Love Delusion: Chapter 50

Lin Anran hugged the glass jar, ready to take advantage of the fire, to fish in troubled waters, to darken the warehouse… Anyway, Shang Hao was already here and drunk. This was such a good time and place, so he must seize this opportunity to rush at him. He must not be inferior today.

Lin Anran was moved by his own thoughts of striding forward with his sword in hand.

Don’t look at Boss Shang sitting there looking all imposing. In fact, he would only frown at most. Wouldn’t it be more effective to use this paper tiger as his own real-life pillow?

He put the glass jar on the small table in front of him, turned his head, and saw Shang Hao’s deep eyes quietly watching him.

Lin Anran subconsciously swallowed. Feeling apologetic to the drunk Shang Hao, he whispered, “Do me a favor…”

Lend me your mouth, please. Love you.

At this time, Shang Hao only looked at him with a smile.

He said yes.

Although he didn’t know what Lin Anran was saying in such a rush, he instinctively wanted to agree to everything this person wanted.

In fact, it would be great if this person could make more demands, Shang Hao still thought. He wanted to promise him many, many times that he would always say yes to him.

A lean camel was bigger than a horse, and the drunk businessman was bigger than Lin Anran. He knew that this person wasn’t like the usual Shang Hao. He wasn’t quick enough, his logic wasn’t very clear, and he was even a little bit more honest. But as he sat there, Lin Anran didn’t dare to act rashly with the dignity of his body.

After thinking about it, Lin Anran decided to start with himself first. He slid his legs onto the sofa instead of kneeling in front of Shang Hao.

Shang Hao’s eyelashes were thick and black, and his eyes were sharp and narrow. When he stared at someone, he gave out a sense of condescension and the feeling that everything was under his scrutiny.

Of course, Lin Anran also had a feeble reason. He originally wanted to use the drunk Shang Hao as his real pillow, but he didn’t expect that this level of contact was far more exciting than a mere pillow.

Boss Shang had warmth and sensation. This was simply turning a real person into an inflatable doll. In this second, Lin Anran abruptly interrupted his own dawdling hesitation and shame. He suddenly extended his arm forward, and with a “thump,” his hand landed on the support behind Shang Hao’s head. He’d forcibly kabedon Boss Shang.

This posture brought him very close to Shang Hao’s body. The smell of alcohol on the tip of the nose became more intense, mixed with Shang Hao’s overheated breath. The roots of his ears and neck were congesting and heating up uncontrollably, and he knew without looking that his face must be red at this moment.

Ahhhhhh, he’ll throw caution to the wind!

In this posture, Lin Anran had to move in front of Shang Hao. When he went up, Shang Hao went down. The man leaned back into the sofa obediently. He smiled, his eyes sticking to the person in front of him.

It should be said that his expression displayed his enjoyment.

Just a few seconds later, Lin Anran realized the feeling of mastering the initiative. He looked down, and Shang Hao’s hands were already on his waist, like warm shackles.

Lin Anran forgot what he was going to do. Because his hands were wrapped around Lin Anran’s waist, Boss Shang rubbed his face with his forehead, moving in an intimate and natural manner, urging him silently.

After a while, he couldn’t stop.

The skin-to-skin feeling was too addictive. Shang Hao’s body temperature was warmer than usual, but his movements were gentle. Lin Anran was so confused by him that he let go of the initiative without realizing it.

The man rubbed him with his forehead first, and then automatically changed to using his damp and hot lips. Compared to a kiss, this threw him more into chaos. Therefore, they mutually rubbed their bodies against each other, rubbing the skin exposed outside their clothes.

Before, he had scolded the sex fiend Shang Hao, but now he was really too too too…too gentle. At least he knew how to proceed step by step, knowing that Lin Anran’s little carrot was amenable to coaxing but not to coercion, and taking care of his feelings in every aspect.

Lin Anran was naturally introverted, and so Shang Hao, who was used to being unprincipled, became more and more self- willed.

This drunk Boss Shang would not ambush him nor would he be impatient. Lin Anran was right in front of him, and he didn’t want to endure it. Regardless of whether his little carrot was soft or hard, Lin Anran would eat hard for him, eat hard until he couldn’t eat anymore.

The outside space was no longer enough for them to mess around, so the chaotic battlefield moved to the room. The glass jar that Lin Anran had brought in was left alone in the living room, forgotten.

That night, Lin Anran didn’t put on his attractive one-piece pajamas, so Boss Shang took away his pants easily. Even after pulling, he still refused to get up. He just laid there on the bed, raised his head, and silently gave Lin Anran a deep smile.

Seeing him smile like that, Lin Anran trembled suddenly, knowing what he wanted to do.

Earlier, why did he think that Boss Shang was well-behaved? This person’s seemingly good manner had hidden his unrestrained inclinations. It was impossible to resist, and it was also useless to acknowledge his mistake. Unsatisfied with small gain, he would surely soon make Lin Anran’s body his own.


Lin Anran woke up the next morning and felt that he was a little more impure today than he was yesterday.

For the first time ever, a refreshed Shang Hao helped Lin Anran wash his pajama pants.

