LTPC Chapter 57: Movie Premiere

As Yi Ran indulged in the pleasant sound of his voice, she raised her hand to wipe off the few drops of water that had fallen on her eyelashes. She met his gaze. “Of course, I understand that it’s not your fault, but…you still didn’t tell me.”

When she spoke again, her soft voice was a bit playful. “Gu Tingchuan, you’ve done too well. I won’t say anything now…Just that, later, no matter what, even if it’s for my family, you don’t have to feel as if you must accept everything. You can also discuss it with me first. If they wanted you to help with something and you feel unwilling, you don’t have to do it…”

Su Congwen was the best example. Director Gu never liked to be approached by others.

He was a proud, unconventional man.

Gu Tingchuan bent his head and kissed her. He let out a muffled groan and the sound was so tempting that her legs grew weak.

Yi Ran felt his lower body pressed against her. He stood with his back to the hot water and the temperature inside the shower stall seemed to have become increasingly hotter. Yet, he seemed to have no intention of stopping at all.

From his good intentions with Farewell to Moonlight to breaking his principles for her family, all of these she had already acknowledge and had long ago been set aflame by them.

“Sometimes, I really don’t understand Yi Jinting’s family.” Yi Ran lowered her eyes, her eyelashes trembling, and stared straight down at her bare feet. “Since the company is in trouble, why even buy a house in Australia? That’s terrible!”

He smiled and then, seeing her opening her mouth and then closing it without saying a word, said in a deep voice, “What else do you want to say?”

Yi Ran felt that he was about to act naughtily and went all in. She deliberately rebuked, “I also want to say…you seemed so experience, wanting to do bathroom play like this. It’s doesn’t seem like I’ve been your only partner.”

Gu Tingchuan laughed helplessly, because such a topic seemed impossible to justify.

His hand brushed away the wet hair from her forehead before drifting down to cup the back of her neck. He leaned down and kissed her red lips, using his tongue to slightly part her mouth.

The man murmured, “What do you mean? You’re the one to make me think about going to bed.”

Gu Tingchuan’s embrace tightened and little by little, Yi Ran fell into his snare. Subconsciously, her body began to arch toward him and her hands simultaneously clung to him. He could guess what she wanted so he took a small step back and shifted her legs with both hands. He stepped between her parted legs and lifted her entire person up with his hands on her buttocks.

She leaned forward against him, not paying attention to how ambiguous their posture was, as the hot water constantly fell down on her wet body. She looked at this noble and cold man.

“What do you mean? What about others, like… kissing? Am I the first?”

Gu Tingchuan narrowed his eyes and tightened his hold on her behind. “I should have guessed that you had bad intentions.”

“What? How did this suddenly become my fault?”

He saw that her eyes were moist under the dense steam, and he suddenly felt the urge to nip at her cheek. “You did it on purpose. You sneaked in here to seduce me?”

“No! You’re imagining things. I really just wanted to come in to…”

Before she could finish speaking, her mouth was suddenly blocked by a pair of lips. Under the hot water, the man’s eyes were smiling while her breathing soon became completely thrown into disarray.

What happened afterwards no longer needed to be described in detail. This kind of chest to chest embrace was really just…digging a pit and jumping inside.


What Yi Ran didn’t expect was that the next day, Cousin Jinting called her.

She had just woken up in bed and had no clue. She listened to her cousin softly say, “I’m sorry, Ran Ran. It wasn’t good of me not to tell you first. As a matter of fact, I felt too embarrassed…”

Yi Ran pressed her lips together and did not speak right away. She recalled that Gu Tingchuan told her last night that it was Jinting who first called assistant Xiao Zhao and asked for Gu Tingchuan, saying that they had something important to tell him.

That night, Yi Jinting and Xiang Dongsheng looked for a Chinese restaurant near Jiaye Building. They sat down with Gu Tingchuan and talked for about half an hour. After he learned about their specific situation, he simply returned to the office to continue working.

Yi Ran responded flatly, “Why are you suddenly telling me this?”

It turned out that it was because of Yi Ran’s parent’s strange attitude. Seeing Yi Ran’s reaction last night, her parents asked her cousin’s father to check again. After doing this, it finally passed into Jinting’s ear.

“We were also a little worried at that time, so we went to see Gu Tingchuan quickly. We’ll have dinner next time to thank you and your husband.”

Yi Jinting knows that she must not let the other party know her true thoughts. She felt that Yi Ran had never been involved in this area of ​​work before, and she had lived in her idealized utopia since she was a child. Furthermore, she did not want to see her and her husband’s displays of affections like last time.

After all, she still couldn’t figure it out at all. How could Director Gu, who was so high above them, be with such a little girl who could only teach?

Although these words never came out, Yi Ran was able to perceive a bit and didn’t say much to her cousin. In the end, since she was able to complain about this matter to her husband, this soon passed without incident.

However, what Gu Tingchuan did for her made her feel…really warm.

