Love Delusion: Chapter 5

Shang Hao was indeed late today. When he got home, he couldn’t even wait to change his shoes before bending over to kiss Lin Anran. His coat dropped to the floor, but no one cared.

Lin Anran’s long hair sometimes got in the way of kissing. But whenever he leaned against Shang Hao, his black hair would fall into Shang Hao’s body, making his heart tingle.

Now, Shang Hao was already very skilled at using his hands to draw those silk-like strands back. Then, he held Ranran’s face and focused on hooking the other person’s tongue.

The crab on the table had long grown cold. After Lin Anran helped heated them up, Shang Hao ate Lin Anran’s aunt’s crabs that night.

“When will you take me to see your aunt?” Shang Hao asked him.

Lin Anran shook his head from the side. He stared down at his slender fingers peeling the crab shell, and said nothing.

Shang Hao glanced at him. But he no longer asked and just fed the peeled crab meat into Ranran’s mouth.

After Shang Hao finished eating the crabs, Lin Anran cleaned up.

Shang Hao then took a shower, changed his clothes, and lay on the sofa, watching a bedtime movie on Lin Anran’s tablet.

Lin Anran was held in his arms like a teddy bear. His chin was pressed against the top of Lin Anran’s head, his two arms passed under Lin Anran’s ribs, and Lin Anran’s back rested against his chest. Completely at his mercy.jpg

Lin Anran had already coiled his long hair into a bun at the top of his head.

The more Shang Hao looked at him, the cuter he looked. From time to time, Shang Hao would press him down and kiss him.

He told Lin Anran that if he put his hair up into two small buns on top of his head, he would become a bear.

This was precisely what that man said. Lin Anran could only open his mouth blankly.

Before, when Lin Anran sat on the sofa alone, the space was completely sufficient. But when the tall Shang Hao insisted on squeezing behind him, both of them became extremely restricted in their movements.

Regardless, Shang Hao was extremely satisfied with the mutual squeeze.

After he accidentally kicked the small table in front of them for the third time, he lowered his head and asked Lin Anran in his arms, “When will you move out of this lousy house with me?”

Lin Anran weakly said, “My house is not a lousy house.”

Shang Hao, the capitalist, declined to comment, but had to reluctantly change his words, “Small house.”

Lin Anran didn’t answer, as if he was thinking. Shang Hao stared at him and couldn’t help but take a bite of someone’s soft cheek.

He asked again.

Lin Anran’s temperament was very introverted. He didn’t want Shang Hao to continue asking, and so he turned his head sullenly and muttered that he would not move.

With this movement, he ended up burying his head directly into Shang Hao’s chest. To Shang Hao, the touch was very subtle. He could feel the undulating lines of the face of the person he liked, from the tip of the nose to the lips. And his soft and hot breath, separated by a layer of clothing, was enough to make him melt.

When he said that, his voice was also incredibly soft and tiny, sounding like a baby…Shang Hao’s heart got all stirred up, and forgetting the question just now, he lowered his head to chase Ranran’s face.

Ranran was so easy to hug. By the time Shang Hao was satisfied, he realized the progress bar in the movie had moved by a large margin.

“You’re not bored at home alone?” he asked with his head low and pressed his face against Lin Anran’s face. “I’ll find time to accompany you out in the next few days.”

Lin Anran declined and said that there was no need.

“To go watch a movie?”

Lin Anran still said, “No…”

Shang Hao discovered that Lin Anran had been avoiding these kinds of questions.

“Why? Am I a female ghost living in your house, so that you can’t take me out to see the light of day?” he asked.

…More or less. Lin Anran felt guilty, thinking that Shang Hao’s insight was really good.

He raised his eyes and saw that Shang Hao’s brows were furrowed, indicating that he was dissatisfied.

He may frown infrequently, but when he did frown, his expression became not too good, making people instantly want to admit their mistakes.

Lin Anran looked at him for a few seconds. He opened his mouth, but could not make a sound. He lowered his head deeply, like burying it in a hole. To atone for his crime, he raised his two hands, and repeatedly tried to stir Shang Hao’s soft spot.

