LTPC Chapter 25: Learning to Love

Gu Tingchuan usually didn’t like drinking very much, and he was also a lightweight drinker. In the past, if he drank some alcohol during the evening entertainment, he would only let Xiao Zhao, who was considered to be more trustworthy, send him home. But now, this responsibility and obligation should fall on Mrs. Gu.

Yi Ran had unexpectedly lowered herself to that woman’s level. Anyway, as long as the other party saw Gu Tingchuan, she would also be terrified and not dare to do anything. Yi Ran sent Guo Baiyu a warning glance before turning back to Gu Tingchuan with a smile. She brightly said, “It’s nothing. We’re just casually chatting.”

The man had came over from the entertainment hall. His iron-gray suit was different than his usual appearance, giving him a taller, more jade-like look. He walked in front of Yi Ran before suddenly turning to give Guo Baiyu a short glance. He told her lightly, “My wife is not used to dealing with people in the circle so don’t disturb her.”

Yi Ran had grown somewhat used to Director Gu’s protectiveness toward herself, but she was still surprised by his meticulousness. When she looked up at him, she only felt that his eyes were sprinkled with tiny stars, making people feel addicted.

Guo Baiyu squeezed a little smile on her face and stiffly said, “I just think that I and…Mrs. Gu can also be friends.”

Gu Tingchuan’s forehead furrowed impatiently. He ignored her words, and taking Yi Ran’s hand, lead her to the car.

The driver sent them home. When they reached the entrance hall, Yi Ran felt for the light switch on the wall, and the living room soon became as bright as daylight. Before she could change into slippers, Gu Tingchuan, who was behind her, called out her name.

Hearing the sound, she looked back at him and saw that he was silent and frowning. Earlier, he had said that he wasn’t drunk, only a little dizzy.

“Have you gotten used to it yet?”

His unexpected question made Yi Ran falter, and she didn’t dare look at him for a while. Finally, as she lowered her shoes, she said, “En, very good, ah. I feel like I’m actually a married person. What are you thinking?”

Gu Tingchuan’s voice was very close. His outstanding silhouette leaned closer and his head lowered. He quietly smiled, and his voice seemed at a loss. “Do you sometimes feel that I am too busy and have too little time to come back?”

“….It’s okay.”

At first, she was a bit uncomfortable and she was unable to adapt to the role of wife. But now, their marriage life was getting more and more harmonious. Although this problem was getting increasingly more thorny, she still didn’t know how to tell him. However, she knew that this wasn’t the right time to do so.

Gu Tingchuan pulled his collar opened and walked over to the living room to lay down on the sofa. Looking at her, he said, “Homecoming almost finished post-production work. I haven’t thought about accepting a new script yet. I will have more time. When you’re off on winter vacation, we will find time to go around.”

Under the light, his face was warm, but there was also a trace of exhaustion and guilt. She had never seen him this way, so soft and sincere. Her chest became hot with warmth.

“I can understand your job. Although you often make decisions by yourself, filmmaking isn’t just your own business but others as well. You’re an amazingly great director. Movie magazines say that your work is profound and insightful but not indulgent. I always felt that you and your works are like this.”

She had such consideration and such individuality. Gu Tingchun momentarily came out of his head. He rubbed his temple, and the dizziness decreased. With eyes that were a little blurry, he looked at his little wife not far away.

Yi Ran brought out a glass of honey water from the kitchen and handed it to him. In a soft voice, she said: “It is said that drinking a little will help. Do you want to try it?”

Gu Tingchuan took the glass from her, and their fingertips touched. The soft sensation pulled at his heartstrings, as if it had already carried this kind of feelings since long ago

She sat next to him to watch him drink. He took a mouthful of water and set the teacup aside. Then, taking her hand, he leaned forward until his firm body was pressing her against the back of the sofa. The other hand rose to cup her face.

She saw her own shadow reflected in his eyes. He was silent, but his expression conveyed his desire, making him all the more dazzling and charming to her eyes.

“It tasted a little bad.”

