LTPC Chapter 51: Video Chatting

After they shot a few scenes, the weather suddenly changed. Gu Tingchuan and Yi Ran had planned on going to the river bank. However, the wind grew fiercer and the sky began to drizzle.

Although it was drizzling, it didn’t affect the moods of those in love. Yi Ran borrowed an umbrella from the crew, walked to the riverbank in boots, and stepped into the shallow edges of the river water.

“Pay attention to your feet, don’t fall,” Gu Tingchuan said in a low, pleasant voice behind her. He held an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other hand.

Yi Ran played in the water for a while and turned to look back at him by the water’s edge. At this time, the sky had become clearer and the rain had lightened up significantly. Gu Tingchuan looked at her through the camera lens, judged the color and composition, and pressed the shutter.

As the man focused on her through the camera lens, his expression looked both idle and serious. When he held the camera with his slender fingers, he exuded a professional and calm temperament, along with a sense of artistic elegance. It made her feel a little shy and embarrassed. She bit her bottom lip, closed her umbrella, and ducked underneath his umbrella to stand next to him.

Gu Tingchuan held the umbrella handle steadily and looked down at her, his eyes displaying traces of amusements.

She looked up and said, “I didn’t see the flower field or the sunset you mentioned, but the scenery is still very beautiful.”

He showed her the camera screen, which displayed the shot he had just taken. The camera screen showed the outline of Yi Ran’s curves. There was a point of light behind her, making her look white and elegant, just like clean snow. It resembled an oil painting from a great master and evoked an indescribable feeling.

“Oh my god…having a husband who can also take great pictures is just plain unjust.”

Yi Ran took the man’s arms, grasping his sleeve with her fingers, as they walked along the path, chatting.

“Today, I watched some of the video shots, and I felt particularly worried…Compared with your previous movies, has the style changed? Although the theme is not particularly popular, it can resonate really well with audiences at all levels. I believe it will be successful.”

Gu Tingchuan heard her compliment and felt a hint of sweetness in his heart. After all, no other people can console him like she does. As he was thinking about rubbing the corners of the mouth that was praising him, his cell phone in his coat pocket started ringing.

He glanced down and told her. “It’s a friend. I’ll pick it up.”

Yi Ran obediently stopped walking and stood there waiting for him to answer the call. At the moment, the evening drizzle was scattered away by the wind and the branches along the roadside shook. Feeling slightly cold, she leaned closer to him in order to borrow his body temperature to keep herself warm.

Gu Tingchuan simply wrapped the arm that was supporting the umbrella around her back and pulled her against his chest. The sound of the man’s heart beating, intermixed with the outside sound of rain, was next to her ears, making her heart feel warm.

She dazed out for who knew how long before she realized that Gu Tingchuan had finished his phone conversation. The tip of Yi Ran’s ears turned red but, instead of moving away, she pillowed closer to his sturdy chest and asked, “Who was that?”

“A person I know who has a good voice.” Gu Tingchuan thoughtfully stared down at the tender face of the person in his arms and said, “You should also know his name. He’s called Bo Yan.”

Yi Ran was startled. “Oh my god! Bo Yan? Of course, I know of him!”

Gu Tingchuan deliberately ignored her excited expression and calmly said, “I approached him a while ago, asking him to voice Peng Shaohui’s character. But, he was also very busy and might not be able to find the time.”

Yi Ran naturally knew of this Bo Yan, who voiced a lot of web dramas and audio works. His identity was a mystery since he would only occasionally take commercial works. Usually, he preferred to take on jobs that could be done over the internet, merely as a means of entertaining himself. Despite this, he had become something of a god in the online entertainment distribution industry.

“I didn’t expect you to know the internet god. Who is he? Can you say?”

Seeing his little wife’s curious face, Gu Tingchuan told her, “He is He Yang’s cousin. His voice and ability would really add a lot to the later stage of the movie.”

After listening to Gu Tingchuan’s words, Yi Ran knew in her heart that, although he didn’t say it, he still wanted to make all the details in the movie perfect. She took his hand and squeezed it encouragingly.

Gu Tingchuan understood the sentiments in her mind and the light in his eyes was somber and silent under the rain.

Yi Ran turned her head to look at the distant horizon. Through the drizzling rain, a golden light was gradually spreading through the distant lines of mountains and forest, warming up the smile of the person by her side.

Gu Tingchuan hugged her with one hand. Seeing the growing rain on the river, he lowered his head and said, “The rain is coming down heavier. Let’s go back.”


After whittling the time together for two days, Yi Ran returned to work and zealously taught her class of children.

