LTPC Chapter 10: Adapting

Hearing him say this, although Yi Ran did not object, she couldn’t help but feel some shyness from the bottom of her heart. After all, it was one thing to agree to marry, but it was altogether different having to lie on a bed with a man she was not wholly familiar with.

Yi Ran was fully aware that Gu Tingchuan often called for this kind of thing on set, and so it was probably nothing to him. But his aura was too strong, such that, after he finished this sentence, her heart jumped like crazy. Feeling embarrassed, she did not know how to answer him.

He noticed her anxiety and even if he lacked “real combat experience” he could guess what she was thinking. Although he had not been willing to appease those actors and actresses under him, at least he knew how to comfort others.

Gu Tingchuan turned back and asked, “Do you have difficulties sleeping in a bed other than your own?”

Yi Ran shook her head. She thought that he would be a gentleman and say that they would sleep in separate beds tonight, but she was wrong. Fortunately Gu Tingchuan’s red wine and music, along with other various details of taking care of her, still gave her some peace of mind.

She was considering how to discreetly put forth this proposal but Gu Tingchuan seemed to be one step ahead of her. He filled up her glasses again and asked, “So what is going on with Gu Tai?”

Yi Ran held the crystal glass up to her lips. “Ah? I didn’t say anything about what happened to him…?”

She suspected that Gu Tai was being bullied but did not dare not say anything to the teacher. However, since she couldn’t be 100% certain, she had decided not to tell him beforehand.

Gu Tingchuan furrowed his eyebrows and said helplessly, “He is still young but is mature for his age, and he is naturally more complicated than his peers. The more the parents are less reliable, the more mature the child will be.”

Then he took a change of clothes from the closet. Looking back at her, he said, “I’ll go to the bathroom outside and take a shower there.”

This reminded Yi Ran she had not removed her clothes from the box. Putting on her slippers, she went downstairs and took out some newly bought undergarments and a nightdress.

As the night passed, her heart became more and more tense. After coming out of the shower, she did not see Fu Tingchuan’s figure and guessed that he was in his studio.

Feeling wide awake, she slipped under the quilt and sent a message to Zhang Rongrong, then brushed Weibo.

Zhang Rongrong: What is the idea of ​​the wedding night? Look at the value of this director, this figure, this talent. Don’t you want to attack in minutes?

Yi Ran: I just spoke with my mother earlier, and it scared my heart to death. Save me!”

Zhang Rongrong: I wish you success in pushing down the male god. You must know that the industry is saying that he is sexually cold?

Yi Ran: Cold in manner but not completely indifferent. Anyway, I’m getting ready to wrap the quilt around me like a tube and hide under it. I’m not coming out. Good bye!

Zhang Rongrong: Hahahaha. Diving underneath and not coming out? I understand!

They talked too much, and she didn’t hear the footsteps until Gu Tingchuan was already by the side of the bed. When she heard his voice, it was almost in his ear. “Why are you watching the mobile phone again?”

She suddenly couldn’t help laughing, and wanting to deliberately provoked him, said with a serious face, “I’m just chatting with my friends, catching up on gossip, and still want to play a game.”

Yi Ran looked up at him and saw his dark hair and his eyes gradually deepened. He said, “I deeply dislike it when people indulge in mobile phones or other electronic products.”

His body exuded a strong scent of freshness from his shower. Compared to the careful and precise manner in the daytime, the person whose figure was brightly lit by the two bedside lamps on the wall was now more casual and relaxed.

“These days, who doesn’t play on mobile phones? Mr. Gu, how old are you mentally?” Even as Yi Ran said this, she still cooperatively put down the phone. She obviously can’t escape so it was best to spend some time with this person. After all, she was sitting on the same bed as this talented, handsome and great director.

“Probably I’m really old?”

She wondered if he deliberately lowered his voice, so that the sound lingered in her ears and created a double effect of hypnosis and awareness.

Her scalp tingling, she desperately thought of a topic. “Director Gu, in fact, I’ve been curious and wanted to ask if you can tell me about the usual things in the studio?”

Yi Ran’s palm was full of sweat, deeply aware that she was on a strange bed with a man she was not really close to. Then, remembering that they were already a couple, she was able to relax somewhat.

Gu Tingchuan perceived her little emotions, rested quietly on the bedside, and slowly told her about the details about filming. The result was that the more he spoke, the more committed and eloquent he became.

After hearing about some of the works from the Jiaye, Yi Ran found herself beginning to appreciate some of the unique plots and details in Gu Tingchuan’s films, including his habit of passionately talking about it.

He had long gotten used to all kinds of flattery and praise, from the master predecessors to the admiration of countless younger generations, but it was still very surprising to discover that many of her ideas had never been heard before, more similar to the average audience. It was thought-provoking, but it also brought some unique perspectives about what type of girl she was.

