LTPC Chapter 60: Interview

Even if she was certain that Gu Tingchuan would return to his dazzling peak, when she really received feedback from the audience, she couldn’t help but feel ecstatically happy.

In fact, what circles were not like this? There may be turbidity and filth, but these could also be erased by idealism and changes.

Yi Ran just liked Director Gu’s temperament of being “out of the mud but not being stained.” Today, he seemed to be washed by fireworks and returned back to the peak where he belonged.

Her heart was full with too much sweetness that she almost brushed passed her picture without paying attention to it.

It was taken by journalists and fans who came to the scene. Several photos had certain degrees of blurriness, but she and Gu Tinghuan clearly stood side by side. By chance, they happened to be looking at each other. The man’s expression was calm and serene, and although she looked a little nervous, the light at the bottom of her eyes was firm and brilliant.

The busy staff and the chaotic scene around them had become nothing but background noise.

If it weren’t for the fact that everyone knew that they were a couple, the two people in the photo appeared to portray the sentiment of a love movie.

However, it was obvious to anyone with a good eye that Gu Tingchuan’s first reaction during the event was to soothe his wife’s emotions.

They didn’t require much clarifications. With just one look, they already understood each other.

Yi Ran quickly saved the picture on her mobile phone.

She had thought for a while last night and still couldn’t figure out what to post on Weibo in response to everyone. Now that she saw these photos, she finally gained inspiration. So, she tapped out a few lines:

One looks for this kind of feeling for all of one’s life…In the second half, you must remember to go to the cinema to find it. (*wink)

Then, she picked a pleasing ID from one of those movie fans and forwarded the photos.

After posting on Weibo, Yi Ran felt refreshed and looked up at the sky outside the window. The clouds were like cottons in the exceptionally clear sky. When she saw the familiar building on the roadside, she realized that they had arrived at the school.

The car stopped steadily near the main entrance of Haben International School. She thanked the driver as usual and opened the door to step out. As she did so, she heard loud noises coming from the crowd of people outside.

Yi Ran hadn’t realized that there were so many people in front of the school gate so she was unprepared when she stepped out.

The moment the door was closed, the crowd of people surged toward her eagerly.

Yi Ran narrowed her brows tightly, feeling as if a sharp wind had suddenly came up against her, chilling her from beginning to end.

At this time, the driver seemed to have said something from behind her, but there were so much noises swarming over her all at once that she couldn’t hear him. She saw a lot of tall photographers holding their cameras aloft in front of her. Meanwhile, a female reporter thrusted a microphone in front of her face.

“Excuse me, are you Director Gu’s wife, Mrs. Yi Ran?”

“What did you think about someone deliberately disrupting Director Gu’s premiere?”

“Mrs Yi, is your marriage really still harmonious? Did Gu Tingchuan take you and Guo Baiyu to a hotel room? ”

“Did Gu Tingchuan have other women outside while maintaining a marriage relationship with you?”

Yi Ran’s mind sounded a deafening alarm. She was pale, her lips pressed tight, and she could only keep telling herself to be calm.

They surrounded her on all sides, like a layer of airtight walls, and their breath was mixed with their chattering.

She didn’t look at the cameras as she calmed herself down as quickly as possible and used her brain to think.

The origin of these reporters was unknown. Moreover, she had no experience with public relations. She should say less so as to prevent herself from making any mistakes. Besides, she was not obligated to respond to these ridiculous questions.

Because this was the first time she encountered such a battle, Yi Ran was overwhelmed and did not respond for a moment. However, she still knew in her heart that it was impossible to always hide behind Gu Tingchuan. Since she was his wife, she must save face for him.

She reassessed her thoughts, straightened her back, and looked up at these complete strangers. She said coldly, “Since you’re blocking me because of my husband’s matter, then at least call me ‘Mrs. Gu,’ thank you!”

No one here had ever dealt with Gu Tingchuan’s wife and had no idea what type of person she was. However, they were all gossip reporters who had been in the entertainment industry for many years and were battle hardened. Immediately, after a momentary pause, someone asked loudly, “Ok, so what is Mrs. Gu’s answer to our questions?”

Faced with a flash of light, she blinked and became even more calm. “Your questions will be answered later. Since you interrupted me, I now have to rush to work and can’t waste time with you here.”

Reporter: “You evading us like this, is it because of your guilty conscience?”

Yi Ran’s heart immediately grew hot with anger at these words. Although her initial fear had passed, she was also impatient to leave. Being surrounded like this in such hot weather was uncomfortable enough as it was. She tightly clenched her hands.

