LTPC Chapter 9: Where Should I Sleep?

Yi Ran completely did not expect that this man will kiss her in his office. The movement of his lips as his kissed her, the way his tongue swept across the inside of her mouth, completely encircled her and left her mind blank.

Gu Tingchuan shifted slightly, pressing her closer to him. The sensation of his body left her trembling.

Yi Ran did not know how to resist, but neither did she know how to respond. She originally thought that, if one day someone kisses her, it would be necessary to leave her eyes open to look at him. But now, her eyes were shut tight and she could only use her fingers to cling onto his wide shoulders.

Gu Tingchuan’s clothes were very casual today. The gray shirt had some British flavors, and his trousers were wrapped around two slender legs, Yet, the way he wore these clothes exuded a strong sense of masculinity, making him seem more dangerous.

He only held her face with a few fingers and did not even use the full force of his hand, but it was impossible for her to move. His mere touch dominated her completely.

He really was a man favored by the goddess of fate.

There was some confusion in her mind, some indescribable delight that, when aroused by the taste and sensation of his mouth, made her unable to resist the need to press closer. She wanted a deeper taste, even as her ears drummed with the rhythmic tempo of her quickening heartbeat.

The situation of the two became more and more uncontrollable, but there was no obstacle. This was a kiss between a pair of husband and wife, but also a kiss between an unfamiliar man and woman.

Finally, Yi Ran’s first kiss was interrupted by a knock on the door. When Gu Tingchuan left her lips, his fingers seemed to be deliberately pinching her cheek before he got up and went to open the door.

Yi Ran did not need to look at the door, knowing that her face was too red to see people. She lowered her head and pretended to be busy with her mobile phone. Looking at her phone, she found that Zhang Rongrong had called.

As she called her friend back, she could hear Gu Tingchuan standing at the door and talking to the staff. After that, his voice was slightly raised and he said, “My script can’t be changed like this.”

Director Gu can really have a bit of a temper, a departure from his usual gentle calmness.

As Yi Ran touched her hot lips that had just been thoroughly kissed, her surging emotions finally calmed, but her heart was still shaking.

As night descended, the streets were warmly lit up by the soft yellow glow of the street lamps, and the layer of clouds had already slowly dispersed. By the time they left, the Jiaye building was already dark. There were not many stars overhead, making the night sky seemed silent and boundless.

Because of the kiss in the afternoon, Yi Ran did not know what to say to the other person. On the way to his home, sitting in the passenger seat was like sitting on needles.

Gu Tingchuan drove the car into a community where a few houses still had lights on. Although his house was just a fairly small apartment in the city, the inside was structured like something right out of a large mansion, with the rooms shaped by modern architecture. The decorative style of the home was similar to his private office; it was like a modern art exhibit. Although it was elegant and clean, it was still cold and had no “home” atmosphere.

Gu Tingchuan took off his shoes at the porch, and when he handed her a pair of women’s slippers, she didn’t know whether it had belonged to a maid. After changing shoes, she looked up to find the several paper boxes she had packed neatly stacked in the hall.

As he walked forward, he said to her, “The things that you need my help with can be left on the side. I’ll show you the house first.”

Yi Ran did not utter a sound but followed behind Gu Tingchuan. Throughout the journey, she was strangely silent. But he also did not mind. He recalled the kiss and was in a good mood, such that, above his graceful chin, there was the arc of a smile and his features could not maintain his usual seriousness. “This is my studio. Please don’t enter it casually or touch the information inside, especially the books related to movies. This is just a personal habit of mine. I have left a few bookshelves in the study room for you. If you don’t like the house’s decor, you can change it but just let me know beforehand. There is an extra closet in the master bedroom, where I left you some space…”

He patiently told her all the details of the house and the “rules” he had already set beforehand. She listened to it seriously, but later she couldn’t help but start to ruminate.

She really didn’t expect that one day she would not only get to see the place where the godly Director Gu Tingchuan lived, but even live with him here…

Yi Ran still felt a kind of inner shock, which was like suddenly and unexpectedly having the biggest “adventure” of her life.

Seeing that she had gradually stopped responding, Gu Tingchuan looked at her and said, “Are you tired?”

“No, I’m in good spirits. Usually, my nightlife will have just begun.” Yi Ran smiled and glanced at the time on her phone. At this time, she would probably be opening a computer to play an online game, but she obviously could not expect Gu Tingchuan to understand.

She continued to follow him around, looking at this and that. Gu Tingchuan was usually very busy with work, but she enjoyed the fact that he was taking time with her.

In the house, there was not only a bar but snooker table. He even had private wine cellar that, though small, looked very elegant under the warmth of a chandelier.

Gu Tingchuan glance at it with a pair of dark eyes, and she caught sight of his clean profile. Then, he flicked off the light switch on the wall and turned to her, saying, “You’re probably not used to living here yet. I’ll pour you a glass of wine. Drinking a little will help you relax somewhat.”

Yi Ran shrugged and accepted the drink. “I’m not used to it. But my mom is already anxious to arrange my room into a mahjong room.”

Gu Tingchuan laughed softly, realizing that her sense of humor was really very different from those around him.

The taste of wine and food so late at night helped Yi Ran to calm down. When Gu Tingchuan took the cake and the wineglass into the study, he saw Yi Ran stepping on a chair with bare feet and trying to put the books she’d brought on to the top shelf.

