LTPC Chapter 69: A Little Luck

The night movie wasn’t too bad. The movie they ended up watching was an unsuccessful foreign hero blockbuster. This kind of film could only achieve the best effect when viewed in a movie theater.

Before entering, Gu Tingchuan also deliberately bought her popcorn. However, even the aroma of food, combined with the extreme effects of the movie, couldn’t detract her from her distraction.

Yi Ran was thinking about what to say to Gu Tingchuan, whether to let him make this documentary, to allow him to satisfy his sense of creation or to be loyal to her heart and let him stay…

She couldn’t give a positive answer now.

It was cold outside at night, but fortunately, the theater was fully heated, and she was sitting next to Director Gu. At this moment, she felt like a sluggy mess.

Even in the dim room, Gu Tingchuan felt her distraction. “You don’t seem to be thinking about watching the movie.”

His voice was so close to her ear that she could feel the warmth of his breath against her skin. Before Yi Ran even had the chance to speaking, she was already being kissed.

The kiss in the dark was more secretive and urgent than usual. The tip of his nose rubbed against her face as his lips brushed over hers. The light, lingering touch was sexy and charming, creating an irresistible confusion.

His tongue dipped into her mouth, tasting like sweet corn and sweeping from top to bottom. As she was breathlessly kissed, her fingers subconsciously tightened on her popcorn, nearly tipping the bucket over.

Even as his mouth moved over her lips, his hands began to feel restless. He stroked over her upper body, and the gentle touch made her chest feel swollen and numb.

It was clearly a cold and chilly night, but in this dark cinema, it was full of tenderness. Yi Ran was also beginning to feel hot. She wanted to say that this was a public place. How could Gu Tingchuan, a famous director, be so brave!

Yi Ran glanced at him in the dark screening room and realized that the man had deliberately disturbed her. Seeing her shameful red face through the flashing white lights on the screen, he finally retracted his hand with satisfaction.

Later, he looked sternly forward as he began to pay attention to the movie. His side profile resumed his usual indifference, and he did not look at all like someone who had just kissed her breathless in a dark, public place.

After they watched the movie, Mr. Gu drove home directly. Although it was already early in the morning, Yi Ran still did not feel tired. She was silent along the way, her head in a mess. But, she couldn’t think of anything.

After Gu Tingchuan entered the room, he took off his coat and said to her, “Don’t think about it too much. I’ve already decided.”

“It’s easy to say. Shouldn’t you think more about such a big thing?”

Yi Ran changed into her newly bought cotton slippers, which quickly warmed her feet. When she looked up and saw the man’s tall and handsome back, she also remembered the kiss that seemed to remain between her lips and tongue. If they were really separated for so long, the probability that she would spend her days pining after him would be very high.

Gu Tingchuan was standing at the entrance, his silhouette backlit by the lights in the living room. His well-defined face had a loving look.

“Then tell me, if I went, would you miss me?”

Would you miss me?

This sentence suddenly poked at Yi Ran’s sore points. Her nose grew sour, and her expression was full of contradictions and perseverance.

How could she not miss him? As long as this thought came about, it was so intrusive that she knew she would spend the next few days lingering over it. If he was really gone for that long, how would she survive day by day without him?

However, these were things that she must do.

“Then, tell me? Should you be the type of man who would give up his dreams for the sake of his wife?”

Yi Ran said this with a bit of anger. He heard the words and just smiled. “I’m not giving up on my dreams. I’m just choosing what I should do now. What’s more, we haven’t even planned a wedding yet. Even if my mother didn’t say anything, my grandfather and his generation would have a lot of opinions.”

Yi Ren felt a tight, desperate inner panic, and there was a layer of tears in her eyes. “I know. But, I just want you to do your favorite thing. I can’t bear for you to give up anything for me. I knew that I would have to be apart for you for a long time but…”

Her voice was soft and helpless. Gu Tingchuan walked in front of her and held her gently. When he spoke, his voice was clear, “Then, just let the matter go. Even if I don’t do it, they’ll give it to some other director.”

“At least don’t reject them so quickly.” Yi Ran looked up at him seriously. “Give it a little more time. Let’s think about it some more.”

Actually, the only way left was for her to go with him and participate in the shooting with him.