Moonlight’s shooting went smoothly. During this time, there happened to be an art festival at the school and, every day, Yi Ran would help Yao Juan with the class rehearsal and singing show. As a result, she was not able to visit the shooting site again.

After over a week of this, Teacher Yi really wanted to video chat with Director Gu but she knew that he wasn’t accustomed to it and likely won’t say much.

In the evening, when Gu Tingchuan called to ask if she had eaten on time, Yi Ran answered a little absently and expressed a feeling of grievance. “It’s 7 o’clock today after rehearsal. Mom and dad left on a trip, and I just cooked a little something to eat.”

The man on the other end hooked up his lips and looked at the light meal Xiao Zhao had bought. But, his appetite was not high. He asked, “Are you free now?”

Yi Ran pursed her lips, placed her feet up on the sofa, and leaned back. “What’s the matter?”

Gu Tingchuan had remembered all the careful thoughts she had expressed to him. Naturally, when the right time came, he was determined to take action. At this moment, his elegant voice came through the speaker, “Would you like to video chat?”

…Director Gu actually offered to video chat with her?!!

Before, he would never do things he was not interested in, nor did he waste time on things that he considered boring. However, after he became interested in her, all the details and irrelevant little things would become important in his thoughts.

When Yi Ran heard his question, her heart felt as if it was brushed by feathers, and her chest was full of warmth. She smiled gently, “Okay, just wait a minute.”

She opened the computer and logged in to the web page version of WeChat. Afterward, she made a video call to the other party.

When Gu Tingchuan saw her, he froze slightly. His eyes swept over his surroundings, feeling glad that he was alone in the hotel room.

Yi Ran blinked a few times and saw that Gu Tingchuan looked distracted. Before she could speak, he said meaningfully, “You bought a new nightdress?”

Yi Ran looked down and saw that she was wearing a light blue lace nightdress. Because Gu Tingchuan’s apartment had floor heating and it was always warm, she just went ahead and put on the newly bought night dress without thinking much about it.

In fact, the nightdress’ overall length very conservatively ended at the knees. But, the neckline was dropped very low to the chest and was edged with thin lace, looking a little sexy.

She hurriedly pulled the blanket to cover herself. Her cheeks flushed but she still looked at the man in the computer with a bit of coyness. “Yes, I bought it with your card. Next time…you can suggest your preference? Regardless, you should get notifications, right?”

Gu Tingchuan looked at her meaningful eyes and felt his heart tickled. But, he couldn’t touch the person in front of him. He raised his eyebrows slightly. It seemed that this video call will test his patience.

“You’ll need to wear it when I come back.”

Yi Ran felt that the atmosphere had become too ambiguous. This was their first time video chatting and it was full of inexplicable heat. She hurriedly shifted the topic. “What are you thinking? What did you shoot today? Do you have any experience to share with me?”

They proceeded to talk about each other’s work. As they did so, Yi Ran couldn’t help but stare at him in earnest. The man on the other side of the video showed a slightly lazy posture. He wore only a thin t-shirt, and his skin was bright under the light. As he talked, his thin lips displayed a distinct outline.

“After this…can you video chat with me more when you’re free?” Yi Ran smiled and looked at him, making him feel that she was particularly beautiful and lovely. “Mrs. Gu also needs to inspect the room in case other beauties come to Director Gu to ‘talk about the movie’.”

Gu Tingchuan narrowed his eyes briefly and controlled the restlessness in his heart with great difficulty. Meanwhile, he took into account the thing that was inconvenient to say and, instead, said with great care, “I also hope that you can accompany me all the time like my crew. I mean, you can do whatever you like, but it would be great if we can see each other more often.”

Suddenly, Yi Ran’s heart swelled. But, she wasn’t sure what he meant so she looked at him questioningly, “Do you mean..”

Did he want her to change jobs?

“I often fly to various places now, and I can’t guarantee that I won’t go abroad for filming or to participate in various activities…” Before Gu Tingchuan could finish what he wanted to say, his cell phone rang. He looked at the other caller and his brows slightly furrowed. “Xiao Zhao is calling me. It might be something urgent.”

Otherwise, he would not be disturbing his boss after work.

The smile in Director Gu’s eyes dimmed as he returned to work mode. He held the phone and his heart softened slightly as he looked at her. “I’ll answer the phone first and wait for you to take a shower. Then, we’ll talk again.”

In order to ease his moodiness, Yi Ran immediately covered her eyes and exclaimed, “Pervert!”

Gu Tingchuan groaned slightly, wanting to ask her…what was she thinking?

But, he felt that she was too cute. He looked at her and said word by word, “Yes, the charm of a certain woman can lead people astray.”

Someone’s cheeks instantly flushed red.

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