Divorced, Chapter 39: Happy Marriage

Because of what Lu Yang had said about them being like fireworks that would never go out, Chen Yuchuan smiled happily and asked Lu Yang to say it again, so that he could record it.

Between the two of them, Chen Yuchuan was the most talkative one, but there were many times when Lu Yang would just say a few words, and it would set his heart trembling. Just like now.

It was reassuring.

After he’d put the apartment up for rent, he received several calls inquiring about it, ranging from agents who wanted to act as an intermediary to people who wanted to rent the apartment directly.

He ignored the intermediary phone calls and made some house-viewing apartments in the afternoon that weekend.

When that day arrived, Lu Yang went to work, and Chen Yuchuan showed some people the apartment.

One girl disliked the community environment, and another person only wanted a monthly short-term rental, to which Chen Yuchuan disagreed. A short-term rental would be too troublesome, and he didn’t want to run back and forth.

Just as Chen Yuchuan was about to drive back home, he received a call from Guang Haobo.

Guang Haobo rarely contacted him, so the moment he saw the incoming call, he knew that something must be wrong.

He answered the phone and asked directly, “Haobo, what’s wrong?”

Guang Haobo greeted “Big Brother Chuan,” then he hesitantly added, “I just saw that your apartment is for rent. You’re no longer living at your apartment and wanted to rent it?”

“Yes, it’s ready to rent,” Chen Yuchuan said. “Lu Yang and I don’t live here anymore. We’ve moved to the house at Jade Lake. You’ve been here before. This old place is ready to be rented out.”

Guang Haobo became very quiet, and only after Chen Yuchuan asked him what was wrong again, did he finally say, “I have a friend who wanted to rent a house and so he asked me to look for a place for him. I happened to see the rental information you sent. I thought it was fake at first, but I saw that the phone number was yours so I called to double-check.”

Chen Yuchuan quickly exposed Guang Haobo’s words. “Is it your friend who wanted to rent a place, or is it you?”

This time, Guang Haobo admitted, “Yes, it’s me.”

“You and Chu Rui, is something wrong?” Chen Yuchuan asked directly.

“I left him,” Guang Haobo said. “I left him a week ago.”

After Chen Yuchuan hung up with Guang Haobo, he deleted the information on the rental website and directly drove over to Guang Haobo’s place.

Guang Haobo was standing outside the gate of the community, dragging a suitcase behind him.

Chen Yuchuan parked the car, got out, and put Guang Haobo’s suitcase in the trunk, telling him to get in the car.

“Where’s Chu Rui?” he asked.

“Overseas,” Guang Haobo replied.

“It’s only been 5 years since you married Chu Rui. At the beginning, you’ve just met Chu Rui, so I told you to wait, to get to know him better, and then you can decide whether you really wanted to marry him or not. But you won’t listen. Why are you leaving him now?”

Chen Yuchuan asked after a long time, trying hard to sound casual and not too serious.

In the eyes of outsiders like him, Chu Rui’s possessiveness was near obsession, and their marriage and relationship were obviously based on unequal grounds. Therefore, Chen Yuchuan wasn’t surprised that they’ve finally split up. However, he also knew that if he told Guang Haobo this, he wouldn’t understand.

Guang Haobo didn’t respond.

When Chen Yuchuan saw that his condition wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined, he asked again, “What happened? Did he bully you? Does he have someone outside?”

“We’ve just grown apart,” Guang Haobo finally said.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t believe this. He knew that Guang Haobo had chosen a reason at random, but he didn’t ask any further questions about their relationship.

“You’ve left him, but you don’t even have a place to live in?”

“I’ve left the marriage with nothing,” Guang Haobo said.

Chen Yuchuan clenched the steering wheel hard, so angry he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he glared at Guang Haobo.

Guang Haobo didn’t pay attention and continued, “I’ve found a job, which is very good.”

“Very good? He wanted you to stay home all these years, and you foolishly obliged. Everything he told you, you’ve listened. He hasn’t allowed you to work, and now that you’ve left him, you still think it’s fine?”

“Brother Chuan, I’m really okay. My new job is at a cafe. I can make coffee for guests, and the pay isn’t bad.”

Chen Yuchuan sighed and no longer said anything else. He drove Guang Haobo directly to the old apartment so that he could live there.

“Brother Chuan, about the rent…”

“Fuck the rent,” Chen Yuchuan interrupted. “I’ve lived here free for a long time, and the only reason I posted it for rent was because it would just be sitting empty. Just stay here first. I’ll tell you the password at the door. A thief entered the apartment a few days ago, so I changed the door lock and also installed a security camera outside. It shouldn’t happen again, but you should be careful anyway.”

After he helped Guang Haobo settle in, he went back home and told Lu Yang what happened.

Lu Yang was cutting tomatoes in the kitchen. When he heard this, he put down the tomatoes and asked, “Why did he leave?”

“I didn’t ask,” Chen Yuchuan said, leaning against the counter behind him. “But he didn’t seem to be in too terrible of a state.”

Lu Yang asked, “He’s staying in the old apartment now?”

“Mmn, I told him to stay there. He didn’t have anywhere else to go. That Chu Rui is really a fucker,” he scolded.

“You can help with other people’s family affairs, but don’t get too involved with their private affairs.”

“I won’t get too involved, but I will definitely help as much as I can in other areas.”

Lu Yang continued to cut tomatoes. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t help.”

Chen Yuchuan said, “Guang Haobo still calls me Big Brother Chuan.”

Lu Yang said, “He’s two years older than you.”

Chen Yuchuan tilted his head. “Then should I have called him Big Brother?”

Lu Yang turned his head. “No way.”

Chen Yuchuan leaned over to Lu Yang’s side and sneaked out a piece of tomato that he had just cut. He stuffed it into his mouth and licked the tomato juice at the corner of his mouth. Then he nudged Lu Yang’s arm and said, “I won’t. I’ll just call you big brother. Lu ge? Yang ge? Lu Yang gege?”


When the alarm clock went off at 6 am on Monday morning, Chen Yuchuan woke up and started to groom himself. He stood in front of the mirror to do his hair, while Chubby stood at his feet, looking up at him.

After he finished his hair, he asked Chubby, “Chubby, is your father handsome today?”

Chubby barked, and Chen Yuchuan bent down to stroke his neck. “Chubby has pretty good eyesight. Although I’m not 18 or even 22 anymore, I’m still very handsome. Today is your father and mother’s happy day.

Chubby snorted and rubbed on Chen Yuchuan’s calf, and he led him out of the bathroom.

Lu Yang was changing clothes in the bedroom. Chen Yuchuan opted to select a white shirt like Lu Yang, because they were taking another photo for their marriage certificate today.

The weather was really good. There was no wind or snow. There was no traffic jam on the road, and nothing unexpected happened.

They went to the same photography studio they’d gone to before.

