LTPC Chapter 27: Returning to the Study

Yi Ran held Jia Jia’s hand and coaxed her for a while before letting her go home to rest. The little girl was still very strong and had stopped crying after a while. After Yao Juan and her parents talked briefly about the situation, they set a schedule to visit the school on Monday to discuss the compensation.

The school’s teaching director also came to the hospital to visit the injured the student and her parents.

Yao Juan walked through the hospital door with Yi Ran. As he was about to leave, he suddenly hesitated and turned back to face Yi Ran with warmth in his eyes. “Since you came to the school, you have helped me a lot.”

He was a male teacher whose experience was insufficient. When they met each other, they also discuss their own personal views on matters regarding the students.

His face slightly turned red and he said, “Don’t feel too burdensome. Earlier, you didn’t look too well.”

Yi Ran smiled slightly. After a few days of this, she felt really tired. With a powerless expression, she said softly, “Monday, we still must confront that woman.”

Yao Juan looked at her smile and then returned with his own gentle smile. He glanced behind her and saw Gu Tingchuan standing next to the flower bed, a phone pressed to his ear.

The man wasn’t wearing formal clothes, but he could still see that he was dignified. His clothes were meticulously ironed and the movements of his hands and feet were elegant and precise.

Yao Juan turned his face away and said, “How are you going back?”

Yi Ran slowly shifted her gaze to her husband and said, “I’ll go with Gu Tingchuan.”

Yao Juan still wanted to say something more, but Gu Tingchuan had already finished his conversation and strode over to them with long legs. He smiled casually at Yi Ran. “Let’s go.”

He didn’t have to return back to the company so they directly drove home. Gu Tingchuan glanced at the rear view mirror and saw Yao Juan standing by the side of the road.

He pursed his lips and said, “You seem to have a good relationship with your colleague.”

Yi Ran didn’t take it seriously. “Oh yes. Teacher Yao takes good care of me.”

Gu Tingchuan silently looked at her for a while, his face pale. Then, he released a slow smile. “Hehe.”

“…..” Yi Ran was surprised. She was in the middle of drinking mineral water and almost sprayed it out.

Who can tell her, just what did Director Gu’s ‘hehe’ mean?!

Darkness fell, and the night grew heavier.

That evening, Gu Tingchuan invited the chef to come over to make a few home cooked dishes, such as prawns, boiled fish, braised beef, and stir-fried broccoli. They all tasted very good.

After dinner, Yi Ran moved to the study and indulged in playing online games with friends for a long time.

Gu Tingchaun was in the studio, meeting with shareholders who were traveling abroad. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long before he opened the door.

Homecoming had completed the post-production process and was passed to a foreign film festival’s review committee. He already had several new scripts in hand, but he was not satisfied with any of them. Or, rather, it should be said that his inspirations had dried up, and he wanted to rest for the time being.

He sat down on the single sofa in the study with a teacup in hand. The tea in the cup was filled to overflowing, and the white mist rose up.

Yi Ran had slowly learned Gu Tingchuan’s preferences. For example, at this time, compared to mellow wine, he preferred light tea.

He stared at her.

Yi Ran saw the deep smile in his eyes and wondered, “What’s wrong? You’re done so soon?”

Gu Tingchuan lightly shook his head and continued to look at her bright eyes. “I need to take a break occasionally.”

Suddenly hearing this from Director Gu’s mouth, Yi Ran couldn’t help but want to take a look out the window. Was the moon rising tonight?

They could also see a good view from their apartment’s study room. Outside, the lights on both sides of the driveway stretched to the invisible distance, reflecting the stars in the sky and looking very bright and warm.

Gu Tingchuan glanced down at the teacup in his hand. The green tea was tender and mellow. With a calm face, he said to her, “In addition to asking my assistant to find Hao Ziyue’s parents, I also told him to contact the Education Bureau regarding the problems of Principal Shi Xiang. Soon, there will be an investigation team at your school.”

Director Gu was really truly….swift and decisive. Without allowing any objections, he had already straightforwardly given their school a big event?

“Why do you think you have to deal with Shi Xiang?” Although he hadn’t helped Gu Tai and was showing preferential treatment toward the Hao family, he hadn’t really bullied the Gu family.

Gu Tingchuan frowned slightly. “Last time, he…” Touched your back.

He was about to say it. But, he saw Yi Ran looking at him with a smile on her face, her eyes softly glimmering. He reconsidered the rest of his words and was quiet for a moment before he finally said, “As the principal, he should protect teachers who are idealistic and ethical like you, instead of stifling your future.”

Yi Ran listened to his words and thought it was already very good. Anyway, even if Shi Xiang was fired, he asked for it, and she still had to consider his ‘bad behavior.’ In the end, the results of the investigation will depend on his own good fortune.

“There is one more thing.” Gu Tingchuan took a sip of tea and furrowed his brows. His lips were stained with tea, making them glisten deliciously. “I remain skeptical of Gu Tai’s experience at school. Didn’t you say that the male class told you he didn’t draw on Gu Tai’s clothes?”