“The lighting filter and the clothing set of Cloud Headdress was amazing. Also, how can He Yang be so handsome. If one day I met him on the road…”

After that, the topic was extended to the merits of the camera stand, how to shoot the thrilling long shots in movies, and to discuss Gu Tingchuan’s plans.

“When there are opportunities in the future, you can come to the scene.”

Yi Ran’s mood was high. “Really?”

“I am just afraid that you will feel bored.” Gu Tingchuan put down the document in his hand and looked look at her face, then said, “Yes. You can also think about what kind of wedding you want. After I finished the show, we should be able to do it.”

“It doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I’m not worried……”

Yi Ran still thought that she needed more time to adapt to her new identity.

At this time, the music player outside the bedroom changed to a foreign love song. She noticed that the beautiful lyrics seemed to be alluding to sex. The room, which had originally been focused on drinking and chatting, suddenly had a little bit of an awkward atmosphere The reason could be the red wine, or that the man in front of her eyes was so attractive to her. She felt a little dizzy and, thinking of the sweet and hot first kiss that afternoon in the office, she suddenly became very warm.

When her body fell backward, she suddenly found herself wrapped in a warm embrace. At the same time, she could instantly feel that underneath Gu Tingchuan’s thin shirt was a fit and powerful body.

She hurriedly looked up to meet a pair of deep and dark eyes, even as his lips descended.

At first, the kiss was slow and reassuring, almost gently placating. But, gradually, by degrees, he began to skillfully explore her mouth, as if she was a territory he longed to conquer. For her part, this entanglement became full of joy and comfort.

Some things couldn’t be describe with words but could only be felt. Gu Tingchuan looked down at her eyes and his burning gaze reminded her of something that Zhang Rongrong had once said, “There is no need for a man to take off your clothes. If he really wants you, he can strip you completely with just his eyes.”

Gu Tingchuan’s hot gaze at this moment was almost so direct there was nowhere to escape, exuding a powerful magnetism that was purely, blatantly male.

“You, what do you want to do…”

“I didn’t intend for us to have a fake marriage. We can fulfill the husband and wife obligations.” He held her fingertips that had trembled, like a competent lover. “But I will never force you.”

Gu Tingchuan’s back was slightly rising and falling. Yi Ran’s forehead had faints beads of sweat as she was pressed down on the soft bed, his lips brushing against her skin, soft as silk. And the skin tingled and grew heated in the aftermath of his lips.

“What do you think?”

Yi Ran heard this question and looked up in a daze. She met his gaze and the intensity of it caused her to swallow. She suddenly became confused, not out of fear, but more by the sensation that her body was soaked in warm water.

The beauties in his circle were probably dazzling, and the director was a very popular title. What’s more, he was Gu Tingchuan, who was eccentric and indifferent and obsessed with filming. Yi Ran didn’t know if he had been with countless other people, but, suddenly, she realized that she quite minded.

She didn’t know when the music from the living room stopped playing, but the shyness on her face became more and more attractive under the wash of bright lights.

“I don’t know…” Her words were swallowed up by another strong kiss, mixed in the scent of his coffee and shower gel and red wine. “Gu Tingchuan…”

But, suddenly, she became dazed again because, in the glare of light, she saw his smooth chest. Seeing the outlines of his wide shoulders and firm pectoral, the muscles of the abdomen taut with power, Yi Ran wanted to cry “Foul!” How could she resist this abdominal muscle!

Under the caress of his fingers, she gradually felt the wet tides of desire, the taste as if arriving at a beautiful peak and being unable to resist. Even breathing had become difficult.

“Relax, don’t be nervous…Yes…Let me in…”

Gu Tingchuan’s hoarse voice was a low rumble, heavy with rare desire. Even he himself was surprised when he detected it. Was it right to let himself indulge in this uncontrollable situation?

“Right now, I probably still can…”

But she was resolutely clinging to his shoulders, trying to get closer to him, to hug him, to approach him, like a traveler wanting to hold on to the only source of light on a dark, dark night. There was no hesitation.

This action of hers caused all thoughts to fled, making him only want to bury himself inside her soft body.

Yi Ran was swept up in a vast storm, and there was only one conscious thought left in her mind: from now on, she could only depend on this man. Above her, his expression was especially gentle.

“Is it good? I need to go faster….”

“Mmm…” Her voice was a low and ambiguous moan. His large hand held her smaller one, fingers tightly entwined, even as his other hand explored and fondled the curves of her body, igniting a wet fire within her.

She bit her bottom lip, her body trembling as she endured his fierce entry. Then, Gu Tingchuan resolved any possible resistance with a soft and overbearing kiss.

She responded with a clumsy tongue. A leg inadvertently wrapped around his waist and this action made him hot all over. After calming her pain, he pulled her into the flames of desire and carried her along the undulating river of pleasure.

The desire of the body always comes earlier than the awakening of love.

Xixi: Another reason why I like this story: It’s a little spicy. d(-_^)

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