The photography studio on Second Loop Road had always been there, and Chen Yuchuan always glanced over at it whenever he drove by.

The small photography studio had doubled in size, and the photographs displayed on the glass window had been changed several times throughout the years. It was clear that the boss’s photography skills were much better than before. The building facade and the door had also changed, but the name remained the same. The boss was still the same boss, only that he’d become much older and nearly half of his hair had turned white.

What Chen Yuchuan didn’t expect was that the boss still remembered them. The first thing he said when he saw them was, “You’ve taken pictures here before.”

Chen Yuchuan nodded and said, “Yes, boss. You have a good memory. That’s great.”

As the boss fiddled with the camera, he said, “That’s what I do. I take pictures of so many people every day, that after a long time and with some practice, it became easy for me to remember people’s appearances.”

“That’s amazing.”

“I remember that last time you took a photo for your marriage certificate. What kind of photo do you want this time?” the boss asked after he got the camera ready.

“Still a photo for our marriage certificate,” Chen Yuchuan said.

“Before you…”

“For our remarriage,” Chen Yuchuan answered.

The boss congratulated them and changed the background curtain to red.

Chen Yuchuan sat on the chair next to Lu Yang, placed his left hand on Lu Yang’s leg, and rubbed his little finger over the fabric. “Boss, we’re not young anymore, so please take a good picture of us.”

Boss He smiled and said, “I really can’t see it. That change isn’t big at all, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recognize you at a glance.”

After the photo was taken, the boss showed it to them. In the photo, Chen Yuchuan was happily smiling, exactly the same as before.

This time, they brought all kinds of documents and household registration with them, and the Civil Affairs Bureau was open when they got there.

They got in line to fill out the form.

Then minutes later, their divorce certificate that Chen Yuchuan hated was voided by the Civil Affairs Bureau.

What they brought out with them were two new, very red marriage certificates.

“It’s still a nice color.” Chen Yuchuan stood by the door, looking at his marriage certificate for a long time.

He also took a photo of their marriage certificates and posted it to their family group chat.

Lu Xianfeng quickly replied with a smile.

This time, Chen Yuchuan replied: Dad, do you know that the smile you sent over isn’t a simple smiling expression?

Chen Yuchuan thought Lu Xianfeng would ask him what it meant.

Instead, unexpectedly, Lu Xianfeng sent back: Of course I know. I’m not antique. This smile represents the meaning of, if you both make such a fuss again, don’t come home.

After sending this message, Lu Xianfeng sent another expression of a hammer smashing someone’s head.

Chen Yuchuan looked at Lu Xianfeng’s messages and laughed until his waist was bent. He wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and said, “Dad actually knows.”

Lu Yang looked at the messages and laughed. Then he grabbed Chen Yuchuan’s hand and pulled him to the side of the car.

“Yang ge, are we going to have a wedding?” Chen Yuchuan asked after they had gotten into the car.

“We are,” Lu Yang answered. “I already told my parents.”

“Then let’s do it.”

They had attended a lot of weddings over the years, but they had never had their own. They had become lazy after procrastinating for so long. Now, his mentality was a little different, and he wasn’t afraid of making a fuss about it.

He and Lu Yang might become lazy about it later, but that was a matter for the future.

That evening, Chen Yuchuan hugged Lu Yang and looked at their marriage certificates for a long time.

No matter what he said out loud, Chubby would grunt in response, making him think that Chubby absolutely agreed with him.

The new marriage certificates, as before, were placed under the second drawer of the nightstand. After putting them away, Chen Yuchuan turned off the light and used Lu Yang’s arm as a pillow.

“Yang ge, happy marriage.”

“Mmn,” Lu Yang hummed with a smile. “Happy marriage.”

“We got married 12 years ago, and now we got married again. We’ve been married twice in our lives, but we’re still with the same person. I think we’ve earned it. We’ll be together for decades in the future. At that time, I didn’t understand as much as you, and if I make trouble again in the future, be patient with me and don’t directly mention divorce, okay?”

“No divorce,” Lu Yang said quickly.

Lu Yang felt uncomfortable just thinking about it. He kept touching the ring on Chen Yuchuan’s finger. The person he had held and protected, who had never given him any grievances before, at that time, he was really scared to leave.

“You have to keep your promise this time,” Chen Yuchuan said.

“I’ll keep my promise,” Lu Yang said. “Do you want to take your phone and record it again?”

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Divorced, Chapter 38: The Fireworks Of Our Lives

It was almost ten o’clock when Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang came out of the boxing gym. In the middle of the night, the thin street lights were mixed with the cold moonlight streaming down from the night sky.

Chen Yuchuan was so hungry that his chest was practically touching his back. His arm was slumped over Lu Yang’s shoulder, with half of him practically hanging off of Lu Yang as he followed his pace.

“I’m so hungry.”

As they left the gym, he grabbed Lu Yang’s hand and slipped it under the hem of his shirt to rub his stomach. “I feel so hungry that I could see stars.”

“What do you want to eat? We can eat first before we go home.” They stopped on the side of the street, not entering the parking lot.

There are many restaurants near the boxing gym, but they rarely ate there.

Chen Yuchuan released Lu Yang and looked at their surroundings. Finally, he pointed to the shop across the street and said, “Let’s go eat the seafood barbecue over there, I want to eat skewers. No, I want to eat spicy skewers…”

“We’ll go, but you can only eat non-spicy skewers…” Lu Yang gave Chen Yuchuan no room for discussion. “Don’t even think about having spicy skewers, you had a stomach ache yesterday.”

“That was yesterday,” Chen Yuchuan said. “It’s gone now.”

“That argument is ineffective.” Lu Yang didn’t listen to him at all.

“Okay,” Chen Yuchuan quickly compromised, primarily because he was too hungry. But he still struggled a bit in the end, “Actually, the reason why I was complaining about a stomach ache wasn’t because it really hurted. It was because you’ve been more indulgent these past few days, so I couldn’t restrain myself and pretended that my stomach hurts. But really, it doesn’t hurt.”

“No spicy skewers or no sleeping tonight. You choose one,” Lu Yang gave Chen Yuchuan two options.

“I choose to sleep,” Chen Yuchuan said. “I’ve been sleeping pretty well lately. I don’t need to eat spicy skewers, but can I eat spicy grilled fish?”

In the end, Lu Yang ordered a grilled fish for Chen Yuchuan, adding spice without peppercorns. Chen Yuchuan was thoroughly satisfied.

The next day, they were called to the police station in the early morning. The thief had already been caught. That night, the thief had tried to rob another house, but the family had returned earlier than usual and knocked the burglar out on the spot.

In fact, the thief had tried to get into Chen Yuchuan’s old apartment before, but a neighbor had walked in on him halfway, and so he ran away without stealing anything.

But this thief was a habitual thief with a criminal record. Surveillance videos showed that he had picked the locks of three apartments in that community and had stolen a lot of things.

