Love Delusion: Chapter 47

After leaving the counseling center, Lin Anran walked in the direction of the parking lot with his head lowered.

Since he had Shang Hao, there was no need to always trouble his aunt to drive. However, Boss Shang was usually busy and might not be able to pull away from work. As a result, he may not be able to pick Lin Anran up all the time.

But today, Boss Shang said he would come and pick him up.

While wearing a hat and a mask, Lin Anran stood out as an oddity in the crowd. When he scanned the parking lot to look for Shang Hao, he raised his head just enough so that the brim of his hat wouldn’t obstruct his vision.

He held the phone with both hands and had just sent the message when he saw a tall figure standing next to a car.

Lin Anran’s eyes lit up, and he immediately walked towards Shang Hao, who was half a parking lot away.

At first, he only walked. But perhaps it was because the closer he got to Shang Hao, the stronger the magnetic attraction, because this strange-looking human went from walking to power walking. With his eyes constantly fixed on Shang Hao’s figure in the distance, his two legs walked faster and faster.

Shang Hao saw him in the distance. After establishing a Bluetooth link with the other person’s line of sight, Lin Anran’s heart was lighter than his body and wanted him to take flight. Finally, at a position less than ten meters away from Shang Hao, his brisk power walking became a trot, as if he couldn’t wait to take off at a full run right then and there.

The outside world was an endless sea, and Lin Anran was a wandering boat. This man was the harbor that had been waiting for him to return.

Lin Anran, the acknowledged boat, rushed towards him from a distance, and when he finally reached Shang Hao’s side, he tried to slam on his breaks. But his athletic talents couldn’t live up to expectations. He couldn’t stop in time and rammed right into Shang Hao’s arms.

Shang Hao tightened his arms around him and lifted Lin Anran right off the ground for a second before putting him back down.

Lin Anran settled back on his feet in a daze, and Shang Hao took the opportunity to push his hair away from his face. Then he held his face and observed his post-doctor mood, before leaning over to kiss his forehead first and then his cheek.

Lin Anran’s heart was rippling in warm water, until he heard rustling laughter floating nearby.

With his head held in place, he rolled his eyes over and was shocked to find that there were people standing nearby.

Away from the aisle, several elderly aunts were posing, taking turns taking photos with Shang Hao’s Maybach. But, attracted to the movement on Shang Hao’s end, they stood together and watched the two of them embracing with a wide smile on their face.

The aunts didn’t have any bad intentions and looked justified, as if they were tourists who had bought tickets to watch. It was only then that Lin Anran realized that he was still in a public place, and he quickly stepped down from Boss Shang in embarrassment, not daring to look there anymore.

Shang Hao bent over to open the door for him so that he could enter the car first.

Lin Anran was still bemoaning the fact that he’d forgotten he was still in a public space. Fortunately there weren’t many people there, and it was just those aunts.

Lin Anran had just sat down when the person in the driving seat in front suddenly said, “Mr. Lin, hello!”

Assistant Xu’s calm voice was overcome with his enthusiasm for good service.

Lin Anran was shocked again. “H-hello.”

After a few seconds of silence in the car, Lin Anran finally couldn’t help but hesitantly asked, “Just now, you…”

Had he been there all this time? Could it be that he saw everything?

Assistant Xu replied cordially, “I’m at your service at any time.”

Lin Anran:…

He straightened on the leather car seat, biting his lip, a faint blush on his serious face.

As soon as he entered the car, Shang Hao grabbed his hand.

Lin Anran didn’t understand it before, but Shang Hao’s various puzzling, handsy behaviors now made sense. For example, the reason he held his hand so tightly was because he had a low sense of security.

Lin Anran’s hand was held so completely that only a section of his fingers were exposed. Thus, a row of lush white fingers curled up and grasped the big hand as much as they could.

Assistant Xu started the car, and Shang Hao asked, “Going home?”

Lin Anran thought about Teacher Zhou’s suggestions.

She encouraged Lin Anran’s friend to go out more often so as to improve social adaptability. An example was dating. After all, dating wasn’t a one-time task.

That one sentence awakened Lin Anran. He thought that it made perfect sense.

Anyway, he underwent a certain struggle every time before going outside. When he was coming out of the counseling center, he was thinking, why not just take advantage of today, especially with both of them in the car?

“When do you get off work?” he asked Shang Hao in a low voice. His questioning tone was very light, with no sense of confidence at all. Therefore, his question didn’t sound like it might be followed with this next question: “Can we go out to play together?”

