LTPC Chapter 58: Take a Rest First

The fans caught in the middle were frightened by this riot and cried out in fear. Yi Ran raised her eyebrows, fingers tightening on his shirt as she pulled on it uneasily.

Gu Tingchuan felt her emotions and patted her back gently to appease her. Meanwhile, he was speaking to Xiao Zhao, his eyes even colder than normal.

Finally, a large number of security personnel came in to maintain order. A large and stalwart man escaped their containment and rushed to the front, holding a few eggs in his hands. He threw the eggs in Yi Ran and Gu Tingchuan’s direction!

Gu Tingchuan used his hands and body to block those dirty things, and the high-end tailored suit on his body became stained.

The man wanted to come again but was dragged away by the Gu’s bodyguard in a blink of an eye. They forcibly pulled his hands to the ground as he cried out in pain.

Gu Tingchuan glanced at the stains on his body, took out a paper towel from his pocket, and wiped the sticky marks left by the egg yolks and egg whites. When an assistant brought in a towel, he allowed him to take over and clean his clothes.

She looked restlessly at their surroundings, but fortunately the chaos seemed to have subsided.

Several troublemakers were arrested. Xiao Zhao had just finished giving a report to the police. Meanwhile, the staff were working hard to maintain order and arrange the evacuation in twos and threes. In addition to soothing everyone’s emotions, at the same time, they announced that today’s premiere will be temporarily cancelled but that it will definitely be held again.

“Xiao Zhao, you’re responsible for taking Yi Ran back first,” Gu Tingchuan’s voice was full of helplessness, but he tried his best to behave normally in front of her.

Yi Ran frowned. “Can I stay with you?”

Xiao Zhao came toward them. “Director Gu, do you want to interrogate these people first?”

Gu Tingchuan’s gaze turned slightly, and he slightly raised his chin. “No, wait for the police to cooperate in investigating this incident. We must not tolerate such people.”

After he said this, he paused before adding, “Yi Ran, we’re not sure if they have other goals tonight, or whether things are really over. If you stay here, I will worry.”

Yi Ran knew that companionship had two ways. Another way was to not let the other side worry about her or to drag the other’s hind legs.

She calmed down and had to think silently about what she should do. But she didn’t know what was the most correct thing to do and so she didn’t speak for a moment.

After a moment of stalemate, he finally sighed and there was a hint of a helplessness and plea in his voice. “I’m fine now, but if you’re here, I’ll be distracted. So, you go back to your mother first. If I finished early, I’ll pick you up?”

Although he would be more at ease if she went to his family home, he knew that not only was his parents still not at home but that she would feel more at ease at her family house.

Yi Ran pursed her lips, thinking that if she couldn’t see him tonight, she couldn’t sleep anyway…

She looked at the man and her voice was very firm. “Then I’ll go back now, but no matter how late, you have to come and pick me up.”

Gu Tingchuan nodded after seeing her frown.

He feared that she was still uneasy so he rubbed her cheeks and sincerely reassured her, “You can rest assured, I’m not in a bad mood. This kind of thing is not as bad as it was for me previously. It really doesn’t matter much. ”

This sentence finally gave her some peace of mind. If he needed her to accompany him, she would definitely stay, but she was just afraid that her stay would be a nuisance. Better to just go back and wait for the news.

Yi Ran stood for a while and saw the police approaching. She grabbed the man’s hot hand, suppressing the painful heartache rising from the bottom of her heart, and there was some sourness in her nose.

Since she was with him, she also knew that the more she was alarmed, the more calm he would be.

“Then I’ll go first. You can call me at any time.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his hand and pulled her into his arms, hugging her in comfort. The anger and regret in his heart was soothed by her distressed look.


Back home, Yi Ran’s parents hadn’t fallen asleep yet, and they were naturally worried at their daughter’s sudden arrival.

Mother Yi, wearing short-sleeved pajamas, walked into the living room to turn on the lights before looking at Yi Ran nervously, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that you and Tingchuan are attending the premiere for his movie tonight?”

Yi Ran was afraid that if they knew, they would only worry about her in the future, but she couldn’t keep it hidden. “There were some troublemakers at the premiere but they have already been arrested by the police. I just came back to wait for him. ”

Father Yi also entered the room, frowning. He couldn’t believe it. “What kind of people are they? They are so brave. Now there are more and more people who don’t follow the law. It’s good that the police were called. Catch them! Imprison them for a few years! ”

The things that the assholes did on the scene were not really serious. But, the fact that they chose this critical moment made them more destructive.

