Love Delusion: Chapter 48

One morning, Shang Hao suddenly sent a call invitation during work hours.

After Lin Anran connected, what appeared on the screen was not Shang Hao, but a display case filled with cherry cream tart, matcha raspberry basque, and black and white forest cake rolls.

The image shook, and then the camera turned sideways. At that moment, it seemed as if a curtain was opening in front of his eyes, showing a full view of delicate little cakes, and each piece was emitting a soft light like in a fairy tale. The picture was full of sweetness.

This was not the real world, this was heaven.

Lin Anran was transfixed by this image. Shang Hao’s voice appeared as a voiceover. “Do you like these?”

Lin Anran liked it very much. He could even smell the vanilla cream from the cakes. He secretly swallowed and asked Shang Hao, “Where are you?”

He wanted to embarrassingly ask what store this was so that he could go if he ever had a chance.

Shang Hao said, “Gangcheng.”

Shang Hao had a private jet, which made it very convenient for him to fly. His flight schedule was based entirely on his personal schedule. It was common for him and Lin Anran to not be in the same city in the morning and afternoon, and Lin Anran would often find himself incidentally having international phone calls with him.

When Lin Anran heard his answer, he felt regretful. He couldn’t go.

Shang Hao slowly turned the camera so that he could clearly see the frosting and mint leaves on the cake. “This is an old-fashioned traditional bakery, and the products here are not bad.”

The little dummy in Lin Anran’s heart nodded vigorously. It looked very good. .

Lin Anran himself only made a reserved “mmn,” not commenting.

Today, he was very firm. He must stop Shang Hao and absolutely could not let him buy him something again.

It wasn’t that the cakes weren’t tempting, but that Boss Shang had brought back too many gifts for him already. On the other hand, Lin Anran hadn’t thought about what he wanted to give Shang Hao, and so he had a very guilty conscience.

Each time, Boss Shang’s reasons are also very ridiculous, such as “The moment I looked at it, I saw your name written on it”, “It’s something that naturally belongs to you”, “I just brought it back casually”…..

He spoke so plausibly, as if there were such good things in the world with Lin Anran’s name written on it, even though Lin Anran himself didn’t know it.

In short, before Lin Anran had a chance to reciprocate with gifts of his own for the previous gifts he were given, he was determined to make Boss Shang get rid of this bad habit of giving gifts.

Boss Shang held his cell phone and finished showcasing the first row of cakes. Lin Anran was also ready to refuse, with the word “no” on his lips, ready to be launched at any moment. But it was too late. The other person was already talking.

Shang Hao said, “I want it. Can you please buy me one?”

Lin Anran immediately said, “N…huh?”

Shang Hao repeated, “Can you please buy me a cake?”

Lin Anran thought for a moment and secretly licked his lips.

As Shang Hao patiently waited for him to answer, he lowered the camera down, displaying a sea of ​​small cakes.

The enemy was too cunning. Lin Anran’s voice was like a gnat, and it surreptitiously said to the devil on the other side of the phone, “Okay.”

If he kept his voice low enough, he could deceive his own conscience.

Since it was his own treat, Lin Anran didn’t have to be polite, and he instructed Shang Hao to select several and then waited for Shang Hao to make his decision

Shang Hao was having some difficulties.

Just like under normal circumstances, huge humans collectively consider a certain type of small insects as ants. Similarly, wealthy men like Shang Hao collectively considered other humans as poor.

He wasn’t sure if these dozens of pieces of cakes were affordable for Lin Anran or if they would put a blow in his living expenses.

He was certain that, although he gave Lin Anran a black card, if he asked him to treat him, then he definitely would treat him.

After looking a full circle, he realized that there was not a single digit item in here. Finally, he pointed to the cheapest doughnut, thought about it, and asked Lin Anran, “Will buying this make you go bankrupt?”

Lin Anran on the other side of the phone:.…..

Shang Hao hummed and said, “Or how about I…”

Lin Anran said, “Say it again, and I’ll beat you up.”

Shang Hao was relieved. So it seemed that he wouldn’t go bankrupt. Since Lin Anran had learned to beat people, he had been in a better mood and was more expressive about his thoughts. Shang Hao said, “Okay, then buy this.”

Last time, Lin Anran regretted beating a certain someone, thinking that he’d made a mistake. Although he was deliberately holding himself back from being too prideful, Boss Shang still made people want to beat him from time to time.

It was as if a small piece of his eggshell was pecked off, and a beam of light finally came through that single hole. Lin Anran added a vent, so that he could use this single hole to breathe outside.

The specific manifestation of this was that from time to time, he would hit Shang Hao.

After all, this was the only skill he’d learned thus far.

Because it was he who paid the bill, the voice of Lin Anran’s conscience condemning him was a little bit smaller. However, when Shang Hao returned home in the evening, he carried a small suitcase with exquisite workmanship in addition to the cake in his hand.

He said it was because he had spent enough that the cake shop included this small gift.

Lin Anran opened the thing that looked like a toolbox, and it was no exaggeration to say that he was stunned by the aristocratic aura shining onto his face. The paints spread over in three layers were unfolded for the first time, noble and elegant.

For the first time in his life, he smelled the aristocratic breath from paint.

Could paint be noble? It should be understood that the paint industry also had strict luxury and non-luxury distinctions. The box in Lin Anran’s hands was a high-end luxury item in the painting industry, and the cost of each gram was more than several times that of gold. It took a long time for it to be customized and then mailed to China, and Shang Hao didn’t get it until today.

Lin Anran had limited knowledge of luxury goods. He didn’t know the cost and the status of this set of paint, and if he knew it, he would be too scared to accept it.

But there was a natural telepathy between the painter and the paint. He just had a hunch that this would be the most expensive paint he would ever use in his life. Could this, this thing really be a gift from a cake shop?

Lin Anran couldn’t bear to put his hands down from the paint box. He looked at Shang Hao and then at the paint, his face clearly displaying his inward struggle.

Shang Hao said, “As soon as I saw it, I knew your name was written on it.”

Lin Anran’s struggling heart:…nsdd!

Shang Hao said, “The painter who can reject this set of paint must not be a professional painter.”

Lin Anran: Very true! Very true!

Shang Hao added, “Looking at how much it wants to follow you, are you really willing to refuse the child?”

Lin Anran: Oh, the child is too pitiful.

Shang Hao said, “The cake shop is really enthusiastic.”

Lin Anran: Really enthusiastic!

Shang Hao said, “Use it! Buy more when you run out!”

Lin Anran: Buy it!

Lin Anran decided that he would use the rest of his life to work as a compensation for Boss Shang’s present today.

Even if he had to sell him his body, it was impossible not to gamble on this paint that was just to his taste. He was very reluctant to let go of this box of paint.

However, when Lin Anran received the last gift, he had promised himself that it would be the last time. So after this, he felt very regretful. He drew a lot of hearts at his desk and put them into the big glass jar on the same table.

This large glass jar had been on his desk for the past few days. It was Lin Anran’s idea of visualizing Shang Hao’s love.

He’d reflected on what Shang Hao had said, which was that he’d told him he loved him so many times, and yet he still wouldn’t believe him. In order to remind himself not to be a white-eyed wolf, Lin Anran prepared this big jar to contain Boss Shang’s love.

The other jar next to Shang Hao’s was his. He was determined to give as much love as he was given.

Looking at the difference in height of the hearts in the two jars, there was still much to be done.

Speaking of gifts, Lin Anran silently glanced back at the expensive treadmill.

