Divorced Chapter 13: You Have To Hold On Tighter In The Future And Don’t Let Go

When Chen Yuchuan got home, he saw a few more small advertisements on the door for repairing electrical appliances, and his heart was full of fire again.

No one cared about entering or leaving the old community, and stickers were posted every day. Chen Yuchuan put the key in his pocket and raised his hand to tear off the sticker, but only half of the sticker came off.

Cursing, he scrapped at it with his nails, and it took a long time for it to become completely clean. When he pulled his fingers away, the area underneath his nails were full of sticky paper fibers.

Chubby had heard Chen Yuchuan’s voice at the door and was scratching at the door from the inside. As soon as he opened the door, Chubby threw himself on him, wanting to lick his fingers.

But Chen Yuchuan raised his hands, refusing to let Chubby lick it. “Let me wash my hands first, and then I’ll get you food and water.”

There was still a son at home, making him feel a lot better. At least the house wouldn’t be as deserted as last week.

Chubby wagged his tail and followed Chen Yuchuan into the bathroom.

As he washed his hands, he talked to Chubby and kept scolding the idiot head. Chubby agreed with him, grunting in response to his words.

After Chen Yuchuan finished washing his hands, he stopped cursing. But when he turned around, he felt a wrenching pain in his lower back. He dried his hands with a towel, unbuttoned his shirt, turned to his side, lifted away his shirt, and looked in the mirror. The right back side of his waist was blue.

When he was fighting that yellow hair earlier, he didn’t avoid a punch and so it landed on his lower back ribs.

Chen Yuchuan tilted his head, clasped his waist with one hand, and pressed the other hand into the blue skin, evoking a little pain.

He usually wasn’t someone who was afraid of pain. A little bruise was nothing, but just now, he felt a great deal of pain. And once that flash of pain was over, it didn’t dissipate but linger even more painfully, so much so that the bridge of his nose and his fingertips began to ache.

He put his shirt back down, covering up the patch of bruises and no longer looked at it.

If he didn’t look at it, it wouldn’t ache so much. He didn’t bother to completely redo the buttons on his shirt, leaving the last three open to reveal a large swatch of red skin on his chest.

Although Chen Yuchuan had been talking to Chubby, once the pain was over, he suddenly felt a little empty. No, his entire person felt empty.

Chubby followed after him, barking a few times until he finally reacted. He changed the dog food and water for Chubby, turned on the TV, and changed it to a random channel.

Then he laid on the sofa and closed his eyes. After a few minutes, he scratched his head and got up. After walking around the room with his lower back burning, he found that he seemed to be a little too degrading and passive.

The flowers on the balcony were all wilted, and the clothes he’d put in the washing machine were still in the drum since yesterday morning. He hadn’t dried them at all, and when he tried to smoke a cigarette, the lighter wouldn’t catch.

In the past, when Lu Yang was home, Chen Yuchuan wouldn’t do any housework at all. He would laze around, not wanting to move. But when Lu Yang wasn’t home, he would take the initiative to clean up the house himself.

But recently, he seemed to have lost his mind. He didn’t know whether to water the flower plants first, wash the clothes in the washing machine again, or go downstairs to buy a new lighter.

In the end, Chen Yuchuan decided to pack up Lu Yang’s things first.

When Lu Yang came back to pack up the things he’d left behind, he took only the clothes in his closet and some of his own daily necessities. It wasn’t like a family split at all and more like a business trip.

Now, there were still traces of Lu Yang everywhere in the house. His toothbrush and towels were still in the bathroom; his slippers were in the shoe cabinet; a pair of socks were hanging in the balcony; there were two ties in the drawer; and then there was a watch, a pen…

Chen Yuchuan found a large cardboard box from the second bedroom, put in all the things Lu Yang hadn’t taken away, and sealed the box a few times with tape. Finally, he put the cardboard box in the closet of the second bedroom, and after making sure the closet door was firmly closed, he locked the second bedroom door and threw the key at the bottom of the drawer.

Out of sight, out of mind.

After he packed up Lu Yang’s things, he first watered the flowers, then he washed his clothes and waited until the clothes were washed and dried before finally going downstairs to buy a lighter.

By this time, it was midnight, and Chubby was already asleep, and so Chen Yuchuan lay down on the sofa again.

The TV had been playing the midnight news, and it finally ended with the weather forecast.

The wind outside was stronger than when he had left the boxing gym, and now it was loudly tearing at the windows.

Chen Yuchuan was so irritated that he got up, turned off the TV, and closed all the windows. He took a sleeping pill in preparation for bed, and as he put the sleeping pill box in the drawer, he saw the picture frame on the bedside table.

He picked up the picture frame. It was a photo of him and Lu Yang.

This picture had been on the bedside table for 16 years, and he still remembered the photo had been secretly taken by the master of his garage.

That day was the 15th day after he and Lu Yang had met for the first time, and the fourth day they had established their relationship.

That day, Lu Yang came to the garage in the morning to find him and they were walking side by side.

At the time, his master had claimed that he just wanted to take a picture of the scenery outside the garage and had accidentally captured them on camera.

But Chen Yuchuan knew that outside the garage was wasteland, and who would want to photograph that scenery.

Later, he’d asked for the photo, and after developing it, he’d put it in the picture frame and kept it at their bedside table. That picture had captured their beginning.

The people in the photos were really good-looking. Chen Yuchuan looked at his own youthful face. At the time, he was very thin, carrying the slender, thin feeling of a teenager.

He hadn’t changed into work clothes yet and so his face was still clean and he was wearing a shirt that had been washed so much, it’d turned a little yellow.

He’d never liked taking pictures very much and had only taken a few pictures as a child. He seemed to have realized that his master was secretly taking a photo, and so he was stubbornly frowning as he looked at the camera, lips pursed tightly, as if he was angry.

But really, he was just feeling a little awkward and a little confused.

Because Lu Yang was standing beside him, their shoulders pressed together. His head was tilted down a little as he looked at Chen Yuchuan, his eyes soft. The three-quarters of his profile that was captured on camera revealed a very gentle expression.

Ever since he’d told Lu Yang that he didn’t want to just try but to date seriously, Lu Yang had been going to see him every day, dawdling every morning in the garage until someone had to call him and urge him to leave.

In the afternoon, he would meet up with him, and later in the evening, he would follow him to the bar.

On the 15th day, when Chen Yuchuan finally got off work from his job at the bar, Lu Yang was sending him home and he’d asked him in the car, “Can you stop working at the bar?”

He had been carefully counting the night’s wages at least three times, and after slipping them into the innermost pocket of his clothes, he turned slightly to the side and looked at the street lights slipping by outside the window. He said, “My father is dead, and my mother has uremia. She has to go to the hospital for dialysis every few days. I have to work to make money for her.”

After he’d dropped out of school to work, he had no shame when facing others. He would even sell misery, saying that his father had died too early, and his mother had uremia. He alone had to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of his family, and his family was so poor that it was even hard to eat.

As a result, he sold alcohol in the bar night, trying to sell more and faster, and at the end of the month, he would try to wear down the owner of the garage, just to get more overtime pay.

But when Chen Yuchuan was sitting in the car and telling Lu Yang this, he not only didn’t try to embellish, he didn’t even dare to look at him.

He had lived for 18 years, and he had never been thin-skinned, but at this moment, it seemed to suddenly emerge from his bones.

Lu Yang was different from everyone else. Chen Yuchuan had seen a lot of wealthy people, and they always looked down on people like him. He himself knew that he wasn’t on the same level as those people.

