LTPC Chapter 59: He’s A Genius

The first thing Gu Tingchuan did when he got home was to wash away all the dust.

Yi Ran sat on the sofa holding the remote control and did not dare to brush Weibo. What happened at the premiere tonight had probably spread. The comments under her account must be quite exciting.

She leaned her head sideways on her knees which were drawn up against her chest. She turned on the TV and watched the recent hit drama. The actress playing the lead role was the newest TV empress. This actress had round eyes and features without many shortcomings and was very popular with the audience.

However, Yi Ran preferred the junior Xu Qingying, who played against her. She had a very cold and charming look and had the standard “Sister Fairy” temperament.

Soon, the sound of water in the bathroom was cut off. Gu Tingchuan changed and returned to the living room. He saw that she was absentmindedly staring at the TV screen.

Gu Tingchuan sat down next to Yi Ran and pulled against his side. She felt every line of his firm chet through his thin pajama top, which made her blushed.

However, she was not in a hurry to wash up and wanted to talk to him first.

Gu Tingchuan cleared his throat, and there were some naughty intentions in his cold eyes. “Last time you came to visit me at the shooting site, did you remember the feel of touching my body? Have you memorized it yet?”

Yi Ran was surprised, Her nose grew hot, and she hurriedly turned her eyes away. She did not expect that the man was still in the mood to tease her!

“What are you talking about, Director Gu?”

Gu Tingchuan smiled faintly and then sighed as he became serious. “Lu Shan and everyone thought that they were all practically worked to death these past days and could soon escape my claws to take some much needed rest…Then, this unexpectedly happened.”

Someone dared to spoil his premiere.

Yi Ran must confessed that she had never seen Gu Tingchuan truly angry. Even when he was at his most severe, was harsh or irritated at work, they were not true anger. Therefore, that person who ruined his premiere probably won’t gain much satisfaction.

No matter who that person was, she certainly admired his ability to court death…The older generation of the Gu family wanted their children to cultivate their own skills and to hide their true strengths. As a result, the Gu family’s power did not only stem from a little film company.

Yi Ran looked at him thoughtfully and said, “Do you have any idea about who might have planned this?”
When Mrs. Gu spoke, Gu Tingchuan noticed that her face was completely devoid of this evening’s makeup and her clothes had been changed to an ordinary dress.

Although she looked delicate and charming all dressed up for tonight’s event, the current her had eyes that were crystal clear and her skin was soft and bright against the warm colors of the living room, making him feel even more sentimental toward her.

Although his face displayed a rare, casual indolence, this was only deceptive. “Yes. The other party also deliberately dragged Guo Baiyu in so the list of suspect was narrowed significantly.”

Unfortunately, Yi Ran did not have the ability to help him with his list. After all, she didn’t know much about his business and film circles. What she could do better was to simply talk to him and help him settle down.

“I haven’t had a chance to tell you. Actually, watching your movie, I could think of many people around me who will take it to heart.”

She suddenly realized that, even early on, she liked to treat him and speak to him straight-forwardly. She felt that, in addition to his indifference, he also had the temperament of a literary artist…In this regard, they could be considered as having something that aligned well together.

Yi Ran hadn’t spoken candidly to Gu Tingchusn for a while now. It was probably because, after their relationship became public, someone had said behind her back that she only cared about Gu Tai in order to get close to his uncle.

However, when Yi Ran first met Gu Tai, she hadn’t even know Gu Tingchuan. Moreover, she had also treated Hao Ziyue and Jia Jia equally.

He rubbed her head and Yi Ran leaned back against his chest, found a suitably comfortable position, and said, “I can understand that everyone’s viewpoints is different regarding what makes a good teacher. I’ve mentioned before that students can have contradictions and fights. Students can also lie. These things happen everyday, and so the management required can sometimes feel endless. I know and can understand these students’ helplessness and some of their experiences. But, nevertheless, I often find it difficult to manage them. Personally, I sometimes wondered why I remained a teacher.”

As this man had once said, if it was just for bread, she could have chosen a more profitable profession.

Gu Tingchuan smiled, and his eyes revealed a sense of relaxation and indulgence. He liked to just listen to her.

He looked at her intently and said, “Professions like teachers, doctors, and other similar fields have more significant responsibilities than ordinary positions. But, of course, not everyone can agree with this. There are always some people in this world who like to use their dark side to speculate on the intentions of others. And then there are some people who, instead of unintentionally not seeing the truth, purposefully avoided the truth instead.”

Yi Ran stretched out her legs and the gestured caused them to become entangled with his long legs. But, she was so focused on the topic of discussion that she didn’t notice that Gu Tingchuan’s eyes were gradually deepening. “Well, what happened at the theater today seemed, on the surface, to be similar to what you’re saying.”