Yi Ran was slightly surprised. “How come? I took a sip just now…”

Gu Tingchuan’s lips lazily curved, and he said, “Then you tasted it?”

She was already lost in the deep intensity of his eyes and was unable to confirm one way or another. She could only think to reach for the glass of water, but his hand slowly tightened on her hand. He leaned in and pressed his mouth firmly to her’s.

This was not their first kiss, but it was still shocking. The gentle and focused kiss was delicate, the soft back and forth motion like slowly falling rain. The lingering passion on the tips of their tongue, the gentle and ardent warmth of their lips gently rubbing, all of it made Yi Ran’s body heat up, rippling through her body in waves.

Yi Ran didn’t know why he suddenly kissed her or even why he kissed her so diligently and carefully. And then, she lost the ability to think and could only feel as his lips brushed against her own lips and teeth.

After kissing for a long time, he finally released her. He took a sip of the honey water to moisten his throat, and he said softly, “I just wanted to seriously show you that neither Guo Baiyu nor other actresses can have this director. Regarding having a relationship with her, she tossed me some hints, but I had never accepted them.”

Yi Ran was surprised to hear him suddenly mention the beauty. She quickly nodded and couldn’t help but feel that the kiss was very good, but why did this person handle the issue with this kind of scrupulous attention? She obviously preferred to be coaxed instead.

”En, then I believe you. I don’t think there is anything between you.”

“That’s good.” He turned his face away. His husky voice was low, giving him a completely different charm than before. Then, he said it again, as if repeating it to himself, “….that’s good.”

Yi Ran still couldn’t understand the whole inner world of the man in front of her.

For many years, the men and women around Gu Tingchuan had told him either seriously or jokingly that he could not love.

He has always had high requirements for others and for himself. He had never been too interested in dating, and nor did he have any patience for it. Although he knew how to be good to others, he never thought about what it was that the other person truly wanted.

Furthermore, others said that he was like a “God” on set, and because he preferred his own company most of the time, he also became “self-centered.”

Yi Ran’s movements distracted Gu Tingchuan’s thoughts, and his gaze fell on her, watching as she carefully caress the folds of his coat before hanging it in the closet…She was indeed very enjoyable.

The light in their home was warm and cozy, making the picture seem particularly warm and moving. He knew that, from now on, life with her will have vitality.

Reason and emotion, turbulence and restraint, all these contradictory attributes slowly merged into the man’s body, and there were some inexplicable stirring in his heart. At this time, his cold eyes were slightly curved, looking particularly pensive.

Yi Ran felt that Gu Tingchuan was asking these questions today as a means of probing for something. She pretended not to pay attention to this person’s gaze and instead concentrated on doing her own thing.

Anyway, it didn’t matter if Director Gu doesn’t know how to truly love. After all, who of us understood it? Who hadn’t stumbled along the way and used love to heal all kinds of follies rather than to simply face the trials of life together?

In front of him, she still hadn’t shown many of her numerous thoughts. However, his personal charm always made her feel seen. Anyway, there was still a long way to go, and the years were long. She probably had a chance…to learn together with him what love was.

The sports meeting at the Haben International School was held as scheduled in the gym. The weather was slightly cold in Winter. When the sun shone, the horizon line became golden and the ground temperature rose up, causing the body to sweat.

Gu Tingchuan has a morning meeting at the company to follow the movie’s progress. He arrived at the stadium’s parking lot at 9 o’clock. As he came in, he saw at a glance that Principal Shi Xiang was sitting on the platform. The middle-aged man’s clothes looked well-ironed and his chest was puffed out, as if he was the focus of the audience. He didn’t know how much hair gel was poured on the man’s head, since it was so shiny

Shortly after the entrance ceremony, the children’s personal challenges were carried out. Gu Tai had signed up for the 50-meter sprint and then for the two person, three foot race with his uncle.

