LTPC Chapter 28: Scheming Little Boy

The days were becoming shorter in Winter. In the evening, the burning clouds stretched powerfully across the sky, stained red like fireworks and looking particularly beautiful.

On Monday, Jia Jia’s parents arrived once school ended.

Yao Juan had said that when Zou Qiyun came to negotiate last time, she brought four to five strong men with her, and after intimidating the parents, only paid the smallest amount of medical expenses.

Gu Tingchuan told Yi Ran before that the background of this Hao family was not clean. It used to have fame and status. But, it was said that when the previous generation’s old master passed away, the police had to dispatch many police forces to maintain law and order. Later, Hao Ziyue’s father got into real estate and became rich, but those connections and methods couldn’t be washed away.

Zou Qiyun was the second wife. She used to be a delinquent little girl, until she became involved with the rich tycoon at a very young age and gave birth to a son. As a result, she became accepted as his legal wife. Now, the family had a net worth of billions of yuan and no longer put ordinary people in their eyes.

On the other hand, Jia Jia’s parents both worked in banking. Their monthly salary was not low, but they were by no means rich and noble people. They held Jia Jia like a pearl in the palm of their hands. Therefore, Jiajia’s character was extraordinarily cute.

When Yi Ran called in the morning to ask her how she felt, she said, “The gauze is in the back of the head, and my mother said no one will see the scar.”

The four of them talked for about fifteen minutes in the spare classroom before Mrs. Hao showed up unsurprisingly late.

If it weren’t for Gu Tingchuan’s interference, perhaps Zou Qiyun wouldn’t show up so soon nor would she be so easy to deal with.

She wore an overcoat that looked very elegant and graceful. But underneath was a short skirt and a thin top, paired with stiletto heels. She raised her eyebrows and looked at the crowd. When she spoke, her tone was quite provocative. “No wonder the two teachers would put so much efforts for the Gu family’s child. I didn’t know that you’re working so hard to kiss up to them. And here, I thought you were being just exemplary models.”

Yao Juan merely silently faced the young Madam’s scorn. Zou Qiyun was wearing more makeup than last time, her expression fierce and angry.

Yi Ran also maintained a solemn, unsmiling face. Seeing that this was Hao Ziyue’s mother, she wanted to try her best to keep her cool; last time, she had been too vexed. Also, for Director Gu’s sake, she must not lose her composure.

“Today, we will only talk about your son accidentally hurting someone else’s daughter. Mrs. Hao, you don’t need to be ridiculous.” Yi Ran calmly looked at her. “Gu Tai and Hao Ziyue have always been in conflict. In fact, both parties have responsibilities, but Hao Ziyue always used his fist to solve the problem. I hope you can change his direction of education in the future. ”

“You’re saying that my son has a violent tendency? You’re really funny. I only think that my son just won’t allow other people to bully him.”

Yi Ran smiled slowly and opened her mouth to say half-jokingly, “Everyone has only one child and can give everything up for their child. But do you think love is the same as spoiling? ”

As she said this, her aura grew heavy and her words were like a sharp knife pressing down. “The most important thing is to ask for the child’s opinion and to take into consideration his feelings.”

Zou Qiyun’s expression looked ugly to the extreme and she cursed in her heart. When she was about to erupt, Yao Juan stood up in time and blocked her with some words, “Now, we don’t want to argue with you. We asked you to come because Jia Jia’s parents wants to draft an agreement between you both in private mediation. In addition to the relevant costs, I hope you and Hao Ziyue will formally apologize to them. ”

Zou Qiyun stared at them for a moment, refusing to budge. Then, she sneered and said, “What do you mean now? Relying on people to bully us family? ”

After Jia Jia’s parents calmly explained the contents of the agreement and their daughter’s reasonable medical expenses, her face was scornful. “How big are you? You want me and my son to compensate you? Fine, you can take the money. But, you don’t just want money…. ”

In Yi Ran’s opinion, Jia Jia’s parents were very restrained and did not say a single harsh word. Speaking to Zou Qiyun, she said, “I think you should have no dispute over the agreement. By the way, does Hao Ziyue’s father have any opinions?”

