LTPC Chapter 11: Workaholic

They continued into the small hours of the morning, leaving Yi Ran in chaos. Again and again, he seemed determined to put her at her wit’s end.

This man was ordinarily unattainable and immaculately dressed, yet one never thought that he would be like this in bed. In light of his cold manner, she thought that he would be more accustomed to being pleased. But, regardless of whether it was kissing her or pleasuring her, he did them with great consideration.

His fingers were like magic. Even her sense of shame was caressed away by him, such that the body became like an empty well, making her overflow….

Then, after being swept away by the high tides of their lovemaking, Yi Ran would hazily look up with teary eyes. Seeing this image, Gu Tingchuan’s lips would curve into a smile, his dark eyes would flash with satisfaction, and his thin lips would kiss her softly and recklessly.

Seeing that kind of smile, no one could resist.

Yi Ran felt that sentimental feelings were fermented this night. As she was lying half-awake, she saw Gu Tingchuan returning to the bed from the bathroom, and her body immediately shifted toward him, already eager for his warmth.

He was surprised, but then he wrapped her waist in an embrace, and there was no resistance at all.

In the one room, there was only the silence of the moving moon.

Yi Ran woke up the next day and saw a messy body with a hickey on her chest and a small bruise on her waist, which made her recalled Gu Tingchaun’s beautiful harassment last night.

She felt a bit shy but also a little embarrassed, and she didn’t know how to face Gu Tingchuan after what happened last night. It was simply that her girlish heart was full to the extreme, and all kinds of complicated moods were overflowing through her. But, they were all soft and gentle.

It was only at this time that she realized the temperature on the other side of the big bed had already cooled.

Not seeing his figure, she was surprised. After changing her clothes and washing up, she walked down the stairs and saw a strange woman wearing a white shirt and a black trousers. She was busy in the kitchen, but she saw Yi Ran. Noticing her doubtful expression, she said, “Mrs. Gu, hello. I am Mr. Gu’s chef. Do you want a Western or Chinese style for today’s breakfast?”

Yi Ran looked at her for a while. Then, feeling her own face grow hot, she said, “Oh…Chinese.”

She sat at the rectangular table, and the female chef took out a bowl of porridge and a snack. She took a sip of juice. Then she asked, “Has Gu Tingchuan already eaten?”

“Yes, Mr. Gu and his assistant have already eaten and left.”

Oh, this was very like Director Du.

Yi Ran’s mood suddenly plummeted to its lowest point. She had to admit that after a special moment like a “Newlywed Night”, even if there were no comforts in the morning, it was particularly frustrating that she couldn’t even see his figure.

Even if she understood his position and work, she couldn’t do anything about her feelings.

Yi Ran silently dug into the side dishes, but they were all tasteless. There were many messy thoughts in her mind, many of which she could not fully understand.

She did not required that Gu Tingchuan be especially attentive or considerate. It was also true that there was no love basis between them. He may not be a man who was good at sweet talk, and a person will not suddenly change too much overnight.

But they were a “couple” with each other, something he himself had personally admitted.

She didn’t like the way he left without saying a word.

Yi Ran sighed and remembered that there was a stranger in the room before she hurriedly concealed her look of depression.

Summer had already shifted into Fall. In the afternoon, the city was covered in a light rain. It drenched the streets, the water reflecting the sky and adding a moist color to the whole scene.

Yi Ran bought some gifts and went home for dinner. When she entered the door, she said, “Gu Tingchuan was too busy and had to go back to lead the show. He can’t come to dinner and had me bring something back.”

After all, it was just like this. Movies, if you stopped working for a day, you would have lost a huge sum of money. This was also an understandable fact.

Mother Yi did not say anything. She was happy when she saw her daughter’s radiance. She smiled until her eyes were broken into seams. It was just that Father Yi was not very happy. He had something to say about this son-in-law. Moreover, he always felt that they married too hastily.

“Yes, your dad said it right.” Mother Yi remembered something for a moment and asked her, “You have already married the Gu. Are you going to arrange a meal for us and your family?”

Yi Ran knew there will be a lot of concerns. Just like the half-truths that Zhang Rongrong had once said, “You must know that the gap between the rich and the poor will inevitably lead to tragedy.”

At that time, she was like her close friend. She had also agreed, but her personality had never been one to linger over these complicated things. Since she made a decision, she must face it bravely.

She smiled and said, “They haven’t returned from Germany yet. The big family has to deal with a lot of things… Hey, Tingchuan said that they will arrange a meeting when they come back.”

These were the truths that Gu Tingchuan and she had previously discussed..

This man usually looked indifferent and proper, then, in private, was considerate and gentle. One really could not help but love and hate.

However, the most important thing was that Director Gu’s “meat-body” was really impeccable.

Yi Ran thought that it was really unbelievable that this man actually rolled the sheets with her last night.

Now that she thought about it, it really was just like a spring-dream, utterly seducing her. But the after-affects on the body constantly told her that everything was a real.

It was a pity that she was too nervous. She forgot that she had eyes and had closed them for a long time. She hadn’t really appreciated the charms of Gu Tingchuan’s graceful and captivating body

Next time, she would better enjoy the special treatment that this “wife” was privy to.


For the rest of the summer vacation, Yi Ran sometimes lived in Gu Tingchuan’s apartment, sometimes returning to her family to stay. In addition, her life didn’t seem to be much different from how it was before marriage. Occasionally, Zhang Rongrong would have a day off and the two would go to have an afternoon tea and to watch movies. In this way, the days were too good.