So, 18 years old Chen Yuchuan was afraid. He was afraid that he and Lu Yang would never have an equal relationship, but he didn’t hide anything; he told him the barebone truth.

When Lu Yang said that he wanted to try, and Chen Yuchuan had replied that he wanted to try seriously, he hadn’t truly thought of what this meant.

At the time, his idea was really quite simple. He’d fallen in love with Lu Yang. He thought that Lu Yang was very handsome, and when he was with him, he felt warm and comfortable.

The days when Lu Yang would come to find him, he would inexplicably feel at ease.

Later, even though he’d told Lu Yang not to come anymore, his eyes would always look out for him, seemingly wrapped in a trance.

It was only after Chen Yuchuan had dated Lu Yang for a few days that he truly began to realize how big of a gap there was between himself and Lu Yang.

As he drove, Lu Yang was quiet for a few seconds, seeming to be thinking.

In those few seconds, Chen Yuchuan mentally prepared himself–

His first love might end after only four days.

At the time, he did have the thought of covering it up. But the moment that thought rose up, he scolded himself as a coward. Before, he’d talked so confidently and so easily, but now he was afraid to move forward.

At the traffic light intersection, Lu Yang stepped on the brakes.

The red long was very long, and Chen Yuchuan kept his face toward the car window, his chin tense. He counted silently in his heart, following the countdown second by second with the red light.

At ten seconds left, he felt a warm touch at the top of his head. It was Lu Yang’s palm.

Lu Yang pressed his palm down on the top of Chen Yuchuan’s head.

His hair in front was pushed down, covering his eyes, a little itchy when the hair touched his eyelashes.

Chen Yuchuan moved his neck, turning his gaze away from the red light to look at Lu Yang.

The red light turned green and Lu Yang put his hand back on the steering wheel. As he stepped on the accelerator, he said, “I’m rich, so you have to hold on tighter in the future and don’t let go…”


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Divorced Chapter 12: Mr. Lu Is Quite Right

Lu Yang interlaced his fingers, put his arms on the desk, and asked indifferently, “What? Are you caring about me now?”

With a sneer, Chen Yuchuan crossed his long legs and closed his eyes. With his head tipped back so that his neck was pressed on the back of the seat, he swiveled in the chair and said, “I thought you got injured by boxing with me yesterday. If that was the case, I just couldn’t turn a blind eye. After all, we were together for so many years.”

Lu Yang tapped the table with his index finger, making a few soft thumps, following the rhythm of Chen Yuchuan turning in his chair. “Do you think you can hurt me?”

Straightening, Chen Yuchuan opened his eyes, and turning around, he impatiently said, “Big boss, let’s talk about work.”

Lu Yang stopped tapping, nodded, opened the folder on the table, and began to talk to Chen Yuchuan about only matters relating to work.

But Chen Yuchuan didn’t want to stay in the same room with Lu Yang at all. He felt uncomfortable looking at how calm Lu Yang was, and this made him want to make trouble.

So, no matter what Lu Yang told him, he wasn’t earnest in his reply and wouldn’t seriously focus on work.

Normally, Chen Yuchuan wasn’t the kind of person that wouldn’t be serious about his work. If he wasn’t so serious, he wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so much. It was just that he didn’t want to talk to Lu Yang at all right now, and so he couldn’t force himself to talk properly.

As Lu Yang analyzed the reports from last month one by one, Chen Yuchuan would drop his pen in one moment, scratch his ears and suck in a breath the next, or would cough a few times to interrupt him.

After interrupting him, he wouldn’t engage with the conversation properly, and when he was tired of swiveling in his chair, he would stand up and stretch, then clench his fists and hit the air a few times, stomping his feet loudly.

Lu Yang was perceptive enough to see that Chen Yuchuan didn’t want to talk to him at all, and so he no longer said anything. He stood up from his chair, propped himself on the table with one hand, and said, “I’ll be back next week…”

Chen Yuchuan stretched his waist and said, “You’re the big boss. You can come and leave as you please, I can’t stop you.”

When Lu Yang opened the door and left, he turned his head and threw back a sentence, “Don’t forget to take Chubby for his deworming.”

Chen Yuchuan replied coldly, “I still remember this little thing. I’m Chubby’s father, not his stepfather…”

When Lu Yang came out of Chen Yuchuan’s office with a dark face, the eyes of the staff in the company were transfixed on him.

They then soon discovered that the moment the lady boss left, the boss’s face would immediately turn bad. The air pressure was so heavy that anyone coming within a radius of ten meters could be crushed to death. Even the assistant that had knocked on the door and entered to deliver a file couldn’t help but run for his life.

It was very rare for both bosses to have a fight, and not only a fight, but a fight in the company. One by one, they all discussed it in a low voice, even starting to make bets on when the bosses would reconcile.

Someone pressed down 20 yuan and said three days, another pressed down 50 and said a week. The girl at the front desk pressed down 100 and said that since they’re arguing in the company, it would take at least a month.

After a meeting in the evening, Chen Yuchuan got off work and directly settled his dinner at a fast food restaurant near the company. He knew that he would arrive home to a cold pot and a cold stove, and he didn’t want to have to go back out for dinner.

After dinner, he went to the boxing gym again. Sure enough, Lu Yang was there.

He didn’t know the person who was practicing with Lu Yang this time, but the man was mixed race and was about the same height as Lu Yang. He looked very strong.

Xiao Yang told him that the foreigner was new here today and that he wasn’t familiar with him either.

As he put on his boxing gloves, Chen Yuchuan kept a close eye on the session. The foreigner had yellow hair with letters shaved close to his scalp and short sideburns.

In fact, Chen Yuchuan didn’t see it at first until yellow hair turned around and he realized that there was a letter S shaved on his left temple and a B on his right.

He looked at the lettered-head and let out a short laugh, wondering which Mr. Tony would shave his head like this.

Shaving into a idiot head.

But as he continued watching, he could no longer laugh. At first, he thought they were just practicing, but after watching for a few minutes, he discovered that yellow hair’s punches were fierce and ruthless, and that he looked at Lu Yang with disdain.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t know when Lu Yang had offended his person, and so he stood below and watched them guardedly.

Lu Yang wasn’t wearing protective gears, but he still quickly gained the upper hand. When he was about to win, the yellow hair jumped on his feet, wiping his mouth with a glove. When he punched again, he used a dirty trick.

As a result, the yellow hair was able to land a few punches on Lu Yang, and these punches all hit him in the chest, causing Lu Yang to fall back a few steps.

Gritting his teeth in fury, Chen Yuchuan strode over. Just as he was about to take the stage, Lu Yang had already launched a counterattack.

Lu Yang had also seen Chen Yuchuan, and his eyes were deep and dark.

Seeing this, Chen Yuchuan knew that Lu Yang was angry, and sure enough, Lu Yang beat the yellow hair to the ground in two strokes and pressed down on his shoulders, not giving him a chance to move.

It wasn’t until the yellow hair had tapped the ground a few times with both hands, admitting defeat, did Lu Yang release him. Then Lu Yang promptly turned around, stepped off the stage, and went to the lounge.

When Lu Yand came out of the lounge after having taken a shower and changing his clothes, he saw Chen Yuchuan fighting the yellow hair in the ring. Chen Yuchuan’s posture wasn’t like he was boxing at all, but more like he was venting his anger.

Chen Yuchuan had his knee pressed into yellow hair’s stomach, his fists slamming into the man’s chest. Two staff members were beside him, pulling at his shoulders in an attempt to pull him off.

Lu Yang shouted from a distance below, “Chen Yuchuan, let him go…”

Chen Yuchuan’s eyes were red with fury; he didn’t hear Lu Yang’s words at all. Even the two people next to him couldn’t pull him back, and his punches continued to land on yellow hair.