Unfortunately, the items that were stolen could not be recovered. The watches and rings had already been sold.

As for the buyers, the police said that they would continue to track them down. However, the chances of getting these items back were quite slim.

Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang were still cursing as they left the police station, and finally, Lu Yang directly took him to the mall to purchase a new pair of rings.

They spent a long time selecting the right ring. In the end, Chen Yuchuan settled on a pair of rings that were similar to their original rings, one that they both liked.

However, because the store ran out of Lu Yang’s size, it would take two days for them to get the rings.

As a result, they paid the deposit, left behind their phone number, and made an appointment to pick the rings up two days later.

Lu Yang had already gotten the door of the old apartment replaced, and the lock was changed to a password fingerprint lock, increasing security.

They both reorganized a few things in the apartment, and once the apartment was completely cleaned up, Chen Yuchuan took a few photos and posted the apartment for rent.

He’d forgotten where he’d put the divorce certificate, but it was finally found in the pocket of the pants that had been hanging on the balcony all this time.

The divorce certificate was wrinkled after having been washed by the washing machine. He flipped through it and could still clearly read the words inside, which meant that it was still useful.

“It looks unlucky,” Chen Yuchuan shook the divorce certificate in disgust. “This color isn’t good-looking. We’ll go get a new one tomorrow.”

After he finished speaking, he remembered that the next day was the weekend. He changed his words again. “Tomorrow won’t work. We’ll change it next Monday instead.”

Lu Yang took the divorce certificate from Chen Yuchuan’s hand, stuffed it into his pocket, and said, “Then Monday it is. The weather forecast says that there will be no rain on Monday, so the weather should be perfect.”

“Even if it rains or snows, I will still go,” Chen Yuchuan said with a smile.

On the weekend, the clerk called Lu Yang to tell him that the rings had arrived. He was working overtime at the company that day, so when he came home after picking up the ring, he found Chen Yuchuan was sleeping in the bedroom.

He was sleeping soundly and quietly.

Lu Yang didn’t want to wake Chen Yuchuan up. Instead, he opened up the ring box, took out the ring, and slipped it on Chen Yuchuan’s ring finger.

When Chen Yuchuan woke up, he found Lu Yang’s arms around his waist, and the first thing he saw was the ring on Lu Yang’s finger. He held Lu Yang’s hand and raised it closer to look at the ring. It was then that he noticed that he was also wearing a ring.

The curtains were open, and the sun in the evening was very dazzling, soaking the room in an orange warmth.

Having just woken up, Chen Yuchuan was in a daze for a long time. It felt as if they had never been divorced.

After waking up, they were still the same as before.

He held Lu Yang’s finger, playing with the ring. The phone by the bed vibrated a few times, and he picked it up to take a look.

Man Yunxin had posted a few photos to the family WeChat group, which consisted of only the four of them. There were some photos of the landscape, and a few of Lu Xianfeng and Man Yunxin.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t let go of Lu Yang’s hand. He scrolled through the photos with one hand, and replied in the group chat: Mom and Dad, you both looked great. Standing together, you’re even more beautiful than the scenery behind you.

After he sent the message, he felt Lu Yang shifted behind him, and the arm around his waist tightened.

Lu Xianfeng replied with a smiley face. Looking at the serious smile on the screen, Chen Yuchuan turned back and showed Lu Yang his phone. “Should I ask Dad about this smile? This isn’t simply a smile.”

“Ask if you want. He might not answer though.” Lu Yang had just woken up, and his voice was still low and hoarse.

“Indeed, Dad only listens to mom.” Chen Yuchuan continued to send messages. “Mom and Dad have a really good relationship.”

“Their relationship is really good. They’ve been like that since I was young. My paternal grandfather and grandmother served in the army together, and after they were discharged, they started a business. Meanwhile, my maternal grandmother was a soprano singer, and my maternal grandfather was a university professor. So, they kept their relationship secret for a long time, and in fact, their families didn’t even know about it until they decided to get married. Even after the wedding invitations had been sent out, no one could believe that these two people with such different personalities would end up together.”

“I’ve never seen them quarrel or bicker. It’s great.”

After saying this, Chen Yuchuan took a picture of Lu Yang’s hand with the wedding ring and posted the photo to the group.

Lu Xianfeng sent a smiling expression below, and Chen Yuchuan responded with an emoji of a dancing bear.

“They used to fight sometimes when I was young,” Lu Yang said. “But even when they were quarreling, my father had never raised his voice at my mother. Before my maternal grandparents died, he would often go to their house to lodge a complaint.”

Hearing this, Chen Yuchuan put his phone down and looked back at Lu Yang. “Is this why you kept complaining about me every time we went to visit my parent’s grave? It’s hereditary?”

“Maybe,” Lu Yang responded.

Chen Yuchuan smiled silently, and then said, “I thought that a gentle person like Mom wouldn’t get angry.”

“Everyone gets angry,” Lu Yang said. “Life is mostly full of fireworks. If you live well, it’s a life of fireworks. If you don’t live well, it’s embers and smoke. My parents just belong to the former category.”

“Then what kind are we?” Chen Yuchuan asked.

“The both of us…” Lu Yang stopped halfway through and didn’t continue.

Chen Yuchuan was in a hurry. He put his elbow back on Lu Yang’s chest and said, “We both have different personalities, so we are very different. We fight more than our parents, and we fight often. So are we embers and smoke?”

Lu Yang replied, “We’re not embers and smoke. These quarrels and fights are a part of the fireworks of our lives. Although our flames run high sometimes, sometimes high enough to burn the roof, our fireworks that will never go out.”

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Divorced, Chapter 37: To Repeat

By the time Lu Yang finally let Chen Yuchuan go, he was sore and exhausted and sleepy. But he didn’t want to fall asleep. He kept talking with his eyes closed, and Lu Yang would respond to everything he said.

This time, it wasn’t that he couldn’t fall asleep, but that he was so tired, he couldn’t fall asleep. It may also be because he was reluctant to fall asleep. So, even though his throat was sore, he still muttered to Lu Yang for a long time.

At first, he thought Lu Yang’s “continue tomorrow” was a joke, but the next day, he realized that it wasn’t a joke at all. Lu Yang seemed to be trying to make up for the past year.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t want to cry, but he couldn’t hold back his physical tears, and in the end he even cried a little uncontrollably.

In the past, even when he and Lu Yang were crazy, they rarely did it this much. This time, he felt like every inch of his skin was crushed by Lu Yang.

In the end, Chen Yuchuan scolded Lu Yang while crying. The more he scolded Lu Yang, the more Lu Yang tossed him. Chen Yuchuan’s mouth didn’t stop, and he kept on scolding.

When Chen Yuchuan cried, Lu Yang kissed his tears. When Chen Yuchuan cursed, Lu Yang covered his mouth, and finally stopped to coax him.

“Don’t cry, don’t scold, your voice is hoarse.”

