Divorced, Chapter 39: Happy Marriage

Because of what Lu Yang had said about them being like fireworks that would never go out, Chen Yuchuan smiled happily and asked Lu Yang to say it again, so that he could record it. Between the two of them, Chen Yuchuan was the most talkative one, but there were many times when Lu Yang Read More

Divorced, Chapter 38: The Fireworks Of Our Lives

It was almost ten o’clock when Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang came out of the boxing gym. In the middle of the night, the thin street lights were mixed with the cold moonlight streaming down from the night sky. Chen Yuchuan was so hungry that his chest was practically touching his back. His arm was Read More

Divorced, Chapter 37: To Repeat

By the time Lu Yang finally let Chen Yuchuan go, he was sore and exhausted and sleepy. But he didn’t want to fall asleep. He kept talking with his eyes closed, and Lu Yang would respond to everything he said. This time, it wasn’t that he couldn’t fall asleep, but that he was so tired, Read More

Divorced, Chapter 36: Continue Tomorrow

When they got home, the items in Lu Yang’s pocket were temporarily thrown at the bottom of a drawer. Because Chubby was ill, he began to vomit after dinner, and he kept making whining sounds as he laid in his dog bed, unwilling to move. It started when Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang were in Read More

Divorced, Chapter 35: No Matter What

The family dinner was joyous and harmonious. Unfortunately, it was interrupted by something. It was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but Hua Song ended up visiting. When he arrived, Lu Yang and Lu Xianfeng happened to be in the study, talking about a business project. When Lu Yang came out of the study Read More