LTPC Chapter 54: Face Slapping

The next day, Gu Tingchuan left Nanfa City by plane under the escort of everyone. Due to his injuries, he temporarily returned home to rest for a week, and the studio naturally became his work site.

Yi Ran agreed to allow him to work as long as he adhered to her three rules. One, there must be a time limit for each job. Second, when it came time to lie down, he must lie down to rest. And, three, when she is present, he must do as she says and allow her to take care of him.

Oftentimes, Gu Tingchuan will work seriously in the studio and connect to the shooting location via video projections on the TV screen or through other wireless devices. In addition, although he didn’t normally have a sweet tooth, he would also often have a taste of the snacks she made him.

Yi Ran recently received some newly purchased tea cakes. After brewing tea, she placed a slice of cake with pine nuts on a plate and carried them to Director Gu.

They spent a few days safely like this.

At a bit past 8 o’clock that night, she walked to the studio with a tea tray and found that Gu Tingchuan was flipping through a book by hand. At the same time, there were many papers and scripts scattered on the desk and over the carpet. She also saw the script for Moonlight.

She looked at it curiously, lowered the tea tray, raised her eyes and asked him, “What’s up? Haven’t both the script and the preparation works been completed?”

Gu Tingchuan murmured an assent, put down his pen, and said, “Since I’m organizing at home, I wanted to go through it again, and find out all the details that might need to be modified. ”

Yi Ran’s eyes drifted up to the book in front of Director Gu. She took it and turned it over. He noticed that she was looking at it and said in a low and clear voice, “Actually, every time I read a book, I hope you can also read it with me.”

He coughed and his lips quirked. “I want know what your opinions are and whether you will have the same viewpoint.”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t just want her to belong to him. He also wanted them to be able to exchange ideas with one another. He must be able to read her thoughts so as to capture her heart. After all, he had already given her his whole heart.

Yi Ran’s expression was bright, as if she understood the deep meaning behind his words, and a soft sweetness grew in her heart. “I know. I’ll take a look before going to bed. Director Gu, someone else might have a difficult time understanding your love words.”

She leaned over and kissed him enthusiastically on the cheek. Her soft lips on the man’s cheek quickly overwhelmed him, causing him to freeze.

“I’m going to take a shower now. It’s time for you to rest.” Yi Ran looked at him with the stern expression of a young teacher. “When I’m, I hope to see that you are already obediently in the bedroom.”

Gu Tingchuan reacted, nodding, “Understood.”

Yi Ran left the studio and entered the master bedroom for a change of clothes. Then, she took a shower and walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. She found that Director Gu had forgotten his words and was still lost in his work.

Her voice came into his ears, “Don’t make me angry. When I get angry, you’ll be afraid of me.”

Gu Tingchuan heard her words and looked across at her. The little girl who just came out of the bath had a towel over her shoulders and was wiping her wet hair. Her face was not gorgeous and she was not tall, but she was exquisite to him. The dress under the white towel was thin, outlining her seductive curves.

In the warm light, her expression was serious and her eyes curved like crescent moons, emitting a water-like luster. She lowered her head and cast a glance at the script of Moonlight and saw the male lead and female lead on the cover. The subtitle underneath was not only the intention of the male lead but also the central idea of ​​the whole movie.

Her finger rubbed the words on the paper and she slowly read out loud, “Wherever the heart is, there lies paradise, turning life into the greatest journey.”

After carefully pondering the silent and vast meaning behind this sentence, she couldn’t help but sighed. “If this could be done … it would be really great.”

Gu Tingchuan looked at her profile and his dark eyes turned thoughtful. He couldn’t help whispering, “Life with you is a journey I will never forget.”

Yi Ran didn’t understand what he said but before she could ask him to repeat himself, he had quietly shifted the topic. “Regarding this movie, we will likely change the style. I’d also listened to your opinion and think that perhaps shooting a movie is similar to life in that both have no formulas. I will allow various directors to make their own attempts according to their own different creative interpretation.”

She agreed and placed her hands on his cheeks. As she leaned forward against him, Gu Tingchuan enjoyed her beauty with great contentment. He lowered his head, lingering against his wife’s neck. He also took the opportunity to look at her nightgown. His lips bent in a smile. “You’re wearing the new nightgown from last time?”

Yi Ran was tightly embraced by him, and she buried her head in his chest coyly, faintly aware that the atmosphere had become a little ambiguous. She pressed her hands against the edge of his desk, raised herself slightly on tiptoes, and kissed him.

The kiss contained many days of suppression, making her shiver unbearably. She pulled at his shirt with her fingertips, responding implicitly, her eyes clear and moist

“Since I can’t work anymore, let’s do something else.”

Gu Tingchuan’s shirt was open to reveal his chest, and his skin was accented by the light, causing all thoughts to become centered on his body.

Feeling his reaction against her body, she was startled and stared up at him with wide eyes, only to discover that the black eyes looking back her here were dark and hot.

“You, you are still healing …”

The last time, they made love in the study, this time…Would he really direct such a scene in this “sacred and inviolable” studio?

Gu Tingchuan stared at her bright red lips, and said vaguely, “You’re like this, how can I resist you?”

He pulled off the white towel on Yi Ran’s body and traced his fingers along the edge of the nightdress.