As Lin Anran was asking this, his fingers moved nervously, as if trying to scratch the back of Shang Hao’s hand.

Shang Hao would agree to anything he said. He turned over Lin Anran’s hand and agreed, “Of course we can. We can do it now.”

Hearing this sentence from Shang Hao, even the highly professional Assistant Xu nearly couldn’t hold back.

He wanted to say something but then hesitated, wanting to speak but still dared not, yet eager to give it a try. From time to time, his eyes would glance at the rearview mirror.

This humble office assistant would like to remind President Shang. Did you remember that the half-hour squeezed out to pick this person up came from the gap between two rounds of meeting? There was no more space, and the limit of time management had already been maxed out.

He was originally dedicated to acting as Shang Hao’s driving machine. At this moment, he endured and endured. Before he could make a sound, he glanced at the rearview mirror with restraint, trying to find a chance to speak.

In the rearview mirror, his gaze met Shang Hao’s, which was kindly reminding him: Shut up.

Assistant Xu quickly became silent.

Shang Hao turned his head and explained to Lin Anran without changing face, “He is too fierce. I’m afraid.”

Lin Anran was taken aback and quickly followed with a “Mmn, mmn.”

Assistant Xu, now wholly dedicated to driving, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Was love really this blind?

Although Shang Hao said that he was afraid, there was no trace of fear in his expression. Yet, Lin Anran still chose to believe him.

Speaking of which, Shang Hao’s acting skills were gradually becoming half-hearted. But even if he wrote “inferiority complex” on a piece of paper and then pasted it on his forehead, Lin Anran will choose to believe that he really did feel inferior.

Just because his boyfriend was originally arrogant and high-status didn’t mean that he couldn’t have low self-esteem. After all, he loved his family boyfriend dearly.

This highly inferior child had been holding his hand tightly since they got in the car.

Assistant Xu: Love is a glass of wine, anyone can drink it into a daze.

Lin Anran knew that Shang Hao was an elite, but he heard that bullying in the workplace wasn’t so simple. What’s more, Boss Shang was now in a fragile state. Therefore, Lin Anran needed to spread his wings to protect him. He refused to allow others to take advantage of him in his current state.

“He…is he usually so fierce?”

Because the suspect was present, Lin Anran tacitly didn’t say much. Instead, he looked at Shang Hao intently with questioning eyes, trying to pass information to him.

—Kitty, do you need legal aid?

The intellectual Assistant Xu:…How about you both raise the partition before talking again? I will feel better in my heart.

He focused on driving with an “I didn’t hear anything” expression on his face.

“Don’t pay attention to him.” Shang Hao slowly rubbed Lin Anran’s hand. “Where shall we go?”

Lin Anran didn’t know.

He wanted to do more of what normal couples do, so he hesitated and tentatively proposed, “Watch a movie…Is that fine with you?”

“Then let’s go to our personal movie theater.”

Lin Anran’s reaction was slow. He had barely struggled out of the thought “I’ve made a decision so quickly” before he fell right away into the haze of “our own personal movie theater.”

The driving robot in the front seat received the instruction and turned automatically. There were several movie theaters that belonged to Shang Hao’s family in Jiangcheng, and the nearest one was less than ten minutes away. It was located on the top floor of a large commercial center.

There were many people there, and Shang Hao dressed in his business suit attracted the attention of many passersbys. He kept his gaze forward and held Lin Anran’s hand all the way.

A boyfriend with this configuration was very glamorous, and Lin Anran was quite happy.

Because he was bringing Shang Hao out on a date, Lin Anran volunteered to hold his hand as they waited for the ticket to be bought.

For some reason, Assistant Xu, who was normally such a thoughtful person, forgot to ask Boss Shang about what he wanted this time and neither did he ask him if this movie theater was okay. Therefore, Lin Anran didn’t know which movie theater this was and couldn’t buy tickets on his mobile phone first.

It may not be a good idea to make a last minute decision to watch a movie, because the most recent shows were almost full. Lin Anran was wondering whether to sit in the first row or the position closest to the wall, when he heard Shang Hao calling him.

“Ranran, let’s go.”

Go? Where were they going?

The two of them were still holding hands, but now Lin Anran was being led by Shang Hao. There was a staff member leading the way, all the way passed the ticket gate and the ticket machine.

The waiter took them to the innermost imax hall, politely said “I wish you a happy movie-watching”, and left.

Lin Anran didn’t have to worry about whether he should sit in the last row or against the wall, because the entire spacious hall was empty. The two of them were the only ones who could indulge in any seats in the entire theater room.