Lin Anran would try to avoid him the moment he saw him, but Shang Hao became even more clingy. He wiped his wet hands and was about to lean over to kiss Lin Anran. Lin Anran, who couldn’t bear it anymore, rose up to resist and kissed back angrily.

He had now been oppressed to such a high level of debt, how could he ever pay it off?!

Shang Hao wasn’t angry. In fact, he seemed to be happier.

From then on, Lin Anran gradually realized a truth. It turned out that expressing emotions wouldn’t make their feelings worse, and taking the initiative wasn’t as complicated as he’d imagined.

Before Shang Hao left, he suddenly remembered something and asked him, “Ranran, have any odd strangers approached you recently?”

Lin Anran didn’t know why he asked. He shook his head. “No.”

“Got it. In these next few days, ignore any strange people you see. Just call me if there’s anything,” he told Lin Anran.

After Shang Hao left, Lin Anran stayed at home alone. There were no odd strangers, but his former monitor suddenly made a long distance phone call to him, and the reason was to invite him to a class reunion.

Because of this, the hard-pressed Lin Anran went to look for Pengpeng.

“Did he call you?” Pengpeng said in astonishment. “Yesterday, I refused him for you. He called you?”

Lin Anran was also a little perplexed. “Mmn…”

This strange monitor was very enthusiastic. He’d tried to use every kinds of reason to invite him. Due to his laborious efforts, Lin Anran, who only knew how to say umm and oh on the phone, felt very apologetic.

But no matter what, he refused to go to the party. When Lin Anran heard the word party, every cell in his body resisted. He was willing to give out a share of the money, but his own person would be absent.

Lin Anran asked carefully, “Are you going, Pengpeng?”

If he was, could he also take his money gift?

“Me? I’m not going. I haven’t been in contact with them for many years,” Pengpeng mumbled and muttered, also very unwilling.

Lin Anran said, “But the monitor seems to be looking forward to it.”

He had already figured out how to persuade Pengpeng. When the moment comes, he could urge Pengpeng to take the children’s seat at the table and eat and drink to his heart’s content, without having to worry about chatting with the adults.

But Pengpeng didn’t know what Lin Anran was thinking. He curled his lips. “What is there to look forward to? I can’t even look forward to having a connection with you…” He asked again, “What did he ask you?”

Lin Andan recalled, “He said a lot, that I was as quiet as when we were still in school, and he reminisced about school, then he asked me if I’m married with kids.”

Pengpen muttered, “Hypocrite.” He already knew about Lin Anran’s incredible boyfriend but still asked if there were any children. He asked, “Then what did you say?”

Lin Anran said, “I said no, I’m still single.”

Because Lin Anran didn’t really know how to refuse, he had to pretend. This was what he normally did in these situations.

Pengpeng said, “Huh? You just said that you were single?”

Lin Anran didn’t know what to say, so he smiled honestly.

Pengpeng was still a bit regretful. This was something worth showing off in front of those snobs. But Lin Anran probably didn’t have that secular desire.

“Logically, I understand you, but you are really low-key.”

Thinking of this Pengpeng remembered something and asked him, “By the way, Lin Anran, your account hasn’t been updated for a long time, right?”


After experiencing the cyber bullying incident online, Lin Anran’s account had reached the saturation point of the year in a single night. Plus, he still had a psychological shadow. Therefore, his account, which had been originally updated with small illustrations every week, had recently remained vacant.

“Because you’ve been so silent, a gossip article came out the day before yesterday. The name of the article was “What a shame! Short-lived! Taking stock of those who married into rich and powerful families and disappeared without a trace.” You were mentioned in the article! But, apart from providing an account, they didn’t have a picture or anything to post. Even so, it’s still amazing! I’ll send you the link later.”

Lin Anran said, “…Pengpeng, read less gossip.”

What strange baffling things these articles come up with.

Pengpeng seemed to have misunderstood something. He said emotionally, “You are too sensible. You’re in a relationship and it’s not a shameful relationship. Actually, there’s no need to hide it…” After Pengpeng said this, he suddenly lowered his voice, “Wait, you, did you sign a non-disclosure agreement?”

Lin Anran said, “…There’s no such thing.”

Pengpeng thought it was a secret. “Ohhh, you can’t say anything. I understand, I understand.”

Lin Anran scratched his head and said, “Really, there’s not.”

“No. If this is indeed true, you can’t be talked about online…But, no. Even if your relationship was publicly disclosed, they don’t even know your name. My analysis isn’t wrong, am I right?”

No, Pengpeng didn’t understand anything at all.

It wasn’t until after Lin Anran had already hung up the phone did he finally react. Perhaps this was what Boss Shang was talking about. He seemed to know that his old monitor was going to contact him and that was why he told him to ignore it. He even told Lin Anran to call him if there was anything.

In this way, Lin Anran seemed to realize it too.

He didn’t know if he understood it right or not. Originally, Shang Hao didn’t seem to care about these matters, but now maybe Shang Hao wanted their relationship to stay secret for the time being?

He thought he was thinking too much just now, but there was also nothing wrong with this analysis. His relationship with Shang Hao couldn’t be made public, so that was why Shang Hao said what he had said.


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