Because after running a few times on it, it was no longer used, and so Lin Anran ended up stacking clothes on top of it. In short, it was now a 200,000 yuan hanger.

In the end, Shang Hao couldn’t stand idly by and watch, and so this treadmill became his fitness equipment from time to time. He had a habit of exercising, and when he was free at night, he would go for a run on it.

When he ran, his endurance was exceptionally long, and his whole body began to exude a charm from the inside out, such that he could fascinate ten innocent boys like Lin Anran all at the same time.

Lin Anran was fascinated by him. Under the influence of his boyfriend, that night when Shang Hao was running, he also took the initiative to bring out his yoga mat, emptied the surrounding area, and spread it beside the treadmill at a distance.

He started doing yoga very seriously next to Shang Hao; he had even changed into his professional yoga attire.

By that time, Shang Hao had already been running for nearly an hour. Lin Anran had only practiced for ten minutes, but he kept hearing muffled laughter coming from the treadmill next to him.

The honest Lin Anran couldn’t help asking sincerely, “Why are you laughing at me?”

Shang Hao looked at him, smiling. “I wasn’t laughing.”

Lin Anran: ??

That night, Lin Anran was carried semi-forcefully onto the treadmill. Fifteen minutes later, when he was picked up in the exact same way he was put on, he was out of breath.

Shang Hao sat on the sofa, holding him and messaging the muscles on his legs. He encouraged him soothingly, “You are so awesome, I love it.

As Lin Anran panted, he gave him a weak thumbs up.

“What are you doing?”

“Massaging you to relax and prevent the accumulation of lactic acid,” Shang Hao answered solemnly.

This made sense to Lin Anran, but couldn’t he use more force? And why was he only focusing on his thighs? Other places were sore too.

Lin Anran said, “I’m all sweaty.”

He was sitting directly on Shang Hao’s lap, and he felt very embarrassed.

There was no response, but Shang Hao must have heard what he said, because he started on himself.

“I’m sweaty too.”

As he spoke, his lips were practically brushing across the shell of Lin Anran’s ear. “Do you dislike me?”

Lin Anran was kissed by him like this and he couldn’t make a sound at all. He could only shake his head in response. He didn’t feel disgusted at all in his heart, but he still disliked it in himself.

“That’s right.”

But Shang Hao began to objectively consider the situation Lin Anran had raised, listening carefully to his words.

He told Lin Anran, “You think I’m talking nonsense, but if I really started to hate you just because you got a little sweaty, then you should quickly break up with me.”

He liked the person in his arms too much. He couldn’t help worrying about him in the future, and he couldn’t wait to let this little person named Lin Anran spend the rest of his life immersed in the depths of his heart, so that he could spend his life warm and peaceful.

He wasn’t at ease with even the future Shang Hao. Therefore, fearing that the soft-tempered Lin Anran would be bullied by him, he was teaching him how to break up with future Shang Hao.

Lin Anran thought for a moment and said, “I won’t despise you.” He never did and never would.

Shang Hao smiled. Ranran was too sincere. It was he himself who was the paranoid one.

He shook his legs, and the person on his legs also shook. “Then you kiss me.”

“The kind that involves tongues.”


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Love Delusion: Chapter 47

After leaving the counseling center, Lin Anran walked in the direction of the parking lot with his head lowered.

Since he had Shang Hao, there was no need to always trouble his aunt to drive. However, Boss Shang was usually busy and might not be able to pull away from work. As a result, he may not be able to pick Lin Anran up all the time.

But today, Boss Shang said he would come and pick him up.

While wearing a hat and a mask, Lin Anran stood out as an oddity in the crowd. When he scanned the parking lot to look for Shang Hao, he raised his head just enough so that the brim of his hat wouldn’t obstruct his vision.

He held the phone with both hands and had just sent the message when he saw a tall figure standing next to a car.

Lin Anran’s eyes lit up, and he immediately walked towards Shang Hao, who was half a parking lot away.

At first, he only walked. But perhaps it was because the closer he got to Shang Hao, the stronger the magnetic attraction, because this strange-looking human went from walking to power walking. With his eyes constantly fixed on Shang Hao’s figure in the distance, his two legs walked faster and faster.

Shang Hao saw him in the distance. After establishing a Bluetooth link with the other person’s line of sight, Lin Anran’s heart was lighter than his body and wanted him to take flight. Finally, at a position less than ten meters away from Shang Hao, his brisk power walking became a trot, as if he couldn’t wait to take off at a full run right then and there.

The outside world was an endless sea, and Lin Anran was a wandering boat. This man was the harbor that had been waiting for him to return.

Lin Anran, the acknowledged boat, rushed towards him from a distance, and when he finally reached Shang Hao’s side, he tried to slam on his breaks. But his athletic talents couldn’t live up to expectations. He couldn’t stop in time and rammed right into Shang Hao’s arms.

Shang Hao tightened his arms around him and lifted Lin Anran right off the ground for a second before putting him back down.

Lin Anran settled back on his feet in a daze, and Shang Hao took the opportunity to push his hair away from his face. Then he held his face and observed his post-doctor mood, before leaning over to kiss his forehead first and then his cheek.

Lin Anran’s heart was rippling in warm water, until he heard rustling laughter floating nearby.

With his head held in place, he rolled his eyes over and was shocked to find that there were people standing nearby.

Away from the aisle, several elderly aunts were posing, taking turns taking photos with Shang Hao’s Maybach. But, attracted to the movement on Shang Hao’s end, they stood together and watched the two of them embracing with a wide smile on their face.

The aunts didn’t have any bad intentions and looked justified, as if they were tourists who had bought tickets to watch. It was only then that Lin Anran realized that he was still in a public place, and he quickly stepped down from Boss Shang in embarrassment, not daring to look there anymore.

Shang Hao bent over to open the door for him so that he could enter the car first.

Lin Anran was still bemoaning the fact that he’d forgotten he was still in a public space. Fortunately there weren’t many people there, and it was just those aunts.

Lin Anran had just sat down when the person in the driving seat in front suddenly said, “Mr. Lin, hello!”

Assistant Xu’s calm voice was overcome with his enthusiasm for good service.

Lin Anran was shocked again. “H-hello.”

After a few seconds of silence in the car, Lin Anran finally couldn’t help but hesitantly asked, “Just now, you…”

Had he been there all this time? Could it be that he saw everything?

Assistant Xu replied cordially, “I’m at your service at any time.”

Lin Anran:…

He straightened on the leather car seat, biting his lip, a faint blush on his serious face.

As soon as he entered the car, Shang Hao grabbed his hand.

Lin Anran didn’t understand it before, but Shang Hao’s various puzzling, handsy behaviors now made sense. For example, the reason he held his hand so tightly was because he had a low sense of security.

Lin Anran’s hand was held so completely that only a section of his fingers were exposed. Thus, a row of lush white fingers curled up and grasped the big hand as much as they could.

Assistant Xu started the car, and Shang Hao asked, “Going home?”

Lin Anran thought about Teacher Zhou’s suggestions.

She encouraged Lin Anran’s friend to go out more often so as to improve social adaptability. An example was dating. After all, dating wasn’t a one-time task.

That one sentence awakened Lin Anran. He thought that it made perfect sense.

Anyway, he underwent a certain struggle every time before going outside. When he was coming out of the counseling center, he was thinking, why not just take advantage of today, especially with both of them in the car?

“When do you get off work?” he asked Shang Hao in a low voice. His questioning tone was very light, with no sense of confidence at all. Therefore, his question didn’t sound like it might be followed with this next question: “Can we go out to play together?”

