LTPC Chapter 34: A Troublesome Night

Yi Ran looked back at him. His forehead showed a bit of craftiness as he lowered his head again and his mouth closed over her’s, sweeping her away in another deep, passionate kiss.

When he finally pulled away, his eyes were dark. As he was thinking about further “educating” this little woman, Yi Ran leaned back and retrieved his mobile phone. Handing it over, she said, “Here. See who’s calling.”

He glanced at the caller’s number and slightly hesitated. Yi Ran arched her eyebrows when she noticed that he didn’t seem to want to call back. She couldn’t help but ask, “It’s not your job?”

“No,” Gu Tingchuan said, placing both hands on the steering wheel. “It was Guo Baiyu.”

Yi Ran heard this and paused. Then, she raised an eyebrow and felt that it was certainly not necessary to call back so late.

She took off her coat, put it on her body, and lay sideways on the leather chair.

The drive in Gu Tingchuan’s car had always been very stable and smooth. She was half asleep and still thinking about the phone call, when she opened her eyes to see the dim lights in the distance. Soon, the car drove into the bustling commercial city center. They happened to pass by a five-star hotel and encountered a red light. She looked across at the grand entrance way, where cars drove to and from the brightly lit driveway.

The black Rolls-Royce parked in front of the door was very eye-catching. There was a man and a woman coming down from the side of the car door. The man was a bit old, but his back was straight and his body was slightly pudgy. He was holding the woman’s shoulder and pulling her inside, but the woman seemed a little bit too reluctant. The two struggled for a while, until two tall men in black came out of the hotel to help drag the woman inside.

Even from Yi Ran’s vantage point, it was clear that the woman was a little unstable, as if she was drunk. Even more importantly, her figure and outline looked very much like Guo Baiyu.

Realizing this, she jerked up, suddenly alert, and pulled Gu Tingchuan’s sleeve, saying, “What a coincidence that you just received a phone call from her and now there she is.”

Gu Tingchuan followed Yi Ran’s gaze and saw the two figures. His eyebrows furrowed as he watched carefully. He sneered. “I know the man, too.”

Yi Ran looked at his sneer, which deepened under her gaze. He responded to her doubtful eyes and said, “It’s Gu Tai’s classmate’s father, Hao Zhenlei.”

She was surprised. This was the first time she encountered this kind of thing. However, it seemed to her that the scene just didn’t look very harmonious. After mulling it over, she asked, “Would you like to make a call to Guo Baiyu and ask her if she’s okay?”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t want to meddle in other people’s business but Guo Baiyu had a contract with his company and can be regarded as one of it’s artists. As the boss, he supposed he ought to be concerned.

What’s more, the surname Hao couldn’t be provoked casually. The forces behind him were complicated. If one was not careful, losing people would only be a trivial matter. Maybe, one might even lose one’s life.

He pulled the car over to the side and dialed Guo Baiyu’s number. His eyes fell on Yi Ran’s face, even as the dial tone sounded for a long time. Finally, it connected.

Gu Tingchuan waited for a few seconds, listening to the vague conversation between the man and woman.

“Who’s calling?”

“Give it back to me….Hao, let’s do this some other day.”

The weak female voice struggled and asked for help. Before Gu Tingchuan had time to speak, the other party had already hung up abruptly.

The car was quiet for a while. Even Yi Ran could tell that something was wrong. “What happened?”

He was still indifferent, apparently accustomed to the many rules in the circle. He was not willing to mix too much.

“Maybe it was just overthinking on my part.”

Yi Ran frowned. She felt that she probably watched too much news, or was too concerned about what she had seen. “Isn’t it better to confirm?”

Even if Guo Baiyu was her “love rival”, she didn’t want the other party to encounter anything unexpected.

In order to appease his wife, Gu Tingchuan simply called Xiao Zhao and asked him to contact Guo Baiyu’s assistant within five minutes and report to him afterward.

As soon as Yi Ran heard this, she noticed that someone was waving his hand by the window. After Gu Tingchuan pressed down the window, the man smiled and said, “Director Gu, good evening. Good to see you. I noticed that the car came over. Are there any customers coming? ”

The man in the black suit was obviously the manager. When he looked at Yi Ran in the front passenger seat, he froze slightly.

Gu Tingchuan didn’t give much of an explanation and only calmly said, “There is no arrangement tonight. Maybe I will go up to find a ‘friend’.”

The hotel manager bowed to them humbly and silently walked away.

Yi Ran stared oddly after the man. She purposefully pretended to make her voice sound cold. “It seems that you often come to this hotel.”

Gu Tingchuan stared down at the entrance way not far from the car window, his eyes bright and indifferent. But the corner of his mouth hooked up. “Well, sometimes my business associates will arrange to stay here. ”

She whistled. “That’s nice. I haven’t stayed here before.”

He immediately said, ” I know. ”

Yi Ren smiled and was about to ask what Gu Tingchuan knew when Xiao Zhao’s phone call came in. He picked up the phone and talked a few words. Then, he silently hung up and looked at her.

“Guo Baiyu had dinner with Hao Zhenlei tonight, and then she got dragged in. Her assistant was looking for contacts everywhere to settle the matter. It seems that I have to solve it. ”

Gu Tingchuan got out and thought about telling her to wait in the car. But then, he thought that she might get cranky so he decided to just let her come along.

After asking the manager, they learned what floor Guo Baiyu was on.

A moment later, they were on the elevator, which opened up to a hallway with gorgeous carpets. Gu Tingchuan placed one long finger on his lips to signal that she should not speak. He calmly looked around the corner and discovered that the two bodyguards were standing outside the hotel room door.