Just after this year’s summer vacation, Farewell to Moonlight finished its final editing stage and ushered in its premiere at the cinema.

This time, the PR side did a good job of advertisement to build momentum for the new film. Both Gu Tingchuan and Yi Ran will also be attending the city’s premiere.

Additionally, Director Gu was very “friendly” this time around. The company selected some big fans to watch the premiere together at the theater and to cheer on their favorite actors.

Yi Ran arrived at the event site. The lights were brilliant and dazzling, and fans held signs and flashing boards in support of their favorite actor or actresses. She looked around and found that Peng Shaohui really deserved to be a “national male god.” He had male and female fans galore.

This was the first time she appeared in front of the media. As a result, the public relations department invited a special stylist to dress her.

For the first time, Yi Ran wore a dress sponsored by an international brand. The shoulders were partially exposed, and at the same time, glittering sequins were used to reflect the light falling from the roof of the theater during the walk. It was very elegant and moving.

When a reporter wanted to take a photo of Yi Ran and Gu Tingchuan together, she bent her lips slightly, and her expression was just right in displaying feelings of affection for her husband. .

Gu Tingchuan was quite satisfied with the various arrangements. Besides, there was Yi Ran next to him, and so there was always a smile on his face. He reached out to help her and didn’t forget to ask, “Have you become accustomed to wearing high heels yet?”

She looked up at the man, her delicate features accentuated with detailed makeup. “I will not be able to walk fast but my shoes are not abrasive at all, and I feel very comfortable.”

When directors promoted their films, they will typically go in and out with the female lead. However, Director Gu brought his young wife and stayed with her from beginning to end, making Yi Ran’s heart full sweetness.

After the ceremony, Gu Tingchuan, who had just been interviewed with the other actors and actresses, returned to his seat beside her. He said in a low voice, “Let’s watch a movie, Mrs. Gu.”

Yi Ran’s face became hot. She murmured “Mmm” and hurriedly turned her eyes to the screen.

Although she was watching this movie again, she still felt passionate about it. The final version revised by many opinions was really smoother, including some favorite things from the audience and fans. She watched it very seriously and the night quickly deepened.

However, when the movie was about to reach the climax, there was a sudden commotion from behind the auditorium.

Yi Ran frowned slightly, feeling vaguely as if there was noise from the fan’s seat behind. For a while, it was mixed with the lines in the movie, making it difficult for her to listen.

Before she could react, several figures rushed to the front of the screen, disturbing everyone. They began spraying paint on the screen and throwing all kinds of garbage into the auditorium. They all looked quite menacing.

These men turned on the flashlight on their phone, brought out a stack of photos, and threw them all over the place, shouting, “Gu Tingchuan and an actress have an improper relationship! Bad movie made by a bad person! Don’t watch it!! ”

The photos in his hands were just a few shots of Guo Baiyu walking out of an apartment wearing sunglasses, but it was hard to recognize that this as Gu Tingchuan’s home.

“Guo Baiyu also went to Gu Tingchuan’s private home! You are a pair of dogs!”

In the past, Director Gu’s many scandals were always sensational, but all of them were tabloid news and not worthy of trust. Moreover, since he got married, people had already seen that Mr. Gu do not mess with flowers outside.

This incident was obviously beyond the scope of “hype” and directly entered the grand rhythm of deliberate disturbances.

Gu Tingchuan, with a hard complexion, still maintained his sanity. He stood up and protected Yi Ran behind his back. Looking at her with raised eyebrows, he said, “These people are deliberately causing a disturbance. Don’t worry. I had already made detailed preparations. The security team has been deployed well in advance, and nothing will happen. ”

His first reaction was not to worry about the premiere of the movie, but … to care about her safety.

Gu Tingchuan stood in front of her, protecting her like a sword and a shield. Somehow, at this moment, what Yi Ran felt could not be described in words.

The staff at the scene hurried forward. The auditorium was filled with various disturbing voices, but no matter how noisy the outside was, as long as he was in front of her, Yi Ran’s heart will feel secure.

As she looked at the people, she couldn’t believe that this was a real.

Are these people crazy?

Why suddenly came to Gu Tingchuan’s premiere?

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4 years ago

Guo Baiyu, why won't you let it go? Trying to sabotage the premiere of Director Gu? You dug a pit for yourself you will now have to jump into.

Thank you Xixi! Merry Christmas!!!

4 years ago

Thank you for the chapter XOXO

4 years ago

Thank you for the update. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

4 years ago

Thanks for reading. Merry Christmas!

If only Gui Baiyu could just have more self-respect and let it go. Smh.

4 years ago

You’re welcome! 😄

4 years ago

You’re welcome! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. 😊

4 years ago

Hehe. Does she even have a corner to crawl into? However, I doubt that it was Guo Baiyu who was behind this. No matter how she waxes poetic about loving Mr. Gu, I don't think she will give up her career and power for him because she's a selfish hoe.