As Lin Anran was asking this, his fingers moved nervously, as if trying to scratch the back of Shang Hao’s hand.

Shang Hao would agree to anything he said. He turned over Lin Anran’s hand and agreed, “Of course we can. We can do it now.”

Hearing this sentence from Shang Hao, even the highly professional Assistant Xu nearly couldn’t hold back.

He wanted to say something but then hesitated, wanting to speak but still dared not, yet eager to give it a try. From time to time, his eyes would glance at the rearview mirror.

This humble office assistant would like to remind President Shang. Did you remember that the half-hour squeezed out to pick this person up came from the gap between two rounds of meeting? There was no more space, and the limit of time management had already been maxed out.

He was originally dedicated to acting as Shang Hao’s driving machine. At this moment, he endured and endured. Before he could make a sound, he glanced at the rearview mirror with restraint, trying to find a chance to speak.

In the rearview mirror, his gaze met Shang Hao’s, which was kindly reminding him: Shut up.

Assistant Xu quickly became silent.

Shang Hao turned his head and explained to Lin Anran without changing face, “He is too fierce. I’m afraid.”

Lin Anran was taken aback and quickly followed with a “Mmn, mmn.”

Assistant Xu, now wholly dedicated to driving, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. Was love really this blind?

Although Shang Hao said that he was afraid, there was no trace of fear in his expression. Yet, Lin Anran still chose to believe him.

Speaking of which, Shang Hao’s acting skills were gradually becoming half-hearted. But even if he wrote “inferiority complex” on a piece of paper and then pasted it on his forehead, Lin Anran will choose to believe that he really did feel inferior.

Just because his boyfriend was originally arrogant and high-status didn’t mean that he couldn’t have low self-esteem. After all, he loved his family boyfriend dearly.

This highly inferior child had been holding his hand tightly since they got in the car.

Assistant Xu: Love is a glass of wine, anyone can drink it into a daze.

Lin Anran knew that Shang Hao was an elite, but he heard that bullying in the workplace wasn’t so simple. What’s more, Boss Shang was now in a fragile state. Therefore, Lin Anran needed to spread his wings to protect him. He refused to allow others to take advantage of him in his current state.

“He…is he usually so fierce?”

Because the suspect was present, Lin Anran tacitly didn’t say much. Instead, he looked at Shang Hao intently with questioning eyes, trying to pass information to him.

—Kitty, do you need legal aid?

The intellectual Assistant Xu:…How about you both raise the partition before talking again? I will feel better in my heart.

He focused on driving with an “I didn’t hear anything” expression on his face.

“Don’t pay attention to him.” Shang Hao slowly rubbed Lin Anran’s hand. “Where shall we go?”

Lin Anran didn’t know.

He wanted to do more of what normal couples do, so he hesitated and tentatively proposed, “Watch a movie…Is that fine with you?”

“Then let’s go to our personal movie theater.”

Lin Anran’s reaction was slow. He had barely struggled out of the thought “I’ve made a decision so quickly” before he fell right away into the haze of “our own personal movie theater.”

The driving robot in the front seat received the instruction and turned automatically. There were several movie theaters that belonged to Shang Hao’s family in Jiangcheng, and the nearest one was less than ten minutes away. It was located on the top floor of a large commercial center.

There were many people there, and Shang Hao dressed in his business suit attracted the attention of many passersbys. He kept his gaze forward and held Lin Anran’s hand all the way.

A boyfriend with this configuration was very glamorous, and Lin Anran was quite happy.

Because he was bringing Shang Hao out on a date, Lin Anran volunteered to hold his hand as they waited for the ticket to be bought.

For some reason, Assistant Xu, who was normally such a thoughtful person, forgot to ask Boss Shang about what he wanted this time and neither did he ask him if this movie theater was okay. Therefore, Lin Anran didn’t know which movie theater this was and couldn’t buy tickets on his mobile phone first.

It may not be a good idea to make a last minute decision to watch a movie, because the most recent shows were almost full. Lin Anran was wondering whether to sit in the first row or the position closest to the wall, when he heard Shang Hao calling him.

“Ranran, let’s go.”

Go? Where were they going?

The two of them were still holding hands, but now Lin Anran was being led by Shang Hao. There was a staff member leading the way, all the way passed the ticket gate and the ticket machine.

The waiter took them to the innermost imax hall, politely said “I wish you a happy movie-watching”, and left.

Lin Anran didn’t have to worry about whether he should sit in the last row or against the wall, because the entire spacious hall was empty. The two of them were the only ones who could indulge in any seats in the entire theater room.

If he wanted to sit against the wall, he could sit against the wall. If he wanted to sit in the first row, he could sit in the first row.

Lin Anran realized that Assistant Xu didn’t forget to ask. It was that Boss Shang didn’t have to buy tickets.

Shang Hao said, “This is a theater room that hasn’t been opened yet.”

Lin Anran was embarrassed, and then whispered after sitting down, “You didn’t even tell me.”

He was somewhat lacking in confidence. Shang Hao looked at his expression and spoke at a lower volume than Lin Anran, “I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.”

This was how humans are. Comfort was comfort. But the comfort of a person standing at a height was always different from the comfort of someone standing at the same height.

A person with low self-esteem comforting another person with low self-esteem. Lin Anran originally felt that he himself was useless, but for the first time, he felt that maybe this might not be the case after all.

The experience of leaving a state of low self-esteem was so wonderfully comfortable.

“They’re too noisy. I just wanted to stay together with you,” Shang Hao whispered into his ears.

Lin Anran was obedient and didn’t get up. They were sitting in the golden viewing position of the entire theater, with only two people charting the venue, and no one else bothering them. When the surrounding lights dimmed and the big screen came on, Lin Anran remembered that he still didn’t know what movie he was watching.

After the opening sequence, a large line lit up the middle of the big screen: “Defense of the Forest Homeland:The Adventures of the Animal Kingdom.”

Lin Anran:….

The movie had already started, and he couldn’t speak. Shang Hao found that he was looking at himself and gave him a knowing smile: You don’t have to thank me.

Looking at the screen, Lin Anran’s heart was still submerged in water. He made up his mind that, after they were done watching the movie, he would explain clearly to Shang Hao this time. He really had no strange obsession with animals.

Lin Anran’s inner activity at the beginning of the movie was “Who would want to watch this?”

At the end of the movie, Lin Anran’s eyes were brimming with tears. How could anyone not be moved by the friendship of the little animals in helping each other?

Lin Anran was really moved to tears by the little animals. When the ending song started, he was finally able to turn his head to look at Boss Shang to see whether he was just as deeply moved.

Boss Shang… Boss Shang was sleeping.

In the dim light, the incredulous Lin Anran confirmed it again and was finally convinced of the fact. In front of such a moving movie, this person really fell asleep.

Lin Anran deplored this very much. He didn’t know at what point in the movie Shang Hao had fallen asleep. It would be a pity if he didn’t see the movie’s climax.

The music of the ending song awakened Shang Hao, and as soon as he woke up, he started looking for Lin Anran.

At that moment, Lin Anran concocted a plan—He must let Shang Hao know today that it was absolutely a pity to miss the touching story of the little animals.

The lights in the theater slowly turned on, and at the same time, it also caught the two pools of water in Lin Anran’s eyes.

Shang Hao looked at him with a dazed expression. He sat up and moved closer to Lin Anran.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Anran could have wiped away the tears, but this was perfect evidence of how moving the movie was, so he chose to leave them. With tears in his eyes, he said to Shang Hao, “You actually fell asleep.”

