

Ten minutes later, the little dummy’s draft was updated, and this time, there were more frames.

The little dummy suddenly had a dream.

In the dream, the little round-headed dummy suddenly became bigger. It became a huge dummy, the same size as Boss Shang.

The style in which they were drawn remained unchanged. Boss Shang still had a cartoon face, and his dummy face still had two round, black beans. Underneath that round face was a stick figure body.

In the next grid, Boss Shang leaned over toward the dummy’s dazed face.

Boss Shang kindly gave Dummy Ranran a kiss.

After he pulled back, a magical scene happened. A mouth was now printed on the lower half of the dummy’s blank face. The Dummy Ranran had grown out a pair of very handsome lips!

The dummy could speak now!

He was very happy. But what was strange was that all the words that came out of that handsome mouth are full of love, each and every one.

He looked at Boss Shang suspiciously, only to find that Boss Shang had opened his mouth and was sending love to him.

It turned out that the mouth that Boss Shang had given him could, like Boss Shang, only emit love.

The dummy suddenly used his brain and continued to speak with his mouth open. This time, the countless small hearts he spit out slowly formed a “sorry” shape.

Ranran showed that he was “sorry” to Haohao.

I’m sorry.

The small comic ended. Lin Anran put down his pen.

The rough draft flowed smoothly and was completed very quickly. Lin Anran stared at his illustration in a daze, stretched out in exhaution on the chair.

As he stared in a trance, Lin Anran heard footsteps outside the door. By this point, Shang Hao should be back.

Lin Anran decided to end today’s work early. He tidied up the desk and looked up when he heard the “Ranran.” At that moment, he became frightened.

Lin Anran was very familiar with the things that Boss Shang was carrying in his hands. He was so familiar with it that he could not forget.

—Wasn’t this the suggestion box in the lobby on the first floor of Tianneng?!

Lin Anran remembered that it was the one he had put the thank-you letter in.

Shang Hao said again, “Ranran.”

Upon hearing his name, Lin Anran turned his dazed gaze to him.

Although he’d written a thank you letter once, Shang Hao didn’t have to take it down to commemorate their love…

“I’m going to put this thing in our house,” he said. “Don’t you like to write letters?”

Lin Anran walked over to Boss Shang and stared at the small box on the ground in confusion.

Shang Hao continued, “If you write to me in the future, I’ll see it. This is our suggestion box at home.”

Lin Anran confirmed that this was indeed that suggestion box. Like all official suggestion boxes, it was a very neatly-looking alloy box.

It looked like the kind of small house made by humans according to their own aesthetics for the birds, a bird house.

This box was also the same. It was a perfect Dummy Ranran home that Shang Hao brought back for Lin Anran.

Because he couldn’t speak, Shang Hao wanted him to write letters. He could write whatever he wanted, as long as he was willing to write.

Shang Hao had no time to take off his coat. He immediately began to study the screws on the box, and said to Lin Anran without looking up, “I’m afraid that you’ll be bullied in the future, and I won’t know.”

Lin Anran stood next to him, looking at him, speechless.

“Although you can handle it on your own sometimes…,” Shang Hao said, starting to measure where he ought to put the suggestion box.


Lin Anran thought that according to his defiant personality, the next sentence should be: “But it’s not as good compared to me”, and so on.

Shang Hao finally decided to hang the mailbox by the door. He finished the rest of his words, his tone unquestionable, “Although you can be great, I still want to help you.”

Because of these words, Lin Anran was stunned.

He really couldn’t say anything at all.


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3 years ago

Aww, this chapter was so sweet! Thanks for translating!

3 years ago

Lin Anran, who was pressed underneath him, watched at [as] he connected the call.

The rough draft flowed smoothly and was completed very quickly. Lin Anran stared at his illustration in a daze, stretched out in exhaution [exhaustion]on the chair.

2 years ago

Aww that made me tear up again wuwu why is this so ** sweet, theyre just so precious 😢

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1 year ago

“Although you can be great, I still want to help you” 🥹🥹