Lu Yang ran over and jumped onto the stage. He wrapped his arms around Chen Yuchuan’s waist, directly picked him up and hoisted him on his shoulder. He immediately stepped off the stage and carried him into the lounge.

“Lu Yang, let me down.” As he was being carried top-heavy on Lu Yang’s shoulder, Chen Yuchuan punched Lu Yang on the shoulder a few times. “Let me down…”

When they got into the lounge, Lu Yang closed the door with the back of his feet. As the door closed with a loud bang, he patted Chen Yuchuan’s struggling thighs a few times and directly threw him on the sofa.

Chen Yuchuan immediately jumped up to stand directly on the sofa. He yelled, “Why did you stop me? I’m going to beat that idiot to death…”

After he said this, Chen Yuchuan tried to jump off the sofa, knocking his fists still encased in boxing gloves together.

Lu Yang grabbed his arm, looked up at him, and was silent for a moment before finally opening his mouth to say, “Chen Yuchuan, didn’t you say before that we’re divorced now, and that we no longer have anything to do with each other? Why are you venting your anger for me?”

Chen Yuchuan was still full of anger, so much anger that he felt as if his lungs were about to explode. But the moment Lu Yang said this, the fire in his heart was completely extinguished. Even his anger had disappeared.

When he went to look for the foreigner, he hadn’t thought much about it. But after listening to Lu Yang’s words, he suddenly felt like he was being a meddlesome spouse, fighting someone over this. He was like a joke.

He and Lu Yang were already divorced, and it didn’t matter anymore. Why did he keep fucking pestering him again and again?

It was no longer needed!

He didn’t need to ask about what had happened to Lu Yang’s hand, and he didn’t need to rush up to avenge him like a fool.

Chen Yuchuan stood on the sofa silently for a while and suddenly felt that the sofa was a little too high. He shook off Lu Yang’s hand, jumped off the sofa, and took off the boxing gloves. Turning his neck to look at Lu Yang, he hooked up the corners of his mouth and said, “Mr. Lu is quite right. What I just did was really superfluous. Mr. Lu and I had nothing to do with each other anymore…”

A knock sounded on the door of the lounge, and Chen Yuchuan walked over to open it. It was Xiao Yang, who was afraid of what might be going on inside so he came to check.

Chen Yuchuan asked, “Where’s the idiot head?”

“He’s gone,” Xiao Yang said.

“I’m sorry. I started the fight first, and I’ll go and apologize to Brother Qi…”

“It’s okay, Brother Chuan. We all saw what happened, and it’s that idiot…” In that moment, Xiao Yang recalled that he was a staff member and so he couldn’t follow Chen Yuchuan’s example and called that guy an idiot head. He immediately changed his words and continued, “It was the foreigner that used dirty tricks to try to deal with Brother Yang first. You couldn’t stand idly by and watch and so you did what you did. Though, even if he was looking for trouble, Boss Qi also has a way…”

Chen Yuchuan shook the boxing gloves and denied Xiao Yang’s words with a smile, saying, “I didn’t start with him because of Lu Yang. I just didn’t like that idiot and it has nothing to do with anyone else…”

After this, he didn’t say anymore and turned around with the boxing gloves. He took his clothes out from his locket and went into the changing room to change his clothes. When he came out, he avoided looking at Lu Yang, who was still standing in the lounge, and promptly opened the door and left.

As he left the boxing gym, Chen Yuchuan’s hair was still dripping with sweat, the wet tips clinging to his skin.

Autumn nights were always prone to wind, and this was no exception.

The yellow sycamore leaves on the roadside twirled down day by day, blown by the wind across one’s body, bringing a cold chill.

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Divorced Chapter 11: Did You Have A Fight With The Lady Boss

Man Yunxin sat on the sofa and looked at the bruises at the corner of Chen Yuchuan’s eyes. She asked, “Did you go to the boxing gym with Lu Yang again?”

Smiling, Chen Yuchuan hummed in assent. Then he scratched his head and said that he did.

After this, Man Yunxin no longer bothered with it. Young people’s hobbies and lifestyles were their own business.

But looking at the thin shirt Chen Yuchuan was wearing, she still felt some concern. She said, “Xiao Chun, it’s already autumn. It’s getting colder and colder. You should wear more clothes. Your shirt is too thin. You may still be young, but you still have to take good care of yourself.”

Chen Yuchuan hurriedly nodded along with his mother-in-law’s words and responded with a smile, “I’ll listen to mom. I’ll go into my room and change clothes now.”

Afterward, he poured Man Yunxin a glass of water and entered his bedroom.

Earlier, he had been trying to think of a good excuse to go into the bedroom and change this shirt of his that smelled of alcohol.

He felt like a rebellious son who’d stayed out all night and was afraid of being caught by his mother when he finally came home the next day.

Chen Yuchuan’s mother had the same temperament as his, and so she was the kind of mother that would chase him down ten streets with a feather duster.

He’d been beaten by his mother since he was a child.

However, after his mother got uremia, her health had deteriorated significantly, and so she no longer chased after him with a feather duster. Although Lu Yang had taken her to see the best doctor at the best hospital, and she even underwent a kidney transplant, his mother still died three years after he and Lu Yang got married.

Man Yunxin cared for him, just like she cared for Lu Yang, and so Chen Yuchuan didn’t think it was troublesome at all.

He felt very warm. In his thirties, he still had elders who cared for him. How wonderful that was. This was something that many people would envy.

Although he and Lu Yang had gotten a divorce, his relationship with Lu Yang’s parents of more than ten years wasn’t fake. He still regarded Lu Xiangfeng and Man Yunxin as his parents.

If Lu Yang found himself a new partner in the future…

Chen Yuchuan no longer wanted to follow this train of thought.

He knew that he and Lu Yang would have nothing to do with each other in the future.

Even if Lu Yang had a new lover…


Fuck that new lover!

When Chen Yuchuan changed his clothes and came out of the bedroom, Man Yunxin praised him, saying that he was getting more and more handsome.

Amused by his mother-in-law, Chen Yuchuan sat on the sofa and entertained his mother-in-law with a lot of interesting stories.

Chubby rubbed against Chen Yuchuan’s knees and jumped around beside him, tail wagging.

Chen Yuchuan coaxed Chubby while chatting with Man Yunxin about family affairs.

Seeing that the time was almost up, Man Yunxin took out two concert tickets from her bag and handed them to Chen Yuchuan before leaving.

“It’s Hua Song’s piano concert. He invited Dad and I, but it’s at eight o’clock on Wednesday night. Our trip was pre-booked, and we couldn’t go. You go with Lu Yang. No matter how busy you and Lu Yang are at work, take some time to relax.”

Chen Yuchuan had agreed to the family dinner next weekend, thinking at the time that he still had some time left. He could communicate with Lu Yang later and they would find a suitable opportunity to tell them about their divorce.

He looked at the concert tickets in front of him, but didn’t answer right away. Finally, he ambiguously said, “Mom, I’ll have to check with Lu Yang first. If he has time, I’ll go with him. He has been very busy recently.”

Man Yunxin said, “He said he had time, I asked him on the phone yesterday.”

Chen Yuchuan was a little surprised, and asked again, “Then did you ask him if he wanted to go with me?”

“Child,” Man Yunxin said with a smile, “if he isn’t going with you, then who else can he go with?”

Chen Yuchuan bit the bullet and took the concert tickets, thinking, they’ve slept together for 16 years, isn’t this just watching a concert together?