Although the emotional energy had long passed, Lin Anran still had the lingering, bittersweet feeling from the movie.

He wanted to use his tears to show him: Take a look at how touching the story of the little animal was. Now regret it and know how bad it was to fall asleep halfway through the movie.

Shang Hao wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes, his thumbs moving carefully and with pity, as if those tears were beads that would break at the slightest bit of force.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

He frowned. His whole body was turned sideways, and his eyes never left Lin Anran’s face. He seemed to be thinking about countermeasures, but in the end, he gave up and said in a self-annoyed voice, “It’s my fault.”

Shang Hao didn’t even know when he had fallen asleep. But he actually fell asleep while they were watching a movie together at the theater for the first time. No wonder Lin Anran was so sad. It was indeed his fault.

He wasn’t dealt a blow by missing a movie; he was hit by Lin Anran’s tears.

Lin Anran said, “You don’t even know how hard the little raccoons worked to protect their forest homes.”

Shang Hao sincerely said, “I’m sorry little raccoons.”

At this moment, he didn’t even think of using his own fake low self-esteem. One person instinctively comforted the other person, and the other person naturally learned to show weakness without realizing it.

Shang Hao sometimes felt that he didn’t actually have to act inferior in front of Lin Anran. Anyone would have a slight inferiority complex when in front of a loved one.

He had been chasing Lin Anran, without knowing why. He must have been chasing Lin Anran all his life. Everything seemed as if it was being taken for granted.

Because true love could not be fully possessed, so that even if the person was right in front of his eyes, he was not completely satisfied. He would still not be satisfied even if he spent his entire life with him.

Originally, Lin Anran’s remaining tears were preserved from the movie, but now they were wiped away, leaving behind a pair of pure, black-and-white eyes that were extraordinarily clean after washing.

Seeing Shang Hao being so regretful for the little raccoon, he couldn’t bear it anymore. But Shang Hao said, “I’ll let them play it again. I will definitely not fall asleep this time.”

Lin Anran reached out and held him urgently. Actually, he was just pretending so as to deceive him. He couldn’t tell him the true reason, so he could only stop him with some embarrassment. “No.”

Seeing that Boss Shang was so regretful, he blamed himself. He didn’t expect that missing the little raccoons would hit Boss Shang so hard.

It was the first time he played this kind of trick in front of Boss Shang, and his heart was pounding right now.

Unexpectedly, Lin Anran did this small scheme.

He was really a bad boy.

After watching a movie, it was almost time for dinner so the two of them had a meal outside before returning home.

Shang Hao seemed to be very busy. He had turned off his phone when he was watching the movie, but now there were intermittent phone calls throughout the entire meal.

Lin Anran sat opposite him, and when the man wasn’t paying attention, he secretly raised his eyes to watch him call and send messages.

This was the case. That time, when Shang Hao had said, “I’ve told you that I loved you for so long, why don’t you believe me?” It made an impact on Lin Anran’s world.

Looking at himself from an outside perspective, it turned out that he was so difficult.

Was what Shang Hao said true? If so, then this was too unfair to him…Lin Anran began to reflect, trying to make himself accept this as an established fact.

Once he accepted the setting that Shang Hao truly loved him…

He seemed to be about to step into the sea for the first time, bare-footed. Waves were rushing up to the beach, one after another, rushing over to his feet without stopping, approaching and teasing him infinitely.

Due to watching the touching movie of the adventures in the forest, Lin Anran had trouble with the selection of pajamas that night. There were no raccoon pajamas in his closet.

After a long moment of indecision, he ended up taking a Corgi one-piece pajamas that he hadn’t worn for a long time.

However, it was this pajamas that gave Boss Shang a certain kind of bad inspiration. He didn’t know why, but he always had a steady stream of inspiration for these kinds of pajamas.

When he saw Lin Anran on the bed, he walked to the end of the bed without saying a word and dragged his ankles.

Suddenly, Lin Anran was dragged to the edge of the bed, and Shang Hao’s unkind, smiling face appeared in his vision.

Lin Anran became angry in his heart. He knew what Boss Shang was going to say. Last time he said he was a chicken dish. This time, he wouldn’t say that he was Draggie, right? These days, he had already made peace with himself, and these common homonyms no longer bothered him.

He’ll bear it. He could bear it.

Shang Hao smiled and slowly uttered a word, “Draggie.”

Lin Anran: ????

Too much damage!!! A critical hit!!!

You can insult me, but you can’t insult my pajamas! Lin Anran, the little policeman in one-piece pajamas, was furious and sat up awkwardly, trying to get his feet back from Shang Hao’s grip but couldn’t. So he switched to using his own iron fist and hammered Shang Hao on the spot.

We’re both inferior people, you can’t scold me.

At first, Shang Hao was surprised. “What are you doing?”

Lin Anran said, “Beating you.”

They fell silent for a moment. Before Lin Anran could react, Shang Hao suddenly pressed him down and threw him onto the bed.

With a sweet smile in his voice, he kissed Lin Anran’s ear affectionately, “Ranran beated me.”

Lin Anran was thrown into a daze: ……Huh?

What did he miss? How had the plot suddenly advanced to this perverted step?


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Love Delusion: Chapter 46

Lin Anran was really not used to Boss Shang falling into the mortal world from a height overlooking him, thereby becoming a person on equal footing with him.

That night, when Lin Anran inadvertently passed by him, Boss Shang was just about to step into the bathroom to take a bath. But when he saw Lin Anran, he retreated and stood there, looking at him with waiting eyes.

Lin Anran stopped and realized that Boss Shang didn’t dare wash first and was trying to give him priority to the bathroom.

Lin Anran hurriedly waved his hand and said no, let Boss Shang wash first.

It wasn’t until after Lin Anran promised that even if Boss Shang used the bathroom first, he wouldn’t break up with him, was he willing to raise his foot to enter.

Even before hugging Lin Anran as usual, Shang Hao would calmly ask him if he could hug him.

Although Lin Anran couldn’t adapt quickly, no matter what, Shang Hao was still Shang Hao. His aura hadn’t dimmed one bit for Lin Anran.

He still respected and loved the tall and stalwart Shang Hao, and he was determined to take care of the person in front of him as a temporarily sick Shang Hao.

When it was time for bed that night, after the lights were turned off, only Lin Anran’s head was protruding from the bulging mass under the comforter.

Lin Anran was holding a person under the comforter. He devoted himself to cradling Boss Shang’s head in his arms, giving him the guardian of love.

The man was born much taller than Lin Anran. He was now buried in his arms, using him as a pillow. Lin Anran, who was being hugged by him, felt as if he was being bound by an octopus. Ahh, the suffocations of love.

Faced with a Shang Hao like this, Lin Anran was helpless. However, he remembered that his own inferiority complex manifested in questioning whether Shang Hao loved him or not. In comparison, Shang Hao’s inferiority complex resulted in him trying to find opportunities to make as much physical contact with him as possible.

Lin Anran, who was blinded by the lard of love, thought this very confidently.

Lin Anran quietly opened the comforter, looked down at the head resting on his chest, and asked, “Is it stuffy in there?”

He spoke very softly and gently. Shang Hao was very fragile right now. Just now, he’d even asked Lin Anran if he could not go to work tomorrow, and so Lin Anran had to nervously coax him for a long time before he finally succeeded in convincing him otherwise.

Hearing Lin Anran’s question, the head on his chest shook silently, but the arms wrapped around Lin Anran’s waist tightened.

Lin Anran had to re-cover the comforter, leaving a little opening for air, and lightly patted Boss Shang’s hand.