Faced with this situation, he felt a headache settling in. After considering the matter, he turned to Yi Ran and said, “You go downstairs to find the manager, and tell him to bring a few security guards up just in case. ”

Yi Ran looked at him with some worry, “What about you?”

He gave her a faint smile in reassurance, “I’ll go and meet Mr. Hao.”

Yi Ran rushed to the elevator at the fastest speed possible, fearing that matters would grow worse if she was just a second too slow. She entered the lobby and kept as calm as possible as she transmitted Gu Tingchuan’s request to the manager.

Although Hao Zhenlei’s background and net worth was pretty big, everyone who saw the big picture naturally understood that the Gu family was the better backer. Not to mention, the manager was one of the Gu’s people. They brought up the security guards and saw Director Gu standing in front of the door. He looked coldly at door and said, “General Manager Hao, this is Gu Tingchuan of Jiaye Group.”

The two bodyguards were obviously ordered by Hao Zhenlei to not allow anyone to disturb him. These people had always been troublemakers and tried to push Gu Tingchuan away.

The bodyguard had not expected a quick response so his movement was careless. His arm had just stretched out when Gu Tingchuan wrapped his hand around the man’s wrist and pushed him back firmly to the ground!

The fallen bodyguard did not expect that this gentle looking man would be so scary. For a moment, he merely stared blankly. However, Gu Tingchuan only looked at them motionlessly, exuding an air that was unexpectedly scary.

The big man unhappily got up from the ground and rushed at Gu Tingchuan with a curse. Gu Tingchuan shot his hand out to catch the man’s fist, twist his arm behind his back and punched him in his sore spot. The angle was tricky and vicious. It only took a few punches before the man fell down in defeat.

Gu Tingchuan raised his hands to loosen his collar, looking as if he could beat them up on the spot without any problem.

At this moment, Yi Ran felt as if the blood in her body was flowing backward, and she felt chilled from her head to her toes. Before the two bodyguards could respond, the manager and the security guards immediately hurried to Gu Tingchuan’s side. Various voices shouted for Hao Zhenlei to open the door.

When Gu Tingchuan saw the door open, he quickly strode over and stood by the door frame. Hao Zhenlei had wanted to walk out and close the door behind him but he was blocked by Gu Tingchuan.

Gu Tingchuan’s strong posture was imposing and wrapped in a layer of indifference. “Hello, Mr. Hao. I finally saw you.”

“You … Mr. Gu?”

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes slid past the gap in the door before shifting to look at Hao Zhenlei. He drawled, “Well, my wife received a call from her actress friend Guo Baiyu saying that she wanted to meet together tonight. Thanks to Mr. Hao for leaving her overnight. We’ll see you next time.”

Gu Tingchuan’s reason was very thoughtful. Although it was obviously made up, it can be regarded as enough to save Hao Zhenlei’s face. As long as he cooperated, the two sides did not need to get into a conflict about it.

It was rumored that Hao Zhenlei relied on his background and strong financial resource to act domineering and wicked and to commit all kinds of crimes. However, after encountering this kind of distinguished celebrity, his arrogance could only diminish somewhat .

After three rounds of drinks tonight, he had gradually gotten drunk and wanted to conquer the famous actress Guo Baiyu. This kind of thing was not unheard of in the entertainment industry. Just as the outcome was about to bear fruit…he was cut off by Gu Tingchuan.

He was doubtful why this man would come to make a scene. Either Gu Tingchuan also fancied the beauty Guo Baiyu and wanted to find her to play with or his wife really did have a close relationship with the woman and therefore pushed him to pull the woman out of a difficult place.

Hao Zhenlei was displeased and wanted to send away the Gu family with a few words. However, at this time, a tearful Guo Baiyu staggered out. She barely walked to the door before her body swayed, as if she had lost all of her strength. Her clothes were torn and the corner of her mouth was split open in a cut, displaying quite a sorry figure.

Her features were tender and beautiful, covered with a thin layer of red flush. The way she looked now was enough to arouse a man’s excitement and make him want to possess her. Suddenly throwing herself at the Gu Tingchuan in front of her eyes, she silently sobbed, her black hair covering the sides of her face.

Guo Baiyu stared at the man with watery eyes, as if she was afraid that he would disappear in the blink of an eye.

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4 years ago

Thank you Xixi!

4 years ago

SCUM assddfggkgkhlhlxbbxbcnvn!

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4 years ago

… I'm just wondering is it really common for higher-ups to rape woman in china? Since I've encountered this kind of scene countless time in wn

Thank you for the translation!

4 years ago

I don’t know for sure, but I can imagine that in a heavily patriarchal society like China, the power imbalance probably did result in a lot of young women being taken advantaged of by powerful men. China’s propensity for censureship and a culture of victim blaming definitely doesn’t deter men like Mr. Hao, for sure. But, this also generally true in every country. Just think of recent incidents in the US, like with Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, where you see rich and powerful men sexually harassing and raping young women and getting away with it for so long.

4 years ago

I don't exactly know, but many people have suspicions regarding the entertainment world and elites after an actress suicide in Korea. Well, imo, some countries do have those problems. I heard that many actresses and female idols 'sold' by their agencies to the rich

4 years ago

Why do I feel like she staged this instead? Or took advantage of the situation to play at being pitiful. She's disgusting to still go after a married man. I mean, she can keep loving him. That's her own deal. But it's so disgraceful to try to come between a married couple.

3 years ago

Same it seems staged as fuck and she really think she slick like no sis go over there

2 years ago

Was men really affected when they saw a woman in that state? Do they really felt arouse when they see a naked crying girl? Cuz if we reverse that sht, I would never feel any emotion other than pity or protectivenes towards a man naked and obviously been harassed