If he wanted to sit against the wall, he could sit against the wall. If he wanted to sit in the first row, he could sit in the first row.

Lin Anran realized that Assistant Xu didn’t forget to ask. It was that Boss Shang didn’t have to buy tickets.

Shang Hao said, “This is a theater room that hasn’t been opened yet.”

Lin Anran was embarrassed, and then whispered after sitting down, “You didn’t even tell me.”

He was somewhat lacking in confidence. Shang Hao looked at his expression and spoke at a lower volume than Lin Anran, “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.”

This was how humans are. Comfort was comfort. But the comfort of a person standing at a height was always different from the comfort of someone standing at the same height.

A person with low self-esteem comforting another person with low self-esteem. Lin Anran originally felt that he himself was useless, but for the first time, he felt that maybe this might not be the case after all.

The experience of leaving a state of low self-esteem was so wonderfully comfortable.

“They’re too noisy. I just wanted to stay together with you,” Shang Hao whispered into his ears.

Lin Anran was obedient and didn’t get up. They were sitting in the golden viewing position of the entire theater, with only two people charting the venue, and no one else bothering them. When the surrounding lights dimmed and the big screen came on, Lin Anran remembered that he still didn’t know what movie he was watching.

After the opening sequence, a large line lit up the middle of the big screen: “Defense of the Forest Homeland:The Adventures of the Animal Kingdom.”

Lin Anran:….

The movie had already started, and he couldn’t speak. Shang Hao found that he was looking at himself and gave him a knowing smile: You don’t have to thank me.

Looking at the screen, Lin Anran’s heart was still submerged in water. He made up his mind that, after they were done watching the movie, he would explain clearly to Shang Hao this time. He really had no strange obsession with animals.

Lin Anran’s inner activity at the beginning of the movie was “Who would want to watch this?”

At the end of the movie, Lin Anran’s eyes were brimming with tears. How could anyone not be moved by the friendship of the little animals in helping each other?

Lin Anran was really moved to tears by the little animals. When the ending song started, he was finally able to turn his head to look at Boss Shang to see whether he was just as deeply moved.

Boss Shang… Boss Shang was sleeping.

In the dim light, the incredulous Lin Anran confirmed it again and was finally convinced of the fact. In front of such a moving movie, this person really fell asleep.

Lin Anran deplored this very much. He didn’t know at what point in the movie Shang Hao had fallen asleep. It would be a pity if he didn’t see the movie’s climax.

The music of the ending song awakened Shang Hao, and as soon as he woke up, he started looking for Lin Anran.

At that moment, Lin Anran concocted a plan—He must let Shang Hao know today that it was absolutely a pity to miss the touching story of the little animals.

The lights in the theater slowly turned on, and at the same time, it also caught the two pools of water in Lin Anran’s eyes.

Shang Hao looked at him with a dazed expression. He sat up and moved closer to Lin Anran.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Anran could have wiped away the tears, but this was perfect evidence of how moving the movie was, so he chose to leave them. With tears in his eyes, he said to Shang Hao, “You actually fell asleep.”

Although the emotional energy had long passed, Lin Anran still had the lingering, bittersweet feeling from the movie.

He wanted to use his tears to show him: Take a look at how touching the story of the little animal was. Now regret it and know how bad it was to fall asleep halfway through the movie.

Shang Hao wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, his thumbs moving carefully and with pity, as if those tears were beads that would break at the slightest bit of force.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

He frowned. His whole body was turned sideways, and his eyes never left Lin Anran’s face. He seemed to be thinking about countermeasures, but in the end, he gave up and said in a self-annoyed voice, “It’s my fault.”

Shang Hao didn’t even know when he had fallen asleep. But he actually fell asleep while they were watching a movie together at the theater for the first time. No wonder Lin Anran was so sad. It was indeed his fault.

He wasn’t dealt a blow by missing a movie; he was hit by Lin Anran’s tears.

Lin Anran said, “You don’t even know how hard the little raccoons worked to protect their forest homes.”

Shang Hao sincerely said, “I’m sorry little raccoons.”

At this moment, he didn’t even think of using his own fake low self-esteem. One person instinctively comforted the other person, and the other person naturally learned to show weakness without realizing it.

Shang Hao sometimes felt that he didn’t actually have to act inferior in front of Lin Anran. Anyone would have a slight inferiority complex when in front of a loved one.

He had been chasing Lin Anran, without knowing why. He must have been chasing Lin Anran all his life. Everything seemed as if it was being taken for granted.

Because true love could not be fully possessed, so that even if the person was right in front of his eyes, he was not completely satisfied. He would still not be satisfied even if he spent his entire life with him.