He understood Shang Hao very well and felt sympathy for his hurt. Because people like them had a low sense of security, they often needed a great deal of attention.

Lin Anran deliberately woke up early the next day and made his only good sandwiches for them, cheering for a new day for Boss Shang.

Shang Hao got up a while later. He was washing up in the bathroom when Lin Anran appeared, wanting to ask him what kind of leafy vegetables he wanted on his sandwich today. He reached the door and glanced in at Shang Hao brushing his teeth.

This single glance took Lin Anran back to the past and he stared, trying to determine whether this person was an inferior Shang Hao or an arrogant Shang Hao.

Shang Hao’s current demeanor precisely displayed his natural aura of superiority.

For a moment, Lin Anran forgot what he wanted to ask. It was estimated that Boss Shang hadn’t awakened yet. But he quickly reacted. Withdrawing his gaze, he silently lowered his head, filled with a sorrow that was leaking everywhere.

Lin Anran hurried over and hugged the tall, sad man in comfort.

He tried his utmost to straighten his back so that he could press the tall Shang Hao’s head against his shoulder, trying to give him a sense of security.

It stood to reason that Lin Anran’s purely passive character wasn’t suitable for such active kisses and hugs, but because Shang Hao usually hugged and nuzzled him, Lin Anran’s ability to withstand physical contact had improved significantly.

Hugs and kisses were already commonplace. Let alone hugging the sad Shang Hao at this moment.

Shang Hao bent over. He opened a pair of deep, dark eyes on Lin Anran’s shoulders, and closed them again, hiding the satisfaction in his eyes.

If Lin Anran had paused for a moment in giving undivided comfort and glanced at Shang Hao’s expression, he might reasonably suspect that Boss Shang’s display of inferiority wasn’t authentic.

However, he didn’t. The big, tall man in his arms seemed to move unintentionally, and Lin Anran quickly comforted him, hugging him tighter.

Shang Hao’s acting was very superficial. People with genuinely low self-esteem wouldn’t keep bringing attention to his low self-esteem all day long. It could be said that he was very committed to this particular play.

That day, Lin Anran stayed home all day.

He never thought that Shang Hao would ever have low self-esteem. But he had to admit that the current situation had shortened the distance between himself and Shang Hao.

For example, he usually subconsciously didn’t dare to look directly into Boss Shang’s eyes, but yesterday, Lin Anran had tried hard to resist the urge to look away.

If he gave in and looked away, Boss Shang would think more of it. To put it bluntly, he didn’t feel that the current Shang Hao was as majestic or terrifying as before because he knew that he needed him.

Also, in the past, he was the one who was always being hugged and so he never had the opportunity to enjoy his boyfriend’s body before.

But now, he found himself taking the initiative to enjoy the male body. If he wanted to kiss, he could. If he wanted to hug, he could, and if he wanted to hold hands, he also could. Lin Anran had never been so arrogant in his life.

He must admit that his boyfriend’s body was really good to touch.

Really great.

Lin Anran waited all day for Shang Hao to get home from work. As soon as Shang Hao opened the door, he saw Lin Anran standing in front of him to greet him.

“You’re back.” Lin Anran stepped forward.

For a moment, Shang Hao couldn’t think of how to answer in a humble manner and so he lowered his head instead.

Lin Anran observed his expression and felt distressed for him.

This was followed by another sticky hug. As Lin Anran was hugging the inferior Shang Hao, he was thinking that this couldn’t go on. If his boyfriend continued to feel inferior, he would be bullied at the company.

He asked Boss Shang, “Do you feel better today than yesterday?”

Shang Hao thought for a moment, and then shook his head.

He asked Lin Anran back, “I have told you that I loved you for so long, but you never believed me, right?”

Lin Anran thought about it, and realized that he made a lot of sense. It was really thought-provoking. For the first time in his life, he realized that he, who had never wanted to cause trouble to others, had turned out to be so difficult.

But…But it was really hard not to believe that Shang Hao just loved his body!

What was so great about him? He was cowardly and useless, he couldn’t communicate well, and…

While in Lin Anran’s arms, Shang Hao laughed at himself. “I am really useless. I’m arrogant, and I don’t care about other people’s feelings. After so long, I still couldn’t even convince you that I love you. I’m a failure, right?”

Lin Anran was startled by his words.

No! Boss Shang needed to cheer up! He and Shang Hao should both cheer up!

In order to exchange experiences as patients, he thought and thought and decided to tell Boss Shang about what he was like before.

“I once went to the exhibition hall by myself to see you.”

In the past, Lin Anran would usually only go out when he had to see his psychiatrist. At that time, he thought he was living with an imaginary Shang Hao and so he would secretly follow all the news about the real Shang Hao. With some difficulties, he found out that Shang Hao was going to make a public appearance, and so he summoned the courage to go out alone and took the subway to see him.

In the downstairs lobby of that hall, he stood alone under the watchful gaze of the security guards. He stood for an entire afternoon without even seeing a shadow of Shang Hao.

In the end, he returned to the same place alone.

Lin Anran still did many such deeds. For example, he stupidly went to write a letter to the suggestion box downstairs of Tianneng Group, hoping that Shang Hao himself would read his letter.

He had never told Shang Hao about the details of these things he’d done. As if it was something that was left in the past.

The owner of those thoughts had buried them in the past, sealed together with the sadness and loneliness of that time. They were shelved away, and after some time, dust began to gather on them, with no one caring.

But at this moment, they were lucky enough to be brought out again. The recollection of one memory led to another, and they fell like dust, like brilliant stars, one after another…….

It was clear that these numerous stars had once shone so scorchingly for one person.

“But you will hug me every day after you get home. I was very happy at that time, so I forgot everything.”

“So I will hug you now.”

“Get well soon.”

Lin Anran told his story intermittently. That night, Shang Hao didn’t talk and only listened. He gently touched Lin Anran’s face, restraining himself. They hugged for a long time.

The next day Lin Anran went to the psychological counseling center.

This was the first time he was so eager to see Teacher Zhou. As he sat in the consultation room, Lin Anran asked Teacher Zhou a question very seriously, “Teacher Zhou, I have a friend…I want to know how to help him overcome his inferiority complex.”

With Shang Hao’s identity, it would be very inconvenient to tell others so Lin Anran kindly gave him anonymity. Because Teacher Zhou was a professional, he hoped to get more constructive suggestions from her.

When she heard this question, Teacher Zhou was stunned. Then, a gratified smile slowly spread over her face, and she looked at Lin Anran with a smile.

“A positive attitude toward problems is more important than anything else. The fact that your friend is finally willing to overcome his own shortcomings makes me very happy for him.”

“Anran, you have been improving recently.”

Lin Anran was taken aback. He understood her words but he couldn’t understand what she meant by “finally.”

He straightened and explained, “No, I really have a friend…”

Teacher Zhou continued to smile. “Yes, I believe you.”

Numerous small question marks appeared over Lin Anran’s head. Others had always used these four words, but why didn’t it work when it was him? Where had he gone wrong?

Doctor Zhou smiled as she gazed at him. She couldn’t bear to expose him, and had no alternative but to kindly ask, “Which friend?”

She was very pleased that Lin Anran was willing and determined to seek solutions for his problems. Once he accepted it and began to seek solutions, will he get better and better.

Lin Anran: ……….

Lin Anran: ……….

The main thing was that he had no experience with this. Lin Anran knew where he went wrong. He neglected to remember that he had no friends.

It seemed like there was one, but Lin Anran didn’t have much contact with him, so he didn’t want to trouble him with this matter.

