LTPC Chapter 8: Mrs. Gu

Zhang Rongrong and Yi Ran talked into the middle of the night. As friends, they also gave each other a lot of opinions, support and encouragement. This also made Yi Ran’s somewhat uneasy emotions calm down. After all, Zhang Rongrong worked in a mental health center and was proficient in psychology. Moreover, Yi Ran was an innately happy person. Once a decision was made, there will be no need to think about it again.

Director Gu had originally said for them to get married in a week, but once he started working, his concentration was amazing. When he finally took the time to find her again, a month had already passed.

This day can also be regarded as a good day to get married. Yi Ran’s foot injury was nearly recovered. The weather in late summer was no longer so hot and difficult, and the sun shined with bright vitality over the entire city, even as the cool breeze traced the faces of the people as it blew past.

They planned to meet at the Civil Affairs Bureau, where Gu Tingchuan will register their marriage. She asked him over the phone, “This, I don’t have to talk to your parents first?”

Gu Tingchuan was preparing to park, and his hands were light on the edge of the steering wheel. He tapped it gently and said in a low voice, “My parents knew about our marriage and agreed to it. I can take you back to see the parents after I received the certificate. Right now, they are in Germany with my big brother and will come back in a few days.”

“So, Gu Tai also knows about this? ”

Through the microphone on the headset came the sound of a chuckle. “Mmm, of course, but he is abroad with my mother.”

Yi Ran didn’t know why but she suddenly wanted to see the reaction of the little boy when he heard the news. She thought it would be very cute…

The sky was bright and white. She walked towards Gu Tingchuan’s tall figure and went all the way up to him. In front of the private car, she stood in place and waved and smiled at him.

Gu Tingchuan thought that this seemed to be the first time someone gave him such a greeting. He was surprised and gazed at her for a while before breaking the silence. “Let’s go in.”

The marriage procedures went smoothly. It wasn’t until Yi Ran saw the little book in her hand did she finally react, realizing that she was now married to the big director.

Seeing the field for marital status, she discovered that this man really had a kind of magic power, because, with his guidance, it seemed that the process of marriage itself had never been so natural or simple.

Gu Tingchuan ignored her dazed look. After starting the car, he looked at her sideways and said, “I have to go back to the company first. Xiao Zhao already had the moving company send me your luggage. We should see it when we go back tonight. You’ll follow me to the company first.”

He paused, turned off the air conditioning in the car, and asked, “Do you have other arrangements?”

Yi Ran immediately shook her head. On such a day, what other arrangements could she have?

When Gu Tingchuan asked her to move to his downtown apartment, there were all kinds of worries but she really didn’t have any good reasons to refuse. So, naturally, she could only promise him.

Yi Ran glanced at her surroundings, remembering that this was her first time in Gu Tingchuan’s car and sitting in the position of co-pilot, no less. To be honest, this feeling was hard to describe. It was like suddenly receiving a gift with your name on it, only to find that it represented something very special.

Yi Ran looked at the decor inside his car. She ordinarily do not pay too much attention to cars and was only able to recognize that this car was a Cadillac, one with lines sharply cut like a diamond. When in motion, the car’s body was particularly distinguished.

The car was not a high-end sports car nor a business luxury car. Even so, it appeared that Gu Tingchuan liked to use this car. Last time, he also used this same car to pick up Gu Tai from school.

Yi Ran blinked and still couldn’t believe that this was happening.

After half an hour, the car steadily stopped in the company’s underground garage. The decoration of the Jiaye film company from top to bottom was in a cool color scheme, exuding a rigorous and detailed atmosphere everywhere. Elite men and women in suits and high heels would pass through the corridor from time to time, and everyone seemed to be busy.

Although this company will partly belong to Gu Tingchuan sooner or later, several old producers and investors had disputed the plot and setting of his movie. The two sides had different opinions. As a result, he had to rush back to the meeting to handle some things and to voice his own opinions.

As they waited for the elevator, several company personnel in suits gathered around Gu Tingchuan to discuss business affairs. One of them was a deputy director named Lu Shanwei, who was also famous and well-received.

She quietly followed them to the elevator on the highest floor. As Gu Tingchuan’s new wife, she really felt unprecedented tension. The pressure was ten times more than the first time she stood in front of a classroom full of students.

Yi Ran secretly sent a WeChat to her friend, saying: Laozi is now in the Jiaye building, but why do the people here look so good…

The information was only sent halfway when Gu Tinghuan noticed Yi Ran’s bowed head as she looked at her phone. He opened his mouth as if to say something but seemed to think better of it, and he finally just said, “I’m going to open a meeting. You can go to my office to rest. If you want coffee or snacks, let the staff help you.”

After saying this, he turned to a female staff member. “Take her to my office and bring the documents on my desk to the conference room.”

Before Yi Ran had the chance to respond, the group with Gu Tingchuan at the center had already taken a big step away.

She smiled at the beautiful secretary in dark professional suit, and the professional smile on the other person’s face was just right. “Hello. Please enter here.”

After greeting her, the secretary took a bunch of files and walked away. Yi Ran sat alone on the sofa for a while.

Gu Tingchuan’s office was not only full of modern art style, but it can even give people a cold chill. She looked around and saw paintings on the wall that looked like they were done by masters. The indoor potted plants were flourishing. It should be that someone always came on time to take care of it. The desk was spotlessly clean with only a few documents piled on top. Even so, the look was still very orderly. The rows of bookshelves were filled with books related to movies.

She dared not tamper with his things so she simply took a magazine from the coffee table and thumbed through it. After a while, she got up to look for the remote control to raise the air conditioner. Then, after lowering the temperature a few degrees, she turned and walked out to find the restroom.