Yi Ran also remembered that Gu Tingchuan had hoped that she would stay with him some day. In the future, he would have to go to various places for away to shoot movies and it would be inconvenient for them to be so far apart.

She just did not expect such an opportunity to come so fast. Even if she made this decision hastily, there would still be many issues to consider. Moreover, the filming site might be hard to live in. She didn’t know if it would be inconvenient for him to take her along.

Besides, what could she do aside from taking care of him? How could she make use of her greatest talents and abilities? How to prove her worth?

These were things that needed to be considered in the long run.

In Director Gu’s arms, Yi Ran felt only warmth. She quietly sighed and thought that if these doubts could be resolved, then they might be able to actually make it work.


Saturday night was very quiet, and the next day was windy but sunny. In the morning, Gu Tingchuan went to the company to handle some matters and planned to return early in the evening.

Yi Ran fell asleep on the bed for a while. When she came to, she rolled over and picked up her mobile phone to swipe on the latest entertainment news. As a result, she suddenly discovered that the number of reposts and comments on her account was several times higher than usual.

When she clicked on her account and looked, she was completely shocked and speechless.

The reason was that someone posted to Weibo, and there was only one sentence.

Gu Tingchuan: My Yi Ran, let’s go on a date tonight?

This meant that Director Gu had opened a Weibo account…

Director Gu actually had a Weibo account…

Director Gu even used Weibo now….

And, on the internet, he was openly and generously showing his affection for her!!!

Yi Ran originally suspected that someone might be impersonating him, but when she saw the “filmmaker family man” tagline under his account, she felt that there was really no mistake.

Yi Ran was utterly fascinated. Last night, she kept twisting and turning and wasn’t able to fall asleep until dawn. Now, the man had pleasantly surprised her and she was finally distracted from her previously chaotic mood.

After getting up from bed, she sat in a daze in front of the computer. She had wanted to get some teaching powerpoint done, but in the end, nothing was done. Instead, Zhang Rongrong, the newlywed, called her and they ended up chatting for a long time.

In the evening, Gu Tingchuan finally returned from the company. The moment she heard the sound of the door opening, Yi Ran got up from the computer and hurriedly walked up to him. He raised an eyebrow and looked at her.

“Why did you suddenly think of opening up a Weibo account?” Yi Ran asked as she thoughtfully took out his slippers and put then down in front of him.

Gu Tingchuan changed his shoes and hung his coat. Then he calmly said, “After discussing with the public relations team, we’ve decided that it’s not always good for only you to show affection.”

Yi Ran pretended to be unhappy, but as she watched him, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Director Gu, this time, you can harvest the confessions of countless fans.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his hand and rubbed her bright face.

She raised her hands to touch his fingers and he said, “The room is obviously warm. Why are your hands still so cold?”

“Because I miss you, of course.” Yi Ran smiled brightly and prepared to heat up the dishes in the kitchen. Then, she told him conversationally, “Rongrong called in the afternoon. They just bought a new house and planned to renovate. She’s looking for a good interior designer, which made me think… Do you have any recommendations?”

Gu Tingchuan quickly entered the studio to put away some materials. When he came out, he said, “My friend Xie Qingshan has a design studio but his price is a little high. Though, if your friend wants to look for other excellent designer, he or she might be just as expensive.”

He wore a thin sweater, and the light-colored clothing also matched well with his overall temperament and elegance.

Gu Tingchuan entered the kitchen and stepped to Yi Ran’s side. After leaning over and kissing her cheek, he said, “I’ll have Xiao Zhao give you a business card.”

At this moment, she felt a surge of warmth. The man had done so much for her. As long as she said something, even casually, he would take it seriously.

Even though they had been married for more than a year already, he still seemed to be in love and had even asked on Weibo if they could have a date tonight… This kind of sweetness was difficult to find.

Yi Ran knew that Gu Tingchuan had stopped talking about this nature film so as not to disturb her peace of mind.

She slowly turned to her side and held the man’s hand with both hands. She lowered her head and didn’t look at him, but her voice was firm. “I think that you can agree to this movie, so long as you can take me. We can go together.