Yao Juan secretly raised the corner of his lips at seeing how she confronted this woman. Her posture really reminded people a little of… Director Gu.

When Yi Ran mentioned the child’s father, Zou Qiyun’s expression subconsciously weakened. Of course, she remembered the warning from the man, telling her that she was not allowed to cause trouble at school again.

Zou Qiyun took a deep breath and stared fiercely at Yi Ran. “You’re a little slut. In order to join the Gu family, you ingratiate yourself to the Gu man. But he’s a big director. He’ll wrap you around his little finger and once he’s done amusing himself, he’ll drop you just like that.”

At this moment, Yi Ran’s expression was light. As she waited for Zou Qiyun to finish, a genuine smile stretched across her face, making her look worthy of being a kind and cordial teacher. She said, “No need to spray fire at me. Besides, the ‘Gu man’ that you mentioned should refer to my husband. I don’t need to ingratiate myself to him and am, in fact, capable of putting him at my disposal.”

The moment she said this, Zou Qiyun was so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth. Her first reaction was disbelief. But, in case it was true, she dare not offend any of the Gu family members.

Thinking about it, if Yi Ran hadn’t reached such a moment of certainty regarding Director Gu’s support…In fact, this felt pretty cool.

“Since this big wife’s time is precious, don’t just sit there foolishly.” She said this in a overpowering voice, which made her appear completely imposing and much different from her usual self.

In fact, Yi Ran had never been a doormat nor was she someone who allowed others to vent their anger on her at will. But, in the workplace, she had only just suppressed herself.

The entire classroom was quiet, and Teacher Yi’s calm voice was particularly nice as she said, “Mrs. Zou, sign the agreement.”

Zou Qiyun’s whole face was distorted and her complexion became pale as her anger completely crumbled.


After solving this big problem, Yi Ran was in a good mood for the rest of the day. When she saw the nasty Shi Xiang, she even gave him a genial expression. Anyway, his unlucky days were coming.

In the evening, Gu Tingchuan invited Gu Tingyong and his son over for dinner. Yi Ran will be meeting her brother-in-law for the first time so she wanted to cook a few dishes to make herself appear as a good wife.

But, Gu Tingchuan understood that she had been working hard at the school. Moreover, he was afraid she might actually burn the dishes.

After listening to his reasoning, Yi Ran felt that she really couldn’t refute his words at all…

In the end, a Chinese chef was invited to over to cook fresh food. Yi Ran felt that since she had married into the Gu family, she had not only been fattened a few pounds, but her taste buds had also become more and more discerning.

Seeing Yi Ran’s mouth selling cuteness, Gu Tingchuan thought that it was very entertaining.

Actually, to become a good director, it was important to have insight into the nature of people. Up until now, he had only truly begun to understand her personality.

Sometimes, she was gentle and sweet-tempered, but then became feisty.

Sometimes, she was simpleminded and very considerate.

Yi Ran discovered that Gu Tingchuan was standing silently being her, watching as she artistically arranged the cut fruits on the fruit plate. They were standing so close that only a few meters separated them. He reached out from behind her and picked up a piece to put into his mouth. Then, looking down at her, he smiled lightly and said, “It’s kind of sweet.”

Yi Ran glanced up at him. His face lowered, as if he was bending his head down to kiss her. She blinked and smiled, but when they were about to kiss, the doorbell rang.

Gu Tingchuan gave a sigh and could only turn around to open the door. Yi Ran followed behind him curiously. At first glance, she felt that the two brothers were similar to each other.

Gu Tingyong wore a straight-cut suit with shiny leather shoes on his feet. It was the usual dress style of the elite men. He was also pretty handsome. The radian of his lips was similar to Director Gu’s. But by comparison, Gu Tingchuan was more indifferent, carrying a temperament of rejection.

