LTPC Chapter 29: Dissatisfied

Yi Ran feared that Gu Tingchuan was being too severe and might scare Gu Tai. She silently frowned and struggled to say, “Today, I spoke with Teacher Yao. He said that Hao Ziyue claimed that you’re always making a lot of the kids in class think that he was bullying you, whether it was breaking an umbrella or throwing a pencil box, including this t-shirt incident.”

Gu Tai’s popularity in the classroom was already very high, making it easy for him to completely isolate Hao Ziyue and pushing him to the point that everyone would hate him all the more. As a result, Hao Ziyue could only intensity the use of violence as a means of gaining “attention” and “friendship.”

Gu Tai’s face was still expressionless, but when he turned to look at her, his eyes were fierce. “Anyway, you all believed what he said. I have no evidence to prove that these were all done by him, so I won’t even bother.”

Gu Tingchuan smiled and said without any fluctuations in his tone, “Okay, here’s what you did. Your uncle had thought of the script for you. You broke the umbrella first, then hid the pencil, and made everyone mistakenly think that classmate did it. He was angry with you and rebuked you, and you never fought back but allowed others to see it. Later, at the sports meeting, you wanted to escalate the situation, but you did not expect that the girl would get injured. ”

Yi Ran understood that Gu Tingchuan’s assumptions were not just hypotheses. The small details had initially been confusing, but now they made perfect sense. All the fragments were now connected into a whole picture, making it more believable. In the end, all these were Gu Tai’s tricks.

She messaged her eyebrows tiredly, lowered herself in front of him, and looked at his silent face very seriously. “Jia Jia went and confronted Hao Ziyue because she likes you. Do you understand? Gu Tai, you should not allow those who loves you to get hurt.”

Gu Tai had always been an excellent boy in her eyes. Compared to the slightly more arrogant Gu Tingyong, he seemed to be more like Director Gu. He was prideful and a little unyielding, looked handsome, and was especially fun to tease.

However, this kind of precocious child was no match against a man like Gu Tingchuan, who had faced countless difficulties and who was strong and independent.

Gu Tingchuan began to guess his motive. “Did he first look at you unpleasantly? But, he didn’t really dare to do anything to you.”

Gu Tai could not find any words to cover himself, when his uncle had correctly guessed everything he had thought. The fortress of his thoughts fell apart in an instant. He couldn’t hold back so much thought, and finally opened his mouth, his voice shaking. “He couldn’t bully me, but he bullies my friends. I was just giving him back what he was owed.”

This was the first time Yi Ran heard Gu Tai speak in such a tearful voice, the sound like a muffled, whimpering little beast. Her heart softened, but Gu Tingchuan did not stop. He lowered his head slightly to look at his nephew and asked, “Why would you do this kind of thing?”

“Why not? He deserves it.”

“Gu Tai, you don’t have the right to manipulate and deprive others of life, do you know? You are 100 times worse than your classmate. If this goes on, in the future, perhaps you might even wonder why you can’t put people to death?”

His words were calm but logical, like a sharp needle piercing at your most defenseless spots.

Yi Ran took Gu Tai’s hands in hers. They remained stilled for a moment, before she said, “It’s probably impossible for me to persuade you. But, I really wanted to protest you against all the injustices you suffered. I really wanted to protect you.”

However, Gu Tai’s eyes clearly reflected his cold thoughts.

I don’t need you, and I don’t believe you.

“Gu Tai, I know you just wanted to protect yourself. But did you know? I felt really sad about you being bullied.”

Her words grew choked. “I wished that all the dirty waters could be splashed on me instead and that all the maliciousness could come to me. I didn’t want you to see the dark side of the world. Other children might not understand, but I know you will.

“Don’t speak.” Gu Tai threw off her hands, his eyes cold. “You adults are really hypocritical.”

He jumped from the couch and saw Gu Tingyong standing a short distance away. Raising his face, he cried, “Gu Tingyong, you and my mother are getting a divorce. I was bullied but you didn’t care. Why are you both so selfish?”

Gu Tai’s words seemed to hit them at the apex of their hearts. He wanted to make them feel embarrassed. He wanted to deceive these self-righteous adults, to tear down their dignity.

“And you guys, getting married after only meeting a few times. If you have children in the future, will you be like my father? Anyway, you can just throw them to the grandparents!”

Gu Tingchuan laughed when he heard this. In the end, it all came out. For this elementary school student, although his behavior was bad, he just thought too seriously and was expressing his own parts in this matter.

Children still needed to be coaxed.

“I’ll be like your father? You’re pulling me down too low.”

Gu Tai suddenly looked at him silently, and then looked at his father.

Yi Ran once again took the boy’s hand, trying to give him a warm touch and help soothe his emotions. Although Gu Tai was more mature than ordinary children, his nature was still simple, young and tender. As long as he was treated gently, he will calm down.

She couldn’t understand his behavior in her hear,t and she was very angry. But, she knew that in these days, Gu Tai felt that he lacked the love of his parents, who were suddenly no longer by his sides. He must be really lonely.

“Regarding what you said about your uncle and my marriage, whether you believe it or not, I really believe that this family will educate good children, and we will do our utmost not to let them down, right?”

Gu Tai was surprised. Probably, besides the elderly grandparents, she was the family who cares the most about him these days.

Yi Ran didn’t want to be angry with him anymore because it wouldn’t solve the problem. She furrowed her brows and said, “I already told Hao Ziyue that he needed to apologize to you and those people he had bullied. You have to take the initiative to apologize to him and agree never to hurt each other again.”