Lin Anran was dumbstruck, unable to reply. He had no choice but to use himself as a substitute for Shang Hao.


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Love Delusion: Chapter 45

Lin Anran never thought that there would be one day where he, a serious otaku, would not want to go home.

He was almost home, but Lin Anran was procrastinating outside. He found a milk tea shop near his house and bought himself a cup of milk tea to whittle away the time. He also didn’t forget to buy Boss Shang one as well.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, mobile phone ordering could effectively allow one to avoid some interpersonal communication, thereby allowing Lin Anran to order tea faster.

But after buying milk tea, he still didn’t think about going home.

At first, he relied on the emotions of wanting to redeem himself and admit his mistakes, and these emotions were used to get him out the door.

This was the basis for everything that had happened today thus far, and it was also the reason why his situation had become so embarrassing now.

Lin Anran couldn’t judge whether this thing he did was strange in the eyes of others, or whether what he decided was always unreliable.

It was actually pretty funny. A person without a car actually took the subway to pick up a person with a car and a driver, intending to take him home after work. In the end, he waited for a long time in the lobby of the company. He didn’t even tell him so, of course, he didn’t get anyone in the end.

This was inherently stupid, and the end result only revealed its embarrassing nature. In his mind, he thought it was a good idea, but in reality he was just a joke.

At this moment, Lin Anran really didn’t have the courage to go home and face Shang Hao. Just thinking about what happened, he felt embarrassed for himself. He stayed as long as he could outside, slowly drinking a cup of milk tea.

By the time he was done drinking the milk tea, the sun was about to set. The frustrated Lin Anran then slowly got up and went home with the milk tea he’d bought for Boss Shang. He walked alone on the street, his pale back stooped like an eggplant, listless.

This place was originally near his house. No matter how slow Lin Anran moved his legs, it still didn’t take long for him to see the gates of his community.

His gloomy emotions nearly turned tangible, condensing into a small dark cloud floating over his head, following his every footsteps as he walked out of the elevator door.

The dark cloud floated along, until it suddenly stopped and remained where it was. Because Lin Anran had also stopped moving.

The moment he got out of the elevator, he saw Shang Hao standing in front of his home.

Shang Hao also looked at him.

Lin Anran was caught off guard. If he remembered correctly, Boss Shang should have arrived home long before him. That was why he didn’t want to come back so soon.

But seeing Shang Hao standing in front of the door, he was forced to face this embarrassing storm in advance.

Shang Hao stood there with his hands in the pockets of his pants, looking at him silently.

Had he been standing outside the door of his house up until now? Thinking of this, Lin Anran suddenly felt a sense of pressure.

Could it be that Shang Hao forgot to bring his key? But even if this was the case, it was Lin Anran’s fault. If he hadn’t delayed for so long and came back a little bit earlier, Boss Shang wouldn’t have to wait for so long by the front door, unable to get in.

He froze for a moment. Then, he bit the bullet and slowly walked toward Shang Hao. Because he felt that he was at fault here, Lin Anran tried his best to overcome his trepidation and cautiously said, “Um, did you forget to bring the key?”

As he got closer, he could feel Shang Hao’s gaze like a weight. Lin Anran didn’t dare to look directly into his eyes and only listened to his voice as he replied, “No.”

Lin Anran was not an active person, but because of guilt, he spoke in a fawning manner as he took out his key, “Then why are you out here?”

“I can’t go in,” Shang Hao said.

“…Huh?” Lin Anran was puzzled.

Shang Hao’s gaze was as dark and calm as ever as he looked at Lin Anran. But this time, he said something frightening, “Because I made you angry yesterday, you definitely wouldn’t want to see me now. Unless you tell me you’re willing to let me in, I can’t go in.”

Lin Anran’s hand shook and the key he was holding missed the keyhole.

His body and mind were greatly impacted. He was thoroughly shocked.

He turned his neck like a robot to look at Shang Hao, completely dumbfounded.

Shang Hao’s calm eyes were still gazing at him, as if telling him silently: Yes, you understood correctly.

This was why Shang Hao was standing at the door, waiting for him.

Shang Hao was a very conceited person, but things would change starting today. When facing the humble Lin Anran, he must become inferior, willing to humble himself a hundred times over.

Only magic could defeat magic, and only inferiority could defeat inferiority.

But this was obviously not his area of ​​expertise, and it even stumped him a bit.

Fortunately, everyone around him seemed to be inferior when compared with him. This was especially true for Assistant Xu. Shang Hao only needed to copy his assistant’s servile attitude toward himself as much as possible.

The secret was to try to make his eyes look sincere—look now, immediately, trust me.

Just because he wasn’t good at being humble didn’t mean he wasn’t good at acting either.

He would do whatever needed to be done. As long as he could pull Lin Anran out of the quagmire of his inferiority complex, he was willing to do anything. It didn’t matter if he had to fall into the dirt and roll along with Lin Anran himself.

Sure enough, Lin Anran bought into his words. At this moment, he was in a complete daze.

Were such lowly and unflattering words true? Especially when coming out of Shang Hao’s mouth? As he was questioning think, he looked into Boss Shang’s eyes, which convinced him that he wasn’t joking.

At this moment, he even had a horrified thought: Did some kind of spiritual event occur, causing him and Shang Hao’s soul to be exchanged?

No, his soul was still in his body.

Then who was this soul in Shang Hao’s body now?

Many thoughts flashed through Lin Anran’s mind for a moment, and he was stunned for a long time. He tried to open the door and invite President Shang to go in, but the man remained motionless, still looking at him.

It was exactly just like he’d said. Unless Lin Anran was willing to let him in, he could only wait outside the door.

Lin Anran was at a loss. This minister was terrified!

He fumbled to awkwardly let Boss Shang inside. As Shang Hao stepped forward toward the door, he asked, “Are you still angry with me?”

Lin Anran quickly explained, “I’m not angry with you.”

“It’s because you are too kind,” Shang Hao said. “It was obviously my fault.”

“It’s not. It really isn’t…” Facing such a Shang Hao, he was already being to wonder if this person truly was Shang Hao.

Because Shang Hao got off work early today, they still hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Lin Anran put down the things in his hand, went into the kitchen, and simply made noodles for them to eat.

In truth, Shang Hao’s inferiority complex was easy to see through, particularly as he was willing to wait for a meal to be cooked for him. It was just that Lin Anran didn’t realize this.

Since Lin Anran was in the kitchen, he didn’t know what Boss Shang was doing. But when he walked out, he discovered that Boss Shang, he, he was actually drawing!

When Lin Anran came out, he was just finishing up the drawing.

Boss Shang showed him the drawing. The art style was simple, and there was only one little dummy who occupied the entire piece of paper. This represented Lin Anran. Shang Hao drew Ranran.

The little dummy was raising a match-stick leg and looking at the soles of his feet. Here, Shang Hao used a speech bubble to enlarge the image of the soles of the little dummy’s feet.

Because his leg was cylindrical, the entire cross-section was circular, and displayed in it was a flattened bug.

Lin Anran studied the drawing carefully, speculating about Shang Hao’s holy intentions. What was the meaning of this little bug….

Shang Hao said, “That’s me.”

The hand Lin Anran was using to hold the drawing trembled slightly.

Shang Hao added, “This drawing is called ‘Ranran and Haohao.”

Lin Anran nearly combusted on the spot.

Boss Shang, ahh!!!!

Although the drawing skills weren’t too great, the drawing was extremely insulting to himself.

Lin Anran looked at Shang Hao and then at the drawing. What a premature death. Boss Shang had really changed his nature!

