Love Delusion: Chapter 48

One morning, Shang Hao suddenly sent a call invitation during work hours.

After Lin Anran connected, what appeared on the screen was not Shang Hao, but a display case filled with cherry cream tart, matcha raspberry basque, and black and white forest cake rolls.

The image shook, and then the camera turned sideways. At that moment, it seemed as if a curtain was opening in front of his eyes, showing a full view of delicate little cakes, and each piece was emitting a soft light like in a fairy tale. The picture was full of sweetness.

This was not the real world, this was heaven.

Lin Anran was transfixed by this image. Shang Hao’s voice appeared as a voiceover. “Do you like these?”

Lin Anran liked it very much. He could even smell the vanilla cream from the cakes. He secretly swallowed and asked Shang Hao, “Where are you?”

He wanted to embarrassingly ask what store this was so that he could go if he ever had a chance.

Shang Hao said, “Gangcheng.”

Shang Hao had a private jet, which made it very convenient for him to fly. His flight schedule was based entirely on his personal schedule. It was common for him and Lin Anran to not be in the same city in the morning and afternoon, and Lin Anran would often find himself incidentally having international phone calls with him.

When Lin Anran heard his answer, he felt regretful. He couldn’t go.

Shang Hao slowly turned the camera so that he could clearly see the frosting and mint leaves on the cake. “This is an old-fashioned traditional bakery, and the products here are not bad.”

The little dummy in Lin Anran’s heart nodded vigorously. It looked very good. .

Lin Anran himself only made a reserved “mmn,” not commenting.

Today, he was very firm. He must stop Shang Hao and absolutely could not let him buy him something again.

It wasn’t that the cakes weren’t tempting, but that Boss Shang had brought back too many gifts for him already. On the other hand, Lin Anran hadn’t thought about what he wanted to give Shang Hao, and so he had a very guilty conscience.

Each time, Boss Shang’s reasons are also very ridiculous, such as “The moment I looked at it, I saw your name written on it”, “It’s something that naturally belongs to you”, “I just brought it back casually”…..

He spoke so plausibly, as if there were such good things in the world with Lin Anran’s name written on it, even though Lin Anran himself didn’t know it.

In short, before Lin Anran had a chance to reciprocate with gifts of his own for the previous gifts he were given, he was determined to make Boss Shang get rid of this bad habit of giving gifts.

Boss Shang held his cell phone and finished showcasing the first row of cakes. Lin Anran was also ready to refuse, with the word “no” on his lips, ready to be launched at any moment. But it was too late. The other person was already talking.

Shang Hao said, “I want it. Can you please buy me one?”

Lin Anran immediately said, “N…huh?”

Shang Hao repeated, “Can you please buy me a cake?”

Lin Anran thought for a moment and secretly licked his lips.

As Shang Hao patiently waited for him to answer, he lowered the camera down, displaying a sea of ​​small cakes.

The enemy was too cunning. Lin Anran’s voice was like a gnat, and it surreptitiously said to the devil on the other side of the phone, “Okay.”

If he kept his voice low enough, he could deceive his own conscience.

Since it was his own treat, Lin Anran didn’t have to be polite, and he instructed Shang Hao to select several and then waited for Shang Hao to make his decision

Shang Hao was having some difficulties.

Just like under normal circumstances, huge humans collectively consider a certain type of small insects as ants. Similarly, wealthy men like Shang Hao collectively considered other humans as poor.

He wasn’t sure if these dozens of pieces of cakes were affordable for Lin Anran or if they would put a blow in his living expenses.

He was certain that, although he gave Lin Anran a black card, if he asked him to treat him, then he definitely would treat him.

After looking a full circle, he realized that there was not a single digit item in here. Finally, he pointed to the cheapest doughnut, thought about it, and asked Lin Anran, “Will buying this make you go bankrupt?”

Lin Anran on the other side of the phone:.…..

Shang Hao hummed and said, “Or how about I…”

Lin Anran said, “Say it again, and I’ll beat you up.”

Shang Hao was relieved. So it seemed that he wouldn’t go bankrupt. Since Lin Anran had learned to beat people, he had been in a better mood and was more expressive about his thoughts. Shang Hao said, “Okay, then buy this.”

Last time, Lin Anran regretted beating a certain someone, thinking that he’d made a mistake. Although he was deliberately holding himself back from being too prideful, Boss Shang still made people want to beat him from time to time.

It was as if a small piece of his eggshell was pecked off, and a beam of light finally came through that single hole. Lin Anran added a vent, so that he could use this single hole to breathe outside.

The specific manifestation of this was that from time to time, he would hit Shang Hao.

After all, this was the only skill he’d learned thus far.

Because it was he who paid the bill, the voice of Lin Anran’s conscience condemning him was a little bit smaller. However, when Shang Hao returned home in the evening, he carried a small suitcase with exquisite workmanship in addition to the cake in his hand.

He said it was because he had spent enough that the cake shop included this small gift.

Lin Anran opened the thing that looked like a toolbox, and it was no exaggeration to say that he was stunned by the aristocratic aura shining onto his face. The paints spread over in three layers were unfolded for the first time, noble and elegant.

For the first time in his life, he smelled the aristocratic breath from paint.