Chen Yuchuan’s eyes were swollen. There was no deterrent in his gaze when he stared at Lu Yang and said, “Lu Yang, you’re not a fucking human. If you fuck me to death today, you won’t have a husband anymore…”

After he’d finished scolding Lu Yang, he covered himself with the comforter and rolled a few times so that it was wrapped tightly around him. He was like a silkworm chrysalis, with only his head exposed, looking quite silly.

Afraid that he would suffocate himself, Lu Yang tugged the comforter down. “Don’t wrap yourself up in it. Come out and take a shower.”

“I can’t afford to. I don’t want to go. I won’t take a shower…” Chen Yuchuan said no.

Lu Yang picked Chen Yuchuan up, comforter and all. After their shower, he changed the sheets and the comforter, and finally slept with Chen Yuchuan in his arms.

At work the next day Chen Yuchuan was in high spirits. When they said that people in good spirits were happy, they were probably talking about Chen Yuchuan’s current state.

He scolded Lu Yang to his face, but the moment he turned around and walked out the door, he began whistling. By the time he entered the company, his eyebrows were raised and the corners of his eyes were crinkled into a constant smile.

At noon a week later, Ling Qun sent Chen Yuchuan a message asking him to go to the bar to play. Chen Yuchuan just wanted to go home after getting off work and so he told Ling Qun that he’ll go another day.

After a momentary pause, Ling Qun sent Chen Yuchuan a video from Qi Yun’s wedding day. Surprisingly, the protagonists in the video weren’t the newly married couple, but Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang themselves.

Ling Qun sent another message: I cut it. Take a look at the way Lu Yang was looking at you.

Ling Qun then sent two more photos. One photo was at the hotel box and the other was at the table. There were several people in the photo. In one photo, Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang were standing, drinking a glass of wine, and as he drank, Chen Yuchuan was looking at Lu Yang’s face.

Chen Yuchuan remembered this photo very clearly. It was taken after he and Lu Yang got their marriage certificate.

On the one hand, Lu Yang’s parents hadn’t quite accepted Chen Yuchuan at that time, and Lu Xianfeng even said that they wouldn’t attend their wedding.

Another reason was that Cui Xiujun had a lot of health issues at the time. In the first two years of her illness, she was exhausted in all aspects of her body. Although the kidney transplant was a success in the end, she needed to take anti-rejection drugs for a long time.

Their wedding date was originally set for May, but it was postponed twice because of Cui Xiujun’s hospitalization. Then it was postponed again until September and then finally, canceled altogether.

In the end, all Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang got were their marriage certificates, and afterward, they invited some close relatives and friends for a celebratory dinner.

Lu Yang later proposed that he wanted to make up for the lack of a wedding, but Chen Yuchuan was too lazy to move and kept putting it off.

He remembered very clearly that he and Lu Yang received their certificates in September, a very ordinary day.

At the time, they had tossed very late into the night, and so when Chen Yuchuan woke up late the next day, he didn’t want to drive to work by himself. Instead, he asked Lu Yang to see him off.

There should have been no traffic jams on the road after the morning rush hour. But on that day, there was an accident on the elevated section of the Second Loop Road, and so they were stuck on the road for half an hour.

Chen Yuchuan yawned in the passenger seat.

“Sleep a little longer if you’re still tired,” Lu Yang said, touching the back of Chen Yuchuan’s head.

“I’m tired, but not enough to sleep.” Chen Yuchuan yawned again and looked out the window.

In September, the hottest time of the summer season had already passed. The morning sun gleamed on the glass windows, and it wasn’t too terrible. Even if the air conditioner wasn’t turned on, the temperature was still very comfortable.

Chen Yuchuan yawned a few more times and noticed a small and inconspicuous photo studio on the side of the street.

The photography studio wasn’t big, and there were many photos posted on the glass windows; photos of men and women, old and young, as well as various ID photos with various blue and red backgrounds. From the photos, it could be seen that the photographer was good at taking pictures.

“What are you looking at?”

Lu Yang saw that Chen Yuchuan was looking out the window, and turned his head to follow his line of sight. Immediately, he noticed the photography studio by the roadside and the photos on the glass window. Finally, his eyes locked on the marriage certificate of a male couple.

“Just look at that photo, it’s pretty good.” Chen Yuchuan pointed, turned his head and yawned again. Then he stretched his neck and glanced forward. “How much longer would this take?”

“Not too long.”

As Lu Yang had predicted, within two minutes, the congested traffic in front began to move a little bit.

Originally they were supposed to get on the elevated road, but Lu Yang put on the turn signal and drove the car onto the side road instead.

Chen Yuchuan reminded him, “You’re going the wrong way.”

“That’s right,” Lu Yang said. “Let’s go take a photo first, and then go get our certificate.”

By the time Lu Yang finished speaking, Chen Yuchuan was no longer sleepy. “What certificate?”

Lu Yang stopped at the entrance of the photography studio. After turning off the car, he held Chen Yuchuan’s hand, turning the ring around on his finger. “A marriage certificate.”

“But will your parents agree?” Chen Yuchuan asked anxiously.

“The weather is so nice today, and so I just want to do it today,” Lu Yang said. “I’m the one getting married, not my parents.”

When Lu Yang pulled him out of the car, Chen Yuchuan looked down at his clothes and said, “I’m not wearing anything official. Will that be okay?”

Lu Yang only said one word –


And so they ended up taking a photo for their marriage certificate in that studio. That day, Lu Yang was wearing a black suit and Chen Yuchuan was wearing a white round neck T-shirt.

As he sat next to Lu Yang, he was glad that he had just cut his hair, and he became particularly energetic, neither sleepy nor yawning.

Although he didn’t particularly like taking pictures, he was really happy that day. He smiled at the camera, showing his white teeth, and tilted his head toward Lu Yang’s shoulder. If the photographer hadn’t reminded him to look ahead, he would have been watching Lu Yang the entire time.

In the photo, Lu Yang was also smiling. His hand holding Chen Yuchuan’s hand was sweaty, probably because the air conditioning wasn’t turned on.

It didn’t take them long to receive the photo. After half an hour of waiting, they took the photo to Cui Xiujun to pick up Chen Yuchuan’s household registration book, and then they drove to Lu Yang’s parents’ house.

Lu Xianfeng wasn’t at home, and Man Yunxin didn’t stop them after hearing them say that they wanted to get a marriage certificate. She and Chen Yuchuan had met several times in private. And after some time had passed, she had grown to like Chen Yuchuan a lot.

She quickly gave them the household registration book, and also gave Chen Yuchuan a red envelope, which was regarded as a formal acceptance of him.

Overjoyed, Chen Yuchuan pulled Man Yunxin aside and said several baskets of nice words to her.

There wasn’t much change on Man Yunxin’s face, but she was still secretly happy in her heart.

When Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang brought all the documents to the Civil Affairs Bureau, it happened to be lunch time, and so the workers wouldn’t return until two in the afternoon.

They had lunch directly at the restaurant across from the Civil Affairs Bureau. When two o’clock finally arrived, as Chen Yuchuan was being pulled up a few steps by Lu Yang, he heard an angry roar behind him.

“Lu Yang…”

It was Lu Xianfeng..

Lu Yang turned back and greeted his father. Chen Yuchuan stood next to him and also greeted Lu Xianfeng with a smile.

Lu Xianfeng glared at Chen Yuchuan, and so Chen Yuchuan said first, “Dad, from morning to night, I’ll be calling you dad from now on. Once Lu Yang and I enter this door and come back out, we’ll be legally married. I’ll call you dad every day in the future, so you best get used to it now.”

Lu Xianfeng snorted, ignored Chen Yuchuan, and threw a few pieces of paper to Lu Yang. Lu Yang caught them and looked at them.

Chen Yuchuan was also curious so he leaned over to take a look. When he read the contents on the paper, he scratched his head. “You have nearly investigated all 18 generations of my ancestors. It even had that one time when my father got into a fight with someone. And the time my grandfather stole two chickens in the village and was taken to the police station. Dad, don’t even bother wasting your time. My grandfather was gone when I was born, and I’ve never even met him.”

Lu Yang also felt that his father had gone a bit overboard. But watching his dad working so hard, yet always being at a disadvantage made him want to laugh a little.

Chen Yuchuan tore up the papers in Lu Yang’s hand and threw them into the trash can beside him. He then held Lu Yang’s arm and said, “Based on your criteria of choosing a daughter-in-law, I guess I’m only qualified to be a cinder maid at your place. For my part, don’t say that my grandfather stole two chickens, even if I was the one who stole two chickens, Lu Yang and I would still get married today. He’ll enter the Civil Affairs Bureau, and he’ll marry me. I won’t let him go.”

Chen Yuchuan held his head high, and said this very arrogantly, as if he was a mountain king who’d kidnapped his bride, or the bride was robbing the mountain king for a marriage. It was unclear whether Chen Yuchuan was the mountain king or the bride.

Later, when Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang came out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, they carried the little red book in their pockets.

After Chen Yuchuan got into the car, he took it out and looked at it. When he got home, he sat on the sofa and looked at it. After taking a shower, he laid on the bed to look at it, to the point that he’d memorized Lu Yang’s number.

When Lu Ying returned from his shower, Chen Yuchuan was still lying on the bed, looking at the little red book with his long legs crossed.

”The red color of this marriage certificate is so beautiful. It’s quite festive to look at.” Chen Yuchuan took the two marriage certificates and threw them at Lu Yang.

Lu Yang sat in the bed and lay back on Chen Yuchuan’s stomach, using it as a pillow. He opened and closed the marriage certificate a few times.

Chen Yuchuan ran his fingers through Lu Yang’s wet hair and said, “Do we need a marriage certificate for divorce? Let’s tear up the marriage certificate. If we tear it up, we won’t be able to be separated…”

Lu Yang covered Chen Yuchuan’s mouth with the marriage certificate and said, ”Chen Yuchuan, shut up.”

Knowing that he had said something wrong, he pushed the marriage certificate away from his mouth and said, ”Pei, what I just said doesn’t count…“

Chen Yuchuan laughed like a fool, moved his waist and said, “I’ll never leave you and you’ll never leave me.”

Lu Yang wanted to cover Chen Yuchuan’s mouth again, but this time, he struggled a bit, dodged a little, and Lu Yang’s fingers just swept the corner of his mouth.

He held Lu Yang’s wrist and said seriously, “Yang ge, you know that I have a bad temper, and sometimes I’m impulsive. We’ll have to be together for decades in the future. If I ask you for a divorce one day, it must be on impulse. Don’t ever listen to me, it’s not true…”

Lu Yang also nodded seriously.

Chen Yuchuan said again, “Let’s not talk about it anymore, okay?”

”Okay, let’s not mention it.”

Now, as Chen Yuchuan looked at the photo of him and Lu Yang drinking wine on his cell phone, his heart was still very sweet.

He looked at it for a long time, and finally forwarded it to Lu Yang, adding the message:

Do you remember what you said to me the day we got our certificates?

Lu Yang looked at the photos for a long time. Although he already had them saved in his photo album, he still saved them again.

Just then, his assistant came in to deliver some documents. Lu Yang glanced at the message Chen Yuchuan had sent with the photo, and replied: What did I say?

Chen Yuchuan looked at Lu Yang’s message, raised his eyebrows, but didn’t reply back.

When he got off work later that evening, Chen Yuchuan went back to the old apartment. In the past, their marriage certificates were stacked together in the drawer of the bedside table. However, he‘d forgotten where he’d put the divorce certificate. He couldn’t remember if he‘d thrown it away on the day of the divorce.

When getting a divorce, a marriage certificate was required. On the day of divorce, the marriage certificate would then be invalidated. Thus, when remarrying, the divorce certificate was required. Chen Yuchuan also wanted to go back and look for his ring.

That day when Lu Yang came back home to pack, he had put the bottle of iodine cotton balls, along with the ring, in the drawer of the coffee table.

Therefore, when he arrived at the apartment, he sent a text message to Lu Yang. Excited, he went to open the door, only to freeze. This time, he was 100% certain that someone had entered the apartment.

They had said before that they would install surveillance cameras in the apartment. However, they had never had time. First of all, they had too many New Year’s events to attend, and secondly, they had already moved out so they weren’t in a hurry.

He opened the door and took two steps back. After confirming that there was no one inside, he didn’t rush in but turned on the lights first.

As soon as the living room lights came on and he saw the tragic state of the room, his blood pressure rose with anger.

A thief had broken into the house. The shoe cabinet in the entrance was open, and there were only two pairs of shoes in it. The living room was a mess. The two sofas were turned over. All the drawers were open, the contents scattered on the ground, and even the TV was turned upside down. The bedroom door and the second bedroom door were also open.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Chen Yuchuan scolded.

Because Chen Yuchuan had experienced it once before, he didn’t rush in. He recorded a video with his mobile phone, then called the police, and sent the recorded video to Lu Yang.

The last time it happened, they had lost a lot of cash. The camera monitoring the street wasn’t as good as it was now, and therefore, the thief was never caught.

After that, he no longer left valuable things and cash at home.

The police came quickly, and after taking photos and collecting evidence, he asked Chen Yuchuan to check if there was anything missing.

After taking a look around, Chen Yuchuan discovered that all the things that looked valuable were gone. There were two watches missing in the bedroom, along with some silver jewelry he’d bought when he and Lu Yang had gone traveling together, and some jade, which looked good but was actually fake. They had bought it for fun, and it wasn’t worth much money.

