IWOL Chapter 235: ⏹

After leaving the cave, they continued to chase in the direction of the evil spirits. The talisman paper was pointing in a very clear direction. When Dong Zheng asked, he found out that when Ren Heming was in the imperial city, he had placed a mark on the evil spirit. This mark was a secret technique of the Maoshan School. Unless the spirit dissipated by itself, the mark would never disappear.

They got on the official road leading to Dashi, and their speed from the wide and flat road was much faster. However, before long, Dong Zheng saw a carriage lying on the ground by the roadside ahead of them.

Dong Zheng and Ren Heming hurried forward. The entire carriage was overturned on its side along the bushes on the roadside. Behind it was another fifteen to sixteen overturned carriages, and from the look of them, they seemed to be from a foreign place.

As they go closer, they smelled a cloying and fishy rotten stench. This order wasn’t unfamiliar to them; they’d just smelled it from the mysterious cave in the ground.

“The Dashi convoy. They often take our silk, porcelain and tea to Dashi and bring back carpets and various utensils.” Ren Heming dismounted. They hadn’t seen a shadow of anyone in the entire convoy. They only saw the horses, all dead with long, open mouths and wide eyes, as if deeply frightened. Their limbs were still frozen in the moment of death, as if they had not stopped running.

Ren Heming’s frown deepened. The talisman in his hand was heating up again, and this time, it was much hotter than before. “This isn’t right.”

Needless to say, Dong Zheng could also tell that something was definitely not right. He felt the same unease he’d felt at the entrance of the cave.

Dong Zheng asked, “Could it be the thing we’re hunting?”

In fact, Dong Zheng didn’t know exactly what the evil spirit was. Everything he knew about the evil spirit had come from Ren Heming’s explanation—The evil spirit had allegedly killed many people and fled from the imperial city. As for how it killed people, why only two people were tasked to chase after it, and how they could kill it…Dong Zheng didn’t know.

Ren Heming didn’t even think about it and shook his head directly. “No, if that thing did it, it wouldn’t leave the dead bodies. I don’t see any merchants. Where did they go?”

Maybe they fled from the disaster, or could they have met with some mishap?

No one knew, but Dong Zheng already had a guess in his heart.

The temperature on the talisman was still rising, indicating that there was something dangerous here. Ren Heming gave the talisman to Dong Zheng, hesitated, and asked, “What to do?”

Dong Zheng looked at the bushes where the caravans and the horses that hadn’t yet lost their body temperature lay. Their deaths were very fresh. Intuition told him that things definitely weren’t as simple as it seemed.

He decided to:

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters and for giving us all the options at the same time~ 😀

I’m not used to choose your own adventure stories, so I ended up reading all options. The difference in what they learn and the reasoning presented in each choice is very interesting~ But I can see it getting confusing if I try to continue and follow all the different storylines -w-; I wonder if the whole box will be like this. I’m curious to see if all the choices will lead to the same ending and if it’ll be decisive in Dong Zheng clearing the box~

I wonder if the thing Dong Zheng and Ren Heming are chasing is in anyway related to that plague. If that’s what affected the caravan, then it must be contagious. But what happened to the people in the caravan? And since Dong Zheng and Ren Heming came into contact with them before in another choice, did they catch it too?