Could paint be noble? It should be understood that the paint industry also had strict luxury and non-luxury distinctions. The box in Lin Anran’s hands was a high-end luxury item in the painting industry, and the cost of each gram was more than several times that of gold. It took a long time for it to be customized and then mailed to China, and Shang Hao didn’t get it until today.

Lin Anran had limited knowledge of luxury goods. He didn’t know the cost and the status of this set of paint, and if he knew it, he would be too scared to accept it.

But there was a natural telepathy between the painter and the paint. He just had a hunch that this would be the most expensive paint he would ever use in his life. Could this, this thing really be a gift from a cake shop?

Lin Anran couldn’t bear to put his hands down from the paint box. He looked at Shang Hao and then at the paint, his face clearly displaying his inward struggle.

Shang Hao said, “As soon as I saw it, I knew your name was written on it.”

Lin Anran’s struggling heart:…nsdd!

Shang Hao said, “The painter who can reject this set of paint must not be a professional painter.”

Lin Anran: Very true! Very true!

Shang Hao added, “Looking at how much it wants to follow you, are you really willing to refuse the child?”

Lin Anran: Oh, the child is too pitiful.

Shang Hao said, “The cake shop is really enthusiastic.”

Lin Anran: Really enthusiastic!

Shang Hao said, “Use it! Buy more when you run out!”

Lin Anran: Buy it!

Lin Anran decided that he would use the rest of his life to work as a compensation for Boss Shang’s present today.

Even if he had to sell him his body, it was impossible not to gamble on this paint that was just to his taste. He was very reluctant to let go of this box of paint.

However, when Lin Anran received the last gift, he had promised himself that it would be the last time. So after this, he felt very regretful. He drew a lot of hearts at his desk and put them into the big glass jar on the same table.

This large glass jar had been on his desk for the past few days. It was Lin Anran’s idea of visualizing Shang Hao’s love.

He’d reflected on what Shang Hao had said, which was that he’d told him he loved him so many times, and yet he still wouldn’t believe him. In order to remind himself not to be a white-eyed wolf, Lin Anran prepared this big jar to contain Boss Shang’s love.

The other jar next to Shang Hao’s was his. He was determined to give as much love as he was given.

Looking at the difference in height of the hearts in the two jars, there was still much to be done.

Speaking of gifts, Lin Anran silently glanced back at the expensive treadmill.

Because after running a few times on it, it was no longer used, and so Lin Anran ended up stacking clothes on top of it. In short, it was now a 200,000 yuan hanger.

In the end, Shang Hao couldn’t stand idly by and watch, and so this treadmill became his fitness equipment from time to time. He had a habit of exercising, and when he was free at night, he would go for a run on it.

When he ran, his endurance was exceptionally long, and his whole body began to exude a charm from the inside out, such that he could fascinate ten innocent boys like Lin Anran all at the same time.

Lin Anran was fascinated by him. Under the influence of his boyfriend, that night when Shang Hao was running, he also took the initiative to bring out his yoga mat, emptied the surrounding area, and spread it beside the treadmill at a distance.

He started doing yoga very seriously next to Shang Hao; he had even changed into his professional yoga attire.

By that time, Shang Hao had already been running for nearly an hour. Lin Anran had only practiced for ten minutes, but he kept hearing muffled laughter coming from the treadmill next to him.

The honest Lin Anran couldn’t help asking sincerely, “Why are you laughing at me?”

Shang Hao looked at him, smiling. “I wasn’t laughing.”

Lin Anran: ??

That night, Lin Anran was carried semi-forcefully onto the treadmill. Fifteen minutes later, when he was picked up in the exact same way he was put on, he was out of breath.

Shang Hao sat on the sofa, holding him and messaging the muscles on his legs. He encouraged him soothingly, “You are so awesome, I love it.

As Lin Anran panted, he gave him a weak thumbs up.

“What are you doing?”

“Massaging you to relax and prevent the accumulation of lactic acid,” Shang Hao answered solemnly.

This made sense to Lin Anran, but couldn’t he use more force? And why was he only focusing on his thighs? Other places were sore too.

Lin Anran said, “I’m all sweaty.”

He was sitting directly on Shang Hao’s lap, and he felt very embarrassed.

There was no response, but Shang Hao must have heard what he said, because he started on himself.

“I’m sweaty too.”

As he spoke, his lips were practically brushing across the shell of Lin Anran’s ear. “Do you dislike me?”

Lin Anran was kissed by him like this and he couldn’t make a sound at all. He could only shake his head in response. He didn’t feel disgusted at all in his heart, but he still disliked it in himself.

“That’s right.”

But Shang Hao began to objectively consider the situation Lin Anran had raised, listening carefully to his words.

He told Lin Anran, “You think I’m talking nonsense, but if I really started to hate you just because you got a little sweaty, then you should quickly break up with me.”

He liked the person in his arms too much. He couldn’t help worrying about him in the future, and he couldn’t wait to let this little person named Lin Anran spend the rest of his life immersed in the depths of his heart, so that he could spend his life warm and peaceful.

He wasn’t at ease with even the future Shang Hao. Therefore, fearing that the soft-tempered Lin Anran would be bullied by him, he was teaching him how to break up with future Shang Hao.

Lin Anran thought for a moment and said, “I won’t despise you.” He never did and never would.

Shang Hao smiled. Ranran was too sincere. It was he himself who was the paranoid one.

He shook his legs, and the person on his legs also shook. “Then you kiss me.”

“The kind that involves tongues.”


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