Suddenly Lin Anran remembered something. He cautiously asked Boss Shang, “Are you angry with me?”

Yes, this might explain all his abnormalities. Boss Shang must be angry with him and was deliberately using this to punish him, right?

Lin Anran was so distrubed by Boss Shang’s sudden inferiority complex that he himself had nearly forgotten that he was the one with the inferiority complex.

Hearing this, Shang Hao lowered his gaze and his voice became small.

“It’s because I usually treated you too badly, and that’s why you think like this. It’s all my fault.”

Lin Anran shouted inwardly: No!!!!

What to do?! Boss Shang was really broken!

Shang Hao said, “Why don’t you hit me a few more times? It’ll make me feel better.”

Shang Hao’s sentence was precisely the reason why Lin Anran’s heart became knotted. He hurriedly explained that he really didn’t mean to hit him on purpose last night.

Unexpectedly, Shang Hao said, “Even so, it’s still my fault. I shouldn’t have forgotten myself.”

By this time, Shang Hao had already mastered the servile attitude, and his act became more and more smooth. There was no need for his expression to display his sense of inferiority. Lin Anran couldn’t be more familiar with these words. Shang Hao’s calm words were laced with distress.

“No, you are very good.” In order to cheer Boss Shang up, Lin Anran racked his brains and emptied his vocabulary to praise Boss Shang, using words like “he was a very good person and he treated him very well. No matter what, no one treated him as well as he does.”

After listening to him, Shang Hao calmly looked at him and said, “You’re just comforting me. You’re such a kind-hearted person to be willing to be with me. Since you’re saying this, you’re probably not planning to break up with me, right?”

Lin Anran was dumbfounded. Utterly speechless.

He now recognized reality. In front of him was indeed Shang Hao himself, and it was a Shang Hao he had never seen before. Shang Hao must have been hit by something at work today, and that was why he became so depressed.

Others may not understand it, but Lin Anran understood this feeling all too well. Life seemed to be full of high walls everywhere, and he who stood on the road was destined to run into a wall.

The body could get sick, so it was also very easy for the human spirit to get sick as well. It was just that this disease was invisible and intangible, making it even harder to understand. Why not talk to other people? Why made such a bad face all day? Why not go out and instead hide a home all day long?

People who were ill like this were often not treated as if they’re ill, but rather like they’re freaks instead.

Because he had personally experienced it, Lin Anran knew what this emotion was like, so he was even more reluctant to let Boss Shang suffer the same pain as him.

He would try his best to get Shang Hao out of this quagmire. He was very firm on this idea.

It was just that he himself was still standing under these high walls. He had exhausted all the words of praise he knew and now he no longer knew what to do.

After they had dinner, Lin Anran brought out a hot water bottle and the freshly heated milk tea to Shang Hao on the sofa, intending to stay with this sick person at all times.

The former arrogant and domineering Shang Hao was still Shang Hao. Lin Anran was completely convinced that he’d just caught a mental cold by accident, and he would get better soon. Lin Anran was more confident in this than he was ever confident in himself.

Lin Anran comforted the insecure Boss Shang, telling him that they won’t break up.

Boss Shang said, “How can you prove it?”

When he said this, his eyes were full of the hints that Lin Anran was quite familiar with.

Knowing what he wanted, Lin Anran leaned in and kissed him.

Boss Shang said, “You’re not using your tongue. You really are still blaming me.”

Lin Anran: …..

I’ll use it, I’ll use it!

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Love Delusion: Chapter 44

This place was said to be a waiting room, but it was located in a certain unattended hallway at the back of the lobby. It was secluded and wouldn’t disturb others. Occasionally, people would pass by as they head to the toilet. To put it bluntly, it was actually to prevent a group of people from sitting on the sofa in the actual lobby and affecting business operations.

Lin Anran was waiting silently, when someone suddenly came over to talk to him. The man probably saw the long-haired Lin Anran sitting alone in the corner, wearing a mask, and thought that he was a girl.

But after discovering that Lin Anran was a man, this person’s attitude became visibly perfunctory, telling him in a bored tone that the paparazzi area was on the other side.

Facing a stranger approaching in such a familiar manner, Lin Anran was a little nervous. He shook his head at the man.

“Not a paparazzi? Then what are you doing dressed up like this?”

Lin Anran had a conundrum, not knowing how to organize words to answer him, so he listened to the person who continued to say, “That’s right, you don’t have a DSLR. Then you Yes… I forgot what the word was called, oh yes yes! Powder fans?”

Lin Anran was taken aback and shook his head quickly.

“No? You’re just too embarrassed to admit it.” The person who spoke to him was holding a file bag in his hand, with a simple suit on his upper body and leggings on his lower body. The way he said these words gave it an air of familiarity. “Don’t be embarrassed. I’ve seen a few people like you…Okay, don’t shake your head anymore. Why don’t you tell me, brother, you’re not dressed up as a paparazzi and not here to talk about business, so what are you here for?”

Lin Anran said nothing. He wanted to talk too, but he had no words to say.

The man gave him an understanding look and winked at him. “Don’t worry. I’m a very enlightened person, and I have a little understanding of your circle. You’re one of Shang Hao’s wife fans, right? Am I right?”

Lin Anran: …

Be more confident and remove the “fans.”

The man had an epiphany and slapped his thigh. “I knew it! From the moment I saw you, I thought you must be gay!”

If it were anyone else, that person would have beaten him up by now. But Lin Anran had a good temper and said nothing. He felt that this person seemed to be familiar with this place, and so he could be used as a thigh. Right now, he didn’t want to let him go.

Once the man had finished speaking, Lin Anran expectantly asked him when Shang Hao would come.

Unexpectedly, the man stared at him with surprised eyes. After surprise, came sympathy. Then he said, “I believe you’re currently a novice. My god, brother, you really think we are here for Shang Hao?”

Lin Anran looked puzzled. Why not? Had he gone to one of the neighboring companies instead?

“No, let me first ask you, do you know who Shang Hao is? TV stations have to make an appointment in advance to interview him. What are we? If you really want to squat down and see him, I’ll tell you, it’s more efficient to go to the entrance of the underground parking lot to bump into his car than to wait here.”

Lin Anran changed from confused to more confused. “Then what are you waiting here for?”

The man didn’t say, smiling a mysterious smile. “You’ll know in a while.”

He refused to say. At this time, Lin Anran looked at the time and found that he had been sitting here for almost an hour. In fact, like him, the other party had nothing to do except wait, and so he decided to talk to him out of boredom.

His words completely befuddled Lin Anran. The man said that he couldn’t wait for Shang Hao here, but if he waited in the parking lot, there would be security guards…

Meanwhile, the man had somehow sneaked up to the door once more and stuck out his head surreptitiously.

At the same time, Lin Anran noticed that there seemed to be an increase in the flow of people outside, and wondered if it was time to get off work.

The man was guarding the door quietly. It was unknown what he suddenly saw because his eyes brightened. His figure flew out like a rabbit, heading straight for one specific direction.

At the same time, several people in the room rushed along, leaving for some unknown reasons.

The first person who ran out suddenly realized that something was wrong. When he turned his head, he saw Lin Anran running next to him!

He was shocked. What was this?! While bypassing the people in front of him, he asked Lin Anran loudly, “What are you doing!”

Lin Anran nervously followed his footsteps, and said loudly, “I don’t know!”

He didn’t know anything! He was just following along!