After Man Yunxin left, Chen Yuchuan played with Chubby for a while. He hadn’t seen his son for a week, and so one person and one dog had fun in the house, rolling around on the ground together.

Holding Chubby, Chen Yuhuan weighed him, then rubbed his belly and asked, “What delicious food did grandma and grandpa give you? You’ve gained a little weight.”

Chubby barked at him twice, meaning that the food was very good.

Although Chubby was named Chubby, he was actually a very thin little dog with a small body. They named him Chubby because they wanted him to be fatter.

Judging from appearance alone, Chubby should come from a line of golden retrievers and small native dogs. He was small, with long, golden hair all over his body, and he had long, drooping ears.

Five years ago, on a rainy day, Lu Yang had found Chubby hiding under his car. The puppy was injured and was on the brink of freezing to death.

Chen Yuchuan carried the puppy into the car, and the puppy later became their son. This son was very attached to his dad and would follow his dad around.

Lu Yang always had a straight face, and it was only when his father wasn’t around that Chubby would look for his mother.

Chen Yuchuan and Chubby made a lot of noises in the living room. As he sat on the carpet beside the sofa, rubbing Chubby’s belly, he said, “In the future, you will be with Dad for a week and with Mom for a week. When you go to your mother’s place, if you see your mother bring home a little stepfather for you, you must come back and tell me that the little stepfather isn’t a good thing. Only your own father, me, is the best for you, do you hear?”

After Chen Yuchuan finished speaking, he pinched the back of Chubby’s neck.

Chubby looked at his father and felt that this phrase was familiar, because his mother also warned him.

His mother had also told him to keep an eye on his father and not let his father find a little stepmother, saying that little stepmothers are not good things, and only his own mother is best for him.

Chubby stuck out his tongue and licked Chen Yuchuan’s palm, snorting softly, indicating that he understood and would help his father look after his mother.

Quite satisfied, Chen Yuchuan rewarded Chubby with a bone.

He thought to himself, sure enough this child really was a good child. He didn’t raise him for nothing.

After preparing dog food and water for Chubby, Chen Yuchuan took a shower, changed his clothes, and drove to work.

He’d been indulging for a week, and it would be unreasonable not to go to work, even though he was the boss.

He now owned several hotels and a resort on the outskirts of the city. Of course, this was all thanks to Lu Yang.

Chen Yuchuan’s mantra in the past had been, “Lu Yang is my husband, and I can depend entirely on my husband. After that, how my husband is, is how my husband is…”

When he started his first hotel, Lu Yang had invested in him. But he had no experience and soon went bankrupt.

Seeing that he was not reconciled, Lu Yang got him another hotel. After gaining some experience, Chen Yuchuan quickly became bigger and stronger, and was able to open several hotel chains in a row.

When Chen Yuchuan strode to the company with his hands in his pockets, the girl at the front desk greeted him from afar.

Chen Yuchuan thought that this girl seemed fine last week, why was her facial muscles so…developed this week?

But he quickly understood why the girl winked at him.

There was a figure standing at the corner of the counter. Chen Yuchuan only had to glance over once and see a single strand of hair to recognize him. The man standing at the corner was his ex-husband, Lu Yang.

There was a man standing beside Lu Yang. It was the company’s finance director.

The girl at the front desk covered her mouth with her hands, lowered her voice and said to Chen Yuchuan, “Boss, the lady boss came to check the accounts at 8 in the morning today. When he came out to pour himself a glass of water, he called the finance director over. Boss, be careful. The lady boss doesn’t seem to be in a good mood today.”

After saying this, the girl added, asking for gossip, “Boss, did you have a fight with the lady boss?”

Chen Yuchuan didn’t answer her and only told her to gossip less.

He raised the wrist of his left hand and placed it in the palm of his right hand, subconsciously trying to pinch the ring around his ring finger and turn it around a few times, only to realize that the ring was no longer there.

He squeezed his ring finger and began to button the cuff of his sleeves. Afterward, he rolled the sleeves up a few times, exposing his forearms.

Chen Yuchuan had forgotten that the company’s major shareholder was still Lu Yang.

When he finished rolling up his sleeves, he walked over and saw that Lu Yang was holding a thick folder in his hand. He knew immediately that it was a financial statement.

When he walked over, Lu Yang looked back at him, and so they simply looked at one another.

The green bruises on Lu Yang’s face had improved by quite a lot. There was only a hint of green left at that corner of his mouth. Seeing that Chen Yuchuan hadn’t said a word of nonsense, he asked directly, “Mr. Chen, are you finally willing to come to the company?”

Chen Yuchuan released his wrist and supported himself with his arm resting on the wall next to the water dispenser. He asked, “How come the big boss is free to come to the company today?”

“To look at the quarterly report. Has Mr. Chen finished last month-end quarterly report?”

Chen Yuchuan had really finished it.

Lu Yang said, “Since it’s finished, let’s go to President Chen’s office and have a look. We can discuss and formulate a plan for next quarter…”

The finance director saw their two smiling faces and tried to find a gap to slip away like a cat.

When a couple gets into a fight, innocent people can easily get hurt.

Lu Yang followed Chen Yuchuan to his office. When they got there, Chen Yuchuan sat on the boss’s chair with his legs crossed.

Lu Yang was very businesslike and talked a lot.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t care what Lu Yang said. After Lu Yang stopped talking, he scratched his ears and asked, “Mom came to my place this morning to drop off Chubby, and she gave me two concert tickets. She told me that she asked you and you said the two of us will go to this concert together this Wednesday?”

“I did agree,” Lu Yang said.

“Mom also asked me to go home for dinner with you next weekend. They didn’t know about our divorce, right? You haven’t told your parents about our divorce, have you?”

Lu Yang’s expression didn’t change. With his gaze on Chen Yuchuan, he said, “Dad has been having high blood pressure recently, and he’d told me that his chest hurts a little bit. I’ll tell them in a few days.”

Chen Yuchuan stopped turning in circles, and asked with a frown, “Wasn’t his physical examination okay before?”

“Maybe it’s because he felt too much pressure recently.” Lu Yang lowered his head, still looking at the documents in his hand, and said, “If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to force yourself. You don’t have to cooperate with me in acting if you don’t want to. If you don’t want to go to the concert and don’t want to go home and eat, then don’t. I’ll pick a suitable opportunity to tell them about our divorce, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed.”

After Lu Yang finished speaking, he closed the folder in his hands.

Chen Yuchuan wanted to ask something, but he suddenly saw the gauze wrapped around Lu Yang’s palm. His eyebrows jumped, and he blurted out, “What’s wrong with your hand?”

“When I was packing my luggage and leaving that night, I accidentally squeezed the luggage handle…”

Chen Yuchuan suddenly had a picture in his mind. Before opening the door and leaving, Lu Yang had pulled off his tie and wrapped it around his palm a few times. It turned out that it was because he’d crushed the luggage handle.

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Divorced Chapter 10: Going Home With Lu Yang For Dinner Next Weekend

It was noon when Chen Yuchuan woke up. He lay on the bed and turned several times, rolling from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, only to realize that he was sleeping in the room above Ling Qun’s bar.

In the past, when he and Lu Yang had gathered for a drink at Ling Qun’s bar and it had ended too late, they would stay in this room.

Chen Yuchuan got up and sat cross-legged with one leg drooping under the edge of the bed, toes pressed to the floor.

The chill of the floor shot up from his toes to his throat, and he swallowed, suddenly more awake now.

He ran a hand through his messy bed-hair and looked down at himself.

He was wearing only a pair of underwear. Rubbing his throbbing temple, he thought for a long time but could not remember how he got here yesterday or how he took off his clothes.