Yi Ran was a little puzzled. “Yes, I believe he didn’t lie. Maybe…someone else did it.”

The corners of his lips rose in a faint chilling smile.

She suddenly understood his meaning but still couldn’t believe it. “Are you suspecting that Gu Tai did it himself?”

“The handwriting was very similar to his own. I only just began suspecting it.”

After Gu Tingchuan’s calm reply, Yi Ran became silent. Her eyes flickered, but she still couldn’t stop the question. “But why did he do this?”

The man seemed to carefully consider the questions, his eyes deeply focused. “After finishing tomorrow’s affairs, we can go to him and ask him clearly. Not to mention, his dad had returned to China now, and he should take responsibility.”

She returned to the computer and temporarily closed the game. Then poked her head out to look at him, she said: “You are really hard working, not only to run the company and make movies, but also to fight against the evil forces in our school.”

Gu Tingchuan smiled silently but soon found that she was looked much happier than himself.

“Then what are you laughing at?”

“Fortunately, my mind is clear, and I won’t be scared by your power and wealth.”

As a result, Director Gu was once again amused by her. If there was a night of no work like this, how happy would that be?

Gu Tingchuan’s apartment was bright and quiet. Most places were filled with various collections of books, as well as film magazines, related biographies, and Blue-Ray discs. There were many types, but they were all arranged neatly. The floor was also covered with thick carpet. Even if you stepped on it barefoot, you will feel extremely comfortable.

At this moment, Yi Ran was sitting on the carpet next to the sofa. Her legs were crossed, and she looked very casual and cute. After shooting him a brief glance, she looked down and said quietly, “Actually, I had been a little depressed, but I’m feeling better and better now. Even if you feel regretful and are unwilling, if you can’t do something, then you can’t do something.”

Gu Tingchuan spread a book over on his lap and and reassured her in a low voice, “You can ‘use’ me and allow me to do something for you. This is also your ability.”

He did not care about being used in this way. As he intently gazed at her, he patiently resolved, “You can rest assured that I am also part of your capability.”

With her heart warming, Yi Ran looked up at him tenderly and still did not forget to tease, “En, that’s terrific, my big brother.”

His embrace today had saved her from being constricted by her own emotions. It was actually a little indescribable.

Yi Ran watched Gu Tingchuan slowly turned his eyes back to the pages of his book, his face looming mysteriously under the brilliance of the light. She immediately remembered some nights past when there was no gap between them. His lips had kissed her body fiercely, effectively sinking her into his trap.

There was an excessive feeling of softness threading through her, making her want to gently hug him.

In fact, she had initially been surprised at the fact that their husband and wife relationship happened so quickly, but she also knew that the reason it happened so quickly was because they had already taken pleasure in each other.

Thinking about it now, even though Gu Tingchuan’s artistic ability was so outstanding, he probably still used a “straight man” way of thinking when it came to things between men and women.

As she was lost in thought, Gu Tingchuan set his book aside, leaned over, and kissed her. The initially light kiss soon deepened, and the soft touch both enticed and teased her, imprinting her lips with the taste of him. Because she had never done anything like this in the study, she was more nervous than usual, and her eyelashes trembled slightly.

Now, Yi Ran understood that she was feeling more and more intense about him. Only one kiss was enough to make her feel as if her heart would explode.

She took the initiative to respond. Without thinking, she clasped her hands on his neck and leaned in to softly return his kiss, taking in the sweet taste of tea. This bold move caused her ears to burned, but she didn’t stop.

Gu Tingchuan also noticed her clumsy but seductive behavior. Although it was her first time responding so ardently, it was already very good. But this sudden change was making it more difficult for him to control himself.

It was also due to the fact that they liked each other, making their minds and body yield to passion with natural ease and turning touch into an intense desire full of mutual understanding.

Gu Tingchuan laid her on the carpet. His eyes held a strong fervor, and his lips moved heatedly over her mouth. Their faces pressed together, separated only by the merest thread of distance. But, it was still not enough to adequately convey their emotions. At the same time, it also made each other taste sweeter and more tempting.

He softly whispered, “Are you comfortable?”

He kissed and invaded, filled with equal mixture of intense aggression and relaxation. She was becoming more and more taut, her body writhing, as she looked up at him with glimmering eyes, causing him to slow down and lingered as he licked and sucked.

“Your book…fell to the ground.” Her fingertips stretched out toward the book.

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes were heated, and his smile was a little peevish. “Don’t worry about it. Focus on this.”

The study’s chandelier made everything bright and visible, outlining the curve of the man’s strong and flexible muscles and the tall length of his body stretched out over her. She could also feel the distinct heat of his lower body, causing her body to stir with an ardent, restless craving.

Yi Ran’s long hair was spread out gently behind her, making her waist look slimmer and thinner. Her body was moving incessantly, such that he could no longer hold back and pushed inside. He began with slow strokes but they soon speed up with greater strength, making her pant with tempting sounds.

Fortunately, the thick floor to ceiling curtains in the study blocked everything out in the world.

The night was long.

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You’re welcome! XD

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Brittany Books
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Thanks for translating this! 😀
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