Gu Tingchuan took out his mobile phone and called Yi Ran to locate them. As he did so, he slightly lifted his chin to look around. His face was bright and his body was tall and straight. As soon as he appeared on site, it caused a lot of commotion. Although the school was not short of parents with big heads and faces and beautiful foreign friends, Gu Tingchuan was undoubtedly the most attractive young elite.

When Yi Ran saw him, she also realized that he looked a bit different. Today, he wore a dark-colored coat, the kind meant for easy movements. The materials were soft and breathable. He was also wearing a pair of sneakers. When she reached him, he lowered his face slightly toward her. He softly asked, “Where is Gu Tai?”

“He over there, preparing.”

As she was talking, he noticed that there was some sadness. “What’s wrong?”

Yi Ran let out a sigh and said with difficulty, “The sportswear that Gu Tai brought was stained.”

Gu Tingchuan saw his little nephew coming from the other side of the runway. His eyes gradually deepened, and he finally frown.

Looking down carefully, he found that the white sportswear on Gu Tai’s upper body was smeared with childish graffiti using a black marker. It looked a little funny at first glance.

He raised his eyes and observed the boy pretending to be calm. He smiled calmly and said, “It doesn’t matter who painted it. It looks good.”

Gu Tai proudly glanced at his uncle, and gave a smile. “Thank you, Uncle. ”

Yi Ran looked with uncertainty in Yao Juan’s direction. Today, neither of Hao Ziyue’s parents came so Teacher Yao ended up accompanying him for the parent-child projects.

But, even if Hao Ziyue did it, they had no evidence. Also, Gu Tingchuan should have connected to them already.

A few days ago, she heard Yao Juan said that his father was furious at home. He reprimanded his son, and then probably hit him.

Looking at the terrible family environment, Yi Ran was really sympathetic to the child.

Probably because of his aunt and uncle’s cheers, the handsome boy was not disturbed by this accident. Instead, he ran like a little wild horse and won the fifty-meter championship successfully.

As they stood by the side of the game to cheer Gu Tai on, Yi Ran suddenly squinted and said to Gu Tingchuan, “Gu Tai’s motor nerves have always been good. Director Gu, what about you?”

Gu Tingchuan looked down at her, their eyes meeting in that short distance. Yi Ran was now smiling brightly and vividly, reflecting the warm sun, which suddenly gave him an impulse to kiss her. Obviously, this was not a good place. He quickly adjusted his mood before saying, “Do you doubt me again?”

Yi Ran was already used to his teasing words, but then, he spoke his next sentence, “Also, there has been no ‘exercise’ for a long time.”

She bit her lip a little and wondered how he could so casually continue to stand there. Gu Tingchuan’s eyes were warm, but his expression was a little sly, even as he turned the whole world into nothing but a backdrop. She felt a rush of excitement, and there are countless surges in her heart, as if her heart will jump right out of her chest.

Fortunately, Gu Tai finished the game at this time, and Yi Ran hurriedly stepped in front of him. Lowering her head, and she said, “Your next project will take awhile to start.”

Then, turning to look at Gu Tingchuan, her eyes blinked. “There is a ‘Carnival’ event that collects points for prizes, nad it has ice cream and snacks. You take him first.”

He looked at her leisurely: “What about you?”

“I’m a teacher. Of course, I’ll need to stay here to help look after the students. ”

Seeing her insistence, Gu Tingchuan patted Gu Tai’s shoulder and left without saying anything.

It wasn’t long before Gu Tai ran back alone. The handsome little boy was so helpless that he slightly sighed and said, “Teacher Yi, my uncle said that he would help me win a remote control plane, but it needs to two people to step on the balloons together. You can help him. ”

…Director Gu was actually willing to step on balloons for the nephew’s prize and right under the public’s view?

Yi Ran felt dizzy. This picture was simply too beautiful. She couldn’t imagine it. She had to be held by Gu Tai all the way to the area where they were participating in the carnival.

Gu Tingchuan stood in front of the booth and looked at the rules of the game silently. After he saw her, he raised his eyes and smiled lightly. Under the bright sky in the morning, his eyes seemed to gloat faintly.

For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was a great one!

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