He stretched his neck and looked at the clothes scattered all over the floor. The way the clothes were scattered was very similar to his style.

He lowered his head and sniffed himself, but there was no scent of alcohol on his body. He didn’t remember taking a bath last night.

His shoulders were a little bruised from his fight with Lu Yang in the boxing gym yesterday, and it hurted when he pressed it with the tip of his index finger.

Chen Yuchuan heaved a sigh of relief and scolded, Lu Yang, you self-centered show-off, I’ll definitely beat you next time.

After he was done scolding, he remembered the dream he’d had last night and he felt happy again.

In the dream, he was 18 and Lu Yang was 22, a decent, gentle, and successful person. When they were dating, they each tentatively stretched out their hands until their two hands touched.

But he refused to dwell too much on memories, because doing so would make it extremely easy to feel melancholic.

Chen Yuchuan had a splitting headache, and he rubbed his throbbing forehead for a long time.

Once he felt better, he jumped off the bed on bare feet and went to take a shower.

After washing up, he picked up the clothes on the ground and put them back on with no small measure of disgust. He sniffed the collar of his shirt and could easily smell the strong stench of alcohol.

He grabbed his phone and car keys on the bedside table and decided to go home, take another shower, and change into a new set of clothes.

He didn’t even think about why his clothes were scattered so messily but his cell phone and car keys were neatly stacked.

Ling Qun’s bar was closed in the early hours of the morning. Chen Yuchuan knew that Ling Qun was still sleeping so he didn’t bother him. He only sent a text message to say that he was leaving and that the room key was in the cabinet drawer in the front desk.

Chen Yuchuan drove home in a hurry, and by the time he reached the fifth floor, he was already starting to unbutton the top of his shirt.

But just as he had just finished undoing the first button and was still muttering irritably, he saw a woman standing at the door of the house, holding a dog leash in her hand. His mouth snapped shut and his hands began to subconsciously redo the button and smooth down his clothes.

The woman standing at his door was about to open the door with the key in her hand. Attached to the leash on her other hand was the fat dog that he and Lu Yang had raised.

Chubby was very excited to see Chen Yuchuan. After all, he hadn’t seen his father in a week, and so he jumped on Chen Yuchuan several times. Finally, he placed his two paws on Chen Yuchuan’s thighs and barked with his tongue lolling.

Chen Yuchuan raised his hand and touched Chubby’s neck. Straightening, he opened his mouth at the woman and laughed loudly, calling out, “Mom, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming?”

The woman in front of him, Man Yunxin, was Lu Yang’s mother and his mother-in-law.

Man Yunxin was wearing an elegant black dress. She was nearly sixty years old but looked only forty years old. The makeup on her face was elegant and delicate, and her hair was pulled back, adding to the unmatched temperament that she exuded.

Chen Yuchuan wasn’t afraid of much, but what he was most afraid of was his mother-in-law. To be honest, it wasn’t that he was afraid of her, but that he just took her as his mother.

If he had to say who Lu Yang looked like, he would definitely say that he looked like his mother, both in appearance and in personality.

Chen Yuchuan’s mother-in-law was a pianist, and she came from a famous scholarly family. Whenever Chen Yuchuan got close to her, he felt that he could smell the scent of books and musical notes, which was the temperament and heritage that she radiated from inside out.

Man Yunxin stood at the door and looked Chen Yuchuan up and down. She asked in a warm voice, “Xiao Chun, why is the collar of your shirt so wrinkled? I knocked on the door for a long time but no one answered, so I took out the key to open the door myself. I just sent you a text message.”

Chen Yuchuan lowered his head and smoothed out his shirt again. Then he took out his mobile phone and looked at it. Man Yunxin really did send him a text message ten minutes ago, saying that she and Lu Yang’s father were going on vacation and wanted to bring Chubby back.

Chen Yuchuan put the phone back in his pocket, took Chubby’s leash, walked over, and hooked Men Yunxin’s arm. He said with a smile, “Mom, I was driving just now and didn’t see it.”

The reason Chen Yuchuan was afraid of his mother-in-law wasn’t because she was too fierce. No, no matter what she said, she would always be gentle and soft-spoken.

Such a woman seemed to know quite well how to handle a bastard like Chen Yuchuan.

At the beginning of his and Lu Yang’s relationship, Lu Yang’s parents didn’t like him at all, and so they strongly opposed their relationship.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t fear harshness, didn’t fear being ignored, didn’t fear angry words, didn’t fear being beatened unreasonably, but he was initially at a loss about how to deal with such a mother-in-law.

Because, she wouldn’t mess with you, wouldn’t quarrel with you, wouldn’t lose her temper and wouldn’t beat you like a shrew.

She would stand right in front of you, her expression gentle and mild, as if she didn’t care very much. First, she would nod politely at you, a gentle smile gracing the corners of her mouth, and then she would say, “Xiao Chuan’er, I know you’ve both been together for a while, and that it’s not easy for you. But I just don’t quite agree with your relationship. You and Lu Yang are from different worlds.”

Those were the heaviest words he’d ever heard from Man Yunxin over the years.

On the other hand, Lu Yang’s father, Mr. Lu Xianfeng, had a hot temper that was more in line with his own.

The way he handled it was different from Man Yunxin. Lu Xianfeng had worked hard in the shopping malls business all his life, and so his way of dealing with it was rude and simple. He directly threw 5 million to Chen Yuchuan to leave his son.

Chen Yuchuan accepted the check with a smile, and said thank you before leaving the house.

If someone were to take a check like that, it would be equivalent to disappearing by default.

But Chen Yuchaun wasn’t typical at all. He took the 5 million check and shook it in front of Lu Yang, showing it off for a long time.

The next day, he flew himself and Lu Yang to a small island in the Pacific Ocean for a vacation. He took that 5 million as a red envelope given to him by his father-in-law.

This incident made Lu Xianfeng jump with anger. After they’d had their fun outside and returned, Lu Xianfeng pointed a finger at Chen Yuchuan and said that he did not keep his words.

However, Chen Yuchuan only half listened. Before he married Lu Yang, Lu Xianfeng had him thoroughly investigated, to the point that even the matter of his grandfather stealing two chickens in the village was picked up.

Chen Yuchuan stood in front of the civil affairs bureau with Lu Yang’s arm around his back, and he said, “Don’t say that my grandfather stole two chickens, even if I stole two chickens, my marriage with Lu Yang is already settled.”

Facing such difficult parents-in-laws, Chen Yuchuan had his own set of methods.

Since his mother-in-law and Lu Yang were of the same temperament, the fact that his mother-in-law didn’t play tricks was great for Chen Yuchuan.

He was the best at acting coquettish, like a spoiled brat. As soon as they meet, he would act like a spoiled child with his mother-in-law, clinging to her.

His father-in-law had the same temper as his, and when he saw his father-in-law, he would have two meals with him, two glasses of wine, and utter two sweet words. The moment they started with each other, they would chat quite happily.

He eventually realized that both his father-in-law and his mother-in-law quite enjoyed his treatment of them.

His supposition was that, based on Lu Yang’s temperament, Lu Yang had probably never acted coquettish with his parents, even as a child. In this way, Chen Yuchuan was making up for their regret in not being closer to their child as parents.

After a long time of trying, even if there was no emotion initially, emotions would eventually be grinded out.

Later, Lu Xianfeng and Man Yuxin began to treat him no differently than Lu Yang, and indeed, they both liked him very much.

He had heard Lu Yang’s so-called friend teased about this before, saying, “Chen Yuchuan licked Lu Yang’s parents like a pug.”