Yi Ran was anxious.

He was Gu Tingchuan. How many people was paying attention to his words and deeds, was watching indifferently, and was hiding in the dark to see the drama… These insidious people would view this as entertainment.

Fortunately, Gu Tingchuan was capable and can handle these matters so calmly.

Yi Ran was still a little uneasy. She first went to the bathroom to wash her face, changed her clothes, and turned around aimlessly in the living room, looking around.

Mother Yi cleared her throat,looked at her daughter and asked, “Are you full at night? We still have some food left. Do you want to eat?”

Yi Ran shook her head as she opened the cabinet and pulled out some utensils and ingredients to make a cup of hot tea to warm her heart.

“No, you and Dad go to bed first. I’ll wait for Tingchuan to come back.”

The two elders finally returned to their bedroom to rest. In fact, she wouldn’t be able to sleep much after this, but she didn’t want to worry them.

When we love someone, we always carry out similar psychological activities and we always make similar actions.

Yi Ran smiled faintly as she thought of this. She walked to the window in the living room. As far as her eyes could see, there were bright street lamps connecting the outside world.

That night, she held her cell phone, frequently looked at the time, and wondered whether he would call suddenly.

About an hour later, Gu Tingchuan finally called and said that the transcript had ended, and he would wait for the result of the police interrogation.

He was on his way back now.

Yi Ran took a sip of the tea that had just been brewed. The temperature of the water had cooled down, but she felt relieved.

The night was peaceful and quiet. Even the sound of the wind was clear

There was peace and quiet in the night, and even the sound of the wind was very clear. Yi Ran updated her parents and went downstairs to wait for the car.

Within a few minutes, the dull engine sound of the car loomed into her ears, and she looked for the sound. The car’s headlights illuminated the road at night.

Yi Ran sat in the car and saw Gu Tingchuan leaning on the back seal. There was a faint exhaustion between his eyebrows, but when he looked at her, his eyes were slightly bent, and he said, “I’m here to pick you up. Let’s go home.”

“What happened?”

“Five people were arrested. According to them, there were about seven accomplices in total, and some of them had a criminal record. This time they disrupted public order and will be detained.”

Yi Ran’s lips pressed together irritability and her eyes drooped. “Why the heck did they do this?”

Gu Tingchuan rubbed her cheek soothingly with the back of his hand. ” These people claim to be fans of Guo Baiyu, and now they felt that their ‘Goddess’ had been defiled. They wanted to get revenge. ”

After he said this, he paused and let out a low chuckle. “This is likely untrue. The police said they don’t even know which movie Guo Baiyu had been in. ”

Yi Ran thought about it and guessed what he meant. “So there’s someone plotting behind the scene?”

Gu Tingchuan nodded.

The company’s public relations team began issuing statements using various platforms. They wanted to post it out since the situation appeared to be getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, the police launched a deeper investigation. After all, the Gu family was very well connected. It wouldn’t be difficult to investigate this matter if necessary.

Although Director Gu had always been indifferent to Guo Baiyu, he still had a vague relationship with her. Regardless of whether she was actually involved or not, it was impossible to casually disregard the possibility of her involvement. Therefore, he tasked Xiao Zhao with contacting Miss Guo’s agent to find out more on this matter.

However, it may not be appropriate to say that it was self-directed. After all, outside public opinion had always been harsher on female stars.

Some of the doubts in Yi Ran’s heart could not be answered for the time being, and what followed was worrying about the man’s psychological condition.

“Are you really okay?”

Seeing that Yi Ran was worried about him like this, Gu Tingchuan quietly looked at her for a moment. “Although I feel irritated, the things that happened tonight have nothing to do with the quality of my work.”

He glanced at the night scene flashing by next to her, and while she was distracted, he bowed his head and kissed her soft lips.

“We’ll talk about it more later.”

Yi Ran nodded, tugged at his clothes, and lowered her head to comfort him softly. “Okay. Then you take a rest first.”

Xixi: Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you all have a great time with family, friends, or with just yourself. I might be super busy cooking tomorrow so I probably won’t be able to post an update. We’ll see…
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