Gu Tingchuan hadn’t thought of this possibility, but he thought from the bottom of his heart that this was not a good proposal. “It would require a lot of strenuous walking and the shooting environment might be very difficult. I’m afraid that your current body might not be able to keep up.”

Yi Ran shook her head, her eyes filled with an unconscious deep affection. “I don’t have to go on the front line all the time, right? And, I already thought about it. When you get there, you can try to make arrangements for me as much as possible. If it doesn’t work out, I can return by myself. Isn’t that possible? Even if I don’t accompany you all the time, I can at least stay with you for a few months at a time, right?”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t know how to decide. He rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Even if you want to go, what about your work?”

Yi Ran knew that he might ask about this. She opened her eyes wide and smiled at him. “The Gu family has some power right? Doesn’t President Gu know your family? I’ll talk to her personally and ask if I can leave my job for a while. After I came back, we can see if she can give me my job back. If not, I can just find a job at another school.”

Gu Tingchuan frowned slightly. “Then can you bear to leave your students?”

Yi Ran frowned, then placed her hands on the man’s cheeks before whispering, “It’s not that they’re not important in my heart. It’s just that this is the best solution for us. I want to support you unconditionally. As for anything else…We can always find ways to resolve them.”

This was like …

She wanted to dedicate her youth to him, but she also wanted to dedicate her love to her career.

However, more than anything, she also wanted to dedicate all her life to the good things that she held tightly in her hands.

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4 years ago

They're so mature. I love their discussions.

4 years ago

Hnnn… Personally, I still feel off about her wanting to go with him. It makes sense that she wants to spend more time with him and wants to dedicate more of herself to this relationship. But, I don’t know, it’s just… it feels off. They don’t need to sacrifice their careers just to sustain their relationship. LDR for a couple of years, in my opinion, should be an option.

4 months ago
Reply to  Serafina

I felt like it is reasonable and realistic though. I don’t know others, but LDR partners that I know, they already had years of relationships and courtships before they do think they can do LDR. Both of them had only known each other a year, so I can understand their fiery heart of not being torn apart. Much less, in this 1 year time they fall in love so hard towards one another. It had the taste of youthful love. Maybe in 5 years time, this fresh love will settled down and they will choose a different kind of compromise. Or maybe they will just turned stickier that Yi Ran decided to quit her teaching job entirely. I felt both trajectory is realistic and relatable.

4 years ago

Agree.. Like they don't want him to sacrifice his career but she sacrifice hers instead. There are literally a lot like a lot of LDR spouses out there. Because of study or work they need to separate for years. What even more sad is, there was a man who needs to left his wife just one day after their wedding…

4 years ago

Personally, I think they made the best decision. Sometimes LDR isn’t sustainable or it creates fissures in a relationship that breaks down over time. A great relationship needs sustained care and tending and physical touch, and they’re both willing to make sacrifices to do that. For him, this was a great opportunity that may not come again. But, he was willing to give it up so as not to be separated from her. Meanwhile, as they say, Yi Ran can take always take a break and go back to her job in a few years. She won’t miss much, except for her students. So, it’s not really sacrificing her career but putting it on hold. To me, it just meant that they’re both equally putting their relationship first. Besides, I’ve been in an LDR before and it seriously sucked.

4 years ago

i agree with Xixi here
GTC never asked her to "sacrifice" her career I think he knew it meant a lot to her, so that's why he intended to turn down this job offer of a nature film

But in the earlier chapters it was Yiran who suggested putting a hold on her own career because she knew this type of incident would happen eventually and I don't think she minds it at all

AS Xixi said, I agree this appears to be more or less Yiran just putting it on hold

2 years ago

I enjoy the exchanges here in the comment section that shows how we view this kind of obstacle in a relationship. What I realized the author portrayed here is the growth of both individual in their relationship that they can make sacrifices and decision for their better half. There is no right and wrong answer, there is just that response to what was growing in their hearts for the other person. No one knows what the future holds but having a firm love that keeps you stable allow you to come up with the best answer/solution where you and your partner benefit.
In my case, I left my administrative job in healthcare to be with my husband in a different country where I don’t know anybody. Many of my family and friends told me it was such a big sacrifice. However, seeing how chaotic healthcare turned out in the past years and the pandemic, then I truly gained more from my decision. I hope this chapter gives someone the courage to make such choices.