That bullshit, Lu Yang heard it when they were out drinking, and so he directly beat the man under the table. After that, Lu Yang dropped that man as a friend, the first friend that he’d dropped for Chen Yuchuan.

At the time, Chen Yuchuan was next to him and he’d tried to pull Lu Yang back. Lu Yang was worried about Chen Yuchuan’s temper, but he didn’t take that bullshit to heart at all.

Because those were Lu Yang’s parents, and he was Lu Yang’s lover. Of course, he would bow his head to Lu Yang’s parents and coax them.

He loved Lu Yang, and naturally, he also loved his parents.

Chubby’s front paws were still on Chen Yuchuan’s pants, his claws scratching him.

“Mom, isn’t Chubby at fucking…” Chen Yuchaun said while holding the key, but he caught himself at the last minute and made a smooth turn. “Isn’t Chubby at Lu Yang’s place? Why are you the one bringing him back?”

Chubby’s front paws began to scratch at the door, barking a bit harshly. Chen Yuchuan hurriedly opened the door and Chubby shot through the crack in the door.

Chubby had been away from home for several days and he’d missed his own home.

After entering the door, Man Yunxin changed her shoes, walked to the sofa, and sat down. Then she said, “I went to Lu Yang’s office the day before yesterday, and Chubby was with him in his office. He said that you weren’t at home so that’s why he brought Chubby to the office. So, I took Chubby home with me for a few days.”

Chen Yuchuan observed for a moment and found that there were no changes to his mother-in-law’s behavior. He asked tentatively, “Mom…Lu Yang didn’t tell you and Dad anything?”

When Man Yunxin heard this, she was a little puzzled at first. Then she thought about it and asked him with a smile, “What’s the matter? Did you have a quarrel with Lu Yang?”

As soon as his mother-in-law spoke, Chen Yuchuan knew that Lu Yang hadn’t told his parents that they had gotten a divorce.

He thought again that it would be better for Lu Yang to tell his parents himself, and so he decided not to say anything. Instead, he just shook his head and said, “Mom, we didn’t quarrel.”

Man Yunxin said, “It’s good that you didn’t have a fight. By the way, Dad and I are going out to play for a week and we won’t be back until next Friday. You and Yangyang haven’t come back home to eat in several weeks now. Come home for dinner next weekend.

Chen Yuchuan wanted to refuse, but he held the words back. He’d just said that they hadn’t fought, and so he couldn’t think of a good excuse to refuse the elders. In the end, he nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll return home with Lu Yang for dinner next weekend.”

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Divorced Chapter 9: I Don’t Want To Just Try, I Want To Date Seriously

Chen Yuchuan’s father died when he was 13 years old. His father was working at a construction site when he was accidentally killed by a falling object. Every day after, his mother would go to the construction site with a sign asking for compensation. As a result, her arm was broken, and with no money for the hospital, her left hand became disabled.

On the first day of the new year, Chen Yuchuan held the sign his mother had been holding. He found a local media company and stood at the door of the newspaper every day until they finally took a photo of him and wrote an article.

His parents’ story made the news, and after it gained momentum, his father’s compensation was quickly dispensed to them.

However, good things don’t come in pairs. Bad luck trailed them again and again. In the third year, his mother was diagnosed with uremia and all of his father’s compensation money was spent on her treatment.

As a result, at the age of 16, Chen Yuchuan dropped out of school in order to work various kinds of odd jobs. He was a little hooligan all day long, and he had no shame in it. All he wanted was to make money to pay for his mother’s dialysis.

When he was 18 years old, he worked as an apprentice at a car garage during the day and as a security guard in a bar at night.

Later, as he watched the going-ons in the bar, he discovered that the waiters actually made a lot of money, and even some people could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a night.

Chen Yuchuan was so moved that he became a waiter selling wine.

The day he met Lu Yang, it was Lu Yang’s 22nd birthday, and his friends were celebrating his birthday at the bar.

Chen Yuchuan was the waiter in their box, responsible for taking their orders and serving them wine.

There were more than a dozen people in the box, and they played from 7pm to 11pm. Among them, Lu Yang was undoubtedly the most conspicuous person.

It wasn’t just because he was the protagonist of the night. Even if he wasn’t the protagonist, he would still be the most conspicuous person there. Well-dressed in a suit, with neat, short hair, deep eyebrows, and a sharp profile, he was very unforgettable.

His appearance was too outstanding, with a temperament that Chen Yuchuan himself couldn’t put a finger on.

Chen Yuchuan only knew his name because he had heard others address him as Brother Yang or Lu Yang.

But in Chen Yuchuan’s eyes, no matter how outstanding Lu Yang was, he was no different from last night’s, the night before last, and tomorrow’s customers.

The only difference was that Chen Yuchuan would often encounter customers who would try to harass him, but for the first time in that box that night, he was able to work smoothly from start to finish.

No one yelled at him, no one drank too much, and there was no wretched man with a fat belly trying to take advantage of him.

No matter what kind of wine Chen Yuchuan tried to promote, Lu Yang would always say yes.

Later, Chen Yuchuan chose more expensive wines, and still Lu Yang didn’t resist. Whatever he tried to promote, Lu Yang would order.

It got to the point where Chen Yuchuan began to feel a little sorry. He felt that he shouldn’t take advantage of others. In the end, he no longer tried to promote any more wines.

He did the math that night. He should have gotten 2000 yuan, which was the most he had ever earned in a single night. This would be enough to cover dialysis a few times, and so he felt pretty good as he got off work.

He was paid at the end of the work day. When he went to see the boss to settle the amount, the boss deducted 500 yuan and only gave him 1500 on the grounds that an ashtray was broken in the box.

Of course, Chen Yuchuan naturally couldn’t accept this. He chased the boss from his office all the way to his car, until the boss told him to either scram or lose his job.

By that point, he was already holding a brick he’d picked up from the roadside. He wanted to smash the boss’s car window, but after thinking about the 1500 in his pocket, he finally endured. This bar was the only place that would allow him to make quick money.

After the boss drove off, he threw the brick away and tucked his hands in his pockets, fingers wrapping around the 1500. He scolded his boss up to the 18th generation for nearly half an hour. It wasn’t until his mouth was so dry that he couldn’t scold anymore did he think about going home. In order to shorten the walk home, he took a shortcut through a small alleyway.

The moment Chen Yuchuan stepped into the small alley, he heard the sounds of fighting and cursing. He stood at the entrance of the alleyway for a moment. He could see that the fight was one against four, and that one person wasn’t lagging either.

Chen Yuchuan wasn’t a good young man who was nosy and helpful. Usually, he would just pat his butt and walk away. At most, he would find a public phone booth and call the police.

But that day, his heart was still on fire from having 500 yuan deducted. What’s more, he recognized the one person fighting against four; it was Lu Yang, who was the guest of honor in the box he’d served that night.

And the 1500 in his pocket now was all due to this Lu Yang in the alley.

Chen Yuchuan took out the 1500 and secured the money in the innermost pocket of his jacket. This pocket had buttons so he needn’t have to worry about the money falling out.

After securing the money, he clenched his fist and rushed in. What was originally one against four turned into two against four.

Chen Yuchuan had been in frequent fights since he was a child, but he only knew how to use the brute force in his body. On the other hand, Lu Yang, who was next to him, fought with power and skill. He knew at a glance that Lu Yang was a practiced fighter.

However, he didn’t expect that one of their opponents would have a knife. When the four were about to be overpowered, the bald-headed one pulled out a dagger from his pocket.

In the darkened alley, the blade flashed a cold light, and Baldie shouted that he was going to cut off Lu Yang’s leg.