He alerted the police officer to the things he had lost and then moved on to take a look at the sofa and the coffee table. When he tried to find his ring in the drawer, he couldn’t find it. The only items left were the cotton balls.

He thought that maybe the ring had been accidentally misplaced somewhere and was unwilling to even let go of the trash can and the sofa. But even after searching everywhere, he still couldn’t find his ring.

“Mr. Police Officer, I also lost my ring. My wedding ring is very important to me.”

Lu Yang was one his way home when he saw the message that Chen Yuchuan sent him. His immediate reaction was to turn the car around.

When he arrived, Chen Yuchuan had already tidied up the messy home, and only the drawer of the coffee table was still left open.

“Xiao Chuan’er…” Lu Yang said as he entered the apartment.

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Divorced, Chapter 36: Continue Tomorrow

When they got home, the items in Lu Yang’s pocket were temporarily thrown at the bottom of a drawer. Because Chubby was ill, he began to vomit after dinner, and he kept making whining sounds as he laid in his dog bed, unwilling to move.

It started when Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang were in the kitchen, cooking dinner. When he heard something strange, he ran out and saw Chubby vomiting with his eyes closed.

“Fuck. Yang ge, Chubby is throwing up…”

Chubby had never been a healthy dog. He used to have gastrointestinal problems and would often vomit as a result of that.

“Don’t worry.” Lu Yang took off his apron and turned the stove off. After taking a look at Chubby, he said, “Let’s take him to the hospital first.”

They took Chubby to the nearest pet hospital, where the culprit was determined to indeed be gastrointestinal problems. The veterinarian prescribed some medicine and instructed them to take good care of Chubby for the next two days.

Chen Yuchuan wrote a memo on his phone, carefully recording the precautions the veterinarian had told them to take, such as what Chubby could eat and could not eat. They were told that if Chubby didn’t improve in the next few days, to bring him back to the hospital.

By the time they got home, it was already midnight. Chen Yuchuan gave Chubby his medicine and waited for him to fall asleep before going to bed.

They languished with Chubby at home for two days. When they started work on the third day, Chubby was doing somewhat better. He was finally able to eat and drink, and had become more playful and active, much to Chen Yuchuan’s relief.

Before they went to Qi Yun’s wedding, they went to see the psychiatrist again. Chen Yuchuan felt that he’d gotten better. Although he was still impatient sometimes, he could see that he’d improved.

Whenever he became impatient, Lu Yang would easily find out and quickly put him at ease again.

Knowing that Lu Yang was always by his side gave him peace of mind.

Qi Yun and Yang Ruo had a grand wedding. On that day, one of them was wearing a black suit and the other was wearing a white suit. Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang sat in the guest seats and agreed that they looked like a perfect match.

During the bouquet tossing, Chen Yuchuan was particularly enthusiastic among the group of people who wanted to catch the flowers.

Holding the flowers, Yang Ruo turned his back to the crowd. But before he threw the flowers, he looked back and his gaze found Chen Yuchuan.

Chen Yuchuan and Yang Ruo looked at each other. Yang Ruo understood his silent message, smiled at him, and threw the bouquet in Chen Yuchuan’s direction.

Lu Yang was standing behind him, and while everyone’s eyes were on the couple all night, only his eyes lingered on one person. Wherever Chen Yuchuan was, his eyes would follow.

Although Chen Yuchuan wanted to grab the bouquet of flowers, he just wanted to be lively and happy. There were many females in the crowd. When the bouquet was thrown out, he raised his hands a few times symbolically. As a man, he wasn’t going to fight with these girls. In the end, the bouquet fell into the hands of a girl in a white dress.

A wedding was a particularly infectious environment, and at the end, the girl’s boyfriend pulled out his ring and proposed.

Chen Yuchuan stood next to Lu Yang and applauded, and when the man who proposed marriage reached into his pocket to take out the ring, he touched his own ring finger.

When he first took off the ring, there was a clear circle of white around his ring finger. It was the same for Lu Yang. But after so many months, the white bands around their fingers had mostly disappeared.

Before he had time to feel sad, he felt his left hand being wrapped in a warm palm.

Lu Yang held Chen Yuchuan’s hand, his thumb and forefinger pinching the base of his ring finger and rubbing it a few times.

Chen Yuchuan asked, “Yang ge, where’s your ring?”

“At home,” Lu Yang said.

“When did you take it off?”

“After the divorce, the day I came back to pack,” Lu Yang said. “The ring was in my pocket that day.”

Lu Yang pinched Chen Yuchuan’s finger. “Do you still want to wear it?”

“Yes,” Chen Yuchuan answered frankly and directly.

When they got back from the wedding, he carefully observed Chubby for a while. Chubby was so much better and had not vomited since the visit to the veterinarian.

After playing with Chubby for a while, he took a shower and entered the bedroom. Lu Yang was in the study, working.

When Lu Yang finally finished with work and hurriedly opened the bedroom door, he saw Chen Yuchuan lying on the bed with his phone in his hands, texting. He was wearing only a pair of underwear, with one leg lying flat on the bed and the other bent, shaking. He was humming a song from Qi Yun’s wedding.

On the way back from the wedding, he kept humming that song. It was just that he couldn’t remember the lyrics or the tune, and so every time he hummed the song, the tune would change and the words would become different.

“Yang ge, are you done?” Chen Yuchuan stopped humming and glanced up at Lu Yang. Then he lowered his head and continued to send messages. “If you’re done, then go take a shower. ”

“Be careful not to catch a cold.” Lu Yang picked up Chen Yuchuan’s pajamas and threw it over. The pajamas landed on Chen Yuchuan’s lower abdomen and thighs. Lu Yang’s Adam’s apple moved, but he didn’t look at Chen Yuchuan again. He quickly turned around to find a change of clothing from the closet and left the bedroom.

When Lu Yang returned from his shower, he opened the bedroom door and directly bumped into Chen Yuchuan.

Chen Yuchuan wrapped his arms around Lu Yang’s neck. Then he directly jumped up and wrapped his legs around Lu Yang’s waist.

Lu Yang instinctively held Chen Yuchuan’s thighs with both hands, pulling him up higher on his body. With narrowed eyes, he said, “Xiao Chuan’er…”

Only a small lamp was on in the bedroom, casting a faint blue light and giving just the perfect amount of lighting.

Lu Yang’s tone when he called “Xiao Chuan’er” was filled with rising desire. Seeing that the water droplets from his hair had run down his cheeks to the corners of his mouth, Chen Yuchuan turned his head and licked off the cold water droplets from the corner of Lu Yang’s mouth.

“Yang ge.” Chen Yuchuan stretched out the tip of his tongue again and licked Lu Yang’s upper lip. “Do you want to?”

Lu Yang had always considered himself to be a person with very strong self-control. But the moment he met Chen Yuchuan, his self-control seemed to constantly fly out the window.

All his patience with Chen Yuchuan had already been spent this year.