Originally, Lin Anran’s remaining tears were preserved from the movie, but now they were wiped away, leaving behind a pair of pure, black-and-white eyes that were extraordinarily clean after washing.

Seeing Shang Hao being so regretful for the little raccoon, he couldn’t bear it anymore. But Shang Hao said, “I’ll let them play it again. I will definitely not fall asleep this time.”

Lin Anran reached out and held him urgently. Actually, he was just pretending so as to deceive him. He couldn’t tell him the true reason, so he could only stop him with some embarrassment. “No.”

Seeing that Boss Shang was so regretful, he blamed himself. He didn’t expect that missing the little raccoons would hit Boss Shang so hard.

It was the first time he played this kind of trick in front of Boss Shang, and his heart was pounding right now.

Unexpectedly, Lin Anran did this small scheme.

He was really a bad boy.

After watching a movie, it was almost time for dinner so the two of them had a meal outside before returning home.

Shang Hao seemed to be very busy. He had turned off his phone when he was watching the movie, but now there were intermittent phone calls throughout the entire meal.

Lin Anran sat opposite him, and when the man wasn’t paying attention, he secretly raised his eyes to watch him call and send messages.

This was the case. That time, when Shang Hao had said, “I’ve told you that I loved you for so long, why don’t you believe me?” It made an impact on Lin Anran’s world.

Looking at himself from an outside perspective, it turned out that he was so difficult.

Was what Shang Hao said true? If so, then this was too unfair to him…Lin Anran began to reflect, trying to make himself accept this as an established fact.

Once he accepted the setting that Shang Hao truly loved him…

He seemed to be about to step into the sea for the first time, bare-footed. Waves were rushing up to the beach, one after another, rushing over to his feet without stopping, approaching and teasing him infinitely.

Due to watching the touching movie of the adventures in the forest, Lin Anran had trouble with the selection of pajamas that night. There were no raccoon pajamas in his closet.

After a long moment of indecision, he ended up taking a Corgi one-piece pajamas that he hadn’t worn for a long time.

However, it was this pajamas that gave Boss Shang a certain kind of bad inspiration. He didn’t know why, but he always had a steady stream of inspiration for these kinds of pajamas.

When he saw Lin Anran on the bed, he walked to the end of the bed without saying a word and dragged his ankles.

Suddenly, Lin Anran was dragged to the edge of the bed, and Shang Hao’s unkind, smiling face appeared in his vision.

Lin Anran became angry in his heart. He knew what Boss Shang was going to say. Last time he said he was a chicken dish. This time, he wouldn’t say that he was Draggie, right? These days, he had already made peace with himself, and these common homonyms no longer bothered him.

He’ll bear it. He could bear it.

Shang Hao smiled and slowly uttered a word, “Draggie.”

Lin Anran: ????

Too much damage!!! A critical hit!!!

You can insult me, but you can’t insult my pajamas! Lin Anran, the little policeman in one-piece pajamas, was furious and sat up awkwardly, trying to get his feet back from Shang Hao’s grip but couldn’t. So he switched to using his own iron fist and hammered Shang Hao on the spot.

We’re both inferior people, you can’t scold me.

At first, Shang Hao was surprised. “What are you doing?”

Lin Anran said, “Beating you.”

They fell silent for a moment. Before Lin Anran could react, Shang Hao suddenly pressed him down and threw him onto the bed.

With a sweet smile in his voice, he kissed Lin Anran’s ear affectionately, “Ranran beated me.”

Lin Anran was thrown into a daze: ……Huh?

What did he miss? How had the plot suddenly advanced to this perverted step?


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2 years ago

ranran getting bolder 👏👏

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What is a draggie?

2 years ago
Reply to  Scrltpimpernel

same question.. this reference is lost on me

2 years ago
Reply to  cynicalreader

maybe because ranran is wearing (corgi) doggie pajamas and was dragged to the end of the bed haohao combined doggie and drag to make a bad joke idk

9 days ago
Reply to  Scrltpimpernel

Two years late, but I think it refers to the cartoon/kids anime, Draggie Yokai, which is about a little Dragon and his friends. Ranran in a corgi/dog costume probably looks like one of Draggie’s friends.

Lady Sayuri
Lady Sayuri
2 years ago

Lol their misunderstandings 🤣 i wonder if they’ll ever be cleared up 😂

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This chapter was so funny! Hahaha. i was reading it while on a bus and couldn’t help but chuckle. My friend looked at me weirdly. Hahaha.