As they looked at each other, Yi Ran took note of herself and smiled first, saying, “Good to meet brother.”

Gu Tingyong also beamed a smile, but his eyes were unavoidably scrutinizing her with a sense of superiority. Yi Ran caught on that he was looking down on her.

Gu Tai had already met with Yi Ran at school. Seeing her again, he simply yelled “Aunt” before taking his school bag and running into the living room to sit. He took out a children’s novel from his bag and began reading.

Yi Ran knew that tonight would not be so calm. Looking at the boy’s beautiful face and his cute, dark eyes, she was suddenly afraid of knowing the truth.

Since she didn’t know what to talk to Gu Tingyong about, she simply ran to the living room to accompany Gu Tai.

Gu Tingchuan turned back to the kitchen. His eldest brother leaned against the door frame and said, “I have a lot of estrangement from my son. You’ve helped a lot. ”

Gu Tingchuan smiled coldly. “Only this time and also for her. ”

It was evident who this “her” referred to. Gu Tingyong shook his head, as if almost unwilling to believe. “Such an ordinary girl. I really don’t know what you are doing.”

Gu Tingchuan heard these words, and his lips slightly curved, but his eyes were very cold. “Don’t be arrogant. My wife would not even look at you twice.”

As a sensitive and intelligent child, Gu Tai had long noticed that the atmosphere in the home was not right. When he saw the adults eyes, his heart shook. He glanced at the two men talking in the kitchen, and then at Yi Ran next to him. He put down the book very consciously and said, “Whatever you want to say, whatever you want to ask, just do it quickly.”

Yi Ran looked at the men a few steps away and saw some hints on Gu Tingchuan’s face. She looked back at Gu Tak and softly but seriously said, “Gu Tai, tell me honestly. You really don’t know who drew on your t-shirt that day?”

“I don’t know.”

Hearing his unhesitant answer, Gu Tingchuan walked over with his hands crossed over his chest, his eyes a little cold. “So, some of the handwriting looked like yours. Was this also coincidence?”

His sense of oppression and momentum were completely different from Yi Ran. Gu Tai’s expression was shaken immediately. Then, looking up at them, he said: “I know who dirtied my clothes. Didn’t Jia Jia say that it was Haozi Yue?”

Gu Tingchuan saw what he was doing and became more determined. “As a primary school student, you’ve already learned how to frame people. Really clever. Such a clever child, you’re really worthy of being the Gu family’s younger generation.”

His expression hadn’t changed, but each words that fell into Gu Tai’s ears were terrifying.

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4 years ago

I love the way they deal with children. It's very true that values are learned at young age and it would be difficult to change as the child grows older. It is nice that as early as this, they talk about it. I'm rooting for you Gu Tai, you ain't a bad child.

That Mrs.Hao is the typical rags-to-riches bitch who doesn't look back to her past hmmm. I'm so sad for the little boy. :(((

Thank you for the update! You've worked hard!

4 years ago

I second Abbie's comments about how they deal with the children!

Thanks for your hard work Xixi!

4 years ago

I agree completely. I noticed that the author tends to use contrasting elements, plot devices, or characters in this novel. One example is the the way the Gu teaches their children vs. the Hao’s. Sadly, I can imagine that it’ll be too easy for Hao Ziyue to grow up to be just like his parents. But, as with any child in his situation, I’m also hoping that he’ll find his own way to thrive and to choose not to be like his parents. Also, just like with Gu Tai, Hao Ziyue’s actions at school was also a cry for help. But sadly, in return, he got physically (and likely, mentally) abused by his parents. In contrast, Gu Tai recieved tough love mixed with understanding and care.

4 years ago

You’re welcome!

4 years ago

some early 90s kids like me got disciplined by the almighty flipflops and clothes hangers but we turned out fine. even sturdier both mentally and physicaly hahhaaha

4 years ago

+infinite yo comrade of clothes hangers. I feel your pains. The clothes hangers really made our generation much steadier mentally and physically, plus grew our respect to teachers especially.