Her long hair shimmered in the bright light, and half of her small face was in his sight. Seeing such a scene in his room for the first time, he couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“Come down.” Gu Tingchuan’s voice was sharp and commanding. “Your feet have just gotten better. Be careful not to fall again.”

Yi Ran, who had long gotten used to doing the heavy lifting by herself, suddenly realized that someone cared so much. Her heart warmed as he held her hand to help her down, and he personally began to neatly arrange her books for her.

Her gaze shifted to his bookshelf next to her own, and she saw an interesting title. “This book introduces the work of Fuksa, right? Didn’t he design a domestic airport? Would you mind if I borrow it?”

Gu Tingchuan thought that her interest was pretty broad, not limited to just anime and cartoons. He took a glance and nodded. “Aside from the items in the studio, feel free to use anything else as you pleased.”

After they finished with the study, the two decided to take a break. They each carried a book and a glass of wine as they entered the spacious master bedroom. By the bay window, there was a table with a Go chessboard on top, but Gu Tingchuan piled the books on the bedside table instead. The thick air conditioner made the bed feel cool and refreshing.

With dinner resolved and since her newly purchased desktop computer cannot be moved, Yi Ran had nothing else to do but lay on the sofa in the bedroom and read.

Outside the living room, the music player drew out a leisurely tune. The house was like a bachelor pad. She humorously thought that there was no trace of any other woman in the whole house. She wondered if the director intended for it to be so.

Overnight, the newest gossip about Gu Tingchuan will eventually be the topic of his flash marriage. Once the media and fans knew, they would probably go crazy.

She flipped through the book while thinking about it and then heard someone said next to her: “Fuksa, he called architecture visual poetry. Regarding the airport you mentioned…Simply speaking, his design philosophy was ‘fish swimming in the lake, birds inhabiting the tree ‘.”

This simple phrase was spoken by him, and the sound was like being enveloped by warmth, adding a bit of an attractive appeal.

She lifted her head to look at him and saw his smiling face and dark eyes, looking particularly appealing.

Yi Ran sighed, resigning herself to her fate. She began to unconsciously open her heart to him. “I previously thought about becoming a designer, but later I found out that my brain was not big enough.”

She probably drank a few glasses of red wine already, for there was a clear drunkenness in her eyes. “Director Gu likes his work so much. No wonder the style you like is like this…”

After all, the style of architecture in his home had a sense of freedom and high technology.

Gu Tingchuan noticed that her eyes were shining. Her pretty face had already been covered with a layer of blush. Seeing this look, he said with a smile, “I think that no matter which form of creation, the most important thing is to stick to your spirit and persist. Your own art is to stick to your heart.”

Yi Ran lazily stretched out her waist and adjusted her posture. She said softly, “In the end, teaching was not my first choice. Nowadays, many people belittle teachers. On the surface, the work may seem fascinating. But, the more remote the place the teacher worked, the harder it is for the teacher. In fact, when I was an intern, I felt very tired and thought about giving up. But, in the end… I still stayed stupid. Probably because I like to see the young people filled with hope.”

Gu Tingchuan remembered her peaceful smile at that time and thought that, in the entertainment circle, where he was used to seeing all kinds of beauty, it was not so bright and moving. But, yet, there was an unforgettable charm in the curves of those lips. It was probably one of the reasons why he chose to marry her.

“I can see that you like teaching very much. Gu Tai also likes you very much.”

Yi Ran couldn’t tell if this was a good thing or not. She bit her bottom lip, remembering the face of the child’s father, Gu Tingyong. The news was actually not surprising. On the one hand, looking at this single matter, it may look crazy on the outside but may not actually be so severe. On the other hand, she felt that the two sons of the Gu parents were really popular.

However, he was not the same as his brother. He was Gu Tingchuan.

This man whom she did not know too well but who also gave her a lot of stability.

Yi Ran reminded him, “The news that Gu Tai’s parents are divorcing must have had some influence on him. As an uncle, you should also take more time to care about him.”

Gu Tingchuan nodded and walked into the bathroom. When he came out, he saw her looking at her phone from time to time. He began unbuttoning his shirt and slipped his finger across the neckline. He said, “You’re welcome to use my computer, desktop or notebook.”

Yi Ran felt that the essence of her “internet addiction” had gradually been exposed. She hastened to save it. “Oh, nothing. I won’t die without touching the computer one day.”

Her eyes inadvertently looked at the big bed behind Gu Tingchuan. Thinking of the room not far from next door, she scratched her head and asked, “Where should I sleep tonight?”

He paused his movements, as if he didn’t understand what she meant. “Where can you sleep?”

Xixi: One of the things I really like about this story is how the author shows them getting to know and to truly understand each other first before falling deeper in love. It made their relationship seem more realistic and more durable. This story is rather slow-paced, but it is quite sweet and savory.

Now, all seriousness aside, we finally got a kiss…perhaps a bed scene next? (*Wiggles eyebrows) Heehee

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4 years ago

Me too. I like it. if I love this type of authors where it really has a focus for its history and they do not fill with content necessary for the plot … if they don't know how to get and deepen pure feelings like the mutual love of a couple, and as always thanks. ..👀😍👇(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)♡(*>ω<)ω<*)♡

4 years ago

This kind of story makes their love and care for each other more genuine. Of course, romances that focus on plot can also very good and some, like “When He Comes, Close Your Eyes,” have that perfect blend.

Silent Hobby
Silent Hobby
4 years ago