Gu Tingchuan really was a workaholic. He had not even called her once for most of the month. The only text message that he sent simply said: There will be reports about my marriage recently, which will protect your information. Don’t worry, if you can’t contact me, you can call Xiao Zhao.

… It didn’t even mention when he will finish the show.

Yi Ran felt inexplicable and when she thought about how they first met, she said to Zhang Rongrong with a funny smile, “It felt like a one night stand with a big man.”

When the phone rang, she saw that the lighted mobile phone screen displayed the name Yao Juan and quickly picked it up.

The voice passing through the microphone was filled with elegance and gentleness as usual. “Yi Ran, hello. How was your summer vacation?”

“Not bad. I was out with friends. How about you?”

After exchanging pleasantries, Yao Juan got to the point. “This is the case. I was going to visit Gu Tai’s home, but he has been abroad with his grandparents. It seems that I won’t have a chance this summer. I’ll have to wait for school to start again.”

Hearing this, she felt strange. She really didn’t know how to say that she had already married Gu Tai’s uncle. She had to hold the phone vaguely. Luckily, there was still a buffer period before she really needed to face that fact of her new title.

Yi Ran looked up and saw the unclear look in her friend’s eyes. She glanced at the other side and said to Yao Juan, “I know. Teacher Yao is so responsible. You really are a worthy head teacher.”

Yao Juan let out an embarrassed chuckle. “You laugh at me.”

Afterward, they hung up and Yi Ran was smiling. Zhang Rongrong’s mouth was slightly raised, and her face looked very interested. “Before, when I asked you if there’s a suitable candidate, no wonder you looked so strange. There is one.”

“Yao Juan is naturally gentle. He’s usually like this to all female teachers.” Yi Ran pinched her eyebrows and took a big drink out of her iced tea before she continued, “I’m now Mrs. Gu, and if I have anything to do with others, I will be the ‘red apricots hanging out of the wall’.”

Zhang Rongrong was quiet for a few seconds, then she added, “Also, at least the director’s worth and body are still worth marrying.”

Yi Ran opened her mobile phone and looked at the only text message sent by Gu Tingchuan. Her mood was not good.


Gu Tai only returned to the city a few days before the start of school, and Yi Ran was also busy preparing for a new semester of third grade students. Gradually, she once again became used to the state of single-hood.

She thought that the children would be sensible and obedient, but on the first day of school, the little person in their class made trouble during the lunch break.

When the teacher who usually watched over them had to leave, she called Yi Ran to help. When she walked through the back door, she found that the little man was provoking Gu Tai. He took a pencil case from Gu Tai’s desk and threw it on the ground, then pointed to him loudly.

Yi Ran wondered why these small children would have such violent temperaments. When they grow up, wouldn’t then just become big bullies? But, on the other hand, she had some doubts in her heart. According to Gu Tai’s temperament, he wouldn’t do such a thing. But why did he never talk back or fight back?

She was about to rush in, but she was suddenly pulled back. When she turned around, she saw Yao Juan, who said, “You don’t want to be too anxious.”

Yao Juan’s temperament has always been gentle. At this moment, seeing Yi Ran’s angry and dissatisfied look, he pushed up his glasses, and said in a low voice, “Let me take care of it.”

After speaking, he stepped up to the blackboard and looked at the children in the suddenly quiet room. “Hao Ziyue, Gu Tai, both of you come out.”

Hao Ziyue shook his head and gritted his teeth. “It’s his fault! Why blame me?”

Yao Juan’s eyes deepened, but he nodded his head. “The teacher will understand the situation. But, if your parents won’t come to school, then I’ll have to go to see them.”

The student in the classroom looked at teacher Yao in panic, for the first time seeing him with such a tough attitude. He looked like he have something to say, but he dared not speak. Only, his small face was wrinkled into a bun, as if he had to make a hard choice.

Yi Ran went to Gu Tai and silently helped him pack up his pencil case. Then, in a low voice that only he could hear, she said, “If you stay silent, you will only be bullied.”

Gu Tai raised a pair of bright eyes and, looking straight at her, slowly said, “Teacher, do you also do this when you run into unjust treatment?”

Xixi: Gu Tingchuan, ah, Gu Tingchuan, you have to quickly learn to become a better husband.

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4 years ago

Ah you spoiled us Xixi! Thank you for all the chapters! I really like to see how they're slowly getting to know each other better, learning to live together albeit Yi Ran is currently more like a single person. Thank you!

4 years ago

I like her more and more! Tch, Gu Tingchuan should've done better though. Thank you for the translation! I like this very much >.<)/

4 years ago

You're welcome! It was the weekend, and I just so happened to have nothing better to do.

4 years ago

Haha. The part about her wanting to keep her eyes open next time made me want to high-five her. And, you're welcome. So glad you like the story. It's a great a motivator to know people are liking the story, and tells me I'm not wasting my time.

4 years ago

Ah ah Gu Tingchuan if you do not court Yin Ran correctly I say you will lose a beautiful love story … ╮ ( ̄_ ̄) ╭
❤ or (≧ ▽ ≦) or ❤. Thanks (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞ ❤

Silent Hobby
Silent Hobby
4 years ago

Is the big director really busy for many weeks without contacting his new wife?