Don’t be angry, don’t be angry…

The humble one seemed to be worshipping, as if trying to extinguish his anger with both palms.

Shang Hao was thoroughly swept away, and he lost his temper in an instant.

He comforted himself that Lin Anran didn’t like to go out and didn’t like seeing other people, so it was useless to force him.

Lin Anran’s face became deformed by his kisses, and so half of his face was flattened.


The next morning, Shang Hao buttoned his shirt in front of the bathroom mirror. Lin Anran stood quietly at the door, holding his mobile phone. When Shang Hao turned his head to look at him, he asked Shang Hao in a low voice if he could take a picture.

Shang Hao was baffled. “Huh?”

Lin Anran became nervous. He also knew that he was strange and awkward.

With Shang Hao looking at him like this, he immediately felt that he was completely seen through.

“Why do you suddenly want to take a picture?”

Shang Hao reached out and took Lin Anran’s phone. Even though Lin Anran was nervous, he made the excuse that he’d long prepared, smoothly saying that he wanted to draw a businessman today.

Even though he had already secretly piled up a large collection of Shang Hao’s pictures.

The man paused and put the phone back into Lin Anran’s hand.

“One minute. Wait for me to shave first,” he said.

The nervous Lin Anran heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. Then he went out and waited obediently. After a while, he heard Shang Hao rummaging inside.

Lin Anran had to put his phone down and help him find the hairspray.

Once Shang Hao finished styling his hair, Lin Anran was finally allowed to take pictures.

He didn’t know Shang Hao liked kissing him so much. As soon their two faces were squeezed into the lens, the shutter was pressed, and the clicking sound of the camera rang out repeatedly. The pictures started with their faces pressed together and ended with their mouths pressed together.

Suddenly, Lin Anran’s phone had dozens of consecutive pictures of them together in one frame.

In one of the pictures, Lin Anran had a happy and shy smile on his face.

As Lin Anran walked out of the bathroom with his phone, Shang Hao’s voice rang out after him, “At night, I want to see that drawing. Is that okay?”

He said, “Mmn.”

With the photos in hand, he was very satisfied.jpg.

Lin Anran took special care to create a private photo album, and he dragged these series of pictures into it. Then he locked them up, as if they were hidden treasures that no one else was allowed to see.

Xixi: Lol. I thought he was taking pictures to prove that Shang Hao was real (that’s what normal people would do.) Instead, he put them in a secret, locked photo album that only he was allowed to see.

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3 years ago

If he is real, how is the aunty gonna take the news? 🤔 Thank you for the chapter.

3 years ago

I wasn’t sure until this chpt, but LA really doesn’t think SH is real. That’s really concerning and sad. It’s like he’s trying to hide from acknowledging this forever, hope SH realizes soon. They’ll never be able to advance if this continues.

Sugar Tang
Sugar Tang
3 years ago
Reply to  Mmem

I know right! At first I thought he was just too introverted, but in a span of 5 chapters, I really feel like LA himself doesn’t think that it’s all real, that it’s just his schizophrenic delusions, but since he has “accepted the fact that he’s a freak” He isn’t questioning it, and simply going along with it because it makes him happy.

3 years ago

can’t wait for more chapters! :))

3 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing ❤️🙏🧨👏💐

2 years ago

I think that he himself is not sure if he exists or not, that’s why he refuses the exits

2 years ago

omg this precious baby

cant blame Shang Hao for being so sticky and for eating Ranran’s tofu all the time

but also hope Ranran will be able to open up more to these people who care about him

2 years ago
Reply to  cynicalreader

1/2 wishing that Shang Hao would just leave strawberries on Ranran so Auntie will have a mini heart attack and realize that he couldn’t have done that to himself LMAO

1 year ago

This used to happen to me in middle school. Where I used to think my friends weren’t actually real and I was just talking to myself. It got really bad to the point where I didn’t want to talk to them or acknowledge them publicly too much because I thought people would think i was talking to nobody.

Park y/n
Park y/n
1 year ago

If he isn’t real then won’t it only be mc in the picture?…I’m confused.

2 months ago

Me: Hoping the photos would be shown to his aunt.

Ranran: *in Eleanor’s voice* My precious, my precious!