A Lifetime of Peace and Care (BG)

Disclaimer: Translations are completed utilizing a combination of machine translations, Chinese-English dictionaries, and my limited knowledge of Chinese characters. Don’t expect perfect accuracy.  

A Lifetime of Peace and Care (BG)
By: Dan Er Man Hua
Genres: Romance, Slices of Life, Entertainment

Summary: The big director of the Jiaye film company was widely known as the Ghost Talent. In the eyes of everyone, he was a famous workaholic who was rumored to be sexually cold. Despite this, from the time he became a director until now, there were already many overblown sex scandals attached to his name.

Then, one day, he suddenly got married.

Yi Ran thought that she married such a man. In any case, she had nothing to lose. Until the wedding night, when they suddenly rolled the bed sheets and she discovered that…her thinking was too simple.

Have you ever loved someone who turned out to be so different from what you expected? This incomprehensible relationship became an opportunity to change your life, making you unable to forget. Life will be filled with flowers, making you will cling to his side and never let go.

A lifetime of care is the most long-lasting feeling;
Life with him became a journey that will forever be imprinted in your memory.

71 Chapters, 2 Extras

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Lifetime of Care
Chapter 2: In the Midst of Rain
Chapter 3: Wanting to Get Married
Chapter 4: Avoiding the Charms of a Woman 
Chapter 5: Marry Me
Chapter 6: The Outlines of Love
Chapter 7: A Rare Happily Married Couple  
Chapter 8: Mrs. Gu  
Chapter 9: Where Should I Sleep? 
Chapter 10: Adapting 
Chapter 11: Workaholic 
Chapter 12: The Wife Scolds
Chapter 13: Paying a Visit  
Chapter 14: Believe in You 
Chapter 15: Able to Visit the Set 
Chapter 16: Everything was Routine 
Chapter 17: Drinking Chicken Soup
Chapter 17.1: Extra: Daily Sweetening 
Chapter 18: I’m Free Tonight
Chapter 19: The Night is Long
Chapter 20: In Captivity
Chapter 21: Extra: Sugar Intake
Chapter 22: Eating Together 
Chapter 23: Becoming Closer
Chapter 24: Pinching the Face
Chapter 25: Learning to Love
Chapter 26: A Husband’s Embrace
Chapter 27: Returning to the Study
Chapter 28: Scheming Little Boy 
Chapter 29: Dissatisfied
Chapter 30: Spending the Weekend Together 
Chapter 31: Not a Lover
Chapter 32: The Sentiments Between Husband and Wife
Chapter 33: Bass 
Chapter 34: A Troublesome Night
Chapter 35: Standing on Tiptoes to Kiss
Chapter 36: Arriving Late
Chapter 37: A Good Eye
Chapter 38: A Good Night Sleep 
Chapter 39: On the Way Back
Chapter 40: Open Your Heart 
Chapter 41: Warm Life
Chapter 42: Going to See the Show
Chapter 43: I’ve Liked You From the Beginning
Chapter 44: Inseparable Love and Affection
Chapter 45: Young Idol
Chapter 46: Passionately in Love
Chapter 47: Strict Teacher
Chapter 48: Big Devil
Chapter 49: Tsundere Director
Chapter 50: In Their Own World
Chapter 51: Video Chatting
Chapter 52: Take Off
Chapter 53: Taking Care of Oneself
Chapter 54: Face Slapping
Chapter 55: Major Dog Abuse 
Chapter 56: We Need to Talk
Chapter 57: Movie Premiere
Chapter 58: Taking a Rest First
Chapter 59: He’s A Genius 
Chapter 60: Interview  
Chapter 61: Continuous Fermentation  
Chapter 62: Eating One’s Own Bitter Fruit
Chapter 63: Tall, Rich, and Handsome
Chapter 64: Call the Police 
Chapter 65: It’s Still Not Too Late 
Chapter 66: Small Scheme
Chapter 67: Not Enough Love
Chapter 68: Late Night Movie 
Chapter 69: A Little Luck 
Chapter 70: An Obedient Ranran 
Chapter 71: Finale, A Lifetime of Peace and Care 
Chapter 72: Extra I: Love is a Long Road
Chapter 73: Extra II: Love is a Long Road

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TT kitty
TT kitty
2 years ago

I just finished reading Love Delusion, which was an absolute delight. Then I thought of checking out other projects of yours and found this.
I hope this one will also be cute and romantic.

1 year ago

Love this book and realise that the author has a few other books which have no translations. Any thoughts on picking them up to translate?