The man was even more shocked. He clicked his tongue with a bitter “tsk”, and rushed forward with all his strength. He really read this person wrong. He thought the other was an honest person and said a few words to him, but he didn’t expect this kid to know how to fly first and actually followed him!

Lin Anran’s physical stamina only persisted for a short period of time before he gradually became tired and slowed down. Several people rushed past him.

He stopped, panting, and watched as the running crowd had stopped before a young man in a suit and were beginning to stuff business cards and documents into his hands.

Lin Anran was at a loss. What did he just chase?

The young man, who was wearing glasses, was on the phone, and the few people around him were soon squeezed away by the crowd.

The man who had spoken to Lin Anran at the beginning looked extremely excited, shouting, “Assistant Xu, Assistant Xu, it’ll be a great help if you could take a look at our project record. Hey, you’ll see that it’s not bad…”

As he spoke, he tried his best to stuff the documents into Assistant Xu’s hand. Assistant Xu himself often didn’t appear in this area, because he was frequently bombarded by these kinds of requests.

The young man was blocked by these people just a few steps after entering the company’s gates. But he seemed to have turned a blind eye to them. Not giving them a single look and while talking on the phone, he calmly beckoned to someone in the distance, as if calling security.

As he was calling the security guard, he saw Lin Anran, who was still panting not far away.

His expression changed.

Lin Anran was looking at him, but when he saw that the other person was looking back at him, he began to panic.

He, he really only came occasionally, and he wasn’t in the same group as those people, so he shouldn’t also be driven out by the security guards.

The young man was stunned. But he quickly recovered. Suddenly bursting into a brilliant smile, he walked toward Lin Anran. He ignored the phone in his hands and even his earlier inattentive expression was gone.

“Mr. Lin—“

Lin Anran stayed in place, feeling at a loss. Did he know this person?

The people who ran in front of him were also stunned, looking at them inexplicably.

“Mr. Lin, do you remember me? I drove you and President Shang once. It’s me. You can call me Xiao Xu.”

Lin Anran was flattered. Not daring to speak, he quickly reached out to shake the hand Assistant Xu held out. “Xiao, Mr. Xiao Xu.”

He stared blankly at the senior who had brought him here.

The “senior” was stunned silly. Unexpectedly, what was the background of this kid with thick eyebrows and big eyes? Earlier, why was he waiting for so long with them?

Assistant Xu still asked him enthusiastically, “Mr. Lin, are you here to see President Shang?”

Lin Anran nodded and listened as he continued to say, “Oh, you’re one step short. President Shang left work just a minute ago.”

Lin Anran was a little disappointed. “Ah, he’s off work…”

He wanted to say, “It’s fine, I’ll go back by myself”, but Assistant Xu asked him to wait a while and kindly invited Lin Anran to sit upstairs.

Lin Anran was so panicked that he thanked him and waved his hands in objection.

The other seniors were stopped by the few people who had been with Assistant Xu earlier, and so they were now craning their necks to see.

This situation also aroused the curiosity of the people coming and going through the lobby, and they stopped to watch. Even the receptionist who had received him earlier was looking over at them.

Lin Anran, who was now the center of attention, was even more embarrassed and adamantly refused to go up. Assistant Xu asked him to wait for a moment. He dialed a number on the phone and went upstairs. After a while, he came back.

The other seniors didn’t leave during all this time, waiting to see what was going on.

“Mr. Lin, this is President Shang’s access card. You can put it away and use it at any time in future when you come back to look for him. This is a spare, which President Shang originally meant to prepare for you, so don’t worry.”

Lin Anran heard the word “spare” and hesitantly took the card.

The other people stared in excitement. This Mr. Lin was the same person who’d been waiting with them in the waiting room?

When he accepted it, Assistant Xu’s smile widened. “Why didn’t you wait for President Shang at home today?”

When he said this, the senior who Lin Anran had been running with earlier gave him a “shocked my mother” look.

Was the world changing so fast? What’s up with wife fans nowadays? Were they even allowed to go to Shang Hao’s house now?

Assistant Xu said, “This is my business card. You can contact me next time if you need help with anything. How about I call the driver for you?”

His thoughtfulness and warmth decreased Lin Anran’s social fears, making him a little more talkative. He hurriedly declined, “No, no thank you. I can go back by myself.”

Without Lin Anran’s assistance, Assistant Xu failed to help him get a driver. His expression was a bit regretful as he watched Lin Anran’s back disappear out through the company’s front doors.

Before leaving, Lin Anran said goodbye to the shocked senior.

After Lin Anran left, Assistant Xu took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Shang Hao. “President Shang, Mr. Lin has already left.”

It wasn’t in vain that he’d informed President Shang so soon after he’d stepped out, because a few minutes later, President Shang turned the car around.

But after returning, no one came out of the car. Instead, President Shang just handed out his own access card from the car window and asked him to hand it to Lin Anran.

Where did the spare card come from? The only card used by President Shang had always been that one.

When Shang Hao saw Assistant Xu’s message, he was already with the driver near the company’s front door. He asked the driver to go first and then got out of the car by himself.

Once he found out that Lin Anran was waiting for him in the company’s lobby, Shang Hao’s first reaction was to tell the driver to turn around.

When he thought of Lin Anran waiting to pick him up from work, he wanted to see him as soon as possible.

If he was still in the company, he would have gone straight down to see Lin Anran. But because he was sitting in the car, Shang Hao ended up staring blankly at the scenery passing outside the car window, and he thought of many things.

He had some frustrations, but his frustration was not directed at Lin Anran.

He wondered if he was too aggressive toward Lin Anran from the very beginning and ended up scaring him. As a result, Lin Anran habitually placed himself at a lower level when facing him, trying to love him on tiptoe.

And so Shang Hao changed his mind.

If he allowed Lin Anran to succeed today, it would only make Lin Anran think that this would be a useful method for pleasing him in the future. Therefore, he would continue to look up to him, to continue using this once effective method to try to please him. In the end, their relationship could only be that of a superior and a subordinate.

But he couldn’t accept that Lin Anran had to be the one to compromise in this relationship.

Shang Hao didn’t want him to be so careful in their relationship. He didn’t want Lin Anran to think that, because he’d accidentally hit him, he needed to reflect that he was the one in the wrong, thinking that he’d played too proudly. No, Lin Anran shouldn’t be like that.

He always drew stories of a match-stick person and an exquisitely drawn manga character. In his drawings, he was humble, acquiescing this as a matter of fact.

It was only when he was dreaming that the match-stick person became the same size as Shang Hao. Perhaps, in his subconscious mind, Lin Anran also hoped that one day he could become like Shang Hao?

Lin Anran shouldn’t be like this.

Lin Anran couldn’t understand that in Shang Hao’s eyes, even his every little strand of hair was beyond cute and dazzling.

He shouldn’t always feel that he was making a mistake. He shouldn’t take the initiative to bow his head to someone giving him the cold shoulder. He should be righteous, and he should arrogantly tell him, “Laozi¹ have fallen for you. You mustn’t take it for granted.”

If he knew that he was loved, he wouldn’t be so careful in their relationship.

Lin Anran was too weary of life. Did he have to drag this dull and cumbersome yoke for the rest of his life?

Shang Hao followed the hat-wearing, mask-wearing Lin Anran at a distance, walking after him. He watched as Lin Anran carefully avoided the people grabbing seats in the subway, preferring to stand at the side so as not to get in the way.

First, he suspected that Shang Hao wasn’t real. Now, did he also want to suspect that he didn’t really like him after all?

Translation Notes:
(1) Laozi — An arrogant, sometimes contemptuous, way of saying “I.”

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