“I have nothing to say regarding these matters that you have created out of nothing.”

But why would these reporters let her go so easily. They just kept asking more questions.

Yi Ran wanted to move toward the school gate, but she was surrounded so tightly that it was impossible for her to move. She felt a cold chill and began thinking about what to do next.

Not far away, Jia Jia, who was being carried to school by her mother, saw this scene.

She always had a close relationship with Yi Ran and liked Gu Tai very much. At this time, she saw that Teacher Yi was anxious and wondered why so many adults wanted to surround her and not let her walk.

Jia Jia couldn’t bear to see the teacher she liked being bullied. She suddenly scrambled away from her mother and ran towards the crowd. “Miss Yi! What’s wrong? I’ll help you!”

Yi Ran looked down, thinking that Gu Tingchuan’s driver should have seen her under siege and would have called for reinforcement already or that the school’s security guards would soon come over…

But, to her surprise, she saw a familiar little figure in the crowd. Before she could open her mouth, the little figure that was desperately trying to pull apart the crowd was suddenly pushed out. The photographer only felt that someone wanted to grab his position so, not seeing the little girl, he subconsciously used his body to push back.

Jia Jia fell on the ground and was so frightened that she pulled the female journalists closest to her. The other party accidentally knocked into her, lost her balance, and fell down, which finally made the whole scene grow quiet.

Yi Ran was able to slip out of the gap and stumble to help the little girl.

“Jia Jia ?! Are you okay? Where are you hurt ?!”

At this moment, Yi Ran’s whole face was extremely angry. She looked up at the photographer with sharp eyes and shouted mercilessly, “Don’t run into my students! Otherwise, I’ll call the police now!”

It was only after she had finished shouting that a dozen strong and burly bodyguards in black clothing suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They were very organized and disciplined as they broke the reporters’ circle.

One of them looked at her and said, “Mrs Gu, I’m sorry that we’re late. You don’t have to worry. Mr. Gu sent us.”

Yi Ran didn’t have much to say and relied on the bodyguards to escort her and Jia Jia safely away.

She gathered Jia Jia up in her arms and apologetically walked back toward her mother. She couldn’t help feeling guilty and remorseful, but still held back her emotions as she said, “You see, what a good Jia Jia? You’re here to help me…”

Jia Jia’s mother had always felt grateful toward Yi Ran for her early friendship and so she did not blame her at all. Instead, she held her hand anxiously, fearing that she would be wronged. “It’s okay, Teacher Yi. Go inside quickly. Those people don’t have any morality and will do anything for a bit of news!”

Yi Ran still felt guilty, but she also knew that remaining outside would only cause trouble to the children and parents who were still arriving at school. Feeling troubled, she glanced at the bodyguards. The head bodyguard understood and smiled back at her. “Mrs. Gu, you go ahead. We’ll deal with matters here.”

“I’ve troubled you.” As soon as she finished speaking, she entered the school.

It was only after she walked into the campus and encountered the familiar trees and refreshing atmosphere, did she feel that the horrors she had just encountered began to recede little by little.

However, there was still a faint layer of gloom in her eyes and a bloody taste in her mouth. She hadn’t even realized that she had bitten the inside her mouth…

She entered the office and sat down. After filling a cup with water, she took a few sips but her expression remained gloomy.

After her emotions calm, she began to doubt what had just happened.

After all, who asked these reporters to come to her collectively? Why did they suddenly decide to come and trouble her at school at this time? Her identity had already been revealed and she wasn’t even considered a member of the entertainment industry.

Still, she and Gu Tingchuan were originally a couple and their quests were directly related to him so perhaps they were hoping to get news from her?

In addition, when did Gu Tingchuan send the bodyguards? Did he know she would meet these reporters today?

In the past, he had always handled the things around her very well.

Yi Ran sorted out her thoughts. However, she still had too little experience and so had no clue…

She was considering whether she ought to call Director Gu when Yao Juan arrived at the school. When he saw her, he narrowed his eyes slightly in distress.

“So, the goal of those outside should be you.”

Yi Ran could only smile helplessly when she heard this sentence.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the chapters Xixi!

Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
4 years ago

What trashy reporters. She's an elementary school teacher right? They're harassing a teacher and a school with little kids. How do they sleep at night?

3 years ago

Honestly I agree IMO any reporters who act like this around a school teacher and dare to be disruptive at an elementary school should all be ashamed of themselves.

4 months ago

I think this is that fatty Hao’s work. Unclean people like him is the only one that kept thinking of dirty things, and even dare to stain sacred institution for knowledge like school!

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