LTPC Chapter 17.1: Extra: Daily Sweetening

Note: This is just an extra and a glimpse of their future that the author wrote as part of Chapter 17.

Yi Ran was originally an internet addiction girl who was not good at cooking. But after marrying Director Gu, she was able to try all kinds of dishes.

What’s more, Gu Tingchuan was just too busy. Since the last chicken soup, she had been cooking hard. Sometimes, when they were at home, she would cook for him. However, no matter how much she progressed in her cooking skills, it could never compare to Gu Tingchuan’s mastery.

However, Gu Tingchuan seldom had time to cook. Until, that is, the recent film progressed into the late editing stage and he was finally able to take some time to leisurely stay at home with Yi Ran.

Their feelings had grown deeper with the passage of time, becoming as sticky as glue. Gu Tingchuan doted on his wife completely.

It was rare for him to be able to rest at home so, of course, everyday he would cook and feed his wife, and, in this way, completely domesticated her. This kind of feeding did not go on for long before she was questioned by everyone at the office.

The majority of the questions was as followed:

“Yi Ran, are you pregnant?”

“Yeah, yeah, why do I feel that you have recently…”

“Yi Ran, have your nutrition been very good lately? Keep in mind that when the baby comes, they might open your stomach.”

Due to showing too much love in front of everyone, all the teachers thought that it wouldn’t be long before the arrival of tiny little Gu’s.

If it wasn’t because it was currently her time of the month, she would probably question her physical condition. However, reality was always crueler. The real reason was….she had probably gotten fat.

When Yi Ran went home to have dinner, she picked up the skirt she had just bought recently and looked at herself in the dressing mirror. Frowning, she went out and her face was unhappy. “Gu Tingchuan, look at me. Am I fat?”

Director Gu, who was reading a book on the bed, glanced in her direction and said in a normal voice, “No, you’re fine.”

Yi Ran was not comforted. She thought about the recent questions from her colleagues. She said, “How could I not be fat? They all insinuated that I’ve gotten fatter. Hey, I’ve decided. I want to lose weight.”

Director Gu continued to stare at the book in front of him and did not even raise his head. “Don’t listen to them. You look really good, not like those female stars. Not too thin.”

“That’s basically saying that I’m fat! And, this skirt is bought according to my previous size. Now it’s tight!”

After she was finished, she changed to a new dress and went to Gu Tingchuan. He looked at her and smiled when he noticed that she was wearing a dress with a short skirt.

His wife wore new clothes and walked in front of him. Naturally, Gu Tingchuan could no longer read books so calmly, especially when someone’s skirt was so good. He silently set the book aside, paused momentarily, and said with a smile, “Really, you look very good. Don’t lose it.”

He was actually not deceiving her. As far as he could see, her body was still slender with curves in all the right places, particularly in the chest area. Just look at that softness…

“This is terrible. It’s because, Director Gu, you made too many delicious food recently.” Yi Ran conveniently showed off her cleverness by grumbling coquettishly, “I say, this really shows my love of eating. Eating is good for the body, but I’ll be fat after a week of good food. I also don’t like exercising.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his eyebrows, feeling very amused by her. But, his face was calm as he said, “You’re blaming me? You said everyday that I have no time to cook for you. I also remembered you shouting about my cooking, saying “this is better than love,” saying “this is super delicious.”

When he discovered that Mrs. Gu’s eyes were not amused, he had to surrender. “Well, you have the final say. How do you want to reduce it?”

Yi Ran went over to him, sat in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Recently, one of the teachers is also losing weight. She said that weight loss recipes are also effective. I asked her to make a list, and I can start doing it tomorrow!”

“Slimming recipe?” Gu Yanchuan failed to understand.

Yi Ran’s weight loss plan soon began.

Initially, Yi Ran said she would personally cook for herself, but ultimately Gu Tingchuan ended up cooking for her instead.

On the first night, oyster sauce abalone versus chicken mushroom broccoli noodles. This seemed like a good dinner, and she began eating the noodles.

After the bite, Yi Ran was frowning painfully. “Hey, hey, why so light…”

Gu Tingchuan calmly looked at her. “The recipe says, be light, less oil. Tonight, I cooked a lot of meat sauce. Do you want to eat a little?”

Yi Ran smelled the rich flavour of the meat and was dumbfounded.

On the second night, it was corn yam porridge versus shiitake chicken porridge.

“Tonight, the taste of chicken has completely penetrated into this porridge. It tastes very good. Do you want to take a bite…”

The weight loss program lasted for a few days, and Yi Ran did not slim down as expected, but seemed to have gained two pounds instead.

“My God, I am not losing weight but getting fatter. Why can’t I just control my mouth?” She grabbed her husband’s arm and said, “Forget it, I will come and run with you. This is faster!”

Yi Ran gave up the weight loss recipes, and the most happy was Gu Tingchuan.

Of course, he would not admit that he deliberately chose the weight loss recipes that was light and tasteless and difficult to eat, and he definitely would not admit that he did not want her to lose weight at all.

After all, if she really slimmed down, probably that kind of feeling….There would be no more.

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4 years ago

What is that kind of feeling (°-°)

4 years ago

That kind of feeling? The softness in her chest? 😂😂😂😂

Thank you!

4 years ago

Yup I agree. The feeling of her full chest will be gone with the weight loss plan ��

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😉 😉 thanks :)!!!!'":

4 years ago

Lol…cheeky Gu Tingchuan!

3 years ago

The feeling a something soft to grab on to at night!! HAHAHAHAH this was too cute

3 years ago

This Mr.Gu really loves to eat ‘meat’ 😂😂😂