However, both of them knew that this was by no means a disturbance caused by dissatisfied fans. From the few people captured who had a prior criminal record, it could be seen that they were clearly not the type to go chasing after stars. Not to mention, the police had discovered all kinds of flaws from just a little interrogation.

She smiled lightly. “But anyway, Gu Tingchuan, your movie made me think about many things. Also, my friends who went to small towns to become teachers suffered a lot of hardships, but they still persisted. So, I must not give up either. Also, I want to become a better person for you.”

Gu Tingchuan heard this and could not help but hook up his lips in a grin. Suddenly, the whole appearance looked better. Yi Ran never knew that he could look so sweet.

After she regained her senses, she realized that she had stopped talking after seeing him smile. Then, she leaned down and kissed the man’s cheek with satisfaction. She said with a smile, “I’m going to take a shower first, then we’ll go to bed together.”

Gu Tingchuan, who had been provoked by her, suddenly looked serious as he raised his hand up to stroke her long, silky hair.

Yi Ran, who had already jumped off the couch, turned back. Frowning slightly, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

He looked at her and said with a straight face, “I thought you had already washed at your mother’s house. I only found out just now that you hadn’t…”

Yi Ran:” … ”

Why did I have to ask just to be teased by you?


In the morning, Yi Ran drank soy milk, ate a few slices of bread, and was sent to school by Gu Tingchuan’s driver.

Before publicizing their relationship, she often took the subway or a taxi by herself. Now, a driver often sent her instead.

Some time ago, Yi Ran had mentioned about getting a driver’s license during the upcoming winter vacation. Gu Tingchuan had said solemnly, “If you get a perfect score, I’ll buy you a car.”

Although this statement still required more in-depth discussions, she suddenly realized that they had this kind of money…

Now, at this moment, Yi Ran was sitting in the back seat and brushing Weibo.

At first, she didn’t dare read any remarks on the Internet. But, after chatting with Gu Tingchuan, she felt fearless. Besides, she also cared about the public perceptions of events.

Nowadays, the various trends and downfalls in the entertainment industry could be seen from the direction of the public opinion online.

Since the incident at the premiere of Farewell to Moonlight last night, the public relations team at Jiaye had first reposted this message published online by a local public security official:

Last night, seven men threw rubbish at the premiere of a movie, destroying public property, damaging theater projection equipment, and causing false public opinion to be widely disseminated by netizens. At present, the police had launched an investigation in accordance with the law and arrested the seven people. These seven people have then been administratively detained and fined.

The news was released in a timely manner, and police’s response was also quick and decisive. As a result, the entertainment factor on the matter was significantly reduced. The message posted by the official also provided an additional deterrent.

Aside from this, several stars who had participated in the event posted their own statements on Weibo. Among them, the account most followed by netizens belonged to Peng Shaohui, who had always been outspoken and cheerful.

Peng Shaohui: Today, I heard the agent said that some of those arrested were pretending to be my fans. Can I have fans of this quality?! There must be something wrong on the inside! I hope the police will discover the truth. After all, Director Gu’s movie can’t be ruined by people like you! Don’t force me to swear!”

What Peng Shaohui had mentioned was also one of the clues obtained by the police during their interrogation. The seven individuals had not only plead guilty but also offered their “motives” for causing the disturbance.

While the case was pending until further investigation, many true fans who participate in the premiere on the internet also expressed their feelings. As a result, there was a whole wave of praise for Farewell to Moonlight.

Xiao Ni is a Strange Tsundere: Bright Moon is ten times better than imagined! It’s a pity not to be able to see the ending!! I really wanted to vomit blood. It is said that Director Gu finally confessed to his wife at the end of the movie!! Something like, “Thanks to my wife, dedicated to my wife”! How many people can achieve this kind of romance?

Yndy Yan: The psychological state of some of the protagonists and the supporting characters were described too realistically. Sometimes, they were so real that it’s hard to think and look at at them. At the same time, the feelings and the plots were both so beautiful and evocative, just like flowing water.

Drizzling Meow: To the upstairs neighbor, it’s not so much the river, as the post said. It should be the moonlight in the sky or the moonlight on the world or the moonlight on earth.

Out of Hunting Fish: In short, it’s really a big loss if you don’t watch it. After the show, I’ll watch it at least 6 or 7 more times! This movie was really beautiful and could be Director Gu;s most transformative work. He’s really a genius.

Gu Tingchuan was really a genius.

When Yi Ran saw this comment, her nose was sore, and she was moved for some reason. There was a layer of light in her eyes as she gently covered her mouth with one hand.

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