Gu Tingyong sighed deeply. He walked up and placed his hand on his son’s head and gently ruffled his hair. His voice was a little sad. “I’m sorry. It’s your father’s fault. I hadn’t cared much about you lately.”

He sat on the sofa in front of his son and said earnestly, “I’ve been really irresponsible. Once your mom returned, I will calmly talk to her and maybe….we won’t use divorce to solve the problem between us. Xiao Tai, we don’t want you to be sad.”

Seeing such a bright and lovely son turned into someone which such an extreme temper, he was moved in his secret heart. Not to mention, he hadn’t really wanted to divorce. Although his behavior had indeed been reprehensible, he didn’t want to wreck his family. It was actually Gu Tai’s mother, who had always had a big temper, who impulsive wanted to break up.

“But your aunt is right. You have to apologize to your classmates and seriously reflect on your mistake. I will impose some penalties on you. During this time, you should also review your behavior.”

Gu Tai stared at Gu Tingyong’s face for a while, his eyes full of injustice. No matter how rebellious he was, he still wanted his father to take pride in him and for his parents to rebuild their relationship.

Yi Ran knew that the father and son needed to have a private heart-to-heart. Outsiders shouldn’t intrude. She silently glanced at Gu Tingchuan, and they returned to the kitchen. She continued to arrange the fruit plate, her lips slightly pursed. She needed to digest what had just happened and didn’t want to speak at all.

Gu Tingchuan looked at her slightly moist eyes. Although his gaze was unreadable, there was a faint smile on his lips. “At that time, did I move too fast?”

Unexpectedly, Yi Ran let out a puff of laughter and smiled up at him. His eyes always looked so attractive and addictive. At this moment, they were so clear. She could not help but tremble, wondering what to say so that she would not sound so impatient.

“It’s okay, merely that others need to rush home more at night.”

Gu Tingchuan raised an eyebrow. He didn’t even want to mock or ridicule the idea.

She quietly looked at his actions in helping her clean up the fruit peels, and the “like” emotions for him in her heart seemed as if it was slowly expanding.

Although Yi Ran was content with their simple everyday interactions, she was also not satisfied with it. It was because she knew deep in her heart that she didn’t want his cars, his house, or even his company shares. Instead, she wanted more than to be just Mrs. Gu. Her greed was heavier. She wanted his heart, and she wanted his world. But, asking for those was a hundred times harder than asking for a person’s life.


This week entered the Winter rainy season, and the next day, it began to drizzle. Even the school’s playground was wet, and the children could only exercise in the indoor gym.

Yi Ran told Yao Juan about everything that had happened. In a rare instance, Gu Tai had cried that night, and he was comforted and carried home by Gu Tingyong.

After discussing the matters together, they decided that Gu Tai should admit and apologize to Hao Ziyue for discrediting and slandering him as much as he did in class.

Hao Ziyue also need  to apologize privately to Gu Tai, Jia Jia and the other students who he had injured.

The “face-off” that lasted so long finally calmed. However, Yao Juan was also very clear that these two “problem children” should require long-term psychological counseling.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost the weekend. Guan Yilu came to her desk, holding her cheeks and said, “Yi Ran, it will rain in the city this week. A few of the teachers have made an appointment to go to Jinshan Lake for cycling and walking. Would you like to go with us? ”

“Ah … not this week. I already have very important arrangements.” Her face was full of apology.

Yao Juan came in holding a textbook. When he saw Yi Ran’s response, he turned aside and said nothing.

The female teacher looked at her suspiciously. “You’ve been very preoccupied lately. Have you fallen in love?”

Yi Ran softened and said jokingly, “Haha. More or less…I’ll tell you later. ”

Guan Yilu suddenly thought of Yi Ran’s unusual interaction with Director Gu on the day of the games, but this … this … this was impossible?!

Yi Ran didn’t notice the surprised expression the other person’s face. She was totally immersed in her own careful thinking. Because, this would be the first weekend she and Gu Tingchuan would be able to completely spend together since they got married…A full two days.

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4 years ago

The first weekend together! I can't imagine how excited she must be! 🤭

Thanks Xixi!

4 years ago

Oh the author must be a psychologist or something. All the characters are so alive, except mrs. Hao but maybe that's bcs I've never seen someone like that in my whole life :v

Thank you for translating this for us who didn't understand mandarin 😉

4 years ago

It's understandable the wife wants a divorce since he cheated

4 years ago

I dislike this Gu Tingyong. If you didn't want to wreck your family then why did you cheat? If wasn't a in-the-moment mistake either because he was expressing his desire for younger, more energetic women quite well.

3 years ago

Because only a Man can cheat while the woman should allow it to happen. It’s dumb in fact.

3 years ago

Gu Tingyong is so annoying. He seems to blame his wife for wanting to divorce and yet, he is the one who cheated. It is completely reasonable for her to wish for a divorce.

4 months ago

!!! For Gu Tai to be the main villain in the conflict and which such darker thought at that.. and the fact he didn’t like their marriage because he projected what happened to his family onto others one-sidedly, pheww. Thank goodness that Gu Tianchuan had a responsible heart of an uncle. Can’t imagine if he didn’t have his uncle, and looking at that pathetic trashy father, we can only imagine how Gu Tai inner mind will grow darker and darker as he grow up.