What is your release schedule?
I release chapters as I finish them, so I don’t have a schedule. But I tend to release regularly.

Can I translate one of your translations into my language?
You, but I do have a few conditions: (1) Credit the author and, if you can afford to do so, support her/him by purchasing the web book. (2) Don’t put a pay wall on the translations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Do you have a Patreon for advanced chapters?
I don’t have a Patreon account for advanced chapters, nor do I currently intend to. I usually don’t hold on to stash of already translated chapters. Unless I have plans and won’t be able to post for a while, however many chapters I managed to finish translating/editing is what I’ll post.

Do you accept donations?
I am currently not accepting donations. If you appreciate my work, please consider purchasing the raw. This is what I tend to do when I read translated works that I really like. Purchasing the raw is fairly simple so long as you have a Paypal account and a Google Chrome browser (for using mtl). Follow the guide here or contact me if you need help.

Why do you have ads?
Because, unfortunately, running my own website isn’t free. 

Can I suggest a Chinese novel for you to translate?
Yes, you can, but I only translate novels that I like.

Can I share your translation?
You can provide a link to the translation or a preview of the translation but not the entire chapter or an entire translation work, unless you have my specific permission to do so. I strongly insist that you do not post on Wattpad, not even for offline reading.