“Don’t worry, my body has already recovered. If you don’t believe it, it’s more practical for you to see it.”

He suddenly lifted her from the table toward the ground and pulled her thin waist so that her body was flushed against his. His lips was hard and hot against her mouth.

Yi Ran’s hands pressed against his back and her entire body felt as if it was scalding. Her long hair was silky and slightly messy, flowing everywhere and driving people crazy.

Feeling hot and limp, she breathed impatiently. She looked out with misty eyes, only to find that she was lying the layer of script and other paper materials that were strewn on the floor.

She stiffened and the tightening of her body caused the man to groan.

“Don’t worry, I have all the words in my head anyway.”

If it had been before, she would never dare to imagine that this serious man would allow them to linger on his important scripts. But it had unexpectedly happened. Now, the man’s voice was low and irresistibly tempting, not caring about anything else but the woman in front of him.

Even if these papers had become wet and crumpled, there was no need to worry about it. Gu Tingchuan wanted to lower his head and kiss the teary eyes under him.

“Okay, then your shoulders … be careful…”

Yi Ran had nowhere to run but could only grasp his arms. The touch of her palms was strong and firm, but she was afraid of hurting his injury. With force, the man sank deeply and urgently, crushing her with his physical strength, and the touch of friction between their skin was irresistible.

Gu Tingchuan gazed down at her gentle watery eyes, and the darkened lights in a room traced their entangled figures.


In no time, a week passed and it was nearly time for Gu Tingchuan to return to work. Even though she knew this, Yi Ran still felt a bit reluctant.

After he leaves, who would boil nutritious soup to supplement his body? But, then again, considering his brave “performance” that night, she may just be worried for nothing.

Gu Tingchuan’s flight was booked for the afternoon. In the morning, they packed his luggage together. As she was folding his clothes, she heard the sound of the electronic doorbell from downstairs.

She walked to the living and glanced at the entrance camera. Although she had some suspicions in her heart, she hadn’t expected for the person outside to be Guo Baiyu, whom she hadn’t seen in a while.

She pondered carefully, then finally opened the door downstairs for the other party.

Yi Ran walked back to the study, fingered the door frame lightly, and raising her tone intentionally, told him, “Director Gu, the female goddess Guo Baiyu is at the door.”

Gu Tingchuan heard her words and frowned slightly. “I’ll go and see.”

After Guo Baiyu came up, Director Gu stood in the living room and didn’t even ask her to sit down. He greeted her with indifferent eyes and said, “Do you need something?”

Where did she come from? Guo Baiyu had just left the set and didn’t even take the time to remove the makeupon her face. She looked a little tired, and the anxiety in her eyes could not be masked. “To see you.”

Although the crew blocked the news of Gu Tingchuan’s injuries from various media, it seemed that rumors had stilled leaked. He rubbed his eyebrows and placed on hand on his hip, displaying an impatient attitude. “This is my home. Please don’t come here casually in the future. Also, if you need to contact me about anything, please contact my assistant first. Private affairs and business affairs should be clearly separated.”

“I know that I’m being rude, Director Gu. I just…when I heard the news, I was worried and didn’t think clearly.”

Guo Baiyu wanted to show a considerate side, so she had rushed over in a deliberate hurry. Besides, she thought that since it was a working day, his wife would not be at home.

Who knew that Yi Ran happened not to have a morning class so she planned on going to school later instead.

Yi Ran came out of the study. There was a small smile on her face, which did not reach her eyes. She raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman with bright eyes. “You see now that my husband is fine.”

Gu Tingchuan didn’tt waste time running her out. Before he closed the door on Guo Baiyu, he sent her away with, “Please go back and talk to my assistant if you have any other matters.”

After he firmly closed the door, Yi Ran leaned on the sofa and straightforwardly said, “She’s is not very emotionally wise. In the future, you must not bring me a love rival like Gu Tai’s mother, or I will really become frustrated.”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t bother to answer Mrs. Gu’s statement at all. Instead he simply turned around and went to the study to continue packing up.

Yi Ran: “…”

Bad attitude!!!

On the ground floor of this clean and bright apartment, Guo Baiyu’s sad eyes were already covered with tears. She came to the first floor silently in an elevator, stiffly took out a paper towel, wiped off the teardrops on her cheeks, and took out a powder compact from her bag. After fixing her makeup, she put on her sunglasses and went out.

Not far away, a figure hid quickly, and after making sure that the woman hadn’t discovered him, he quickly followed.


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4 years ago

I wish she would leave him alone. At the same time I feel bad for her. Thanks Xixi!

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She missed her chance but in the first place he never gave her a chance at all. I need a clone of GTC ��

4 years ago

I understand that she's concerned because she likes him. But, she doesn't have to act like a love-stricken teenager who just couldn't fight her urge. He has a wife he loves for Pete's sake. And he rejected her already. Come on. And I don't like her thinking that since the wife may not be at home right now, she could freely barge in. Hmp. Move on.

Thanks for the update!

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Well some people may not have decent IQ or EQ… Thank you for thw translation xixi!

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Thank you for the update.

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Very low moral quality in a woman is so unsightly.

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It’s weird that the author keeps emphasizing that Yi Ran isn’t very gorgeous.
We get it…move on