Dr. Lin suggested before that he should accompany Chen Yuchuan as much as possible, but for a while, he still endured sleeping in separate rooms. He would ignore Chen Yuchuan’s reaction, which left a bad impression and deepened the pressure.

He was reluctant to lose control.

But recently, the two of them had been sleeping in the same bedroom every day, and the fact that he’d continued to endure for this long was frankly a little incredible.

Chen Yuchuan kissed his chin, before moving his mouth over to nibble on his ear, all the while whispering his name.

Lu Yang turned his head so that his nose brushed against Chen Yuchuan’s. He captured his mouth in a deep kiss, and while holding his thighs, he walked over and promptly dropped them both onto the large bed.

The light breathing that filled the room soon turned heavy.

At first, Lu Yang was lying on top of Chen Yuchuan. But Chen Yuchuan wrapped his arms around Lu Yang’s neck and turned them over, so that their posture became him sitting on Lu Yang’s lap.

Chen Yuchuan let out a breath and forced his breathing to calm down a bit. When he touched Lu Yang’s shirt, intending to promptly disrobe him, Lu Yang grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“Do you want me to keep it on?” Lu Yang asked tentatively.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t listen. He closed his eyes and continued to disrobe Lu Yang. Once Lu Yang’s shirt was off, he slid his fingers down Lu Yang’s neck, stopping at his chest.

“Does it hurt?”

Lu Yang put his arms around Chen Yuchuan’s waist and squeezed him a few times in comfort. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“But I still hurt.” Chen Yuchuan lowered his head and kissed Lu Yang’s chest a few times. He first kissed around the scar, and then moved to the middle a little bit. Each kiss was very careful, as if unwilling to hurt him.

“Don’t feel hurt.” Lu Yang’s palm dragged on Chen Yuchuan’s waist. “Xiao Chuan’er, don’t feel hurt anymore.”

Chen Yuchuan’s eyes were still closed. Lu Yang gently patted his back and said, “Do you want to stop?”

Chen Yuchuan shook his head and slowly opened his eyes. He stared at Lu Yang’s chest, and said seriously, “I think I can do it.”

Lu Yang wrapped his arm around Chen Yuchaun’s waist and pulled him back down so that he was lying underneath him. Propping himself up with his elbows, he started with kissing Chen Yuchuan’s forehead, then his cheek, his chin, his neck, and further down….

When Chen Yuchuan finally realized what Lu Yang wanted to do, he put his hands on his shoulder, “Yang ge, don’t…”

But before he could finish his words, there was emptiness in front of him. His muscles tensed, and his waist lifted off the bed a little before falling back heavily on an exhalation that was half gasp, half moan.

“Yang ge—“ His voice stretched. He buried his left hand in Lu Yang’s hair, while his right hand clung to Lu Yang’s shoulder, nails curling into the flesh.

The winter night was long and slow, even as a storm brewed inside their room.

After the storm ended, Chen Yuchuan almost forgot how they started. His eyelids were heavy and it hurt to blink. He felt as if his entire body had been put together after being dismantled by Lu Yang.

“Yang ge, touch my arm,” Chen Yuchuan lay with his head on Lu Yang’s chest, his voice trembling from physical exhaustion.

Lu Yang touched Chen Yuchuan’s arm.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t feel anything, and said, “Now touch my waist.”

Lu Yang touched Chen Yuchuan’s waist.

“Use a little force, squeeze hard,” Chen Yuchuan directed.

This time, Lu Yang didn’t move. He asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“My arms and legs don’t feel like they’re mine. I just wanted to make sure if they are…”

Chen Yuchuan couldn’t remember how many times they did it. Maybe four times, but he felt that it was more than four times.

“Couldn’t you save the other’s for tomorrow?” Chen Yuchuan kissed Lu Yang’s neck, and promptly put his head back down.

“You were the one who hooked me first.” Lu Yang put his palm against Chen Yuchuan’s waist and gently rubbed him.

“But I begged you later.” Chen Yuchuan’s anger turned pitiful. “I begged you. I sat on top of you, and I couldn’t even sit still. You didn’t stop, you didn’t stop, you didn’t stop…”

“I’m stopping now.” Lu Yang continued to rub Chen Yuchuan’s waist.

Chen Yuchuan had a sore throat from making so much noises. He raised his head. Lu Yang felt his movement, lowered his head and kissed his Adam’s apple, which was a small gesture they usually made after sex..

In this way, they were more intimate than ever, more fragile and unreserved.

“Are we quite harmonious now?” Chen Yuchuan paused for a while and couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes,” Lu Yang said. “We’re so harmonious that we’ll continue tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow…” Chen Yuchuan was about to say that he couldn’t do it tomorrow, but Lu Yang had already kissed him, unwilling to let him finish his sentence.

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Divorced, Chapter 35: No Matter What

The family dinner was joyous and harmonious. Unfortunately, it was interrupted by something.

It was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but Hua Song ended up visiting. When he arrived, Lu Yang and Lu Xianfeng happened to be in the study, talking about a business project.

When Lu Yang came out of the study and reached the stairs, he saw Hua Song sitting on the sofa with Man Yunxin between him and Chen Yuchuan.

Chen Yuchuan was sitting at the end of the sofa, holding a toy and playing with Chubby. He looked bored, clearly unable to participate in the conversation between Man Yunxin and Hua Song.

Lu Yang quickly headed downstairs and directly sat next to Chen Yuchuan. He wrapped one arm around his waist and pulled him to his side, pressing their shoulders together.

Chen Yuchuan leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Yang ge, Hua Song didn’t invite me to a concert this time.”

Hua Song’s manners were consistently respectful. He was mostly chatting with Man Yunxin, and from time to time, he would turn the most common topic to Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang. He made no other action. And before Chen Yuchuan could even open his mouth, Lu Yang would answer with a few sentences in such a way that there was no way to continue on the topic.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t care about the presence of other people. He kept nuzzling Lu Yang’s ear, saying this and that. He wasn’t ashamed, and although Man Yunxin was a little embarrassed to hear it, and had even coughed a few times, he didn’t care at all. Clearly, it put Lu Yang in a great mood.

This time, Hua Song didn’t stay long, and Lu Yang offered to see him off outside the door. When he looked up at the second floor, he saw Chen Yuchuan resting his arms on the railing by the window, looking down at them.

Hua Song followed Lu Yang’s gaze up, but before he saw Chen Yuchuan, Lu Yang took half a step and blocked his view. “I heard you wanted to invite Xiao Chuan’er to a private concert?”

Hua Song didn’t hide it. He nodded. “I did invite Brother Chuan. I think I have the freedom to pursue him now.”

“You have the freedom, but he doesn’t have the freedom,” Lu Yang interrupted. “I didn’t give him the freedom.”

“But you left,” Hua Song said directly.

“I didn’t give him the freedom when I left, not from the beginning and not at the end. Not even a little bit.” Lu Yang nodded to Hua Song, not wanting to talk nonsense. “Take care. I won’t see you off.”