When she returned to Gu Tingchen’s office, there was a familiar figure in front of the door.

She stared distractedly at the woman, and when she got closer, she realized that she knew this beautiful woman. It was from the last time she and Zhang Rongrong went to see the White Birch Award ceremony. At that time, Gu Tingchuan walked the red carpet with this Dark River female star named Guo Baiyu.

Yi Ran remembered that Zhang Rongrong had previously said, “This woman is only a small model ranked 18th in line. When she auditioned, Director Zhan and Director Gu settled on her. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to rise so fast, ah.”

Guo Baiyu’s features were beautifully accentuated by light makeup, making her face look even more delicate and elegant. Her maroon hair was wavy and long, contrasting with her pale skin. She wore a tight dress with a high waist extending upward. The neckline was low enough to expose the kind of sexy collarbones that could make people lose their concentration.

Yi Ran was still pondering over how to say hello when Guo Baiyu swept her a glance and asked, “Where is Xiao Zhao?”

She suddenly felt that just looking at the other party was quite good. It was, after all, a popular goddess. Without thinking much about it, she blurted, “Out carrying luggage.”

Guo Baiyu raised her eyebrows in doubt but only thought that this was the work arranged by Gu Tingchuan. Without asking, she handed the things she was carrying over to Yi Ran.

Yi Ran looked down and saw that it was a box of the afternoon tea snacks usually found at high-end hotels. The fanciful shapes and colors completely evoked her appetite.

Guo Baiyu glanced at the time on her mobile phone and said, “Is the director still not finished yet? Then you give this to him.”

Yi Ran jumped and raised her voice, “Thank you, Miss Guo. The snacks are not cheap; you’ve spent a lot of money.”

Guo Baiyu heard this and laughed out loud. “It’s interesting talking to you.”

She didn’t seem to care what Yi Ran’s identity was. She sent a message on her mobile phone and said to the girl who was suspected of being a new assistant, “I have a notice in the next TV series. I will go first. You tell him that I was here.”

Yi Ran stood in the same place and watched the big star walk away. Finally, she looked at the snack in her hands. In the past, she and the cousin also went to this hotel to have afternoon tea. It was really delicious but downright expensive.

She entered the office and closed the door, sighing a little as she did so. Well, the female celebrity obviously did not put Yi Ran in her eye, not even directly as a small role.

In fact, before deciding to marry Gu Tingchuan, she had also considered the many temptations of this circle. The director’s influence was wide, allowing him to meet all kinds of people, and there had been a lot of reports about his life. Regardless, she had already convinced herself several times that, according to her perception of Director Gu, he will not be a man who likes to sneak around. What’s more, if he loves to play, there was no need to find her to settle down.

However, in an environment like the entertainment circle, if he wanted to play with other women, to flirt with and entertain them, this will not be something that she would be willing to accept. Perhaps, it might be that some of his previous scandals were even true.

Yi Ran couldn’t help but start thinking about it. If one day she really had to face an emotional dispute, could she really stand the test…

After a long time, Gu Tingchuan finally pushed in the door, with traces of impatience still on his face. The results of the discussions at the meeting were not satisfactory. Then, his eyes noticed the snacks on the table, and the look on his face softened.

However, Yi Ran said, “Oh, this was from the ‘house goddess’ Guo Baiyu, who wanted me to give it to you.”

Gu Tingchuan paused, and in his eyes was a hint of a teasing smile. “She didn’t ask who you were? You didn’t say it?”

Yi Ran observed his look while drinking tea. She had never had a soft personality. She deliberately replied, “I wouldn’t know what to say even if she asked. After all, I don’t know what your and Guo Baiyu’s relationship are?”

His eyebrows furrowed for a moment, then he smiled . He moved his eyes back to the computer screen on his desk and said softly, “I will teach you. Next time you can say thank you to her, then just tell her, ‘He doesn’t like sweets, but Mrs. Gu likes it’.”

Yi Ran was surprised by his answer.

She repeatedly chewed on the meaning of this sentence, uncertain whether the meaning to him was the same. It just felt that …was Director Gu being sweet?

From their first meeting to the present, Gu Tingchuan had always been thoughtful and circumspect. However, she believed that their relationship was indeed a step closer today, and now they had a new relationship, one that she hoped will be good.. .

Gu Tingchuan saw her expression, and got up from his desk. Sitting down on the sofa next to her, he poured himself a cup of tea. She took a sip of her own tea and was about to start talking. But then, she heard her phone on the table ringing.

She had to lean over and pick it up. He suddenly grabbed her wrist with one hand, his fingertips softly pressing against her skin.

Drawing in a breath, Yi Ran looked at Gu Tingchuan’s face. She felt the touch of his fingers and completely forgot to answer the phone. She could only allow the vibration of the mobile phone to continue.

Gu Tingchuan’s fingers gently rubbed a few times over her skin. His eyebrows were pulled down in a frown, as he said: “Why are you always watching the mobile phone?”

His tone was like teaching a youngster.

But, before she had time to retort, his handsome face drew closer. The eyes were as deep as two pools of water as he suddenly pressed his mouth to her. The kiss caught her off guard, but her lips were still decisively captured and entangled. His mouth was warm and moist, turning her surprise into a kind of shame and incitement that cannot be spoken.

The taste of his mouth as he kissed her caused her resistance to crumble in an instant. His soft lips were electrifying, sweeping across her senses like a brewing storm.

And then, the tip of his tongue invaded, pushing away all of her rationality and leaving her trembling with only the soul stirring awareness of him.

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Silent Hobby
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