When Lu Yang saw the knife in Baldie’s hand, he told Chen Yuchuan to leave first.

At the time, Chen Yuchuan was actually quite frightened. He wasn’t a hero who would put himself on the line for a stranger, and he regretted not finding a phone booth and calling the police instead. But since he had already joined in on the fight, there was no reason to retreat halfway.

Baldie held the dagger, and when Lu Yang was too engaged to watch his side, the man dashed forward and tried to stab him in the side. Chen Yuchuan kicked Baldie’s wrist, sending the dagger flying out into the trash can.

With a low roar, Lu Yang directly slammed Baldie’s head to the ground. Seeing that he was almost on the verge of killing Baldie, Chen Yuchuan feared for his life and pulled him away.

The other three dragged Baldie and ran away.

Chen Yuchuan slumped down with his back leaning against the crumbling alley wall. After a long time, he patted Lu Yang, who was sitting beside him with red eyes.

Chen Yuchuan asked, “I say, big brother, who did you provoke? Someone even wanted to stab you and cut your leg off.”

Lu Yang didn’t answer, because he wasn’t certain who those people were. He rolled his wrist and said, “Thank you for helping me.”

“You definitely have to thank me, or you would have been stabbed in the stomach today.”

Lu Yang repeated, “Thank you.”

After thanking him, he asked, “What do you want?”

Chen Yuchuan tilted his head to look at him. Lu Yang had recovered a lot and no longer looked so angry.

When they were in the box, he could tell with a single glance that Lu Yang was quite rich, and not the ordinary kind of rich either.

He wasn’t a saint, and if someone cheated him, he would take revenge. This time, although he only helped this person because he wanted to relieve his anger, no matter what his original intention was, the end result was that he’d still helped him.

With Lu Yang rushing to thank him, he couldn’t pretend and say, “You’re welcome, you’re welcome. I’m a living Lei Feng(1).”

Chen Yuchuan wasn’t the kind of person to just say you’re welcome and leave it at that. What he lacked most now was money, but he refused to open his mouth and ask people for money. He still reserved a little self-esteem for himself.

He leaned against the wall with his arms folded, and when he kicked the wall subconsciously with his heel, a large piece of the wall crumbled down once more.

He thought about it and said, “If you ever come to the bar next time, just write down my number when you order wine.”

Lu Yang nodded happily. “No. 26, Chen Yuchuan, right?”

At first, Chen Yuchuan wanted to ask him how he knew his name, but he suddenly remembered that his waiter’s shirt had a badge with his number and his name on it.

He hummed, indicating that Lu Yang was correct.

“How old are you this year?” Lu Yang asked.

Chen Yuchuan replied, “18.”

“18,” Lu Yang repeated. Then he added, “I’m four years older than you. I’m 22, and today is actually my birthday.”

Internally, Chen Yuchuan was thinking, your 22nd birthday is none of my business, but outwardly, he casually said, “Happy Birthday, then.”

Then he heard Lu Yang introduce himself. “My name is Lu Yang. The lu from road, the yang from sunshine.”

Chen Yuchuan made an “oh” to indicate that he understood. Since Lu Yang already knew his name, he didn’t think he needed to introduce himself.

In his heart, he felt that it was very stupid for two men to stay in an alley at night and introduce themselves after the tailend of a fight.

They stood silently against the wall of the alley for a long time.

Chen Yuchuan’s anger was almost extinguished. He stood up and was about to leave when he suddenly remembered something. He said, “By the way, do you have a car?”

Lu Yang thought that he wanted him to give him a ride home, and so he nodded and said, “I do have a car. Where are you going? I’ll take you?”

“I’m not going anymore, and I don’t need you to take me,” Chen Yuchuan said. Then he asked, “Do you know Yuansheng Garage?”

After asking this, he felt a little regretful. The garage was tucked in a little corner and very few people knew about it.

Sure enough, Lu Yang shook his head. “I don’t know where it is. What about it?”

“Forget it. I’ll just tell you where it is directly.” Chen Yuchuan waved his hand. “It’s on Qingyang Road. Go east all the way to the end of the road and there will be a small garage in the right corner. If you need a carwash, or car maintenance or something, go there and sign up under my name.”

Lu Yang thought he would say something like “signing up under my name will get you a discount.”

Unexpectedly, Chen Yuchuan said, “If you sign up under my name, I’ll get a commission.”

Lu Yang let out a surprised laugh, not expecting that Chen Yuchuan would be so direct.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t know what Lu Yang was laughing about, but he didn’t care. So he asked again, “Do you remember the address?”

Lu Yang nodded. “I remember. Qingyang Road, go east all the way to the end, on the right-hand corner is Yuangsheng Garage?”

Chen Yuchuan snapped his fingers. “Yes. You have a pretty good memory.”

“Okay. I have remembered it.”

“Don’t forget to register my name when you go,” Chen Yuchuan directed again.

“I won’t forget.” Lu Yang paused for a few seconds and said his name, “Chen Yuchuan…”

Lu Yang’s voice was slightly lower now, and he sounded serious when he said Chen Yuchuan’s name.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t think much of it at the time, and he said, “Yes, my name is Chen Yuchuan.”

A cold night wind blew across the alleyway and into his face, making him feel a little cold.

He pulled his hoodie over his head, tucked his hands into his pockets, shrank his neck down for warmth, said goodbye to Lu Yang, and left.

Later, although Chen Yuchuan wasn’t being casual when he had mentioned the garage, he didn’t really expect that Lu Yang would actually come.

Even more, he didn’t expect that Lu Yang would directly drive over the next morning.

When Lu Yang got out of his car and found Chen Yuchuan, he was lying under the belly of a car, a wrench in his hand. His face and overalls were covered with black oil spots, and only his eyes were bright and clear.

When Chen Yuchuan looked at people seriously, it would make them feel as if he had no one else in his eyes but them.

This was what Lu Yang saw inside the box in the bar, in the alley, and now.

Lu Yang saw him only three times, and he fell for him just like that.

From under the bottom of the car, Chen Yuchuan could see that Lu Yang was still wearing a suit. The only difference was that the suit last night was gray, while this suit was black with a very white dress shirt.

Looking up at Lu Yang from his position below, he felt that Lu Yang was very tall and had very long legs.

Of course, he already knew that Lu Yang was tall with long legs. Last night, he was the tallest one in the entire box, and he was more than half a head taller than Chen Yuchuan himself.

Chen Yuchuan felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by Lu Yang. To be precise, he felt that when Lu Yang looked at him, his eyes seemed to be on fire. After being looked at by him for a long time, it was easy to feel burning hot.

Chen Yuchuan turned his gaze away and focused on repairing the car.

Lu Yang squatted down in front of the car, lowered his head, and followed Chen Yuchuan’s movements from underneath the car with his eyes. He asked, “What’s wrong with this car?”

“There’s something wrong with the oil seal, causing the oil to leak. It won’t take too long to fix. I’ll be done soon.”

As Chen Yuchuan continued to work on the car, Lu Yang continued to squat beside him and would ask from time to time if he needed help.

Chen Yuchuan stopped his movements and glanced at him, “Do you know how to fix cars?”


“Then how can you help?”

“You look a little thirsty. Maybe I can get you a glass of water or something?”

Chen Yuchuan was indeed really thirsty. He licked his dry lips and wasn’t polite. He pointed with the wrench at the shelf next to him. “My water’s over there, the blue thermal insulation cup. You can help get it for me.”

Lu Yang said ok and stood up to get Chen Yuchuan his water.