When Lu Yang got back, Chen Yuchuan was already back downstairs and was chatting with Man Yunxin.

Hearing footsteps, he turned and asked, “Yang ge, when you saw Hua Song off, what did you say to him?”

“I just reminded him to drive safely,” Lu Yang said casually.

When they finally left, they took Chubby with them. They stopped by their old apartment to pick up Chubby’s things, as well as some things that Chen Yuchuan wanted, such as the photo of the two of them on the bedside table, the flowers on the balcony, and their boxing gloves.

Chubby hadn’t lived with his parents in a while, and he seemed very excited. In the back seat, he kept trying to rush toward Chen Yuchuan.

“Chubby, you’re so fat” Chen Yuchuan said, while rubbing the dog’s neck.

With a bark, Chubby stuck out his tongue and whined twice, his two long ears drooping and dangling. He placed his head on Chen Yuchuan’s arm.

“Little obedient child.” Chen Yuchuan played with Chubby for a while. “Later in the evening, your mom and I will take you out for a walk.”

Their life seemed to have returned to normal.

Between friends, relatives, and work, they were so busy that their feet barely touched the ground.

Lu Xianfeng and Man Yunxin had already gone on vacation. With two days left in the holiday, Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang canceled all activities, opting to quietly stay at home together.

In the past two years, they had been so busy that it wasn’t easy to find time to relax together. Usually, either he was busy or Lu Yang was busy.

Now, they were both free, with nothing else planned. They simply lazed comfortably on the sofa, watching TV and eating a bowl of clear noodle soup.

They had been together for such a long time that things would inevitably change to some extent.

At the beginning, they went through a period of turbulence and chaos. And, suddenly, they ushered into a period of peace.

During that short period of time, they didn’t quarrel or make things difficult. It started when Lu Yang had had a bad cold and his throat was seriously inflamed. As a result, they tacitly didn’t speak very much for an entire week.

When Chen Yuchuan realized this, he frowned and took Lu Yang’s hand. “Lu Yang, we seem to have become old men.”

Lu Yang nodded. Then Chen Yuchuan said, “I’m 28 this year. We’ve been together for ten years now.”

Lu Yang hummed again, and Chen Yuchuan said, “After another ten years, will the passion between us disappear? Just like others had said, will holding your left hand be like holding my own right hand?”

He didn’t know if they would lose their passion for each after an additional decade, and would come to find one another dull.

Lu Yang didn’t answer his question, but that night he proved with practical actions that they were particularly passionate in their tenth year, no less than ten years ago.

After that, Chen Yuchuan no longer thought about how their relationship would change after another decade. He felt that it was unnecessary.

It hadn’t even been another decade. Only six years had passed since then.

As he watched the morning news, Chen Yuchuan turned his head and said to Lu Yang, who was in the middle of pouring dog food for Chubby, “Yang ge, our mentality, body, and psychology had changed in ten years. This is inevitable and inescapable. But I think that, no matter the length of the passing time, some things will only become heavier and heavier. Even as time vanishes little by little, these things are also accumulating in minute degrees.”

After saying this, he turned his head and went back to watching TV. Although he didn’t explain, Lu Yang understood what he meant.

He watched TV for a while before suddenly turning sideways. Putting his arm on the sofa, he said, “Yang ge, our parents always go on vacation, but we haven’t really gone out together for a long time.”

“Last time we went out together was the year before. Is there anywhere you want to go?” Lu Yang asked.

Chen Yuchuan thought about it and said, “Not yet. I’ll tell you once I think of something.”

“Mmn. Tell me once you think of something,” Lu Yang said. “By the way, there’s not much groceries left in the fridge. Let’s go to the supermarket later.”

Hearing Lu Yang talk about going to the supermarket together made Chen Yuchuan even more excited than when thinking about going on vacation.

It had been a while since they had done such a common thing as going to the supermarket together.

In the recent past, whoever got off work first would go and shop for groceries. In the half year before the divorce, it had always been Chen Yuchuan who took care of everything, unwilling to let Lu Yang do anything.

At that time, he would also get up more than an hour earlier than usual, and so by the time Lu Yang got up, he would have already made breakfast and soup.

He also went to the supermarket many times, and even got to know a group of aunties quite well. So much so that for two days, one of the elderly ladies taught him how to knit sweaters. It didn’t seem too hard, and it even looked quite good. But when he bought all the yarns and needles himself, he completely forgot how to do it.

In the end, he had no choice but to watch a lot of videos and self-study. After having failed to knit a sweater, he opted to knit a scarf for Lu Yang to wear in the winter. However, it was only half-completed when they got divorced, and so he’d stuffed the unfinished product somewhere in the closet.

He also knew that his patience for knitting wouldn’t last long.

Therefore, when they went to the supermarket later that morning, as Lu Yang was pushing the shopping cart past the daily necessities, Chen Yuchuan stopped to browse for a scarf. He ended up selecting one for Lu Yang and one for himself.

They spent most of the remaining morning shopping. It wasn’t until their cart was practically overflowing did they finally go to check out.

When it was their turn, Chen Yuchuan looked at the rows of small shelves on the counter, all full of various kinds of colorful boxes.

He reached out and grabbed a tube of lube and a box of condoms. The condoms they had at home were probably too old.

He chose the brand that they often used. Once the cashier had scanned the code at checkout, he picked up the two items and stuffed them directly into Lu Yang’s coat pocket.

As they were walking out of the supermarket side by side, carrying large shopping bags, Chen Yuchuan nudged Lu Yang and whispered, “Do you want to try again?”

As he was speaking, a man quickly brushed past him, talking on the phone. Lu Yang had to pull him closer so that the man wouldn’t bump into him.

Chen Yuchuan’s voice had been at a whisper, and only the ending reached Lu Yang’s ears.

Chen Yuchuan slipped his free hand into Lu Yang’s pocket, and when he grabbed one of the boxes and was about to take it out, Lu Yang pressed down on his hand through the fabric.

“Chen Yuchuan, we’re outside. Don’t make mischief.” Lu Yang reached his hand into his pocket and held Chen Yuchuan’s hand, not letting him move.

Chen Yuchuan actually didn’t intend to take his hand out. When they reached an open space with fewer people, he raised his head to the sky and laughed a few times, saying, “Even if I take it out now, we can’t use it, right? Don’t be so nervous.”

In truth, the one who was really nervous was Chen Yuchuan. On the night when Lu Yang came back from his business trip, he knew for certain that he could respond to Lu Yang. But, he still wasn’t confident that there wouldn’t be any issues when they’re in the thick of it.

He’d thought about it many times before, and sometimes he thought that even if he couldn’t fucking respond, he could still forget it and enjoy the ride.

All this time, he’d been trying to find a good opportunity. If he kept dragging it out, would it ever get better?

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