Seeing that he was coming back, Chen Yuchuan got out from underneath the car. When Lu Yang reached out to help him, he directly placed his dirty hand on Lu Yang’s palm.

Lu Yang’s hand was very hot, creating a thin layer of fine sweat. Chen Yuchuan gripped Lu Yang’s hand and Lu Yang pulled him up.

Letting go of Lu Yang’s hand, Chen Yuchuan took the thermo and said, “Thanks.”

After he’d drank some water, he noticed that he’d left dark smudges on Lu Yang’s palm. He held up the thermo and pointed it to the faucet. “There’s water over there. You can wash your hands.”

“It’s okay,” Lu Yang said.

It was his choice and so Chen Yichuan said no more. He patted the dirt off his back, stomped his feet, and asked, “I didn’t think you would come. Did you come to get a carwash or is it for repair?”

“A carwash and car maintenance.” Lu Yang pointed to the black car parked by the entrance.

Chen Yuchuan went over to look at the car, opened the hood to check, and said, “Your car is well maintained.”

“It is usually maintained on time.”

“Okay, you go to the counter over there and place an order first,” Chen Yuchuan said.

As he was billed, Lu Yang reported Chen Yuchuan’s name and asked, “How much commission can he get?”

“5 yuan for a car wash and 50 yuan for maintenance.”

“So little?” Lu Yang asked.

“It’s quite a lot. It’s already half and half,” said the owner’s wife.

Lu Yang didn’t say anything more. He took out his wallet, paid, and accepted the receipt.

Chen Yuchuan thought that Lu Yang would leave, but he didn’t expect him to stay in the store, standing and occasionally handing him tools.

“Boss Lu isn’t busy today?” he asked.

“I’m not busy,” Lu Yang said. “You can call me Lu Yang directly, you don’t need to call me Boss Lu.”

“Okay then, Lu Yang.”

Chen Yuchuan looked at the clothes he was wearing, and told him several times that he should go and sit down.

Lu Yang just hummed in acknowledgement, but he didn’t leave. It wasn’t until he received a call did he finally say that he was leaving.

At one point in the morning, Lu Yang had handed Chen Yuchuan a wrench, and later, had also handed him the engine oil. No matter how clean he had initially been, it could not withstand these. When he left, his white shirt had two buttons undone and his leather shoes were splattered with black spots.

When Yu Lang turned to leave, Chen Yuchuan saw the spots of oil on his shoes and couldn’t help but tease, “Coming back tomorrow?”

Lu Yang got into his car and leaned his arm on the edge of the open window. “Yes. If I don’t come, I’m afraid you might not be able to find the wrench.”

Chen Yuchuan let out an “ahh” and said, “Indeed, if not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find the wrench.”

He thought that Lu Yang was only joking, and so he was surprised when he saw Lu Yang again that night.

After getting off work, Lu Yang went directly to the bar where Chen Yuchuan was working and ordered many expensive wines. He rented a box by himself and requested that Chen Yuchuan be his server.

Chen Yuchuan kept serving him wine, and yet Lu Yang would not drink and would instead just leave them on the table.

Finally, when Lu Yang ordered another bottle of expensive wine, Chen Yuchuan became a little anxious. “You don’t need to order so much and waste your money. These same brands are cheaper at the supermarkets.”

When Chen Yuchuan said this, he’d forgotten that last night, he’d told someone to record his server number.

Lu Yang said, “It’s okay, since you helped me yesterday.”

Lu Yang said it very lightly, but Chen Yuchuan didn’t relax. He held the serving plate with both hands, took a deep breath, and said, “You already went to get a car wash today and now you’ve ordered so much wine. We’re even now.”

Now that he’d said this, he thought Lu Yang would not return again. But he still came every day, seven nights in a row. During the day, he would drive a different car to the garage, and all of the car had to be washed and maintained. At night, he would patronize the bar and order all kinds of expensive wine.

“Boss Lu, don’t waste money like this. Don’t order any more wines. The wine here sucks. As I’ve said before, we’re even now, and so you really don’t need to do this.”

When Lu Yang came and ordered wine on the seventh day, Chen Yuchuan refused to budge. “I won’t give it to you today, even if you ordered it.”

Lu Yang just smiled and said, “Okay, then I won’t be here tomorrow.”

One the eight day, Lu Yang really didn’t come. Chen Yuchuan washed a few cars during the day and repaired two more cars with his master.

Seeing him so absent-minded and continuously glancing at the door, the master finally asked, “Who are you looking for? Waiting for Boss Lu?”

“Who’s waiting for him?” Chen Yuchuan denied. Then he added, “What makes you think I’m waiting for him?”

The master smiled at him and didn’t say anything.

That night, Lu Yang didn’t come to the bar either, and neither did he come the night after that.

On the eleventh day, when Lu Yang finally showed up at the garage, Chen Yuchuan was resting his arm on the shelf, seemingly fascinated by the wrench in his hand. When he heard “Chen Yuchuan,” the wrench fell from his hand and nearly smashed him in the foot.

Lu Yang reacted quickly and caught the wrench as it fell.

Putting the wrench on the shelf next to him, Lu Yang said, “Are you busy today? I brought a car that needs to be washed. I already put your name down.”

Chen Yuchuan just stood there, looking at Lu Yang with lowered eyebrows. “I’ve already told you that we’re even now. Your car is still good. You don’t need to come and get it washed by me. And our maintenance isn’t as good as a 4S shop.”

Lu Yang stood next to Chen Yuchuan and said, “That’s fine. I’m not really here to get a carwash or to get maintenance done on my car.”

“Then what are you doing here?”

Lu Yang didn’t speak and just looked at him.

Chen Yuchuan wasn’t a fool. Lu Yang’s words were obvious enough to make him realize that Lu Yang liked him.

He raised his eyebrows and said, “So what, you came not to wash your car but to try to woo me?”

Lu Yang didn’t deny it. Instead, he leaned against the shelf with Chen Yuchuan and asked, “Have you ever been in love before?”

Feeling a little confused, Chen Yuchuan lit up a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Lu Yang looked at the skillful way in which Chen Yuchuan had lit up his cigarette. Just as Chen Yuchuan was about to start smoking, he directly took the cigarette from his mouth and stubbed it out on the wall.

“Hey, why did you take my cigarette?” Chen Yuchuan cried.

“Do you want to try?” Lu Yang asked.

“Try, what nonsense. Try…” With his cigarette gone, so was Chen Yuchuan’s calm.

“Fall in love with me, date me, do you want to try it?” Lu Yang took away the cigarette case and the lighter from Chen Yuchuan’s hands. “At 18, you’re already smoking. How old are you?”

As he listened to him, Chen Yuchuan no longer tried to take back his cigarettes. He crossed his arms and said, “Then why don’t you tell me? I’m only 18, but you want to date me?”

Lu Yang laughed. “At 18, you’re an adult. You can date.”

Chen Yuchuan raised an arm and rested his palm on the shelf support. He turned his head and looked out into the distance.

At the end of his line of sight was the sunset on the horizon, with a few red clouds gathering quietly. He said, “I won’t try.”


Chen Yuchuan turned his head, and his eyes seemed to also be stained with a little bit of red by those red clouds. “What does it mean to try? If you just want to hook up with me, then that won’t do. Don’t fool me because I am young. If you want to date, then I don’t want to just try, I want to date seriously.”

Translation Notes:
(1) Lie Feng – 
Lei Feng was supposedly a soldier from the People’s Liberation Army. Various government propaganda campaigns portrayed him as a model citizen who was selfless, earnest, and devoted to Mao Zedong. It was unknown whether Lei Feng was an actual person or whether he was created for the use of propaganda.

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